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Double money with roulette: Martingale & Fibonacci strategy (2022)

Who for Online gambling and interested in gambling strategies, which is certainly on the subject Double money with roulette bumped. And unfortunately a large number of guides on the Internet deal with the topic either wrong or only superficial.

I'll show you now that it is for the classic Casino doubling strategy actually gives a right to exist.

the essentials in brief
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Win safely with a roulette doubling strategy?

If we are about the so -called "Double money with roulette“Speaking strategy, then basically a classic doubling strategy is meant by online roulette.

And it works like this:

In a game in which there is a 50/50 profit chance, the previous use is doubled after each lost use.

Sounds a bit bulky, so let's take a look at the whole thing about a practical example:

With roulette there is the possibility to place either red or black. Or alternatively on straight/odd. If we ignore the zero, we ultimately talk about two possible outputs.

Double money with roulette: The Martingale system simply explains

Let's start with a very clear example in 3 steps:

Step 1 with one $ on "red". After being hit black, doubles and set again. (Source:

Step 2 with 2 $ to "red" after being hit black. We are now doubleing the insert to "red" to 4 $. (Source:

Finally a hit: with 4 $ on "red" finally ensures the profit and the strategy begins again. (Source:

That Second example of the so-called Martingale system follows directly:

Here we start with a start of two $ and rely on black. A red number is hit, we double the assignment to four $ and rely on black again.

We lose again. We double again, set eight $ and win this tip. The croupier pays us 16 $. From the 16 $ we deduct the operations paid in the amount of $ 2+4 $+8 $ = $ 14. We receive a profit of exactly two $.

You can remember that:

Double the online roulette system with insert you always win as much as you have chosen as a start.

Attentive readers among you will now imagine:

"Then I just start at a 50 $ start, so it is worth it." In theory, a very clever consideration. In practice, however, they also have the Online Casinos thought.

Caution: operational limit

By that we think that Online casinos with real money Also know how to double money with roulette. And they know that players with the Roulette strategy Double Could cash in without end - if you as an online casino provider do not incorporate a meaningful security function here.

And that is exactly the reason why so -called Commitment limits were introduced:

If you take a closer look at a roulette table, you will see that the Roulette rules offer different operating heights in the different setting options.

For example, you can get the highest possible operations on a single number when betting. The lowest in the very simple betting options, such as predicting whether the next number is straight or odd or black or red.

For example, the table limit also begins in the Best live casinos at $ 200 for the simple setting option. Let's stay with our example, but start this time with two $ times with 50 $.

Our Doubling would then look like this:

  • 50 $
  • 100 $
  • 200 $
  • 400 $
  • 800 $
  • 1.600 $
  • 3.200 $

We can now see at a glance that with this high start use we can find the carpentry with the third bet!

We cannot rely on this simple setting option more than $ 200. This means that at this moment our roulette would not work.

This is the reason why this system can only be played with a low start. Therefore, you cannot win with this system.

With low use, however, you still need enough credit in the hindquarters. If you would still have 20 $ credit and start with $ 4, you could still increase to $ 8, the third doubling step to $ 16 would no longer be affordable.

Tactical practice with play money: How to train the roulette

That was a lot of theory for you now.

If you have not yet known this system or have not yet tried it, we recommend that you double the money with roulette in a non -moderated table game of your preferred provider or in one New online casino try out. This is exactly what the play money versions are intended for.

Sit down on such a simple roulette table, start with a start and always bet either on the color or straight and odd. You will see: the system opens.

But you will also see that it takes time, is relatively boring and the profits are within limits. You can quickly do that on the go with one Roulette App try out.

Reading recommendation

And it will also be tricky with the bonus

In addition, you have to be extremely careful if you want to double money with roulette and have an active bonus at the same time:

On the one hand, you have to clarify whether the games at roulette tables at all to the sales conditions of the online Casino Bonus be counted. That is rather the exception.

Online casinos that allow you to free a casino bonus with roulette games are not too many. If playing is allowed and low is one of the sales conditions, mostly applies A second rule. And that then closes the simple setting options For example, predicting whether a number is straight or odd or what color hits, out.

Info box
Casino operators want to (and must) earn money with their offers. For economic reasons alone, you cannot offer you a secure profit option with which you can regularly swept out. Because in return, the casino would go bankrupt relatively quickly. This means that the money is generally forbidden to double the money with roulette. The casino simply restricts this option: If you use the system, the losses for the casino will only be low and you have to spend a lot of time playing. Say: Actually, effort and yield are not in relation!

Situations in which the doubling strategy is worth gold

So far we treat the topic similarly to many other guides. At this point at the latest, however, they always come to the conclusion that the system is not worth it. And basically that is somehow right:

Double roulette you could teach a trained monkey. The system is so boring and simple that there is really no fun. And the profits are so limited that the effort is actually not worth it. In this case, the emphasis lies on "actually".

After all, there are certainly situations in the life of a chance in which a faster and small credit boost is absolutely necessary.
For example, if you are happy to do the free spins of one with the last $ Megaways Slot As in the Sweet Bonanza Wanted to take away and only have 17 $ on the credit. Then the system begins with $ 0.50. The steps then look like this: $ 0.50, 1 $, $ 2, 4 $, 8 $. At the latest now you have to be lucky, otherwise you have gambled away your credit.

As soon as you win, the system begins again. A total of 6 runs and your credit is back at $ 20. Sufficient to buy the bonus game now.

But here too: the system is not safe. If you don't meet, you gambled your last $.

In general, there is no 100% safe solution for the "credit". Every gambler has their own system. Double the roulette Online casino strategy Do not minimize the risk of total loss. But it guarantees a small profit. And sometimes it is also important!

Alternative: Montante Hollandaise Roulette strategy with Fibonacci number series

Now there is another one here Double special version of money with roulette, in which you do not come across the carpentry so quickly: the Montant Hollandaise Roulette strategy or the so-called Fibonacci number series.

The procedure is quite similar: Here, too, the roulette trick is increasing in increasing the inserts and here too there is always a 50/50 chance (red/black or straight/odd).

Instead of only doubleing the operation, one comes here Series of numbers for use. And as with the doubling strategy, it is not changed directly to the initial value in the event of a profit. With a win, there are always two steps in the row.

Only when you have returned to your basic use (first 1) with the system, you have won the basic mission. This means that the system is basically sufficient to win a third of the bets.

The series starts at 1. The next number always consists of the addition of the penultimate and the last number. In this case there is no penultimate number, so a 0 is used. Therefore, a 1. So "1.1,".

For the third number we add the first number (1) and the second number (1). We come to 1+1 = 2. Our series is expanding "1.1.2".

Then 1 and 2 are added to get the fourth number. Say 1+2 = 3. And so forth. Our series of numbers looks like this:

  • 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987,…

Advantages and disadvantages of roulette doubling with the Fibonacci number series

Let us now assume that we are doubleing the roulette trick a $ start. In other words, we use the operations exactly based on the number series. So 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, ..

You already notice that you need a lot more steps here to push the table limit. This is because your operations are progressive and not exponentially growing here.

In addition, you move to the left (at profit) or to the right (if you have lost): This ensures that you are not constantly increasing here.

It would make sense to practice this strategy at a play money table with an unmodernized roulette game. It is best to create a table for it. For example, if you want to use $ 10 as a start -up application, you have to adjust the use based on the number of numbers.

Double money with roulette: Fibonacci always means "more effort!"

If you choose 5 $ as the start of the start, each number of the series is multiplied by 5 and thus results in the use. Incidentally, one also speaks of the Montant Hollandaise Roulette strategy. Colloquially, it is often called Fibonacci strategy.

At first glance, this tactic offers you a lot more Online casino profit opportunities. You will rarely encounter the table limit and can use this tactic to increase small credit sensibly.

This strategy can be considered relatively safe. At the same time, you have to document a little with this tactics. Until you can memorize the number of numbers, you will have to check every assignment. You may have to calculate it.

The classic doubling strategy is quick and is a no-brainer

With the classic doubling strategy, on the other hand, in which there is a risk of quickly encountering the limit, you don't have to. With the relatively safe variant, the time factor increases enormously. Therefore, the actual effort is not in relation to the profit.

- Unless you are about making a little profit quickly. For example, because you just want to buy a bonus game on a real money slot machine or because you are missing a few $ for a bonus hunt.

When do you use martingale and when Fibonacci?

Both strategies only help you In the casino to be able to. You significantly reduce your risk of loss. It just depends on how much time you want to spend on it.

The doubling strategy without the Fibonacci number series is quickly played. For the Fibonacci series you have to plan a little more time.

If possible, you always use the variant two. It is more complex, but safe. Especially when it comes to increasing the credit to increase a few $. Because you usually do that because you are, for example, Buy free spins Want and a few $ are missing.

Info box
If you have a decent mountain, you can win a lot more with a machine bonus hunt or alternative roulette strategies. Then of course also with the risk of losing possibly properly. I.e. Both the Martingale and Fibonaccie strategy are something for small emergency situationsin which you also need a few $. Not more. We recommend that if your time allows you to dubbing the roulette insert Fibonacci.

FA FAQ TACH Martingale & Fibonacci-strategie

This is exactly for that. With the Play roulette online with real moneywinsafely!
Definitely! Otherwise we would not introduce you to you. Serious online casinosdon'tforbidyou.however,theyensuresmallprofitswiththistacticswithtablelimits.
If you are explicitly excluded in the sales conditions of your casino bonus. They are occasionally approved but with one Live Casino Bonusfromourcomparison.

Conclusion: Double roulette use can provide small credit boost-nothing more

If you have read our guide around the roulette system carefully, then you now know how the strategy works. You also learned that you cannot make exorbitant profits with it. And that both variants of the doubling strategy have a certain effort, which is usually not in relation to the profits.

We recommend that you now register with one of the casinos presented by us with XXL roulette portfolio. There you simply try the system at a play money table.

In addition, knowledge of this system offers you the opportunity to ensure amazed faces. If someone in the Freundeskreis once appealed to you that only the casino in a casino will only win, you can get this example out! And so you will take care of amazed eyes. In this case, you don't have to go into Tischlimits & Co. This is what the casino noobs, which are "amazed" with the tactics, don't understand anyway!

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