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Online Lotto provider in comparison 2022: With or without a German license

The times have long been over when you had to go to the next lottery business to make your tips. Many licensed Online Lotto provider However, differ significantly in their offer. Therefore, we have summarized useful information for you in our online lottery comparison that will make it easier for you to find the right provider.

the essentials in brief
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Our recommendations for the best online lottery providers

Available in Germany
  • Very large offer
  • Excellent customer support
  • High seriousness & security
No bonus
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Low fees
  • Very good customer service
  • High seriousness & security
No bonus
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Good offer
  • Bonus program & VIP club
  • Good mobile offer
30% discount
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Interesting additional offer
  • Good mobile offer
  • High seriousness & security
No bonus
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Excellent offer
  • Low fees
  • diverse bonuses
10 gold lottery rows
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Good mobile offer
  • Low fees
  • High seriousness & security
No bonus
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Over 400 million profits
  • Jackpot with up to 16 million $
  • Total profit of 1.6 billion
No bonus
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Very good customer service
  • High seriousness & security
  • User -friendly website
No bonus
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Very large offer
  • New customer bonus & VIP program
  • High seriousness & security
100% joker law
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Very large offer
  • Very good customer service
  • High seriousness & security
No bonus
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Free tip (also in the app)
  • Low fees
  • High seriousness & security
Freely selectable free tip
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Good offer
  • Top communities
  • High seriousness & security
No bonus
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Refund warranty
  • Good customer service
  • High seriousness & security
Money Back option
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Good additional offers
  • Low fees
  • High seriousness & security
No bonus
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Good offer
  • Very good mobile offer
  • High seriousness & security
No bonus
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Free participation
  • Own lottery
  • User -friendly website
No bonus
To the provider
Available in Germany
  • Official online lottery
  • Lotto and Totoblocks products
  • Practically with Westlotto card
Vouchers playable
To the provider

Play the Lotto online: How to find the right provider

It is always difficult to get one with one new area of online gambling to familiarize. This applies particularly to the online lottery market market.

Our online lottery list with experience reports gives you an overview.

We have carried out our own online lottery test for all major providers and corresponding Online Lotto reviews in specific reports performed. So you don't have to research all the information yourself.

Optimally, you can already know good quality criteria of online lottery providers in terms of quality criteria. If not, then you can find here The most important points that you should pay attention to, If you want to filter out 100 percent serious online lottery providers.


In order to make the search easier, we have one here first Checklist with all important criteria created.

Since even the best online lottery provider in the online lottery comparison does not reach absolute top marks in all aspects, you should Subjectively some aspects more weight give.

That Goal in research It is to find the most suitable provider on the Internet. A single best online lottery provider is difficult to name - because the quality depends on your own requirements or preferences.

  • Which offer I get?
  • which fees Are there any lottery use?
  • Is the provider serious and safe?
  • How easy can I mean Tips hand over?
  • I even get one Bonus?
  • What about online lottery Play on the go?
  • The provider offers a good one Customer service?


Let's start with the most important aspect of an online lottery provider - The range of lotteries.

First of all, the Online Lotto provider Basically in their orientation.

While For example, go for you and buy real bills on the kiosks of this world, most other providers are just a betting platform for lottery results. This is called Second lotteries.

All of them fall into their own category Official partner of Lottothat are approved by the state in this country.

Here you only get the German Lotto and Totoblock offered, in principle what awaits you in the local lottery assembly points.

So you buy directly real noteswhat is simply not possible for you abroad.

So you want euromillions, Mega Ball Oder el Gordo play, then you can only indirectly over the Second lotteries also.

PS: The probability of the euromillions to win the jackpot, is 1 to 139,838.160.


DIE Height of the fees or commissions partly differ greatly. Appropriate taxes are also influenced by their own play instinct.

In contrast to betting odds or casino payout keys, online lottery providers are completely invested in the lottery. You only pay one transparently Additional fee, which should be roughly between 50 cents and 1 $.


If you rarely Lotto plays online, you can certainly accept this small cost difference. Especially if a certain provider is convincing, for example, through a large offer or a simple tip.

Take care of frequent players! If you play more often, you should Compare prices of the online lottery provider in advance with us. With some providers you can complete subscriptions, for which there are often discounts and thus saves some $ a year.


Even if we try to you Black sheep of the scene immediately shared, you should always stay vigilant and ensure your own safety.

The candidates presented here are all reliable and either have The German lottery concession or are on as a second lottery Malta or Curaçao licensed.

The Internet has further useful information. Also look around in external forums for relevant online lottery ratings. Of Lotto providers with negative customer reports Should be refrained accordingly.

Tip of the tip

Even if it is a lottery on the Internet, you don't want to lose your kick. the Tip tax should also be as easy as possible stand out.


Ideally, the Therefore, represent the ticket exactly like thisas you are used to in the kiosk next door:

  • 1
    With a click of the mouse you can do yours in the individual fields six crosses put.
  • 2
    You can also Add additional games as well as select the drawing and the term.
  • 3
    Below you are shown How high your chance of winning is And how much the lottery ticket will cost you.
  • 4
    Clicking on the Hand in button Walk your tip into the shopping cart.
  • 5
    Then you become a Payment process forwarded.


Online casinos and sports betting providers often attract First deposit bonus.

As a rule, you do not have to deposit something in advance for the lotteries on the network, but only pay afterwards in the online shop. Therefore falls Welcome bonus Something different for online lottery.


Instead of a amount of money, you will receive Discounts or free rows for your lottery boxes or lotteries. It is therefore worth comparing and using different lottery providers.


In matters mobile availability the providers in the online lottery comparison are very progressive and comparable to modern online casinos.

It should of course be the case that you All functions on the go, can use at any time and on all operating systems.


Sometimes you find your own programmed Online Lotto App for download. But usually the mobile Offer by mobile website provided on the tablet and smartphone.


As in other areas of gambling, it is of course important to online lottery providers that you A person at any time Have if something doesn't run according to your ideas.

Comparisons can be drawn to the online casinos again, which are similar structured support exhibit.

A live chat is therefore an absolute standard, while one Telephone hotline is not always offered.

Best support at the lottery provider with a German license:
Lotto providers with a German license only get the approvalif you have extensive customer service offer including hotline.

Online Lotto List with our top 4 providers

  1. Lottoland
  2. Tipp24
  3. TheLotter
  4. Lotto24

Online Lotto Overview: Three of the top addresses presented online

As our list shows at the top, there is now Many online providers in the world of lottery. Gone are the days when you had to make a pilgrimage to the kiosk to give up your lottery boxes.

Read now which three providers We are currently holding the best on the market in the editorial team.


We don't get tired of practically every lottery article Lottoland to recommend.

This is not surprising either, because you will find the Two -providers licensed on Malta Not only everything from Germany, but also almost 30 lotteries from all over the world.

With More than 14 million players around the world You are also one of the largest lottery providers on the Internet.

Lottoland has the transition from "Kiosk-Sport" Lotto towards global internet game fun and is therefore-at least for us-one of the best online lottery providers.

Now ours Lottoland experiences read!


As a strong representative for a lottery provider with a German license, we have for you Tipp24 picked out.

At tip24 you buy in online shop mode Tip bills for Lotto, $jackpot, the Glücksspirale or the SKL million game. The international highlights, such as Megamillions or El Gordo, are unfortunately not licensed.

Would you like to officially and The German lotteries seem unsafe with real seems, you can hardly get past tip24.

What this online lottery provider offers you in detail, you can read in our TIP24 Experiences.

Is it legal to play lottery online?

The abundance of Online lottery providers is big. The platforms in their Licensing Submit into two categories:

  • Lotto provider with a German license:

These are state-organized lottery companies, some of which are operated by the state. For example, while is an online game offer from the Lower Saxon Lotto and Toto block, the platforms are becoming Lotto24andefinedandandefinedTipp24 operated privately by Lotto24 AG.

However, this is as a partner as well On behalf of the state lottery block Active and conveys on the Internet of the 16 state lottery companies.

  • Lotto provider with an international license:

These lotteries are operated privately. So the online providers not licensed in Germany LottolandandefinedandandefinedLottohelden for example an approval of the Malta Gaming Authority. They are bound to EU law.

Whitelist - lottery provider with a German license

The German gambling supervisory authorities publish one annually List of all online providers approved in Germany. By means of this Whitelist Can you check whether the provider of your choice is licensed in Germany.

Definition: legal and illegal online lottery provider

Legal and illegal lotteries Define their licensing primarily in German legislation.

  • State -regulated providers are legal in Germany.
  • Private providers are strictly illegal - at least that's how the state lotteries see it in Germany with approval of private providers around theirs Monopoly to fear.

Despite this legal gray area, you can According to european gambling law Also in the case of private and licensed lotteries, play the lottery online without hesitation-without concern about fraud or legal consequences.

These providers also meet Quality standards In terms of payment guarantees, test seals and customer service. On the other hand, you should keep your distance from portals that have no license at all.

Our quality check:
We have providers to all the big online lottery - in Germany and licensed in the EU - written reports and tests. Here you get all the necessary information at a glance.

Online Lotto pages: So easy to participate in the lottery

Whether Lotto 6 from 49 or $jackpot at a state provider or Megamillions from the USA - Filling out the plugder, additional games and your desired date of the draw is almost identical.

Even if you don't buy a real game certificate, but rather bet on the official drawing, look like the types of tickets to be filled out.

Serious online providers such as Lottoland, Lottohelden or The Lotter, Offer you the opportunity to fill out tickets without you having to register beforehand. Test it!

Step-by-step instructions for filling out your lottery ticket (example Lottoland)

  • 1
    First decide how many Plug or how many Loseyouwanttoplay.thedecisionisentirelyuptoyou.
  • 2
    Now you choose yours Lottery Or your desired. How many numbers you have to mark is always shown. Is there a Additional number, you also choose this. in the Quick-Tippcanalsobeconvenientlytappedautomatically.
  • 3
    If a Additional gameastheclassicgame77andsuper6isoffered,youdecidebysettingahookwhetheryoualsowanttoparticipateinitornot.additionalgamesincreaseyourwinningopportunities.
  • 4
    There are several Draws You choose when you want to play every week (or day). You can also determine the term of your participation. You can either take part only once with your bill or over several weeks. Online lottery providers often also offer one Participation in Thoseoronlyatacertainjackpotheight.
  • 5
    A Deadline you are mostly shown in the form of a controlling countdown. Already while filling out a certificate you will Costincludingtheprocessingfees.sokeepanoverview.ifyouarenotyetregisteredwiththerespectiveonlineprovider,youhavetocreateauseraccountafterclickingonthe"submit"or"play"button.

Number lotteries With immediate profit can also be played on the Internet. These include different forms of play such as:

  • Rubble
  • Bingo
  • More Keno variants

You don't have to wait for a draw to find out whether and how much you have won. Instant lotteries are entertaining games of chance for in between.

Play the Lotto online: the advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of playing online in Compared to the delivery at the kiosk Or a local lottery acceptance point are obvious:

Advantages at an overview:
  • A game certificate can be filled out conveniently from home.
  • You can also try your luck on the go via smartphone/tablet.
  • You don't have to check the appearance. You automatically receive a profit notification by email or SMS.
  • You can literally fill out a certificate quickly (e.g. via quick tip).
  • Your played lottery notes remain in the user account. This gives you a digital overview of your own game history.
  • You can make personal statistics. And all without stacks of paper.

On the other hand, there is little disadvantages For you, except:

A glaucoma at a glance:
  • The necessary and safety -relevant registration can be time -consuming.
  • Identification is a little more lush, especially with state -licensed online lottery.

Registration and verification in a nutshell:

  • You register with the Lottery companythat is responsible for your state.
  • About certain procedures - by code or postident - You have to verify that you are a real person, use real data and that you are of legal age.

Play the lottery online in the system and in topping communities

With a Partial or full system license you can with your favorite numbers Several plugder to fill out at once and so yours Increase profit opportunities.

The difference between a normal tip and system tip?

In contrast to a normal typing field at Lotto 6 out of 49, where only 6 numbers are checked, a system tip can Between 7 and 26 numbers to get voted.

  • Example: Full system license 009

At the "Full system license 009" Can you now 9 instead of 6 numbers choose. This results in 84 different six-six combinations With your numbers.

If you want to play these 84 combinations normally, you would have to Fill out 7 game certificates And also pay the fee 7 times.

The total price for the "full system license 009" still increases to more than 80 $ due to the plug -in to be played. Some online lottery providers also offer the Purchase of system shares an.

At a subsystem You also rely on more than the regular 6 numbers. However, not all possible combinations are played in the subsystem.

Also when typing in Syndicate If different rows of numbers are typed, which increases the chance of winning.


With a small game of play, give you more tips by again Parts on a system buys. However, you should consider that profits are divided according to the syndicate and are therefore lower.

Not in all the federal states, for all online providers and lotteries, you can tap in syndictions.

Lotto strategies

The selection of the right lottery numbers remains a matter of luck. Nevertheless, in addition to the popular selection of personal lucky figures, birth dates and the most frequently drawn numbers, there are Statistical and mathematical strategiesthat allow a worthwhile look.

Behind terms like Cross law, shared field and magical square The supposedly best ways to win the lottery are hidden.

Avoid popular number combinations

Even if it umpteen probability calculations and lotter calculator Of course, you don't get a guarantee on a profit. It is simply impossible to correctly predict the lottery numbers.

Nevertheless, it stands out again and again that Numbers such as 6, 32 or 38 are drawn more often than all other lottery balls. This means that these numbers are frequently typed.

So if you play with these most played lottery numbers and also win, you have to expect that you share your profit with other playersmust.

Are next to it Geometric figures, rows of numbers or dates of birth very popular. These combinations are typed very often and so you are rarely alone in the event of a win. Often you will also have to share your profit with others.

For this reason you should Do as if possible do without such combinations. The likelihood of clearing up a profit is not higher anyway than with a random selection of the lottery numbers.

Win more: Additional functions at the online lottery provider

If you want to play Lotto 6 from 49 or another lottery on the Internet, you can enjoy many advantages.

In addition to saving time and convenience, you also benefit from attractive additional functions for refined tricks on the Internet. It refers to Special offers of the individual online lottery providers.

The following are particularly popular:

  • Systems: This allows you to select more than the typical 6 out of 49 numbers on a typing field. So you can play with different number combinations at the same time.
  • Pay protection: With this you can secure your number combination so that you do not have to share a profit with other players.
  • Double jackpot: With this function you doubled the prize amount in first place, i.e. the advertised jackpot.
  • Statistics and analysis tools: This allows you to analyze drawings from the past and obtain knowledge for your current ticket.
  • Other lotteries and gambling: With many online providers you can play much more than the German 6 out of 49. International lotteries like $jackpot, PowerBallandefinedandandefinedeuromillions such as Rubble, Instant lottery, Casino games, Brazilianisches Quina And also sports betting are in the program.

Online lotteries and game systems

The number of lotteries can be particularly Newcomers be scary and at first intimidate more intimidating than encouraging.

which Online lotteries So is there and what is the difference between the individual providers?

The classic lottery education at Lotto partners in Germany are self-explanatory. But second lotteries and their diverse options for classic tipsters are A little riddle.

Among other things, you will meet famous representatives on the net, such as:

  • Superenalotto
  • American Lotto
  • American Lotto
  • Mega Sena
  • Gold Lottery
  • KENO
  • Irish lottery
  • Lotterie El Gordo

In order to be able to give you a simple insight as possible, we have the most important lotteries compact summarized.

LOTTO 6aus49

The origin of the lottery pleasure in Germany naturally forms The classic LOTTO 6aus49, which is pulled twice a week.

For Lotto fans of this classic form, we recommend the licensed German representatives where you can give up real notes and the Tip tax as in the kiosk.

In addition to 6aus49, that also includes the classic Game 77 and the super 6 as well as the Gamble spiral as other lotteries to the German elite.


In 2012 came with $jackpot A european counterpart to the German Lotto on the market. The $ jackpot is hunting all over europe.

DIE The height of the jackpot is well above the jackpot of the German lotteries. The use is included by default 2 $ Per tipfeld, where you have to tick 5 out of 50 and another 2 out of 10.


In the United States you always dream a little bigger and so the lottery has to US PowerBall Still put one on it.

The jackpot starts comfortably at $ 40 million, but was able to open in the past Over $ 1.5 billion to grow.

The problem for you as a German player? The numbers are each at 5 a.m. German time moved to 5 out of 69 and 1 from 26.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions Has a similar philosophy: more than one billion dollars went over the table in one fell swoop.

In theory, the jackpot can even continue to rise unlimitedly. A little bit different than at Powerball there is the drawing of 5 out of 70 and 1 out of 25.


If you like it a little more modest, go to the euromillions, the second big lottery in europe.

Three $ are due for 5 out of 50 and 2 out of 12, which can be manageable Jackpot between 17 and 200 million $ leads.

At least 130 million $ are distributed in the super education taking place several times a year. Furthermore, there are also the online lottery providers World Millions.

Payment methods at the best online lottery providers

The payment policy among providers in the online Lotto list is quite relaxed. Compared to many international Serious online casinos But there are far fewer options available to you.

Note that you usually have your Copy account in advance Must to play the lottery online. You can pay out at any time. If you pay a profit, you will receive the money directly to your account and larger transfers will be handled by phone.

Here are some of the most popular payment options.


Are even more than in the casino segment Transfers and direct debits available - often also connected to secondary services.

The big names are here Giropay Or Klarna, as an intermediary of the respective transfers.

Credit card

Of the Online sports betting area currently offers more options than ever before. This also applies to the payment options.

Despite the many transaction options, many betting friends remain classic credit card However, loyal.

Visa and Mastercard are represented as usual. They can even be burdened quite often for lotteries. Any payments via the Mastercard are However, often not possible.


DIE ppaysafecard Instead, offer you an anonymous alternative. You can easily purchase the credit card online.

Then you load yours with the corresponding credit Account bei my paysafecard and can then pay without specifying account or credit card data.


The most favorite payment of the Germans for online payments still seems to be the e-wallet Paypal to be.

Therefore, many lottery fans certainly want to be with their lover Lotto online PayPal use.

However, the extremely reliable payment service provider occurs Only with the lottery brokers licensed in Germany in appearance.

Alternative e-wallets are Skrill and Neteller

NetellerandefinedandandefinedSkrill are also serious e-wallets. You can also find them at the international providers.

These work similarly to PayPal. However, they are Prepaid-Systeme: You must therefore first charge your wallet with money. At PayPal, it is directly connected to a bank account.

What chances of winning do you have with the online lottery?

Which lottery is the best? Unfortunately, this is a question about which it no precise answer are.

No online lottery provider will you Perfect all-round program can deliver, therefore subjective decisions must be made.

  1. Do you want to Hunt for the greatest possible jackpot go?
  2. If you would like to try your luck instead with lotteries, which you have a greater chance of a profit, but but Even lower profit prices to offer?

DIE Chances of winning Detect the individual lotteries and the second providers don't put any other stones in your way to make profit yourself. In the end, everything that flows into the pot is also released back to at least one winner.

Play online Lotto mobile

Each of the presented here Online Lotto provider can also be used in the mobile browser can be called up by the smartphone or tablet.

Partly you will find Download apps for Android and Applethat appear significantly less.

Here we hardly recognize a difference to the overall view Desktop-Performance. In the end, it is a matter of taste whether you prefer to prefer a large screen or play flexibly on the go.

Lotto comparison: difference online or acceptance point

For some it may be almost a religious event, on Saturday the Local lottery assembly point To visit and chat a little when filling out the certificate.

Older generation:

  • The on -site experience cannot be imitated by the online lottery providers. That is probably one of the main reasons Why the older generation in particular does not use it.

Younger generation:

  • There are undeniable advantages on the Internet that can cut out the local kiosk. That brings in particular that Younger generation in connection with the lottery.

And that's why Lotto is online unbeatable:

The fact that it no shop closing and the online offer is considerably larger, lotto on the net makes no alternative for many.

Further arguments, To play lottery online:

  • In addition, you don't have to leave the house
  • The information situation is significantly larger on the Internet
  • You get an evaluation immediately including statistics
  • Profits do not have to be picked up extra
  • No appearance is lost

Payment of profits at the online lottery provider

You have to do that Payouts at online lottery providerR know:

  • 1
    With the lottery on the Internet you will receive yours Profit notification Directly by email or SMS.
  • 2
    The type of lottery profit payment depends on the amount of the profit, the Online Lotto provider And which lottery you played.
  • 3
    With providers licensed in Germany, you can also win up to 2,500 $ in the lottery acceptance points of your respective federal state pay cash to let.
  • 4
    Otherwise you can win the profits with the online lottery provider with a German license by Bank transfer Received in your account. Alternatively, you can also continue to play with the profit amount.
  • 5
    From a profit amount of 100,000 $ you are entitled to one personal profit supervisor the lottery company. This supports you in the smooth processing of the payment and is advisable to deal with the sudden wealth.
  • 6
    In the official Lotto 6 out of 49 of the state lottery companies, profits are not made within one Term of 13 weeks.
  • 7
    When playing online, a missed payment cannot happen, as the profits automatically hike to your player or bank account. With tip24 the profit payment is made, for example by a Trustee. This draws the profit from the respective state lottery company.
  • 8
    Even with a second lottery, the serious online lottery providers guarantee you with a license of an EU state. The private providers have as non -governmental companies Risk insurance Completed to ensure that the company can also pay it out in the event of a jackpot profit.

Why can't you play a lottery on account?

We can quickly answer this question for you: that Risk is simply too great for the online lottery provider. Any invoice payments would also have a negative impact on the stabilization of the jackpots.

The local lottery stores and also the online lottery providers make a small win with every ticket and therefore calculate one Processing fee between 40 and 60 cents.

While yours In your location directly with your bank card Or paid for your ticket in cash, it is simply not worth waiting for many providers on the Internet to wait for days for a paid operation for days.

Also exists in the case of an invoice exhibition or a Direct debit After the tip of the tip, the risk that your account may not be covered or even cancel the entire process within six weeks.

From this would be higher Lotto costs Play on account when playing the lottery online develop. As a result, the provider's profit margin would reduce. Accordingly, you would only Play the lottery online Benefit on account, while the lottery providers would only have disadvantages.

Preventive measures against gambling addiction

The decision against a payment by invoice can also be preventive measure against a possible gambling addiction.

Measures against gambling addiction:
Especially with the new Gambling State Treaty, who came into force in the summer of 2021, the German Federal Government is even more active against the Online game addiction and also the money laundering in the area of sports betting and online casinos.

Any use, no matter how small or lush your ticket may also fail, must be paid accordingly. This allows you to also serious Bankroll Management operate and never slide into a financial emergency.

Are there any alternative payment methods for payment by invoice?

Even if the payment is popular with the older generation by invoice, payments on the Internet predominate nowadays through significantly more efficient, cheaper and above all safer Payment methods.

Since no lottery provider is known to us with the option of the invoice payment, we would like to give you some instead good alternatives show.

Most of the following alternative payment methods are at the best lottery providers on the Internet free of charge for deposit and payment to disposal:

Invoice of invoice with Zimpler

Many of the new payment methods of the past few years come from the northern part of europe. Sweden in particular is one of the pioneers.

A similarly successful way is by many experts for Zimpler predicted. Zimpler is a modern payment system that runs on your smartphone.

With this you have the chance to make an invoice payment. If you want to play the online lottery on account, Zimpler is suitable Ideal for your first experiences.

The only need for the use of Zimpler is a smartphone, Which is why Zimpler also a good alternative to Deposit in the online casino by telephone bill is.

Possible fees for payments via Zimpler:

  • Dunning fees from 1.20 $ for delayed payments
  • There is a additional processing fee Between 1.50 and 5.90 $

acquire Paysafecard with direct debit

A somewhat more common form of payment in order to be able to pay for lottery providers with bills is ppaysafecard.

However, you have to take advantage of a somewhat creative approach. While most of you will surely be used to ppaysafecard To purchase in the local kiosk or even at the petrol station, you can also do the popular payment card in German -speaking countries Buy directly on the Internet.

The advantage:

  • In the kiosk you have to pay immediately, on the Internet you can via transfer to count.
  • This takes Up to 3 working days so that you get a small recurrence.
You can only pay with my Paysafecard at the lottery provider with a German license. You then have to go with the "on Bill" Purchased card recharge your account at my Paysafecard.

Credit card as a payment deletion

Our last recommendation is the payments by Credit card. Because conventional credit cards offer you the opportunity to get the outstanding amount a little later or even to pay at the end of the month, you can also see your credit card as a kind of payment of payment.

The advantage of credit cards:

  • DIE high availability with many online lottery providers.
  • Thanks to the new Gaming State Treaty, Visa is back in German lottery points and German online casinos.

The potential disadvantage is a difficult financial management for credit card editions. From our point of view, it is not recommended to settle your tickets for days or even weeks later. There is a risk of losing an overview of his expenses.

It is therefore particularly important to keep an eye on the available credit and the Check account balance regularly.

What about Lotto on account with American Express?
Finally, it should be noted that lottery play on account American Express not possible is. The blue credit card is hardly used due to the high fees in the online gambling area.

Do online profits have to be taxed?

In Germany are Lotto gains tax -free.

This is because an assignment of lottery or betting gains to one of the seven Scale, is not possible to collect income tax.

  • …if you Large -scale achieved and they are paid out to you, it counts as a normal capital. Then you have to tax it.
  • …. If you put the money from a lottery win and made further profits, interest or other income, one falls Capital gains tax an.

At online Win to foreign lotteries it looks different again.

There you are partly about the Taxes in the respective country bound in which the lottery is offered in the original:


  • In the United States, for example, high tax levies are due to profits. So you have to US PowerBall This expect that up to $ 1,500 of up to $ 1,500 percent will be deducted from taxes. Non-US citizens are taxed higher on site. This also applies to the Spanish lottery Fat.

Advice is recommended

You do not have to get into your lottery gain immediately. Nevertheless, it can be expected that later Tax consequences come to you.

The reason for this is very simple: you pay No taxes on the lottery win, but on the earnings that you generate. For you, this means, if you do your money profitably, this can cause you to still pay taxes later.

This applies, for example, if your Gambling shares Or buy a property of your profit. You will have to state the profits that you hereby make with your income tax. This also applies to any rental income.

For this reason, you should think about what you want to do with your money later. Here it is advisable to consult a financial advisor or tax expert.

We have the right guide for you:
Our guide on the subject of “Lotto won what now?“

More details: capital gains are taxed

You can of course also keep your money at home and then have to go around that Tax topic do not worry.

However, this rarely occurs. Most of the time this will Money created or invested. Taxes are always due if you make profits.

Tipp: Note the allowance!

  1. But only if the profit above the Allowance lies.
  2. If the income is above the allowance of 801 $ 25% flat tax due.

An example:

  • 1
    You create a profit of one million $ for only one percent.
  • 2
    You get this 10,000 $ interest per year.
  • 3
    These 10,000 $ must now taxable will. However, you can still deduct the allowance from this.
  • 4
    The rest are now falling 25 percent tax an.

Gift tax

By the way, one may also fall Gift tax If you give someone a new car or a house instead of money.

But you can on generous allowances fall back on and do not fall on it:

  • 1
    You can do your registered life partner to 500.000 $ give a gift.
  • 2
    You can tax -free your children 400.000 $ give.
  • 3
    Your grandchildren benefit 200.000 $ Tax -free donation.
  • 4
    And with your grandparents, siblings or parents it is up to 20.000 $.

Fees for online lottery providers

It doesn't matter whether you give up your ticket online or at a kiosk. It also doesn't matter whether you want to play 6 out of 49, the $jackpot or Keno. However, the state in which you play plays a role.

Because depending on the provider and federal state, the fees are quite different.

In the following table Let us show you how high the costs in the different federal states are for a typo, including fees for the 6aus49 lottery.

Federal StateCosts for a typing field
Hamburg1,60 $
Schleswig-Holstein1,60 $
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern1,50 $
Bremen2,00 $
Lower Saxony1,60 $
Brandenburg1,50 $
Saxony-Anhalt1,50 $
Berlin1,50 $
Saxony1,25 $
North Rhine-Westphalia1,35 $
Hesse1,25 $
Thuringia1,25 $
Rhineland-Palatinate1,35 $
Saarland1,25 $
Baden-Württemberg1,35 $
Bayern1,25 $

Why those Additional fees Depending on the federal state, cannot be explained. On request, the lottery associations rely on the size of the respective federal state, for example, which is not really credible.

The lack of transparency has already been criticized several times So far nothing has changed.

By the way:
Some online lotteries offer you the opportunity to complete a subscription and calculate for it In return no fees. This also applies to system tips or other actions that are offered again and again.

Conclusion: Looking for the best provider of online lottery? With us you will find it!

Finally, of course, we hope that we are particularly providing the beginners among you with our guide to the online lottery Some important help could give.

While we certainly don't have to explain to you how to play the lottery, it is extremely important to show you which addresses are Serious online lottery provider can prove.

Basically, all of our official Lotto providers listed should provide you with a large portfolio of various lotteries and also offer the opportunity to offer you first own lottery experiences to collect on the Internet.

Questions and answers - the best online lottery providers

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It is a colloquial name for black lotteries that are not allowed in Germany. Those supported by the German Lotto and Totoblock Providers sell real lotter ticketsthatareevaluatedwiththeofficialfigures.
Yes, it is quite possible, with the lottery providers licensed in Germany Paypaltopayandplaythelottery.werecommendlotto24ortheofficiallotto.depage.
Yes, some operators offer an installable Online Lotto Appon.otherwiseyoucanalsouseallonlinelotteryprovidersviathebrowserofyoursmartphonesortabletsandalsobuylotterystonesonthego.
Yes. The lottery providers finance themselves through different levels feespertiporpergamecertificate.butthatisnodifferentandcompletelynormalinthelocallotteryacceptancepoint.withcertaintricks,suchastheautomaticandweeklyacquisitionofthelotteryboxes,youcanpartiallyreducefees.