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Slots with high variance/volatility - best high variance slots, tips & strategies

If you want to win in a slot game, it is best to get a considerable sum. You have the best chances Slots with a high variance/volatilitythat gives you how much you can win in a game session. We show you which casinos you will find the slots with the best variance!

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: We recommend the Top-Casinos With high -paying slot machines.
  • Chapter 1: High Variance Slots briefly explained.
  • Chapter 2: That slots keep a high volatility/variance ready for you.
  • Chapter 3: Which volatility fits which Player type?

Casinos with lots of high variance slots

Elcarado Casino Elcarado Casino experience report
  • White Rabbit & Extra Chilli on offer
  • Filter function for the volatility level
  • 24 Provider
Amunra CasinoNewcomer Amunra Casino experience report
  • Serious new provider
  • Many slots with a high variance
  • Great loyalty program
Slotsmillion CasinoMost of the games Slotsmillion Casino experience report
  • Mit Extra Chilli & Dead or Alive 2
  • 2,200 different slots
  • Games of 50 providers
Kashima CityNewcomer Cashimashi experience report
  • Mit Bonanza Megaways & DoA2
  • 600 different slot machines
  • Seven providers
Rabona CasinoBitcoin Casino Rabona Casino experience report
  • Mit Extra Chilli & Book of Dead
  • Volatility level filter
  • Around 2000 slots
Boom Bang Casino Boom Bang Casino experience report
  • White Rabbit available
  • 20 different providers
  • 250 Slots
Frank & Fred Casino Frank & Fred Casino experience report
  • Mit Extra Chilli & Book of Dead
  • More than 500 games
  • Ten providers
Wunderino Casino Wunderino Casino experience report
  • Over 30 slots with high volatility
  • Own category for high variance slots
  • To be found on the homepage
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Volatility and variance go hand in hand in connection with slot machines, and you also meet the names fluctuation or scatter. The same thing is always meant: How sure can you be that you enter a profit after the coin insert?

The two terms variance and volatility ultimately relate to how often and how much a slot machine pays.

With roulette this is directly understandable:

At the Roulette You give your own volatility on the field. You say how often you would like to win on average by setting a number of 1 to 36 in the most variant case or the lowest possible volatility for the 50:50 chances red/black, straight/odd or high/deep.


The possible payment on the part of the casino is directly connected to this. Since the profit pool is limited by your use, frequent profits have to pay lower than if you hit the right number.

Of the Expectation value Is mathematically completely identical: you either win on average every second time for double use or only every 36th time, but with a 36-fold distribution.

High variance or volatility:

  • And so even with slot machines with high volatility or variance is the crucial statement that you can expect great profits, but also for this accept long dry spells must.

Low variance or volatility:

  • The opposite is the case with slots with low volatility or variance. Here you will more frequently, but the payments are lower for that ..

If you hear the term "high volatility" in connection with slot machines, one thing must be clear to you: You wait a long time here, but you wins up. It is always a weighing of the respective manufacturer whether he moves the controller towards "often, but low" or, as in this case, "rare but high".

The market currently offers a wide range of variances, so that it is in practice in practically everyone Online Casino Finds both low and medium and high volatility levels of your choice.

In fact, there are far more than 1,500 different Real money slot machines with high volatility on the market. Of course, we cannot list this in detail here. But at least Five of the most popular titles From this area we will recommend you at this point.

Book of Dead: The most important facts at a glance
  • RTP: 96,21%
  • Offerer: Play’N GO
  • Publication date: 14.01.2016
  • matchfield: 5 x 3
  • Paylines: 10
  • Calls: 0,01 bis 50 $
  • Maximated: 250.000 $
  • Bonus-Features: Wild symbol, expanding scatter, risk game, book collection
  • Free spins: And
  • JackPot: no
  • volatility: hoch

book of dead Von Play’N GO From 2016, one of the most popular slots among the German players is certainly one of the most popular slots. To a certain extent, this is due to the fact that he is also extremely popular Novomatic automatons Book Of Ra strongly resembles - and even trumped.

You get an overall more modern interpretation of the topic around very strongly animated ancient Egyptian treasures And the variance is clearly higher. You play the slot on a Paytable from 5 rollers and 3 rows with 10 paylines. A gamble feature, free spins and expanding game await you as bonus functions.

Bonanza Megaways: The most important facts at a glance
  • RTP: 96,00%
  • Offerer: Big Time Gaming
  • Publication date: 07.12.2016
  • Matchfield: Up to 6x7
  • Recunciation lines: Bis 117.649
  • Calls: 0,20 bis 20 $
  • Maximacked up: 200.000 $
  • Bonus-Features: Multiplier, wild, multiway, free spins, scatter
  • Free spins: And
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: hoch

Blind came onto the market in 2016 and is not only one of the most popular slots at all, but also among them With most paylines - namely 117,649. With the many paylines, lush winning opportunities are accompanied by.

As bonus features, free spins await you with unlimited multipliers, a win reaction function, cascading rollers and just that Megawaysthat make this slot so special. Thematically, in Bonanza you go to an action-packed trip into a wild-west diamond mine with colorful gemstones, dynamites and more.

Dead of Alive 2: The most important facts at a glance
  • RTP: 96,82 %
  • Offerer: NetEnt
  • Publication date: 23.04.2019
  • matchfield: Chosen
  • Paylines: 9
  • Calls: Between 0.09 to $ 18
  • Maximated: 2.000.000 $
  • Bonus-Features: Sticky Wild symbol + extended free spins
  • Free spins: And
  • JackPot: no
  • volatility: hoch

Dead or Alive 2 von NetEnt Is also a Wild-West-Automat. The game published in 2019 is about sheriffs, crooks and dangerous saloon ladies. It is the continuation of the also very popular Slots Dead or Alive from 2013, which also scores with a high variance.

Basically, Dead Or Alive 2 with its 5 reels, 3 rows, 9 PAYLINES and the three clear free play features, including numerous multipliers, is structured as easily as its predecessor. That comes in connection with good ones Chances of winning in the online casino always on.

Extra chilli: The most important facts at a glance
  • RTP: 96,82%
  • Offerer: Big Time Gaming
  • Publication date: 04.04.2018
  • Matchfield: Up to 6x7
  • Recunciation lines: Bis 117.649
  • Calls: 0,2 bis 40 $
  • Maximacked up: 800.000 $
  • Bonus-Features: Megaways, free spins, multiplier, scatter, game
  • Free spins: And
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: hoch

With the Slot Extra Chilli you go to the weekly market between vegetables and spices. The rather unusual setting of the slot should not hide the fact that really high profits are waiting for you. The game from the house Big Time Gaming convinced with up to 117,649 paylines through the Megaway Feature.

The missions can be up to 40 $ here and are used by various features such as the Free used sensibly. If you throw the maximum amount into the slot, you will get the chance of up to 800,000 $ through the profit factor (20,000 times the operation).

White Rabbit: The most important facts at a glance
  • RTP: 97,72%
  • Offerer: Big Time Gaming
  • Publication date: 25.10.2017
  • Matchfield: Up to 5x7
  • Recunciation lines: 248.832
  • Calls: 0,10 bis 20 $
  • Maximacked up: 200.000 $
  • Bonus-Features: Free spins, multipliers, Wilds, Megaways, Bonus-Buy
  • Free spins: And
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: hoch

Of the White Rabbit Slot By Big Time Gaming shows by the name that this is a magical world. In the artistic fantasy look you will find one here Slot with the best RTP of 97.72 % with a very low maximum insert of 20 $.

However, this is compensated for (as usual for high volatility) by the profit factor, which promises a maximum of 10,000 times the use. In addition, you get up to 248,832 paylines in the MegawayS style. White Rabbit has one Feature-Drop functionto trigger the bonus directly.

Of course, there are not only five slots that can come up with a high variance, but also many more. Here we have a few more very good ones High Variance Slots listed for you:

As mentioned at the beginning, you always get enough slot machines with any volatility at pretty much all online casinos. Since this is specified by the manufacturer, i.e. not by the casino itself, it only depends on the fact that you choose a casino that on the one hand has the largest possible spectrum of slots.

In order to make the choice a little easier for you, we will present you here briefly Three of the Best online casinos.

The casino of The carado is a real slot ocean. Hardly any competitor can show as many different slots as El Carado can. There is also a very good filter function, which is also necessary for the sheer quantity.

Of course you can at El Carado experiences collect with high volatility slots. You can find Dead Or Alive 2 or the popular Book of Dead here.

Actually is Rabona A soccer sports betting expert. However, the connected online casino is more than impressive. Not only the live casino is strong, the selection of the slots also stretches through various providers. It is therefore not surprising that some slots with a high variance are represented.

For example, you can at Rabona experiences Collect with Bonanza Megaways or Book of Dead.

Dead or Alive 2, Book of Dead, Bonanza Megaways ... and and and. at Kashima City is the portfolio of slots with a high variance. The most popular games with this property will be listed here.

The casino also offers ours Cashimashi experiences After also a top live casino. There you could also find a little variety as Slots fans.


Even if roulette is more transparent, the functionality within the slots with high volatility is identical. Of the Game manufacturer If it decides in advance which scatter width he wants to offer, the corresponding is designed Payment table And program the respective probabilities in his (external) random number generator.

It is obvious that you cannot outwit this with any legal trick in the world.

Developer of casino slots Rarely give you direct information about the variance of your slots. In order to recognize the volatility yourself and to find out the slots with the best variance for you, you only need a little experience and time:

  • Possibility Number 1: Just play on the device for as long as possible. It is strategically wise to choose the demo mode first, as you do not have to invest money for the test phase. The longer you have to wait for a theoretical profit, the greater the variance.
  • Possibility 2: Take a look at the Payables of the slot of your choice. If relatively large casino gains are advertised there, this is a clear sign that it is a high variance slot. A huge JackPot is of course always linked to an enormously high variance.
  • Possibility 3: The easiest way is, of course, with externally available breakdowns, such as how you can read in our machine reviews.

Variance and Payment rate are actually often confused, although they describe completely different facts.

DIE Variance indicates how often you can expect profits from a machine and how high they will probably be.
Payment rate
The payout rate (also called profit rate or payout rate) shows the percentage that players recover in a slot in the long run. This is what the English expression for the payout rate "RTP" (Return to Player), i.e. the effective price pool after deducting the casino marge.

In conclusion to what has been said so far, it remains to be said that there cannot be one slot machine with the best volatility. The variance does not change the statistical expectation value and your result after tens of thousands of rotation will be very similar at every machine with the same RTP.

In addition to the available bankroll, it is important to which Player type You count:

Players with a lot of patience and larger budget:
You should only choose slots with a high variance If you have a lot of time and a lot of money is available to you. In order to win here, you have to bring a lot of patience, for example, the quick bet during the lunch break in such games is hardly worthwhile. When playing high variance slots, a certain buffer must always be included in the budget.
Jackpot hunters who want to change their lives:
Many players are only on the hunt for really big jackpots. The big winnings are of course rarely achieved in jackpot slots with high volatility, but this type of player gambles after the motto: Maybe be in the red for years every monthBut once it crashes, a new life begins. At this point it can also be mentioned that slots with a high volatility can get you a high profit even in a short season, maybe even on the first attempt. The volatility always specifies only an average in the long run.
The feel -good gamers for regular moments of joy:
The other way around you choose Low volatility slots, if you play for the happiness hormones and like to see the coins back. In this case, the profits can also be higher, but often you can get your inserts out in a session. Of course, this is particularly commendable if you only want to secure a welcome bonus. Incidentally, you also make similar considerations on sports betting: Here you give the amount of the desired quota directly information about how often you will win such a bet.
In slot machines that with one high variance/volatilityyouwillbewaitingforaprofit,butthisisalsonoticeablyhigherthanwithslotswithlowvariances.
No! If Slots with a high varianceorarerecommendedwithlower,alwaysdependsontherequirementsoftherespectiveplayer.ifyouhaveaverylowbudgetandlittletime,youshouldn'tuseahighvarianceslots.
No, there is a difference!thevarianceindicatestheratiooffrequencyandamountofprofitsinamachine.thepayoutrateisavaluethatconveyshowmuchtheplayerholdsbackfromhiscommitment.
And New online casinos,butalsotriedandtestedcasinoprovidersprovideyouwithamixoflow,middleandhighvarianceslots.
A Exclusive casino bonuswehavenotyetcomeacrossforslotswithahighvariance.onthecontrary:sometimessomehighlyvolatileslotsdonotcontributetofulfillingthesalesconditions.

Players who want to get the maximum out of their chances must deal with the topic of variance and volatility. Before playing a slot with a high variance, ask yourself whether you can take it more often with empty hands and to bring your bankroll towards zero in the worst case.

It can take years for you to crack the jackpot, but then there is a lot more going on with you in terms of party than with the constant small winning of machines with low volatility. Just look what you feel more.

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