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Sunmaker disorder - recognize Sunmaker problems and solve precisely

You want to challenge your luck in the Sunmaker Casino, but the website does not load or the Sunmaker login doesn't work? One Sunmaker disorder Or similar problems actually occur - with every provider. We found out for you why Sunmaker can be down and what you can do about Sunmaker problems.

The Sunmaker Casino is no longer available for German players.

the essentials in brief
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  • Chapter 1: There are different reasons For possible disorders.
  • Chapter 2: We deliver Tips For quick help with disorders.
  • Chapter 3: Possible Disorders for slots and sports betting.
  • Chapter 4: Don't worry, that happens with yours Missions.

What can a Sunmaker disorder trigger?

Sunmaker maintenance work

It is quite normal that web presences sometimes have to be serviced. Remains of it Sunmaker also not unnecessary - If only because the portfolio is constantly being expanded.

Of course, you try to carry out such work when operating. However, it can in particular With larger updates In addition, the website or the app must be parked at short notice.

Sunmaker doesn't work because of maintenance? Then the casino usually explains this with a short information page: Sunmaker has to carry out maintenance work. We will be online again shortly.

If you don't get such a message, the next reason may be to blame for the Sunmaker disorder.

Insufficient internet connection

Sunmaker has a lot to offer - and all the different games, sports betting and the associated features must be loaded comprehensively so that an all -round Fun gaming experience given is.

It comes to Delays when charging, individual areas of the website do not appear or you cannot call Sunmaker at all, this may be due to your internet connection.

Just At the Mobile games there is always a network dropoutsWhich can then also lead to individual games stop.

Browser problems

Your browser is the gate to the Sunmaker website and in turn equipped with many functions. Some of them are necessary so that you can go to websites at all, others offer additional options, such as fusing advertisements.

If Sunmaker does not work for you, it may be because your Browser no longer up to date is. The code of the website can no longer be translated sufficiently.

Beside Ad-Blocker And similar additional software sometimes problems. These try to rule out features, but the Sunmaker needs.

Server overload

Sunmaker spreads his game on different servers and is prepared for top overloads. A lot has been improved here in the past: Once you think about how often a few years ago even the largest websites were down when at short notice User masses flog.

Despite all the preparation, Sunmaker is not completely protected.

So overload can occur if suddenly a lot of users are the same machine Play as part of a bonus campaign want.


Accounts are not as rare as you might think at first. Online casinos work very carefully and last but not least for your licensing many requirements meet.

See your provisions violated or suspect a violation, it can quickly happen that an account is blocked over the period of a more precise review.

For a blocking, it is not necessarily a deliberate offense, such as a targeted attempt to fraud.

In most cases Are they little things, such as number turners in the registration data that the casino has to check. Such a "Sunmaker disorder" is quickly off the table.


Casinos are a popular and potentially lucrative destination for criminals online and offline. So Sunmaker has to endeavor every day to always stay one step ahead of hackers and Regular updates to take.

thanks to the universal encryption And you don't have to worry about your player account for the very secure independent storage of your passwords and credit. You only have to accept the waiting times.

Sunmaker disorder up -to -date: What can you do about it?

As with every website, Sunmaker can also do that the Homepage not accessible is, freezing or you just can no longer log in.

At best, that's only annoying, but sometimes there are moments like that valuable casino inserts literally at the game.

In the next paragraphs you will find Help for the most common cases of a Sunmaker disorder.

The typical problems are the following:
  • Registration problems: Check your login data.
  • Problems with the internet connection: Checked whether your internet stops.
  • Browserprobleme: Switch to another browser or the app for the test.

Sunmaker login does not work - then check entries

If Sunmaker is generally accessible, but you cannot access your casino account, then the problem can be server side (which you can change at the moment without customer service) or something is wrong with your data.

  • Sunmaker shows you over a red banner when something with yours Username-password combination Not true. Then just try again and also pay attention to possible capital letters or special characters.
  • Sunmaker also uses the reCAPTCHA-Technologie, so you may have to solve a small task before logging in.
  • If you have your Password no longer occurs, you can have this reset via email or phone.
  • So that you can easily log in in the future, we recommend that Save the data in the browser - But only if nobody has access to your device apart from you.
  • If users and password are correct, your Blocked account be. Then the support by email or chat.

Check your internet connection

You can quickly find out whether the problems with Sunmaker are due to your internet connection:

  1. Calls another pages.
  2. Call the Sunmaker page with another end device.

If the router does not show you an Internet signal, then try the following:

  1. Make a restart with your device.
  2. Waits at least ten seconds.
  3. Open the Sunmaker page again.
  • If you have identified your internet connection as a source of fault, your problem is not with Sunmaker, but you have to your provider if in doubt.

Try it through another browser or the app

Sunmaker uses modern scripts and encryption algorithms that your browser has to implement for you into casino games. Often the cause is also due to your system settings.

So check the following scenarios:

  • 1
    Did you accidentally make a wrong setting here?
  • 2
    An update setting changed?
  • 3
    Is there an update?

If so, there are the following solutions for this for you:

  • 1
    Start the Sunmaker Casino via another browser.
  • 2
    Empty the course of cache and cookies.
  • 3
    Change the flash settings.
  • 4
    Check the firewall.

As a last remedy, you can charge the factory settings or completely reinstall the browser.

Sunmaker does not work - regardless of which browser, the internet runs flawlessly and it is not due to your user account?

In any case, you should try the Sunmaker app. You can do this Simply sunmaker via the smartphone browser Call up, so do not have to download or install anything. Maybe you are more lucky here and can at least play mobile.

DIE sunmaker-App It's always a good choice anyway if you want to try a few slots on the way or just lies lazy in bed and the PC is too far away.

You get the same content on the smartphone as on the desktop, so it can also be loved in particular on the Android or iOS Mercury-Spiele machines with state european license gamble.

And what can you do if the Sunmaker problem remains?

If you have ensured that it is not due to your hardware and software and that the internet is also going well, then the disturbance at Sunmaker is outside of your sphere of power.

Sometimes the time that is Down is even planned. The online casino leads at regular intervals Maintenance work in the technical area.

  • If the programmers are at work, the website may not be available for several hours.
  • Also the uploading of new games can lead to impairments of the entire system.
  • Looks in your cases in such cases Mails After whether you may not have overlooked the notification.
  • Longer breaks are too on announced and especially inserted deep in the night.
  • During this time you can just wait or one sunmaker-Alternative try out. For example, there are good new online casinos, such as the Nomini Casino or the Cashimashi Casino.

If the fault was not planned, something really goes wrong with Sunmaker or on the servers used.

Since it is of course in the interests of the operator to enable you as a customer as quickly as possible to full gaming experience, some technicians will already work on the solution to the problem.

But if you would like to know whether the page will probably not be available for a few minutes or even for a whole hours or if you have any other questions about the Sunmaker disorder, then the direct is Contact to customer service Certainly a good idea.

Unfortunately there is no telephone hotline at Sunmaker. The email at [email protected] will not be acute and the live chat could also be down.

Usually you click on the yellow button for the German live chat at the top right. If this works despite the problems, however, make sure that you are not the only ones with questions here at the moment. So calculate With longer reaction times of the always helpful Sunmaker customer service.

Sunmaker sport: disorders and connection problems

Not only the Sunmaker casino sometimes causes problems, the sports area is also affected by the previously listed disorders. The same solutions apply here.

Automats, for example, do not run at all if a server should be down. Sport-Events, on the other hand, to which you typed before a failure, however, take place unimpressed even with the most serious problems with the bookmaker.

However, connecting problems or disorders in login are, undoubtedly really annoying if you want to submit a live bet quickly.

In general, sports weather are less affected by failures than players in the online casino.

What happens to my missions at a Sunmaker Down?

So far, we have mainly examined the cases in which you did not access Sunmaker or did not work for the login.

But what happens if the problems suddenly occur in the middle of the game or in the bet? The connection to the is interrupted or the app freezes - are your inserts gone?

Fortunately, the answer is: no.


The slot software and everything that belongs is always up to date with Sunmaker. Technology includes modern mechanisms to regulate game dropouts.


The Sunmaker Casino has been very Serious, fair and safe provider proven. If there is really a game breakdown during the gaming, there are therefore the full amount of operations.

If in individual cases you believe that this did not happen automatically, then Register at the customer support. Your game can be tracked internally, but it will certainly also help if you have made a few screenshots or witnesses.

Sunmaker is very accommodating and will only make disputes in very few exceptional situations.


Sports betting work even when Sunmaker is down. If you have given your tip before the failure, it simply remains and will be paid normally if you have won.


If there is a Sunmaker disorder during the betting, gripping Similar mechanisms as with the slots. So you don't have to worry about your commitment either.

Questions and answers - Sunmaker Down

Yes, if a game fails, the current operation is usually not lost. He should im Slotyoucanandwillbesavedagainaftersolvingtheproblem.
at Login problemsyoucanfindthelink"forgetpassword"directlyundertheloginfieldsatsunmakeratthetopright.afterclickingonit,youcanspecifyyouremailaddressormobilephonenumberandanewpasswordwillthenbeprovided.
Usually has one Sunmaker disorder oneofthefollowingreasons:sunmakermaintenancework,insufficientinternetconnection,browserproblems,serveroverload,hackerattacks,accountlock.
Sunmaker's customer service can be ed by email or chat. However, both paths could not work if the page completely fails. The accounts of the Online Casinosonsocialmedia.
If you don't see a maintenance screen at Sunmaker and you are simply do not access the platformcan,seetheproblemwithyoufirst:inmostcases,abadinternetconnectionoranon-currentbrowsercausedifficulties.sotheconnectionchecksandtrieswithanotherbrowserorbyapp.

Conclusion: A Sunmaker disorder is quickly fixed with our tips

As in any online casino, there can also be disturbances at Sunmaker, but are usually quickly resolved.

Always checked first Whether your internet connection is And it is not on the end device. Delicate to other browsers or the smartphone and customer service if something is wrong with your login.

If you get problems during a game, the round is canceled and you automatically get the inserts back. at Longer down times, you are powerless and then ideally switch to other strong online casinos.