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Online casino fraud - are online casinos rip -off?

One thing in advance: who in everyone Online Casino Effort Feared, is absolutely wrong. Although the chances of winning are limited to the payout rate in the means of all players, which makes the casino more and more on average than the players - Real online casino fraud cases However, they are negligible, not least whether the strict control by the gaming authorities. Nevertheless, they exist - the so -called black sheep in the industry. You can read here how you protect yourself from online casino or manipulation in the online casino!

the essentials in brief
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What exactly does online casino chose?

In fact, the question is far less easy to answer than you may think. Because there are quite differences between Fraud, a dubious business conduct and poor customer orientationthat you should definitely take into account when choosing your game provider.

One thing is certain: on today's undoubtedly huge market around slots, Online casino table games and Co. only commit the very few providers of real online casino. Corresponding cases affect, for example, deliberately and for no reason. This is the case if an online casino does not pay any profits even though a player has followed all the rules.

It also happens that popular slots are fake. Famous examples are the classics of Novomatic and the Best Mercury Gameswho have a problematic story in Germany. Despite the manufacturer's lock, some fraudulent casinos have included them as replicas in their portfolios and also made them accessible to German players. Of course, they were able to do many fans of these games, whose originals, by the way, in ours Casino games list finds, attract.

Such copies are not only illegal. It is often also manipulated games. There are numerous complaints on the network under keywords, such as "Online Casino Manipulation Software", "was" with Novomatic and Mercury "and the like.

Games that officially from a renowned Slot machine manufacturer are never manipulated. Due to the enormous safety precautions, there is no chance for the most sustained scam casinos.

Casinos also frolic on the market that have no license at all. With such providers you can almost be sure that the games provided there are also copies and probably manipulated. But do not confuse such providers Online casinos without German license!

Clearly Game providers are more common than real online casino fraud cases, which interpret the user rules very closely And maybe win at the smallest violations, in which the BIG players in the industry are happy to put an eye on. Often such events are with the Casino bonus implementation tied together.

Here you cannot necessarily speak of fraud or a casino bonus manipulation. However, the limits are fluid. For example, there are bonus rules that are actually not to be met - even not from very experienced players - there can be a casino bonus fraud. After all, it is a certain kind of online casino rip off. Appropriate events are very dubious in any case.

Such strict rules for one online Casino Bonus actually form a good indication that an online casino also does little in the customer. However, it does not necessarily have to be that way - some providers are good addresses for players of all kinds despite the strict bonus rules or other strict provisions.

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Of course, that's all quite complex. Therefore, we recommend that you always have our respective before registering with an online casino Online Casino Test to read. Our tests are absolutely authentic and take place under fixed evaluation criteria. If customer -unfriendly, even dubious or fraudulent machinations are emerging in any place, we will not withhold it from you. We have a special one for the very hard cases Casino Blacklist compiled. The providers listed there must be avoided!

In addition to reading our Online casino reviews In our opinion, it is also important for you that you can get an overview of whether an online casino is committed or works in a serious way. Therefore, we have put together the most important criteria below to find out exactly that.

The central features of serious casinos: How their online casino fraud is out of the way

The fact that you are in one Online casino real money pay, make an exact review mandatory. Because you don't just throw your hard earned cash out of the window. Trust in a fraudulent provider can lead to high financial losses, generally frustrating customer experiences and even stolen data. Even if it doesn't get that bad, online casino rip off is always a nuisance that the fun of digital Online gambling sometimes damaged in the long term.

So that you can continue to play with joy and relaxation, we have put together the most important factors below, To distinguish serious from dubious online casinos to be able to.

A note on the side:
Our experience reports for the Online casino comparison are based on much more differentiated evaluation criteria. However, the framework would go beyond this and is not necessary for a first good overview.

Regulation or licensing as a key factor

The first step to determine whether New online casinos are safe or not, it is to analyze whether the operation falls under the responsibility of an official approval body or supervisory authority. This information is usually easily accessible on the website and it is worth viewing it before depositing funds.

Corresponding approval authorities issue a license and continuously ensure safe processes or monitor their licensees. Among other things, you check whether The best online casinos comply with legal requirements for data protection or player safety. There is no valid license with a link to the regulatory authority - finger away!

It is important to remember that not all approval authorities are the same. While some, like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), are very careful about player protection, this is significantly less the case with others. A typical example here is that License authority of Curaçao. Nevertheless, this overseed license is based on very strict regulations for the license exhibition. With which game providers with curaçao license usually do not belong to the "online casino fraud" category.

Game platforms with License in Malta offer the greatest security. In the Authority can even report player online casino fraud And get real help in coping with such problems. However, we have not yet had a real fraud at an MGA Casino. Mostly it turns out that players themselves disregarded provisions of the providers and therefore, for example, one Online casino payout was refused.

Payment options and payment speed

Another central option, as you can see, whether an online casino is safe, affects the payment terms. A serious casino should several Online casino deposit options Offer and make quick withdrawals.

These are not only essential factors for convenience - they also tell you a lot about the company. Because for processing faster payouts through several payment methods, both a considerable workforce and several well -filled accounts are required.


So a Online casino fast payments can offer a customer department that is large enough to promptly edit the payment inquiries. Given the immense popularity of Online playing money a stately team is required. If a company is ready to employ enough staff for the purpose of a quick money transfer, this speaks for the general Seriosity and not least also customer orientation of the corresponding casino.

In addition, the offer of a number of means of payment requires that the casino must keep large amounts of money on the accounts or e-wallets of the respective payment service providers for each payment method.

Only a financially healthy online casino, which is based on sustainability, also has the opportunity to comply with the provisions of the individual payment providers. Because of course they also want to get their services paid and therefore require a certain liquidity.

And some financial companies, such as Paypal, but also Trustly, in turn, make very strict requirements in terms of security and customer orientation to your partners. Trustly is currently represented at some casinos, PayPal has completely disappeared from the market. Nevertheless, it currently looks like you are in one or the other Online Casino PayPal from 2021 as soon as the new state agreement Online casinos in Germany legal be licensed.

Reputation and history of the casino

This point is now very important in our ranking. The network is offering more and more options for casino customers to complain to the online casino rip off. Corresponding evaluation portals, but also forums and social networks are actually fully with allegations in the online casino.

In most cases it turns out that it was once again the players who had to admit a mistake, i.e. disregarded bonus conditions, for example, and therefore did not get any money. Nevertheless, such sources always offer a general picture of the providers described there, which - whether particularly positive or rather negative - has built up through comments for years. Therefore, it is definitely worth taking a look at the reputation and public opinion of casinos.

You can learn a lot from the call and not least the story of an online casino. We tend to do long -lasting Serious online casinos to give priority to others with a positive reputation and a proven professional and fair treatment of customers. Nonetheless, we also get with us Unknown online casinos Your chance to prove yourself!

It is always a good idea to research reviews and experiences of previous customers with a certain online casino before depositing your money. You should definitely avoid websites that can often be found on black lists or have numerous negative reviews! We recommend that you read our evaluation reports closely here.


Fair profit opportunities/bonus conditions/software

What is the meaning of gambling if you have absolutely none Online casino profit opportunities Has?! Some online casinos actually focus on their conditions on their conditions on such tiny probabilities that almost never can really jump out for you.

As already mentioned, such facts almost always refer to the bonus rules and other requirements that can be influenced directly by the casino. Slots of well -known providers are not so easy to manipulate. It would have to be fake games so that the software is possible in the online casino.

exclusively oriented (bonus) conditions oriented in the provider's own interest But are bad enough and can actually be interpreted as a kind of online casino rip -off. So make sure that you can really meet the requirements.

If you want to be on the safe side, take the time to read the terms and conditions to find out all the details. It is not uncommon for bonus offers Only the most important cornerstones of the doctorate in the bonus offer presented to you. The evil surprise sometimes only comes when you Casino deposit bonus Have already played through or at least believed that he has done this.

A little tip on the side:
If that seems too complicated to you and/or you don't have time, you can still rely on our reports. We don't have a small print hidden!

Scope of user -friendliness

A reputable, customer-oriented online gift website should look professional and easy to navigate and be used. Even if this does not explicitly guarantee security, it is user friendliness A good indicator that a provider provides a general good service Instead of quickly cobbling the most important features together with a clever marketing concept in order to get your money as soon as possible.

If a game provider contains defective links (to the license), incomplete translations or software errors or is confusing for customers, this can certainly indicate online casino fraud. Sustainably operating casino providers invest more in your product, to offer potential players the most comfortable, uncomplicated experience.

If an online casino leaves a lot to be desired in this direction, you should at least take a closer look. However, a rather weak user friendliness does not automatically mean that it is a dubious casino.

High quality customer service

As already mentioned, a reaction -fast, well -equipped customer department requires not inconsiderable investments on the part of an online casino. It is unlikely that fraudsters will be in the provision of high -quality services and support. So before you deposit money, take a look at the customer service area on the Casino website.

Two very good indicators for reputable operation are several methods and fast feedback. Try the support And also holes him with problem issues. If everything is answered competently and confidently and quickly, it is very likely a serious, safe casino.


By the way, a chat is standard today. A FAQ should also be available with the most important questions and answers as well as direct links to accounts on social networks. If there is the latter, you can make sure that there are no tons of complaints about the provider.

With these providers you are guaranteed not to fear online casino fraud

A small spoiler in advance: We recommend that you always pay close attention to the conditions even with the most famous casinos. Even if it is not a fraudster, it may still be that the requirements simply do not fit your habits. The ones presented below Top online Casinos are against it Not only serious, but also a good choice for almost every player type:

Sunmaker Casino

In the Sunmaker Casino, fans of the old slots or one -armed bandits get their money's worth. Not only the new providers are represented, but also old arcade known as the slots of Merkur. Sunmaker is also licensed by the Maltese MGA and is accordingly exemplary in terms of player protection. In addition, the topic of gambling addiction is taken very seriously. Therefore you will most likely be very positive Sunmaker Casino experiences collect.


Although Caxino is still a fairly young provider at the online casino market, you will be at Caxino experiences can collect with a lot of slots. And that in an overall very safe game environment. The license of the Maltese gambling authority is the most prominent sign of that security. In addition, there are also serious payment providers and contemporary data encryption.

FAQ - Online Casino Betrug

No, Real online casino fraud casesfortunately,areanabsoluterarity.
It's pretty simple: read it Bonus conditionsthoroughly-youhavetheimpressionthatyoucannotfulfilltherulesorevenlackimportantinformationonsalesconditions,deadlinesormaximuminserts,thenprefertofingeraway!
Read our testimonials before registration and always pay attention to a valid license, fair terms and conditions, Good user -friendlinessthewebsite,renownedpaymentmethodsandaeasilyaccessiblecustomerservice.
Try to fix the matter with support first. If the facts cannot be clarified with the casino, you still have the opportunity to the regulatory authority. In the Malta Gaming Authoritycanyoureportonlinecasino,whereuponthecaseisexaminedbytheauthorityandifnecessaryintervene.

Conclusion: Online casino fraud is rare, but you should be vigilant

Fortunately, online casino rip off is anything but the order of the day. In fact, the vast majority of complaints on the Internet are unjustified or excessive, since the facts described about outstanding payments, bonuses or even game dropouts are almost always in the guilt of the customers themselves.

These often simply didn't stick to the rules. Almost all players - including us - know such events from their own experience. They show all of us that it is not just a good thing to play Casino Bankroll Management and a Online casino strategy with the setting of personal limits. It is equally important A precise look at the provisions of the respective casino and its typical procedures as well as not least its customer orientation to throw.

Real online casino fraud can of course occur. Because where there is a lot of light in the form of large sums, there is usually a lot of shade. However, if you know what matters in terms of security and seriousness at casinos and sticks to these factors when selecting your game providers, so If your risk, fraud on online casinos, manipulated games or casino bonus fraud to learn about zero. At this point we recommend that you always see our testimonials. These contain real expert knowledge and do not leave out (serious) details!

Further Casino rats We collected elsewhere.