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The ultimate online casino guide Germany 2022

In the meantime you are spoiled for choice in the online casino. The selection of online casinos is gigantic and thanks to the new state gambling contract, there was once again a very own dynamic. In order to help you choose the right online casino, we have below Online Casino Guide important Online casino tips compiled.

the essentials in brief
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  • Traditional online casinos are involved in innovative casinos attractive bonus offers challenged.
  • A Good casino bonus It is not crucial whether it is an outstanding online casinos. This is shown by our 7 criteria, starting with the game offer.
  • Through the new state gaming contract Can you play even more relaxed and calm in the online casino.

German Casino Guide - this is how you will find your suitable online casino!

At the beginning of our German Casino Ratberer are the criteria according to which you should choose your online casino.

Maybe you still think that pretty much All online casinos have the same portfolio of casino games and similar bonus offers, but at this point we would like to expressly contradict:

even The best online casinos The industry is sometimes very serious and can therefore address slightly different target groups.

So that you can draw the right conclusions in your search for a new online casino, we now have some of the most important criteria for our Online Casino Test briefly collected.

The game offer


An online casino guide in Germany can only be referred to that Game offer start. Sometimes games differ minimally from each other, that's right. However, it is very important to check which Slot machine manufacturer licensed in the respective online casinos And which providers are unfortunately not available.

In our online casino guide for Germany we come to the conclusion that the game offer does not necessarily have to be in the four -digit range. However, you should have enough variety in the Casino games list be guaranteed so that you can make your game sessions colorful.

  • Look into the footnotes of the website and check which provider logos are specified.

Basically it is of course desirable that Slot machine manufacturer such as net entertainment, play’n go or Evolution Gaming are represented. But even small providers have proven that they Fun and can bring innovative winning opportunities to the online casino.

The somewhat more experienced generation of players among you will surely wish that the Real money slot machines of Merkur and Novoline are available in the online casino. Here, too, the reference to the new state gambling contract must be made:

For example, while Merkur completely retired from the German market and used the unexplained legal situation as a reason, the entire market in Germany is now finally liberalized and legalized, so Merkur revised his decision (more on the topic in our advisory Online Casino legal).

In the meantime, the legendary slot machines of Merkur are back in the German online casinos And will remain in the foreseeable future.

Therefore, pay attention to the symbol with the laughing sun and check whether you can let the memories from the game library next door to be fought again in your desired online casino.

Here you can find directly New Mercury online casinos.

The bonus program

The topic in particular proves how different the preferences are online Casino Bonus:

Of course it is nice if a good casino promises you as much as possible new customer bonus. Because you can start directly with a financial boost. - but our online casino guide is this no absolute must.

Sure, financially, at least a 100% casino bonus should be offered for your first deposit. But according to our experience is much more important Stable casino bonus for existing customers im Online Casino.


In this way, you not only get financial added value at the start, but you can also use financial credits in the further course of your favor. So it is more worthwhile to interpret a casino bonus in the long term instead of squinting at a higher bonus height at short notice.

Of course, in connection with the bonus program, we also have to go to the respective Bonus and sales conditionscometospeak.

In our view, the bonus and sales conditions are the absolute exclusion criterion for every casino bonus. Because you decide whether and how quickly you can have your generated bonus paid out again.

dubious online casinos, which we cannot recommend in our online casino guide for Germany, make it difficult for you to pay out due to extremely high financial goals.

Serious online casinos In contrast, of course, there are no money to give you away, but the sales conditions are set conversation an.

According to our experience, the sales value should not be above the 35 times the value of your deposit and/or your casino bonus. In addition, make sure that you are not too limited in your turnover and you have at least 30 days to free your casino bonus.

You should also consider when choosing your bonus which New casino bonus is suitable for you:

While many of you are certainly on one classic deposit bonus Six, however, others will be with Free or one Casino Cashback Bonus know more.

Therefore, check what options you have, in what value the free spins offered and for which slots they apply. We have observed increasing restrictions in recent years.

The payment methods

A good casino bonus naturally also requires a correct deposit. We come to the conclusion in the online casino guide that the available portfolios Online casino payment methods have shifted in recent years.

While PayPal und View For example, completely adopted the German market, new payment methods have been added in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, payments by Klarna, Trustly or other simple payment methods are now possible, which guarantee you a high level of trust.

Nevertheless, it is important to check the availability of the e-wallets very precisely and to follow what is listed in the general terms and conditions of Skrill and Neteller. Attention: Often, deposits with the two e-wallets in combination with a casino bonus are difficult (higher minimum deposit) or not possible (deposits with Skrill and Neteller are completely excluded from activating a bonus).

Changes through the new state gambling contract in Germany

Because of the new state gambling contract in Germany VISA already announced, to return to the German online casinos.

So you may be curious to see whether further payment methods do and whether special Paypal can find his way back to the German online casinos. The chances are anything but bad.

The mobile accessibility


In the meantime, the mobile market has gained out of hand. Comparable to the sports betting providers, the online casinos in Germany quickly offered good opportunities to also offer you for the mobile use to be able to offer a great gaming experience.

What may sound simply in truth is a bit more complex and is especially for some New casino continued a challenge.

Classically, the mobile online casinos will either Casino App or Mobile Website offered. Each of you will have different preferences here, but both variants are identical to our experiences and do not differ in terms of scope.

So you can The same game offer per Online Casino Appperceive,aswellasdirectlyaboveyourmobilebrowserviamobilewebsite.

In both cases, it is possible to make your registration and to keep an eye on your complete account management. Accordingly, deposits are possible as well as possible payments without additional costs.

So briefly checks the mobile accessibility mobile Casinos offer and how compatible these options Your mobile device are. The restrictions in the Apple Store and especially in the Google Play Store hardly leave any scope for any apps. That is why the download is a bit more drawn, especially for Android, because you have to accompany it manually.

The seriousness of the online casino

The situation in terms of seriousness of the individual online casinos has been extremely misleading over the years. While initially many online casinos emigrated to Cyprus and there under the flag of the there state gaming authority Run, the paper has continued to turn in recent years.

Nowadays are especially two EU licenses In demand that guarantee you maximum security. This is the Malta Gaming Authority (S) as well as the state gambling authority in Gibraltar.

In both cases, these are state institutions that now regulate a large part of all online casinos.

The change in Germany has had a clear positive impact in the past few months. It was difficult to find out beforehand how seriously a certain online casino can be assessed, this will change with the new gaming contract. The new state agreement will come into force on July 1, 2021 and liberalize the market.

Customer service


Even if the topic Customer service at first glance sounds little attractive: you are only then with one Good online casino landed if you have one Direct path to customer service enables. We have to hold this clearly in our online casino guide.

For minor inquiries, the live chat is recommended to you are available at least 10 hours a day should. In addition, a route by email is an absolute must as well as a detailed FAQ in which the online casino has compiled the most common questions of its customers from the past few months. Ideally position you Online casino pages In addition, a telephone hotline is also available, but unfortunately this is now very rarely the case.

You should also make sure that it is a German -language customer service acts. Unfortunately we have been some in the past few months Unknown online casinos Meeted, which had advertised with German -language customer service, could not offer it in reality.

Most of the time there are double -language employees in the service team, whose knowledge of German unfortunately cannot completely convince and with whom communication is anything but smooth.

The further offer

Short note from our side to the online casinos and how they have now set themselves up:

The development of the industry in recent years has been more like many companies Complete package for online casino and sports betting wanted to offer. In addition, some online casinos still have Lotteries And further offer included in your portfolio.

Due to the new state gambling contract, this will at least be over for the time being: If you take a closer look at the specifications of the new German gambling contract, you can see that online casinos will go the easy way in most cases and will concentrate on their core business and possibly sports betting . Here you can find suitable Online casinos with sports betting.

These are ideal casinos in our German Casino guide

In the following three Top online Casinos It is a company that has been in recent years could claim against the strong competition And consistently meet all points that we specify in our guide for online casinos in Germany.

So you can be sure that you would definitely make a good decision with the registration with one of the following online casinos.

After some consideration and considering the restrictions by the new state gambling contract, our selection fell on the following casinos:


At Drückprücke you will find a gigantic selection of slots. The online casino offers all fans of the digital one -armed bandit best prerequisites for positive Drücklück experiences to collect.

Over 2,500 slots of the largest and most popular providers are on offer: There are games from Yggdrasil, Netent, Play’n G and even Merkur. There is also a 100%bonus up to 100 $ and 50 free spins.

Reading tip: If you are not satisfied with the provider, please read our guide "Drücklück alternative" through.

FAQ - online casino guide Germany

For your registration in the online casino you only need your personal information and also an official document that confirms your identity. All registrations for deutsche Online Casinosarefree.
So that you can also fall back on your account and can loosen up your everyday life with a few game sessions, the best online casinos offer you one Mobile game platformon.thiscanbeanapporamobilecasinowebsite.
Thanks to the new state gambling contract, your deposits in the online casino can make even calm. All online casinos in Germany have to follow strict editions in order to receive approval. Mainly it is about your personal protection and also drastic preventive measures against gambling addiction and for Responsible play.

Conclusion: Many serious top casinos with excellent game selection and bonus offers

Superlatives are rarely appropriate, but if we compare the current market of the German online casino and their range of games with the early years of the scene, we can use them here. While most casinos were mostly identical to almost 10 years earlier and the same games with you Online casino real money have offered one now Incredibly large selection of reputable companies. Be it classic online casinos or theme casinos that put the game fun in the foreground-there is now a suitable offer for every taste and for every wallet.

The fact that there is no online casino that stands out clearly also showed various discussions in our editorial team. Even if we have similar demands and preferences, we use various online casinos in the editorial team. This can be due to simple things, such as a classic layout or the new customer and existing customer bonus.

Be open to new ideas and approaches In the range of Online gambling And test some different casinos according to our online casino guide to find your ideal online casino.

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