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Online roulette casinos for German players 2022: All information about roulette with real money

Of course, there is no online casino without roulette these days, be it in the animated single games or with real croupiers in the live casino. We'll show you how easy you Play online roulette with real money Can and where the best games are waiting for you. There is also some general information on rules and strategies, especially for beginners.

the essentials in brief
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The best online casinos for roulette

Joo Casino Bitcoin Casino Joo Casino experience report
  • Gigantic: over 100 roulette games
  • Excellent limit structure
  • Almost 40 live tables for roulette
Dublinbet Dublinbet experience report
  • XXL selection with over 60 roulette games
  • Specialist in the live segment
  • Live roulette with German croupiers
WooCasinoBitcoin Casino Woocasino experience report
  • Over 50 roulette games
  • Various variants & many languages
  • Roulette tables of prominent providers
Mr Bit Casino MR Bit Casino experience report
  • Many roulette variations
  • attractive payout rate
  • Newcomer Casino in modern design
Mason SlotsNewcomer Mason slots experience report
  • Around 50 roulette games
  • NetEnt & Microgaming an Bord
  • Tischlimits for every player type
Rabona CasinoBitcoin Casino Rabona Casino experience report
  • Numerous roulette variants on offer
  • A total of 65 live casino games
  • Prominent providers at the start
1BET Casino 1bet casino experience report
  • Provider for varied roulette variants
  • A total of 23 roulette tables
  • Tischlimits suitable for every game type
Kashima CityNewcomer Cashimashi experience report
  • Extensive roulette offer
  • Netent & Evolution Gaming
  • Up to $ 200,000 operating limit
Slotwolf CasinoExclusive bonus Slotwolf Casino experience report
  • Clear focus on live casino
  • 15 Roulette tables from Authentic Gaming
  • Minimum use is 10 cents
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If you want to play online roulette for real money, you have different than in the local casino Two fundamental optionsthat we want to introduce to you right at the beginning:

The future of the online roulette is likely to be in this version, because here you get the most realistic roulette experience. Evolution Gaming is currently the pioneer, but also many other providers such as NetEnt Or ezugi offer you roulette live tables. Play the highlight of these casino: You log in and get to a live stream of one Online casino table games. There is a real croupier with which you can also interact with the chat and who accepts the missions for you and starts the roulette bike.
Animated video roulette
This is the classic of the casino games before the technology and bandwidth has made live broadcasts possible. You basically play a computer game, which of course is connected to your casino and accordingly Entry in real money enables. The game is completely animated and individual numbers are determined by means of a random-number generator from safe servers. Your advantage is that you have no pressure, sort your operations at your pace and then transport the ball into the train independently.

If you are familiar with the division between live and animated, you can expect various roulette versions in both segments, which differ in a few but decisive places. The main variants are that American roulette and the european Roulette. In addition, there is a variety of special roulette variants with which the online casinos want to develop a unique selling point.


That American roulette or American Roulette is the original. It differs from the european version in the interpretation of the LA parage or EN prison rules. Due to the provisions, the house edge in the American Roulette is again 2.7 % reduced to 1.35 %.

The American roulette has in Online casino best chances of winning.

The announcements of the croupier are classic in American. At the end of the round it says "Rien ne va " ("nothing works anymore").


european roulette is a roulette variant that is played quite often in Asia, Africa and europe. There are 37 numbers in the boiler and the colors black and red as usual. The only difference is the green zero.

The names on the table and the croupier's comments are common. Therefore, the last time to submit a assignment is acknowledged with "No more bets please". From this moment on, the individual numbers or colors to which the inserts have been made are stuck and the roulette wheel is set in motion.

The likelihood of landing a precise hit with a single number is included 2,7 %.


With this roulette variant from the United States, also American Roulette called, the boiler contains a total of 38 individual figures: the numbers 1 to 36 as well as the zero and the double. However, this double -tulle is a more extreme change in the field than it seems at first glance.

The double roulette can be found on the right of the zero at the top of the table at the American Roulette. For example, combinations can be set 0.00,2,3 or 0.1.2 or 00.2.3 or 0.00.2.

In the kettle, the double rush also results in a new division of the fields in the roulette wheel.

This can be combined with any control version, because with multi-wheel roulette, the number of rotations is simply increased. Up to eight boilers can be activated online at the same time, which not only more action, but also less time expenditure promises. However, it is of course particularly difficult to keep an overview of how much money changes the owner. But of course online roulette casinos want to offer you the broadest possible selection so that there is something in your offer for every player taste!

Here too they stay Roulette rules Received, but we say goodbye to the classic roulette wheel. Instead, the ball falls through a Flipperanordnung In a box with the winning number. Unfortunately, you cannot actively influence the run of the ball here either.

So only the animation of the online roulette has changed, but not an approach or the course of the game.

But there is a real change in mini-roulette. Here you feel like a giant when everything is a bit smaller and only the one as individual numbers Numbers from 1 to 12 occurrence.

Accordingly, the chances of making a correct number improve. However, these games are very rare as a live version, let alone in the right casino.

Nearly All online casinos Curling with numerous other forms of play that cannot be found in the land -based casinos. Sometimes in online roulette casinos the roulette is even connected to other machine games. For example, you can Playtech Online Casinos That Marvel-Roulette Von playtech spielen.

German players have to make a lot of effort to Good online casino To find that no online roulette with real money pays out. Often there is an entire arsenal Real money slot machines, but at least in the live casino (mostly from Evolution Gaming Live) you will find the longed-for roulette tables.

Most of the time you need an account with the operator in advance, but you can also use the list of the list of Pay n Play casinos without registration look at. Then pay your desired sum of money and open your favorite table.

Very often there is also the possibility of Play roulette without money, so just about Playmoney, sometimes you have to be logged out of your account. Then you can do the Online casino games Test risk-free or just have fun without real money inserts.

But then you want in Casino win money, then there is no way around to convert your paid $ virtually into roulette jetons. Unlike in the local casino, this happens automatically when you sit at the respective table.


Interestingly, roulette is one of the casino games where you can't go wrong. BlackJack requires a reasonably qualified decision Poker Anyway, there are skill elements even in the slots, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter which field you put your jetons on.

But where would the fun be if you were so passionate about roulette with real money?

Hence the basic principle of roulette:
  • On the field you will find the 36 colored numbers of the boiler and the green zero. You can bet on every single number, i.e. place a sum of money.
  • The bike is turned, the ball falls on a number and if it is not yours, you lose all use. However, if you are lucky, you will be paid 36 times.
  • The simple mathematical principle behind it: The payment takes place exactly according to the probability if the zero did not exist.

This makes roulette different from the very different and ultimately opaque slots a simple game in terms of payment quota, because The return-to-player value is always at high 97.30 % in the european variant and at American roulette and at 94.74 % in American Roulette (here the double tall exists).

With this multiple opportunity (the tip on a single number), roulette would already work wonderfully, but the roulette bike then made too much wheel. Therefore, there are numerous additional chances of winning on the field, which differ in the frequency of arrival and thus also in the payment. These are essentially (additional options can occur):

  • Simple opportunities (red/black, straight/odd, low/high): 1: 1
  • Column (every third number on the field), dozen (low/medium/high): 2: 1
  • Transversale (two cross -rows): 5: 1
  • Carré (four numbers in the square): 8: 1
  • Cross bet (a cross row): 11: 1
  • Cheval (two neighboring numbers): 17: 1
  • Plein (one number): 35: 1

Pay attention to the Deployment heightsthat vary greatly from table to table in online roulette casinos. Especially in the video versions you can already find cent amounts, although it is usually only 50 cents or a $ for a small one Bankroll and go. The casino operator decides on his own risk, but you will also find VIP live tables in which a jeton is worth 100,000 $.

But also note that the possible use heights differ from field to field and that such high values should not be available for multiple opportunities. You can always find concrete values in the information area of the respective table. What you only have to do is to place your chips on the field and then push their fingers crossed and perhaps influence the run of the ball via mental magic.


With hardly any casino game you can win or lose as much money as quickly as with roulette. Once put on the wrong field and zack, the money is gone. After all, you can see it often enough in films like James Bond. However, this fact is also true in reality.

Therefore, the golden rule is that you set a maximum limit or previously set an amount with which you can play. If this path is, you don't buy again. Never borrow money to play and, above all, do not believe that ten lost rounds mean that you have to be more lucky in the eleventh round.

Roulette is certainly one of the simplest casino games that you have in one Serious online casino can play. However, as already mentioned above, there are a lot of modifications and variants (American roulette, multi-wheel roulette, etc.). Therefore, you don't need to stay with the classic American roulette. Test the other versions and try with small missions.

The longer you have fun at the version, the easier it will be for you to deal with the game more. So you can improve more easily and, in the best case, have more success in the long term. There is no prescribed order in which you have to learn the roulette variants. Just try everyone once.

The players have wanted to win real money for centuries and are looking for the ideal game pattern to help their luck. However, roulette pure Online gambling is, the users have no influence on the outcome.

It is not possible to pry or reduce the house advantage. The only thing that is decisive is the probability with which the ball makes its way in the boiler.

However, there are some strategies or pseudo strategies that you can use. A roulette system basically builds on two components: on the one hand, the probability described is included, and on the other hand, attempts are made with the design of the design Roulette strategy to successfully influence. Below we present each roulette system:

Martingale strategy - Doubling the operations
This strategy does not refer to the game itself, but only to the missions. The basic idea: Whenever you lose your use, you will set twice the height next time. If you win an assignment, you start again at the start of the start. So you can always catch up with your losses (in theory). However, the basic prerequisite for this is a quasi unlimited bunch of money, since the missions are extremely high for doubles. the Martingale doubling strategy is therefore only recommended to a limited extent.
Paroli-system - Doubling the profits
You also doublet your missions in the slogan strategy. However, only when you have made a profit. Means that the assignment is increased for profit. So you can do the Keep operations lowthat you pay out of your “own bag” and increases the possible profit. Often it is only played with a simple chance.
Marches-Strategie - rely on overdue numbers
This strategy is very controversial. You use the numbers or colors that overdue are. This means that you only choose these that have not come for a long time. With red and black it means that you rely on black after red produced a win and vice versa.
Fibonacci-System - Progressive increase in operations
The Fibonacci strategy is almost a martingale strategy with much lower operations. Most of the time you use them between red and black, straight/odd or the numbers up to 18 or 19 to 36. You always set the same and only change your use along the Fibonacci number series (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 etc.). Whenever you lose, you will continue in turn. If you win, you go back at the beginning or just two steps back. Depending on how much you want to protect your budget.

Important: No roulette system can guarantee success. The happiness factor is always crucial at the table.

Setting patterns such as those just presented can even harm, specifically when you have just activated a nice bonus. Because if you take a look at the bonus conditions in detail, in many cases you will find a clause of the way that Operations are excluded that only serve the purpose of implementing the bonus as quickly as possible. This explicitly includes the Martingale strategy, in which you always rely on red and you should lose, the next time you play the double bet until you win.

An Bonus canvas It almost borders when you try the safe game, i.e. rely on red and black at the same time and thus ensure your rollover extremely quickly.

Leave your fingers and play your bonus fairly. More tips on Implement casino bonus there are in our guide.

Fun, success and your passion for roulette stand and fall with the performance of the right one Real money online casinos. Sure, it must be reliable and also a lot of selection or variety. Many German players have a lot of fun when they can sit at both virtual roulette tables and live casino tables.

So we would recommend you to Online casino comparison To ensure how large the selection of the roulette games is. The number of roulette tables in the live casino also depends on which game providers the online roulette casinos cooperate and how much clock you usually play.

It can also be helpful for German players if the online roulette casino offers German -language customer service. So do not forget to pay attention to the language of the support if communication in German is important to you.

What use is the greatest success and the greatest strand of luck in roulette when the casino does not pay any money? Therefore, the top priority is when choosing the casino that you have a Serious and multiple checked casino uses. Otherwise you cannot win any money in the casino.

This is about ensuring that the payment partners are serious, i.e. you can pay and pay out with safe methods. Credit card, ppaysafecard or providers like Trustly are already a good sign.

In addition, the casino of your choice must be able to show a license. In the best case, this comes from Germany, UK or Malta. The license authority's license on Gibraltar is also okay. But absolutely applies: finger away from dubious online casinos without license.

If you don't quite dare to open your own wallet at the roulette table, you are well served with demo games. If you search for these casino games in the online casino, you will not find what you are looking for with many providers. at Slotsmillion But let themselves Play many games in demo mode. So also a couple Microgaming roulette variants (Read more about: Best Microgaming Online Casinos) or Play´n Go (here more about the topic Play’n GO Online Casino).

Live casino are excluded. However, you can still earn your first spores in demo mode.


A Casino new customer bonus, who often too online Casino Bonus is mentioned, almost all of the casinos offer. The outnumber of the providers works with a deposit bonus - that is, the customer creates a deposit and the casino places an amount as free game capital.

We find 100 % up to 100 $ here most often, which means that your deposit is doubled up to 100 $. Sometimes you also find one 200% Casino Bonusthat triples your deposit.

It should be noted that the bonuses are not immediately payable. In advance they have to Terms of sales be fulfilled. As a rule, the own benefit and the bonus amount are to be played through a few times in order to achieve the payment maturity. A rollover set is considered fairly up to 30 times the start-up capital.

The online roulette bonus is of particular importance. Roulette almost never contributes 100 percent to achieve implementation requirements. Values between 5 and 25 percent are the normal case.

Some online roulette casinos have now been transferred to viewing the missions at the table differently. If you take a high risk, you can calculate with an improved count. On the other hand, there are still Some game providers that completely exclude roulette in the bonus rules And only rely on the slot machines.

We show you in the reviews thanks to our critical Online casino rating Always exactly how you can implement your bonus money.

As already mentioned, you can find some kind of roulette games in almost all online casinos. So the selection is for mobile Online Casinos With roulette just as big. Basically you just have to make sure that an online casino mobile Roulette App offers.

A separate app is no longer necessary because most online casinos have optimized their representation. Casinos that provide a good mobile view and even offer top live roulette are, among others, Casino Gods or With these you can also play roulette excellently.

The best roulette games in the online casino can certainly be found from the brands NetEnt and evolution. These two share the dominance in the live casino segment. Not only does not only provide very good ones New casino games, but also brings a lot of casino feeling to your home. Online money games Like Classic Roulette Live, are perfect for this.

Through Evolution Gaming gets you to live roulette games as Immersive Roulette, Immersive Lite, european or Speed Roulette. And always with Real croupiers and real feeling of casino.

The topic of seriousness and security with online casinos is so important to us that we always reserve our own section in our reviews. Of course you have to be careful online, but with those of us Recommended casinos you have to have no worry about your security. A good indication of seriousness is, for example, an existing one Malta license.

The casino classic roulette is booming and will probably always boom. In the past you had to go to the casino, later animated video roulette was added for your passion. If you want to play roulette online with money today, you enjoy the luxury of the numerous live casino tables. In our eyes, the future of the casino world is clearly here, because you can admire real dealers in your craft every day and night and take part in the thrill of the rotating ball.

Thanks to the modern payment service providers, it was never so easy to pay money safely and quickly, so that you can start online roulette with real money starting credit on Friday evening and can enjoy the account statement with the big win on Monday morning. Choose your favorite provider with us, roulette is almost always there.


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