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Casino Reload Bonus 2022 - The best casino bonuses for reloading

If the welcome bonus in a casino is only the beginning for you, you know that you are right here. Many online casinos give you one Casino Reload Bonus Offer, in which you will always be rewarded for later deposits. We present first-class providers with such packages and illuminate a little more precisely what it is all about with the reloading bonuses.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: Some starke Online Casinos have a reload bonus on offer.
  • Chapter 1: Of the Reload Bonus enables bonus money even after the first deposits.
  • Chapter 2: Our Top 3 We present the casinos with reload bonus more precisely.
  • Chapter 3: On some Characteristics You recognize particularly good reload bonuses.
  • Chapter 4: This type of bonus has both Advantages as well as disadvantages.

The best casino reload bonuses up to date

Playouwin casinoExclusive bonus Playouwin Casino experience report
  • 3 bonuses up to $ 450
  • Additional 120 free spins
  • 10 No deposit Spins (Code „PYW10“)
DuxCasinoNewcomer DuxCasino experience report
  • Casino for generous inserts
  • On the weekend: 40% to $ 150
  • Up to 100 fs every Tuesday
5Gringos CasinoNewcomer 5gringos casino experience report
  • 50% to 700 $ + 50 FS
  • Possible every weekend
  • Minimum deposit: $ 20
SlotHunter CasinoNewcomer Slothunter casino experience report
  • 50% to $ 100 + 25 FS
  • Always usable on Mondays
  • Code: OPEN50
7Bit CasinoBitcoin Casino 7Bit casino experience report
  • 25% to $ 50 on Monday
  • Wednesdays up to 100 fs
  • Up to 20% cashback on the weekend
Set CasinoBitcoin Casino Zet Casino experience report
  • 50% to 700 $ + 50 FS
  • Offer for the weekend
  • Minimum deposit: $ 20
BuranCasino Burancasino experience report
  • 50% to 700 $ + 50 FS
  • Every weekend
  • Minimum deposit of $ 20
Slots PalaceNewcomer Slots Palace Experience report
  • 50% to 700 $ + 50 FS
  • Available every weekend
  • Sales: 35x (deposit + bonus)
WooCasinoBitcoin Casino Woocasino experience report
  • 50% to $ 100 + 50 FS
  • Weekend reload
  • Code: RELOAD
Championbet Casino Camponbet Casino experience report
  • Very high reload bonus
  • 120% bis 2000 $
  • Up to four times a week
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How does a casino reload bonus work?

Especially for beginners among you, we take a look at what a reload bonus is. You usually get in an online casino An additional credit, mostly in bonus money, for your first deposit.

Everything that comes to bonus offers after the welcome bonus and is connected to a deposit can basically be referred to as Casino Reload Bonus or as a casino bonus for reloading.

So it is a reward or one Incentive for further deposits.

The three typical versions of the reloading bonus are:

  • Bonus for the second, third or fourth deposit
  • Bonus on later deposits, mostly for certain days
  • Irregular actions or personal offers that require a deposit

Casino reload bonuses are usually not quite as attractive as the welcome bonus, but you can do that Benefit regularly from. If you play with a provider who has regular loading bonuses in the quiver, you should only deposit money here in exceptional cases outside the time window.

Sometimes the casino also turns the skewer by ensuring your (proportionate) reload when you have lost all your credit.

In addition, there are always actions that do not require any deposits, but such a no deposit Bonus is less common.

The best arcades offered with Casino Reload bonus

  1. DuxCasino - 40% to 150 $ every weekend, Tuesdays up to 100 fs
  2. 5Gringos Casino - 50% to 700 $ + 50 FS every weekend
  3. SlotHunter Casino - 50% to 100 $ + 25 FS every Monday
  4. 7Bit Casino - 25% to $ 50 every Monday, Wednesday up to 100 FS
  5. Set Casino - 50% to $ 100 + 50 FS every weekend
  6. Buran Casino - 50% to 700 $ + 50 FS every weekend
  7. Slots Palace Casino - 50% to 700 $ + 50 FS every weekend
  8. WooCasino - 50% to $ 100 + 50 FS every weekend
  9. Championbet Casino - 120% to $ 2000 four times a week
  10. Kasu Casino - 25% to 50 $ every Friday
  11. Sons of Slots Casino - 25% to 100 $ every Wednesday and Saturday
  12. 1BET Casino - 4 weekly casino reload bonuses up to a total of $ 350

Three top casinos with reload bonus in a short review

The market is full of different bonus offers and the reload bonus is also no exception here. Not everyone offers their customers regular allowances to deposits, but we have so many Serious online casinos found that we do not want to withhold this from you.

Take a look in our Online Casino Test around whether you find your personal favorites there. The following online casinos all have one lucrative reload program And are also suitable for high demands.

DuxCasino: 40% to $ 150 on weekends & Tuesdays up to 100 free spins

With the gaming provider DuxCasino you even find Two casino reload bonuses before. On weekends-also Friday, Saturday and Sunday-you can secure a reloading bonus for deposits:

  • Promotion: Weekend upstockation
  • Minimum deposit: 20 $
  • Sales goal: 40x Bonus
  • Time limit: 14 Take

Every Tuesday there is the possibility to take out free spins:

  • Promotion: Tuesday frames
  • Minimum deposit: Ab 30$ = 30 FS | Ab 50$ = 50 FS | Ab 100$ = 100 FS
  • Sales goal: 40x free play winnings
  • Time limit: 14 Take

This online casino also convinces in numerous other evaluation categories. After our DuxCasino experiences are one of the strengths of the dux casinos in particular:

  • Wide casino offer-both machines and jackpot slots as well as table games and live tables
  • Many means of payment and quick payouts
  • Various slot tournaments
  • Einmonatige VIP-Season
  • Customer service accessible around the clock

Slots Palace Casino: 50% to 700 $ & 50 free spins for weekend players

If you im Slots Palace Casino gambles, like in the Buran Casino, you can secure a casino reload bonus for deposits on weekends - here again on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The Internet play hall has set the following bonus conditions:

  • Minimum deposit amount of $ 20
  • Required for free spins at least $ 50
  • 35 times sales (deposit + bonus)
  • Maximum 5 $ I run
  • Time limit of 10 days
  • Slots, Bingo, Scratch Games and Keno with 100% value

Slots Palace can not only have a strong casino reload bonus. After our Slots Palace Casino Experiences It is also worth registering for players because:

  • Wide game selection-here too, everything is available from machines to table games to live casino
  • Cooperation with numerous renowned providers
  • Slot tournaments multi-day
  • Competent support

Burancasino: 50% bonus up to 700 $ + 50 free spins every weekend

im BuranCasino Do you have the opportunity week after week to get a bonus credit. The virtual arcade offers its customers one every weekend - from Friday to Sunday - 50% Casino Reload Bonus bis 700 $ and reward your deposit with 50 free spins.

The following overview illustrates how the bonus conditions are in detail:

  • Minimum payment of $ 20
  • For free spins deposit of $ 50 necessary
  • 35-fold sales target (deposit + bonus)
  • Use limit of $ 5
  • Time period of 10 days
  • Slots, bingo, scratch cards and keno with full value

Of course, the Burancasino also offers a new customer bonus. You will receive 100% bonus up to 500 $ for your first deposit. However, there are other arguments for registration with this gaming provider.

These include our Burancasino experiences above all:

  • Numerous other bonus campaigns
  • Attractive range of games including jackpot slots, table games and live casino
  • 24/7-Support
  • Successful selection of means of payment
  • Loyalty points exchangeable in bonuses

Activate a casino reload bonus: this is how it works

Basically it is one Simple undertaking, because all online casinos want to lure you with the various bonus packages.

For users without or a little casino experience, we explain the way to the Casino Reload Bonus in detail:

  • 1
    Step 1 account creation: Create an account in an online casino with a reload bonus. In the course of registration, you have to provide various data - such as your full name and your address.
  • 2
    Step 2 welcome bonus: Before you secure a reload bonus, you should first tap the new customer bonus - after all, it is usually a little more attractive. To do this, you have to make a deposit (via the cash register area).
  • 3
    Step 3 Casino Reload bonus: After you have used the welcome offer, you can use the reload bonus offer. A new deposit is required to make a corresponding doctorate.

To activate the action we could no uniform procedure determine:

  • Sometimes you pay in as normal and the action will be activated automatically.
  • Sometimes you have to click the casino bonus in the course of the deposit.
  • Another time you have to select it in the menu and then deposit it.
  • But it also happens that you first select the action and then only deposit this.
  • Or there is one Casino Bonus Codethat hides somewhere in the actions.
  • If things go really stupid (luckily rarely), you first have to check in the support to activate the Casino Reload bonus.

The casino operators are surprisingly creative here, but mostly transparent. Nevertheless, you should better look twice and ideally study our detailed guides, so that the lucrative bonus does not expire unnecessarily.

Features of a good casino reload bonus

In particular, inexperienced players may think that it only depends on the bonus amount. However, whether a reload bonus in the online casino is worthwhile also depends on Sales goal and the time period away. Below we go into closer to the individual criteria.

The bonus amount: high three -digit amounts possible

The bonus sums can vary very differently depending on the offer. With some casinos there are only 100 $ per week. In our experience, however, the average bonus value lies mostly in the middle three -digit Area.

But there are also exceptions: at Championbet you will receive 120% up to 2,000 $ bonus. The best thing about it: you can use the offer four times a week - so secure up to 8,000 $ in bonus credit.


In addition, you should also consider which percentage is associated with the bonus offer. A 100% bonus is of course more attractive As a 50% bonus, since you receive a higher bonus amount for the same deposit amount.

The sales goal: How often does the bonus have to be implemented?

There is a considerable scatter here, but almost always you have to bring the paid money and the bonus in many cases to bring the bonus money into payable Online casino real money to transform. However, some providers are limited to the bonus amount.

A good casino reload bonus usually has 30- to 35 times sales destination on. But there are also offers in which you have to implement the sum of deposits and bonus 50 times or even more often.

The bonus period: deadlines are the standard

Basically, the longer you have, the better. Here, too, there are clear Differences between the individual online casinos With a reload bonus. We think it should be 30 days.

However, arcades can also be found, which have a period of two weeks or even only ten days have set. If you want to use a corresponding offer, you should think carefully beforehand whether you really create sales so quickly.

Additional note:
You also have to consider that reloading is usually linked to certain times, be it, for example, every Wednesday or on weekends or a flat rate once a week. Here it makes a difference whether you request the bonus at 11:59 p.m. or 0:01 a.m.

Stumbling blocks: Note further restrictions

In addition to the sales goal and the time limit, you usually have to take other things into account if you want to secure a casino reload bonus or free it. These restrictions sometimes affect both the payment methods as well as the selection of the games And the amount of the operations.

Excluded payment methods: especially affects e-wallets

For some providers, you do not entitle every transaction agent to pick up the reload bonus. The two e-wallets are excluded in particular Skrill and Neteller. Sometimes you also have to go to payments via ppaysafecard waive.

Our tip:
Simply use another e-wallet or a direct booking system, because there are usually different alternatives.

Limitation of the games: mostly only slots count

As a rule of thumb, the following is: usually only slots contribute 100 percent to sales. Operations at table games and counting live tables - if at all - Only 10 percent. But in this case, too, every provider cooks their own soup.

Important NOTE:
Some machines are also excluded. These are listed in the bonus AGB.

In the best case, corresponding games simply do not contribute to the sales target. But there are also providers where you shouldn't even play the games with a casino reload bonus.

Restriction of application: Never exceed Limits!

Sometimes there is no restriction here, sometimes you can invest half of the bonus amount in one fell swoop. But it often happens that you only 5 $ or less may throw in. If you would then like to implement 500 $ 40 times within 14 days, this can be tight in time.

Other important questions

  • how You can win a lot? Profit boundaries are always an unsightly thing, but not so rare with reload bonuses.
  • Where is the minimum deposit? A bonus is often activated from 20 $.
  • How much are the free spins worth? It is always very big that there are 20, 50 or even 100 free spins, but rarely is there for a coin value they have. Calculate with 10 cents, which are usually very difficult to convert into noteworthy amounts at low volatility. Nevertheless, we love them.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a casino reload bonus?

advantages a reload bonus:

  • A reload casino bonus enables existing customers to secure a bonus on deposits.
  • Often these are regular bonus campaigns that are available every week.
  • Due to the additional credit, you can play longer and optimally secure higher profits.

Disadvantages of a reload bonus:

  • Casino reload bonuses are usually less attractive than new customers.
  • Usually the bonus percentage is below 100 percent - that is, you have to invest a little more.
  • Sometimes the rollover requirements are far too high.
  • During the bonus period, an online casino payout is almost always excluded.

Alternatives to the Casino Reload Bonus

The most famous alternative to the Casino Reload bonus is the new customer bonus, which is only available once. If you want to tap various welcome bonuses, you have to register with several providers - which does not take much time. To do this, you often benefit From particularly lucrative doctorates.

However, there are other ways to get bonuses:

  • Use VIP program
  • Participate in slot tournaments
  • Free spins without a deposit

Questions and answers - casino reload bonus

Whenever you have to deposit money outside the welcome package for a bonus, this is a reload bonus. So there are offers for existing customers. You can find more information here.
If you have one Activate Casino Reload bonusinmanycasesyouonlyhavetomakeadeposit.sometimes,however,itisnecessarytoclickonsomethingorenteracode.
Yes, that's true at first. But every offer is different Bonus conditionstiedandtheycanmakelifeontherolloverquitedifficult.wealwayspreferagoodandfairlyimplementablebonusthansomeonewhoisjustunrealistic.
We have already selected some of the best reputable online casinos that have a reloading bonus on offer. You can do this in our Provider tableview.
Have corresponding bonus offers Both advantages and disadvantages.reloadbonusesenableyoutogetmorebonusesafterthewelcomebonus.correspondingpromotionsareoftenalittlelesslucrativethanthenewcustomeroffer.

Conclusion: A good casino reload bonus is a gift among good friends

The best online casinos have to add to and when every now and then. Quickly deposit something is no longer a problem these days, but how much nicer the transfer feels when a new bonus goes hand in hand with it.

This is the blessing of a reload bonus that especially from the second deposit can grip.

However, we think that such a bonus must also feel pleasant for both sides, so we are ready to master different hurdles as long as they are adequately high.

The reload bonuses mentioned here can sweeten the everyday casino, so what are you waiting for?