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Celebrities and stars who advertise for gambling (surprising!)

What do sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mike Tyson or Bastian Schweinsteiger have in common? They all stirred the advertising drum for casinos and betting providers in any form. But by no means the only known names that are or were active as testimonials. We put you some Celebrities and stars who advertise for gambling.

Was used for poker stars: football star Cristiano Ronaldo

Cooperation between Stars and Casino as a win-win situation

Celebrities are extremely sought -after and popular advertisements in all industries. So also in the world of gambling. Famous advertising media can be found among athletes and actors. The more successful, more popular and more popular, the better. For example, the advertising campaign of the Gambling app Coin Master, in which National influencers such as Daniela Katzenberger or Pietro Lombardi were also used in addition to pop-titan Dieter Bohlen.

Neymar was also a member of the PokerStar's sports star team

For the celebrities and stars, the advertising deals are welcome and lucrative side earnings. Candes in the five to six-digit range- depending on the awareness status of the testimonial- are the order of the day, and it is not uncommon for the millions. But in addition to money, prominent advertising media are often also congested with other forms of remuneration and in return, partly receive shares in the company for their work!

In order to get the largest possible part of the cake as possible, gambling operators and betting providers are willing to offer the stars of such attractive contracts. After all, your own platform can be applied first -class and effectively. And if you can advertise with a sports star, you are well prepared for new customers and has a real draft horse in the stable. Not to mention the associated increase in awareness, credibility and reputation, which can be achieved with a star advertising face.

We took a closer look at the advertising and sponsorship activities of some online casinos and bookmakers and present our overview of which large and smaller stars are already everything advertisement for Online gambling have made.

PokerStars: Superstars satt – Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Usain Bolt

The world's largest Poker provider Has really let it rip and pulled out sports stars for a cooperation. For example, the illustrious round includes Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Two of the world's best footballers who are said to have collected $ 4 million a year. The duo belonged to the team until 2017 PokerStars SportStars and animated interested parties, against them to earn online poker. In the advertising -effective slogan let Ronaldo know:

I bring my strength, my sensitivity and my determination from the field to the poker tables. I love the game and the challenge of beating my opponents directly. In the largest online poker room in the world, I can check my skills against the best players in the world and become one of them.

In addition, CR7 and Neymar also set up in advertising films and social media postings Pokerstars attentive. In 2017 the poker giant had with Usain Bolt Another world star on board. The Jamaican is considered the fastest man in the world and is a world record holder over several distances. Thanks to his incredible and impressive career, Bolt is one of the absolute sports legends and is therefore a highly attractive advertising partner.

Tip for all PokerStars users: Do you have any problems with the provider's website or app? There are quick help in the guide PokerStars app does not work!

Poker stars are financially betting on roses thanks to Amaya
It can be assumed that in the future absolute top stars will continue with poker stars. It is thanks to the enormous amount of liquid funds to which the PokerStar's parent company Amaya can fall back. This makes it easy to manage the huge fees of the celebrities.

The best poker providers

Also Boris Becker & Rafael Nadal as an advertising medium for poker stars

PokerStars has also poached in tennis sports and has been able to sign a lot of (former) sizes for advertising purposes in the past. Including Boris Becker, the over five years as Testimonially acted. For Germany's tennis legend and still the youngest Wimbledon winner to this day, he should say that it should Around 1.3 million $ per year have collected for its advertising purposes. Practical, after all, Becker is a confessing poker fan and cleared a total of over $ 100,000 in prize money in some professional tournaments.

Even with entertainer Stefan Raab Becker sat one or the other one time as part of the “TV Total poker night“On ProSieben at the table.

With 18 Grand Slam titles and over 100 million $ in prize money Rafael Nadal To the best tennis players of all time. The Spaniard had only discovered his love for the poker late, but this helped him to go to a highly endowed deal with poker stars, in which he also appeared as a well -known advertising face.

Disclosed home: Zlatan Ibrahimovic cooperates with Bethard

In the international football scene of the past decade counted Zlatan Ibrahimovic To the most dazzling and most polarizing personalities on and off the square. At the agreed ego center and goal scorer from the service, genius and madness lie close together, which also makes him more interesting as a advertising partner. In spring 2018, the Swedish superstar, who was active in his career for top clubs such as Manchester United, Paris St. Germain, AC and Inter Milan, was a contract with the Swedish Sports betting casino Bethardwho also on their portal Popular online casino operate, closed.

Not only Bethard advertising medium, but also shareholders: Sweden star Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The special thing about it: Ibrahimovic is not only ambassador, but also co -owner at the bookmaker founded in 2012. In contrast to most other celebrities, he also actively contributed to the company. Although Ibrahimovic, who is currently ending his career at the La Galaxy in the US professional league MLS, was criticized for which cooperation was criticized, it was all the more a matter close to his heart. After all, Bethard Swedish roots and the founders of the platform come like Ibrahimovic from Malmö.

Bastian Schweinsteiger as an image ambassador for slot machines

Bastian Schweinsteiger It was also not too bad to advertise for gambling. In October 2018, the German automatic economy was able to Win reconnaissance campaign. Under the motto "We play fair", Schweinsteiger campaigned for legal arcades and at the same time appealed for a responsible gambling.

Fairness is important to me, no matter what you play. That is why I support the German automatic economy in its reconnaissance campaign for rules in the slot machine game. Automatic game should only take place according to clear and fair rules and in a controlled environment in which you pay attention to the players. This is fair play!, Schweinsteiger is quoted in the corresponding press release of the German machine industry.

However, it was not the first commitment of the midfield actor in the Gambling sector. Because the German football icon was active for a few months as an extremely well-known testimonial for CampoBet. The operators of the sports betting and casino platform were able to hire Schweinsteiger for the start phase of their portal for cooperation.

Kahn and Podolski stir the advertising drum

Schweinsteiger was not the only prominent German international who attracted attention when it comes to advertising with a casino or betting provider. Oliver Kahn in particular is with his currently still ongoing commitment to typical Very present. With the German Bookie, the goalkeeper titanium had a long-term strategic partnership at the end of 2012, such as the cooperation on its Homepage is described. Several joint projects are part of the deal. For example, the triple world goalkeeper can be seen in advertising clips for Tipico or appears as a brand ambassador.

also Lukas Podolski Not only in sports there should have been a remembering fans with an extremely creative and surreal commercial for the German sports betting provider XTIP: in this was the 2014 world champion on the Back of an elephant To see that he parked backwards casually and skillfully on a street. The message: With XTIP, any tip can come true.

“We want to reach every football fan in Germany with our campaign and inspire for our product. With none other than Lukas Podolski, XTIP could have implemented the campaign so authentically, ”said XTIP managing director Mathias Dahms. Podolski has been working for the betting company as a brand ambassador and testimonial since the beginning of 2018 and can be seen in stationary betting shops, on posters, social media channels and in print and online advertising.

Kuranyi, Basler & Berthold support betting providers

Kevin Kuranyi in the role as 22bet testimonial

Also on the betting and casino platform Celibacy, the little brother of 1xBet, Betting fans will find a well -known face. Since the end of 2018, the former DFB kicker Kevin Kuranyi has been the advertising figure and one or the other from the TV advertising for the bookmaker known. In terms of number, Kuranyi and 22bet go together well. Because the former Bundesliga striker mainly went on goals with the number 22 on his jersey.

That Mario Basler A few years ago worked as a testimonial for betting providers, also fits into the picture. Because during and after his active career, the scandalous offensive artist was already a gambler. This resulted in Basler for Digibet -formerly known as as a brand ambassador and was the figurehead of the bookies via various TV advertisements and other sponsorship activities. For example, users were able to compete against former Bremen and Bayern star in the “Basler bet” betting game. In addition, well -known sports journalists such as Uli Potofski, Alexander von der Groeben or Cristian Sprenger also worked in former Digibet actions, whose betting platform is no longer available.

With Betclic Another betting provider relied on the radiance of former German international. Is meant Thomas Berthold, World champion of 1990. The former defender campaigned for the portal of the daughter of the renowned Betclic Everest Group from USA from 2012, whereby he also typed every match day in the Bundesliga for a few seasons and donated his profits for charitable profits. However, Berthold was only one of many former football celebrities who acted as an ambassador for Betclic. The ranks also include Ruud Gullit (Netherlands), Marcel Desilly (USA), Arrigo Sacchi (USA) or Karel Poborsky (Czech Republic).

Calmund Push BetVictor & Marcel Reif advertises for

Also the popular and heavy-weight XXL manager Reiner Calmund is one of the more well-known TV faces in the sports world and has been able to gain experience as a testimonial for a betting provider. In 2011 “Calli” hired the traditional English bookmaker BetVictor to help this when entering the market in Germany (including using television advertising). In the meantime, the cooperation was stopped again, but it was still a successful liaison. After all, Betvictor has nestled on the european mainland and has become a popular point for the German betting community.

With Marcel Reif had, however, one of the best -known football commentators for commitment as a brand ambassador for let convince. His face adorned the betting provider's homepage in early 2018 and recommended it in some commercials. You can do this hereandefinedandandefinedas well as here See on YouTube.

Mike Tyson: Langfristiger Deal mit Inspired Gaming

He was one of the most feared and best boxers of the planet: Mike Tyson! The youngest heavyweight world champion in the world at the tender age of 20 looks back on a career with many ups and more depths. Including prison stays, pronounced assets in the three-digit million range or memorable ear bite in the fight against Evander Holyfield.

One or the other gambler may have come into a virtual arcade "Iron" Mike. After all, the former box superstar in 2015 closed an exclusive brand deal with Inspire Gaming over the term of 15 years. Since then, the game developers have have several titles such as the popular "Mike Tyson Knockout Slot“, „Mike Tyson Virtual Boxing" or "Mike Tyson Roulette" brought on the market. These are very popular and can be found in several Online-Casinos to be gambled.

Paris Hilton: Advertising for BGO Entertainment

The now 37-year-old IT girl Paris Hilton is also a sought -after advertising point of view. In 2015, the hotel heiress and businesswoman signed an advertising contract with BGO Entertainment. The online gaming company had hired several stars and celebrities and used several British TV advertisements and other campaigns to make its name better known and to increase the range.

Major advertising film with DiCaprio, de Niro & Pitt

But several Hollywood stars also have a real soft spot for gambling. One of them is Leonardo DiCaprio, who was able to further expand his already huge fortune through some successes in the poker. But the DiCaprio was also part of a trio that just like Brad Pitt and Robert de Niro has been hired for advertising purposes by the gaming group Melco Crown Entertainment.

Four Hollywood stars worked in the advertising short film "The Audition" with: Robert de Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brand Pitt and Martin Scorsee

The cinema stars played in one advertising short film With, in which Martin Scorsese directed and also in front of the camera. The “Studio City” resort in Macau was advertised. Overall, the advertising film is said to have devoured a budget of $ 70 million, with a mammoth part for the fee of the film stars. DiCaprio and de Niro alone should have scolded $ 13 million for their acting.

Gambling & celebrities: These VIPs are on gambling

That even in the world of rich and beautiful the gambling and betting fever is rampant. We present a small selection of prominent Hollywood stars in which Gambling is a popular leisure activity.

  • Lady Gaga should be mentioned here. According to reports, the singer is said to have gambled 500,000 $ despite her world hit "Poker Face" in a casino in Vienna. Otherwise, apart from DiCaprio or Pitt, you will find a number of stars in Hollywood alone who want to help your assets with regular casino visits.
  • A not inconsiderable slope for gambling is particularly said to actor Ben Affleck and his buddy Matt Damon - with different success. As Affleck drifted out with the gaming and gambling addiction, Damon was able to win the California State Poker championship in 2004 and tap a lot of profit. The "Jason Bourne" actor also took part in the World Series of Poker several times.
  • The former Spiderman player Tobey Maguire and Frauenwarm Ashton Kutcher can also be found at the poker table and enjoy the call to be excellent players.
  • Kutcher's "Two and a Half Men" predecessor Charlie Sheen also has a regular place on the list of prominent players. According to his ex-wife Denise Richards, the actor is said to have missed up to $ 200,000 a week for gambling and sports betting.
  • Incidentally, there are also various VIP names among the absolute athlete legends that love gambling. This includes golf ace Tiger Woods, who has already won many tournaments as a successful blackjack player, just like the NBA icons Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley as well as the former swimming star and the most successful Olympium (23 times gold) Michael Phelps.
Pamela Anderson was an advertising face for

Also Clooney and Pam Anderson in casino fever

at George Clooney Was the passion for gambling so much that he wanted to stamp an elegant casino out of the ground around 2005 in the Las Vegas Gambling stronghold. The Hollywood Schönling was inspired by the shooting of the cinema blockbuster "Ocean's Eleven" for this ultimately failed, billion-dollar building project, in which Clooney as a head of a gangster gang (including Damon, Pitt) cleared several casinos.

The former model and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson was more successful in terms of casino opening. In 2012, the world's most famous Badenixe founded their own arcade. Although "only" an online casino, which established itself on the market.

Pam Anderson regularly indulged in playing in previous years and was also the face of the Poker platform ""

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