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Casino dress code - what clothes wear in the casino?

So that the doors open for you in an online casino, it only applies to the specified Casino dress code to note. There are usually clear requirements in this regard. Our guide will clarify what women and men should pay attention to at their casino outfit.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: Top Online Casinos Without any dress code.
  • Chapter 1: We advise you which Dresscodes apply in the most popular casinos in Germany.
  • Chapter 2: For Ladies and gentlemen often apply different guidelines.
  • Chapter 3: If you no desire for dress code we recommend these online casinos.

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From strict to loose: different dress codes in German casinos

There are currently around in Germany 65 casinos with state concession, whereby all houses prescribe a dress code to their customers - sometimes stricter, sometimes casual.

We took a closer look at the German casino landscape and grouped the most popular addresses and most popular top locations according to their clothes.

The one is Focus exclusively on the table play area - The so -called classic game - directed, because the gaming of machines generally apply significantly more relaxed framework conditions.

Those: | © PIRO4D

Casinos with strict dress code


Casino Baden-Baden: The famous Baden-Baden casino Write to your visitors a strict dress code that fits perfectly with the magnificent design of the noble casino. Sko and shirt are essential in the Baden-Baden Casino as clothing. A tie is desirable, but not mandatory. A suit is best suited. Ladies should attract an evening dress that is not too revealing.


Casino Bad Wiessee: The casino dress code in the Bavarian spa town of Bad Wiessee is also somewhat formal and elegant clothing is a must in this traditional house. Sko and shirt are mandatory for men. But it can also be more to be more in the very special atmosphere of the Casinos Bad Wiessee to immerse yourself and feel like a star.

Popular locations with semi-formal dress code


Spielbank Hohensyburg: In Dortmund there is with the Spielbank Hohensyburg The largest casino in Germany with 15,000 m². In order to get access to the over 30 gaming tables, a "stylish and well -kept wardrobe" is asked. According to Casino Hohensyburg clothing regulations, it can also be a neat jeans and a polo shirt, for example.


Casino Esplanade in Hamburg: That Casino Esplanade In Hamburg you can visit in well -kept leisure clothes. A shirt in combination with dark jeans is also considered appropriate. A jacket is welcome, but not a duty. You are also in good hands here in a stylish evening wear - such as a suit (men) or a cocktail dress (women).


Wiesbaden casino: The casino is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful establishments in the country and therefore asks for "an ambience (...)" adequate, adequate wardrobe (shoes included) ". A business look is not required. Leger clothing is also accepted-such as a combination of shirt or polo shirt and a well-groomed jeans. Women should always wear a dress in the classic casino area.


Duisburg Casino: The Location, which belongs to the large casino operator Westpiel, asks for the classic game for "well -kept leisure clothing". A polo shirt or jeans are already sufficient. Despite the not so strict dress code in the very modern Duisburg Casino, Should you not appear too casual in terms of clothing. According to Casino Duisburg clothing regulations, hoodies, short pants and sports pants are considered no-go.

Here, sporty, elegant clothing is sufficient


Casino Berlin: At Potsdamer Platz, clothing is much easier. The operators let know: "In Berlin, the individual style of each individual is more valued than strict guidelines". Therefore, the playing bench Berlin dress code only provides long pants and closed shoes. Still have in the Casino Berlin Neither exhausted sneakers nor tattered jeans to look for anything.


Casino Bad Ems: In the popular Casino Bad Ems In Rhineland-Palatinate, the clothes are blown into the same horn as in the capital. Without a jacket and tie, the gentlemen don't have to be afraid. Well -kept jeans are also considered "socially acceptable" at Casino Bad Ems. As a visitor in the classic game, it should be a shirt, preferably a long -sleeved.


Casino Bad Schenefeld: This casino does not take it so seriously with the etiquette and the playground dress code does not demand much from visitors. For men are in the Casino Bad Schenefeld Shirts, polo shirts and sweaters permitted. So you can confidently do without a jacket and tie. As a casino outfit for women, a blazer or evening dress is ideal.

Tip: Use Casino HomePages for dress code research
If you want to find out about the dress code of a casino, you will find Corresponding requirements and recommendations on their homepage. The following formulations are usually used:
  • "Appropriate wardrobe"
  • "Well -kept wardrobe"
  • "Supported leisure look"
  • "Not too sporty"
If you can't do anything with it, we advise you to take a close look at the gallery. Almost every casino has pictures of the casino and guests online. Very practical to one visualized impression to get the dress code.

Which dress code applies in Las Vegas Casinos?

An excursus to the gambling mecca Las Vegas Of course, should not be missing when it comes to playing bench. Compared to europe, where there is traditionally prescribed a higher style of clothing in casinos, the dress code in the USA is not so strict in the USA in general and especially in Las Vegas.

Gambling tourists can therefore lean back in a relaxed manner:

In the moderate framework, it may be carried What you feel like - Casino freedom unusual for German standards.

Even loose summer clothes are permitted in the Las Vegas casinos and Shorts in the men not exclusion criterion. You are also enough "chic" with a T-shirt, sports shirt or sneakers. Despite all the looseness, flip-flops and bathing clothes are not permitted. To mention superfluous: the clothes should always be clean and neat.

Those: | © Ameer Basheer

In the evening he demands Las Vegas Casino Dresscode A somewhat more formal style and gambling gets more elegant.

As a rule, at least one long trousers demands, although you can also be satisfied with classic jeans on the door. Shirts, blouses, skirts and the like work without any problems.

Of course, men can put on a suit. This is particularly advisable if, in the evening, in addition to the casino visit, there is also a detour to a club or one of the numerous shows on the program. In this case, men are with a neat clothing style and Women with a chic dress in the best company.

Don't forget: air -conditioned casinos are cool
In the desert city of Las Vegas, very hot temperatures prevail during the day, which tempts an airy, light clothing style. But since all casinos are heavily air -conditioned, are a light sweater or cardigan recommended companions. Otherwise it can quickly be cool when gaming in the casino.

Casino dress code: dress code no longer so strict

Since then, much -based casinos has been of great importance to that external appearance of the guests placed. Finally, there is an upscale, nobles ambience in the casinos, to which a wood, glass, marble and crystal interior contributes. In order to be able to convey this certain, authentic and attractive atmosphere perfectly to the guests, clothing regulations are essential.

The times when male visitors male one Smoking or tailcoat with tie or fly Wearing and having to slip into a noble designer dress are over.

The strict regulations have recently been relaxed and the casinos present themselves much more relaxed in the dress code. But without a casino dress code, which can vary from house to house, it is not possible. As a rule, at least an upscale leisure look is (Keyword: "Smart Casual") Requests - shirt, long pants and closed shoes.

Practical tip: chic bar outfit as a role model
For a visit to the casino you should dress like this, As if you would go into a chic bar! So you are definitely on the safe side.

Casino clothing for men: information, ideas and suggestions

The gentlemen of creation that access to classic games in German casinos like Roulette or BlackJack want to have one stylish appearance lie down. The minimum is the upscale leisure clothing, but a business look is not expected.

However, there is one in particularly elegant and demanding casinos, which are characterized by luxurious presentation or an extremely competent service staff such as croupiers, dealers or even waiters stricter dress code. The following tips illustrate which clothes in the wardrobe you should best grab.

What should I wear in a casino at the top?

A long-sleeve shirt With closed button placket is always a good choice! Of course, this is inserted into the pants. When choosing a color, it is important to avoid strikingly colorful or bright tones (please no Hawaii shirt). Instead, it prefers to rely on blue, black or white.

It should be subtle and stylish. Sometimes a chic polo shirt or high-quality T-shirt can be enough. In this case, however, wearing a jack is recommended. A tie or fly complete the look perfectly, but usually applies No more tie obligation. However, these fashionable accessories are mandatory for special events.

Those: | © Hermes Rivera

Of course you can also slip into a suit with a suitable vest. Here are the Classic in blue (navy leaf) And in black seen and fulfill every casino dress code. Nothing speaks against the use of a pocket cloth on the jacket. After all, the fun in the casino with a little James Bond flair is significantly higher.

What about the pants?

With a laid trousers - For example, a chino - you are always dressed properly for the casino visit, just like with suit pants. The soft pants look chic and are characterized by very pleasant comfort, so they are comfortable. Since an evening in the casino can easily last a few hours, this is an important aspect.

In the meantime, neat jeans are also accepted in the classic casino area.

Jeans are not the optimal solution, but is an interesting and preferred option for many gamblers. The pants - preferably in a strong, dark blue - must not be torn.

The wide and extreme lockeren Baggy Pants On the other hand, stand on the index.

Which are the right shoes?

In German casinos are in principle always closed shoes requested. This applies both to the casino dortmund casino as well as the Berlin Casinos playing bank and the dress code of the other casinos presented here.

It does not necessarily have to be lace -up shoes, but if you don't want to take an unnecessary risk of the inlet staff, you should pay attention to this and generally an elegant sole. A fine leather shoe with a suitable sock can be helpful.

And what about sneakers who have become more and more socially acceptable in recent years? A double -edged sword. Sneakers can be worn in many casinos, but there are also casinos where sneakers are considered too casual and therefore rejected. That is why we advise against the comfortable leisure shoes.

Casino clothing for women: information, ideas and suggestions

Which outfit should wear women in the casino? The fact is that the operators primarily target the gentlemen in their dress codes, while there are usually no significant requirements for women.

This should be due to the fact that women naturally have a good hand for the right and stylish casino look. Nevertheless, we deliver some tips.

Women can wear that in the casino

With a Send costume, beautiful blouse or timeless pants suit Do nothing wrong. If, on the other hand, the casino is satisfied with the upscale leisure clothing, women already do justice to the inlet regulations with a stylish t-shirt or fine sweater.

Jeans are ideal for informal style. Not particularly unusual, but a good start. Jeans can be combined well with many outfits, but the pants should not have any cracks.

To the look that certain something and a little to lend more pepp, for example, a fine cashmere scarf or aparte's neckerchief can be worn.

Of course, in the style of a bond girl, it is often more sexy be - especially in the classic game. Schließich is a welcome occasion for the fashion-conscious women's world to wear a shoulder-free cocktail or evening dress that extends to the knee.

Those: | © Pavel Danilyuk

If you want to become a eye-catcher at the roulette table, you are with a "Little Black" Always well equipped. A closer, body -hugging cut and deep excerpts are literally welcome. But it is important to ensure that not too much cleavage is shown. A healthy mediocrity is advisable.

Tips for choosing shoe: pumps or high heels?

A Classic women's shoe Always goes! But be careful with high paragraphs: High heels may be perfectly rounded off the sexy look, but a casino evening can quickly become a long, several hours. If you don't mind wearing high heels for hours and do not cause any problems, the women's shoes are ideally dressed.

Cause the high heels regularly Bubbles, cramps or painful balls, should you use pumps or flatter shoes. Most of the time is sitting in the casino, painful feet relieve the feel -good factor and thus the joy of playing.

If a casual look is sufficient, even a few neat sneakers are allowed. A chic women's shoe is always clearly preferable.

Accessories and make-up: suggestions for the perfect casino look

Ladies can round off their casino appearance with various accessories. A handbag is an absolute must! Simple clutches with a narrow carrier kule are ideal, which can easily be held in your hand.

In general, the motto for handbags is:
Less is more! An XXL shopper or the sporty fitness bag does not match the adorable casino look.

Small sparkling earrings or pearl earrings have proven themselves in jewelry. Of course, large earrings are also conceivable if they match the wardrobe. You can also wear a long necklace or a cleverly placed brooch.

Make-up should of course not be missing. Here women don't have to practice false modesty. With Red lipstick, smokey eyes and Co. does not need to be stated.

Casino outfit: tips for men

With the dress code in one Serious online casino must also take into account the time and sometimes the date for the planned game pleasure.

During the day is enough for upscale, elegant leisure clothing. From 6 or 8 p.m. a somewhat more formal dress code will be prescribed in some casinos. At a later hour Could be a embarrassing moment at the entrance with jeans and sneakers.

On special occasions Sometimes there is a special casino dress code on the agenda, for example "Black Tie" (dark smoking, white tuxedo shirt, black fly, matching shoes) or "White Tie" (tailcoat, tail shirt, white fly, possibly wide white vest).

Men in the casino can wear that:
  • Well -kept leisure clothing: For example, a subtle leisure shirt or high-quality polo shirt is a loose outfit. To do this, you should wear flawless jeans or fabric trousers and dark sneakers - overall a simple, but yet elegant look. However, striking patterns and bright colors must be avoided.
  • Fine: The jacket, which is sometimes prescribed, should sit perfectly and be worn underneath a shirt. A tie is ideal, but is not a must.
  • Acoward: Is and remains the perfect casino outfit for men. With an elegant designer twirn you are very welcome in every house. But even simpler suits are well received. A white or other monochrome shirt should not be missing.
  • Smoking: A tuxedo should always be worn as a whole. You should avoid a combination of the tuxedo jacket with jeans or other pants. The integral part of this casino outfit includes the typical tuxedo shirt with a hidden button placket and cufflinks, the fly in the color of the smoking and shiny paint shoes.

Fashion no-gos in the casino: better not to wear that

Even if the fashionable projects of the casinos are no longer quite as strict, there are still Lots of clothingthat are by no means allowed within the classic casino area.

  • 1
    Stand on the prank list Sportswear such as training suits or tennis shoes, club stricts, sweaters with hoods, outfits with striking colors, patterns or offensive prints as well as strongly torn jeans and baggy jeans.
  • 2
    In addition, carriers must sleeveless t-shirts, hats And other headgear expect access to the casino.
  • 3
    That also applies to Beach shoes, sandals, flip-flops, Visible lace -up boots as well as for backpacks and large bags.
  • 4
    Meanwhile, especially with men shorts frowned upon. But women should not show too much skin and do without too deep cutouts or too transparent clothing.
  • 5
    Furthermore, you shouldn't come to mind with heavily dirty or damaged as well as completely out of fashionable clothing to stop by in the casino. This also bites with the elegant ambience of the casinos.

Automatic game & poker tournaments: What clothes are allowed in the casino?

Good news for all mode muffle: If you avoid the classic play area while going to a casino and want to challenge Fortuna exclusively in the machine game, you can look forward to the dress code very calmly.

In the area with the slots they are Framework conditions far more casual As on classic roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker tables, on which the best attracted casino guests frolic. For the slot machine game, the casinos usually have no too concrete clothing regulations.

If you want to make the rolls of the slots dance, you can do that in Leisure clothing do. This includes jeans, polo shirt or a shirt. Even with a T-shirt or sneakers, access to this casino area will not be denied you in many establishments.

However, it should be emphasized that the casinos basically Nursed appearance it is asked for. It is therefore not advisable to be discovered by a sloppy look with jogging pants. For this, suit, tuxedo or evening dress can stay at home.

Even with poker tournaments, the land -based casinos are sometimes very informal about the dress code regarding the matter. A decent, not too sporty everyday clothing is completely sufficient.

Already knew?
The fact that the dress code for slot machine games and poker is taken more relaxed these days is on the one hand the success of the Best online casinos thanks to. this gave a completely new, primarily young and long not so elite target group. on the other hand, it is a co -earnings of the media breakthrough from the poker. here, many successful and well -known poker players present themselves at the tournaments in very casual to bizarre outfits. you have contributed to the fact that at least in parts of the casinos Leger dress code is permitted.

Practical service: borrow casino clothing

Who about a suit or a Sko, head shirt, fabric trousers and leather pants In any case, it has the basic requirements for adequate casino clothing. In emergencies, however, most casinos know how to help their male guests.

Many casinos offer a loan service that enables you to borrow a jacket for the casino evening.

The rental fees are in the manageable area. A rental jacket costs around 10 $. In addition, shirts can be bought or loaned directly on site.

Both for absolute fashion muffle, in whose cabinet there is yawning empty as well as for Spontaneous casino visitorswhose outfit turns out to be not casino -compatible, the loan service is a practical and helpful solution.

Do not forget body care

Actually, of course, but in our casino guide we do not want to give an mention that a well -groomed appearance does not only refer to clothing. Keyword body care!

A shower before going to the casino should be considered mandatory.

Men should also be shaved or Think of beard care and styles the hair properly. A dull hair splendor and three -day beard do not go with the chic, elegant ambience of a casino.

Also any approach from Welding and bad breath the forehead is to be offered. After all, nobody wants to be at the gaming tables for the smell of smell of the teammates. Hence deodorant, don't forget a perfume and dental care that does not smell too intensely!

In the event of a case, it is not wrong if you have a perfume (for men there are small test jar from perfumery practical) or oral spray with you.

It is also worth taking a closer look at the entrance area of the toilets. Here, especially with higher -level casinos, one can often be one Small selection of various care products find that are mostly free of charge. However, you shouldn't rely on it and take the necessary hygienic precautions.

In an online casino your outfit doesn't matter

In today's world you don't necessarily have to go to a stationary casino if your luck on slots tests or Classic table games gamble want. You can just as well become active in an online casino.

In land-based arcades like in the Baden-Baden Casino, clothing on the door is an important criterion. In a virtual arcade you can do it also play in a bathrobe or undershirt. However, online casinos have other advantages:

  • Your “journey route” is to drive up the computer or open a casino app.
  • Unlike in land -based casinos, there are no entry costs online.
  • As a rule, the selection of games in virtual casinos is significantly larger.

Get online without a casino dress code: the 5 best virtual arcades

  1. 5Gringos Casino
  2. Platinum casino
  3. Playzilla Casino
  4. Scatters
  5. Sugar Casino

Three of the best online casinos in a short review

If you don't want to scare a playground and prefer to play in a virtual casino, you have numerous options. In recent years the Number of online casinos significantly increased.

Even if there are many recommended internet play halls in principle, some providers can still be found in which the Account creation is particularly worthwhile. Below we would like to introduce you to three online casinos that are currently among the favorites of the editorial team.

5gringos casino: 5 different bonus offers for new players

The 5gringos Casino whistles on the playbench dress code and offers you a lot.

While other gambling providers usually only find a new customer bonus or a welcome offer, you can in 5Gringos Casino Choose between five promotions:

  • 100% to $ 100 bonus + 500 free spins
  • 3 bonuses up to 1000 $
  • 200% to $ 50 bonus
  • 15% Cashback bis 250 $
  • 1 $ deposit = 1 free play (a maximum of 500)

For the provider, according to ours 5gringos casino experiences But much more, for example:

  • Over 2,500 games
  • Wide selection of tables in the live casino
  • VIP program with lucrative Rewards
  • Various slot tournaments on offer

Platinum Casino: 100% to $ 250 Welcome bonus + 120 free spins

That Platinum casino is a renowned gaming provider with Malta license, which was founded in 2013.

However, the online casino is suitable Only for slot fans, because due to the new gambling legislation in Germany, the arcade in this country no longer offers classic casino games and live tables.

If you are enthusiastic about slot machines, you are in the right place in the platinum casino, because here you can expect numerous slot classics and new and innovative machines. In addition, new customers have the option of one 100% bonus up to $ 250 and 120 free spins to secure.

Otherwise we can do you from positive Platinum casino experiences to report. In our online casino test, the provider scored:

  • High quality license, many player protection options + encrypted data transmission
  • VIP club for all players, attractive rewards + bonuses for existing customers
  • Usable web app without download

Playzilla Casino: 200% to $ 100 & additional 500 free spins

That counts without a casino dress code Playzilla Casino to the young gambling providers, because the virtual arcade has only opened its gates since 2021. You stand here More than 2,000 games available-in addition to slots, also table games and a live casino.

Playzilla welcomes new customers with an attractive 200% bonus up to 100 $. In addition, you will receive 500 free spins, which end up in 10 packages in your player account. After our Playzilla Casino experiences But various bonuses for existing customers are also offered.

If you register with Playzilla, You also benefit from:

  • Good selection of means of payment including cryptocurrencies
  • Customer service accessible around the clock
  • Organizes slot tournaments
  • Also offers sports betting

Questions and answers - casino dress code

Yes, there are always certain guidelines that can be different from house to house. You can hereread.
In some cases, the jacket and shirt are mandatory, but often upscale leisure clothes are sufficient. Just stick to ours Casino outfit tips for men.
The requirements for that Casino outfit from womenusuallyfailquiteunconcrete.butheretoo,astylishandsuitableoutfitisrequired.however,youdon'tnecessarilyhavetowearaneveningdress,becauseyoucanusuallyenterwithachiceverydayoutfit.
There are numerous Fashion No-Gos.thisincludes,forexample,sportsclothing,headgear,sandalsandflip-flopsaswellasdirtyorheavilywornclothing.
Yes, you can also become active in an online casino where there is no clothing order. In addition, the selection of games is usually significantly larger here. We have recommended virtual arcades in our Provider tablelisted.

Conclusion: There are many options for personal casino outfit

While land -based casinos in europe earlier primarily elitist circles reserved, the audience has changed - and with it the casino dress code.

The clothing rules are now looser, a certain class and elegance is still prescribed. This applies in particular to classic casino games. However, some houses are satisfied with an upscale leisure look.

The modern dress code in the casinos is for no gambling friend an insurmountable hurdle. Whether man or woman, fashion-victim or fashion vibration: the clothes can be fulfilled without much effort-hence in the casino!