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Call down account at Luxury Casino: How to delete your account

The Luxury Casino offers more than 550 slot games and also a number of Online casino table games as well as an attractive live casino. If you still want to delete your account at Luxury Casino, we recommend this article. We'll tell you how the termination works and what you have to consider. We also give you alternatives to terminate your account at Luxury Casino. If you are looking for another provider, then take a look at our Online casino comparison. There you will find all casino providers in the test.

When should customers close the Luxury Casino account?

There are not many reasons for the termination of an account with a casino provider, actually even one: you are quite sure that you will never play in this casino again. Only in this case we suggest a termination of the Luxury Casino account.

In other cases there are different options. For example, you may simply not want to play in the Luxury Casino for a certain time. Or it may be that you play too much and therefore want to impose a break. In this case too, there are other options than the direct termination.

So if you doubt whether deletion of the account is the right choice, then read this article and think intensively.

Because the deletion of an account has a very big disadvantage: If you have once closed the account at Luxury Casino, you can no longer create a new account there. That means: there is no longer back. If you have deleted the account, you definitely won't play again in the Luxury Casino.

Deleting the account also does not mean that your personal data will be deleted immediately. Each casino provider is legally obliged to save your data for five years. Only then can they be deleted.

In addition, the casino operator keeps your data for another reason: The casino wants to protect itself from the fact that you register again within a very short time and dust off the bonus again. Because the bonus of a casino provider can only be collected once in life.

It is not possible to reactivate a once deleted account. And even in absolute exceptional cases, the casino operator allows you to create a new account after you have deleted your old account. Of course you don't get a bonus. And you have to customer support in any case. The latter then decides whether you can get an access again. As I said, this is only rarely granted.

We therefore recommend that you think carefully about whether you really want to delete the account at Luxury Casino.

There are alternatives to deletion. We also present these in this article. But first we see how the deletion of the account at Luxury Casino works in practice.

On our side you will also find the Online Casino Guide. If you want to delete your account at Luxury Casino because you want to play at another casino, we recommend a look.

The accounting in practice: This is how it works at Luxury Casino

If you are quite sure that you want to delete the account at Luxury Casino, you only have to keep the following steps. After that, your account is irrevocably deleted.

In order to delete the account with a casino provider, going to customer service is essential. Simply write an email to the support and informs it informally.

Then the procedure is started and you get a response from Luxury Casino within a few days that confirm your termination. However, it can happen that the casino provider would like to convince you again with a special bonus offer to stay. This offer can be free spins or a bonus in the form of real money that you can free.

If you do not let yourself be changed, the Luxury customer support will confirm the termination. A few days later, the account is deactivated and you have no way to log in.

Before you take this step, we recommend that you pay out the existing credit on the game account. Only when the account balance is to zero should you customer service. There is a very simple reason for this: if you no longer have a credit, then the support does not have to make a payment before it closes your account. The deletion process then simply goes much faster.

When paying, make sure that you can only pay out on the way where you also paid in. All casinos do this to prevent possible money laundering. So you can only have a wallet paid out if you have made your deposit using the wallet. And if you have transferred money to the game account by credit card, you can only have the profits paid out to your credit card account.

If you have paid out and requested the termination, as I said, you will usually get an offer that should encourage you to stay. If you exclude this, your account will be deleted quickly.

Usually you also get a confirmation email from Luxury Casino in which your accounting is confirmed. If this is not the case, you just have to try to log in two or three days after the application. If you can no longer register with Luxury Casino, you know that your account has now been deleted.

Why it is better to keep the Luxury Casino player account

But as already mentioned, we do not consider the account to be terminated at Luxury Casino for the best way. Because in principle there are no disadvantages if you keep the account. Because an account with Luxury Casino costs nothing. You are also not obliged to stop by at certain intervals. Nor are you obliged to play money in the Luxury Casino. If you have an account, you can use it, but you don't have to use it.

If the account has not been used for more than 30 months, the Luxury Casino automatically reports to you and asks if you still need access. If you then decide that you don't need the account, you can still quit. This is a good way to find out whether you should keep your account at Luxury Casino or not.

If you get the notification of the provider after more than 30 months, it is often associated with a special offer with which the casino would like to tempt you to stop by again.

So there is no hurry to terminate. If you do not use the account, you will be notified of a certain time anyway.

Customers avoid the automatic Luxury Casino account closure due to inactivity

If you don't use the Luxury Casino account for a while, the provider asks whether you still need the account. As mentioned, this is often associated with a special bonus offer.

If you decide that you want to terminate the account, you will receive the remaining credit in your bank account. Then Luxury Casino closes your account.

If you don't want to have deleted the account, then you have to be active. That means: You definitely have to log in to Luxury Casino. An answer to customer support may also be enough, but we recommend a walk to the casino. If you still have a few $ in the account, then play a small round. This automatically shows the casino that you are not inactive. The account is then not deleted.

Costs and fees for a Luxury Casino deletion

However, if you definitely want to delete the account, then of course the question arises of possible costs for closure. Here we can give the all -clear: the Luxury Casino does not take any fees for the account resolution.

However, it can happen that you get credit from your account with inactivity. If you are not logged in for two years, Luxury Casino Bays you money every month until your credit is consumed. But the casino will never bring your account to the minus area. So there is no reason to worry that the online casino suddenly makes demands on you in the event of inactivity.

If you just don't want to use the account, we recommend that you transfer the money from the game account to your bank account. Then the provider cannot deduct fees.

What are the alternatives to a Luxury Casino account termination?

Of course there are a few alternatives to deletion, of which we have already presented: If you don't want to play in the Luxury Casino, then just don't use the account. You don't have to log in and there are no costs. Just make sure that you can be paid out any credit before you no longer use the account.

In addition, there are also other options that primarily affect the self -protection of the players before gambling addiction. If you want to see yourself at risk and want to avoid excessive play, then you can easily have your account locked at Luxury Casino for a certain period of time.

So you can determine whether you want to have your account at Luxury Casino for a day, a week, a month or several months. Of course, fees are not incurred.

There is also another option to protect you from gambling addiction and excessive game. You can determine in detail how much money you can deposit per day, week or month maximum and how much you can lose at a maximum before the account is closed briefly.

Conclusion: Pay attention to the fees and keep the account!

So there are many alternatives to locking account at Luxury Casino. You can simply leave the account unused, and you also have various ways to protect yourself from gambling addiction.

If you definitely want to terminate, this is also not a problem with Luxury Casino. You just have to customer support. This is either possible by email, or you are aimed at the live chat, which can help you at any time and around the clock.