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Neteller Casinos 2022 - the best presented!

In addition to the names of PayPal and Skrill known in Germany, Neteller is one of the most popular deposit and payout methods among e-wallets. We took a closer look at the e-wallet and Neteller Casinos found for you. You can now read in detail why Neteller had some problems in recent years and what needs to be considered when using the e-wallet.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: The best Online Casinosthat also offer German players Neteller.
  • Chapter 1: Neteller as E-Wallet Payment provider.
  • Chapter 2: Three of the best We introduce you to online casinos with Neteller.
  • Chapter 3: The deposit and payment Step by step explained.

The best Neteller online casinos

Tsars CasinoBitcoin Casino Tsars Casino experience report
  • Online casino with Neteller
  • Deposits between 20 and 4000 $
  • Payments also available from $ 20
Lord LuckyGratisbonus Lord Lucky experience report
  • Neteller in the payment method portfolio
  • Deposits from $ 10
  • Numerous Neteller alternatives available
Platinum casinoGratisbonus Platinum casino experience report
  • Neteller online casino
  • Deposits of 10 to 5000 $
  • Money is immediately available
N1 Casino N1 Casino experience report
  • Immediate Neteller transactions
  • Free deposits from $ 20
  • Also available payments from $ 20
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What is Neteller?

Neteller Was in the year Founded in USA in 1999 And has been known as a payment service provider on the Internet since then.

In 2004, Neteller initially moved to the Isle of Man and in the further course to Cambridge, where the company has its headquarters today.

The reason for the relocation of the company was the rapid growth of the company and the approaching Takeover of the Netbanx Ltd.

The subsequent merger of the Neteller PLC, the Netbanx LTD and the optimal Payments Limited provided the The cornerstone for today's Paysafe Group but.

In March 2015, the report came that the optimal PAYMTS PLC acquired the financial company Skrill, which has been competing for many years, for 1.1 billion $.

The reason for the high price also included the fact that Skrill had taken over Paysafe a few months earlier.

The importance of taking over the company's growth was visible in August 2017.

After long negotiations, the Paysafe Group Limited was bought by The Blackstone Group and CVC Capital Partners for just over 3 billion $. Current is Neteller in more than 200 countries worldwide usable. The electronic financial institution is regulated by the British tax authority.

Neteller is an absolute big player in e-commerce. In Germany, Neteller is, in addition to PayPal and Skrill, as well as modernity Online casino payment method known.

The best Neteller casinos - overview 2022

The selection of Neteller Casinos in Germany has decreased significantly in recent years. Therefore, we have selected strong e-wall alternatives for you.

The following Three online casinos with Neteller Stick out:

  1. Tsars
  2. Dasistcasino
  3. LordLucky

Neteller app for mobile use

Neteller per Smartphone oder Tablet5? It is a Clpeal of Elpe!

There is no doubt at all that you can use this wallet at any time.

Euer Mobile Wallet You can download your mobile devices in the possible app stores in a few seconds.

You can use your existing data to register. Otherwise you can also register for mobile and create a neteller account.

An online casino payout can be transferred from your smartphone to your desired account with just a few steps. Additional fees Do not fall when mobile use in the online casino with Neteller.

High security standards at Neteller

Speed is only part of good transactions in the online casino. Neteller is aware of how important the safety of its customers and their data is. This provider offers you extensive security standards. So your transactions are all protected from third parties.

Safety technology

First of all, here is the in -house SSL encryption technology to call. In a similar form, this is also used by many banks for online banking.

All transactions between you and your Neteller casino are therefore carried out encrypted. No data can be continued or viewed to third parties. It is also recommended to have your account with a Two-Step authentication to protect. The use of your account is only possible if you enter the security code obtained by SMS during the transaction course.


Neteller is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The British financial supervisory authority looks with more than two eyes and ensures that it is about A serious means of payment acts.

So it should be clear at all times that Neteller a reputable company is.

These are the best online casinos with Neteller

Are you looking for an online casino where you can deposit and pay your credit via Neteller? Then the three following should Online casinos with real money are at the top of your list.


The aspiring casino provider Tsars Can't do without Neteller. In the very large range of different payment methods, the e-wallet can be found in addition to the usual payment providers such as credit cards, Paysafecard or Bitcoin.

Who at Tsar's experiences Want to collect with Neteller, you can do so with a deposit from 20 $. But you can also transfer up to 4,000 $ to the player account in one fell swoop. You can also pay out. From 20 $ you are free and you can use to 5,000 $.

Lord Lucky

Also the colorful casino Lord Lucky relies on Neteller. However, the wallet is not displayed in the overview under the "Payment provider" item.

You can still deposit at Lord Lucky with Neteller from 10 $. Accordingly, you should have no problems with Lord Lucky experiences to collect with this e-wallet. Alternatively, there are also a few good alternatives to payment.


Neteller is offered free of charge at the gaming provider with the somewhat bulky name. at Dasistcasino You can deposit immediately and from 20 $. The deposit is possible up to 4,000 $.

For payments you will be the same DasistCasino experiences Make, because the same limits apply there. With this, Neteller fits well into the large selection of payment service providers.

Deposits via Neteller

Now we come to the Neteller deposits and all important information on how these can be carried out by you as soon as possible. So we have one for you Step-step-by-step instructions compiled.

You can then decide for yourself whether Neteller is a payment method that meets your wishes.

  • 1
    Account opening: firstyouhavetocreateanaccountdirectlywithnetellerwithinafewminutes.intheaccountyoucanalsomakepersonalsettingstoeasilymanageyourfuturepayments.
  • 2
    Copy account: makesurethatyouuseyourfavoritemeansofpaymenttochargeyournetelleraccount.youcanonlymakeadepositbynetellerinthecasinowithacoveredaccount.
  • 3
    Login: nowregisterinyournetellercasinoandgotothecashregisterarea.
  • 4
    Deposit height: To deposit, select your desired amount and then enter the account details of your Neteller account.
  • 5
    Data transmission: The complete process of the deposit is immediately completed within a few seconds. With the SSL encryption technology of your online casinos and Neteller, this data is safely brought across the stage.
We recommend that you use the same email address for opening an account with Neteller and your online casino account. This allows possible problems to be recognized and solved faster.

Payouts by Neteller

Neteller deposits and payments work very easily. We pay you in advance with the necessary information from so that your payment transactions simply take place.

Step-by-step instructions: Neteller payout

  • 1
    Login: Register in your Neteller Casino and keep your account details ready.
  • 2
    Due fees: As a rule, the Neteller Online casino payout no fees charged. But there were exceptions in the past. So make sure that your casino does not require fees before the payment.
  • 3
    Payout height: Now select the desired payment amount. Pay attention to the corresponding limits in your Neteller Casino.
  • 4
    Payout period: Similar to in Skrill Casino If the complete payment process does not take up for more than 15 minutes. According to our Neteller experience, the waiting times are more than five and ten minutes until you arrive on your Neteller account.

In connection You have to have the money paid out to your successful payment.

The payment method for this should be incurred fees Select and coordinate with your requirements.

As small guidelines we can do the NET+ Mastercard Recommend with a fee between 0 and 1.75% or a bank transfer with a Neteller fee of ten $ each.

To the due fees In any case, it is worthwhile to accumulate several withdrawals.

In order not to pull the Neteller withdrawal unnecessarily in length, we recommend that you make an enforcing verification of your account after registration.

Questions and answers - online casinos Neteller

Yes and no, since we cannot affirm this question 100%. Basically, every online casino with a focus should be on the european market Neteller as a payment method. Deposittobeoffered.
Entry are usually completed after just a few seconds. Neteller Payoutscantakeupto15minutes,ontheotherhand.
no Neteller transactions are mostly free of charge. But there can also be exceptions here. So check exactly whether your casino will charge such fees and how many payments are possible per week/month. The same applies to the mobile Version.
Yes absolutely. Some good online casinos offer Neteller for payment. We have you Three particularly good online casinosselected.theseconvincewithquickpaymentpathsandasafegameenvironment.
Yes, Neteller is one of the safest means of paymentthatyoucanuseontheinternet.youdon'thavetoworryorevenworrythatyouarenotfullyprotectedhere.

Conclusion: Safe payment method for fast and free payments

The choice of a reputable payment provider is extremely important. In the online casino in particular, Neteller can present itself extremely well and offers you an additional safety layer. thanks to the App Can you keep an eye on your payments and your budget in addition to your smartphone or tablet at any time.

Accordingly, you can A clear financial management Put on your legs that puts all deposits into different online casinos at a glance.

Regardless of whether you should choose Neteller or other modern payment method: E-Wallets are ideal for fast payment processing in online casinos.