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Rules blackjack - everything to regulate for beginners, blackjack dealers rules and more

Online Blackjack Not least because of its superficial simplicity, the most popular card game worldwide is still. The blackjack rules are quickly explained in their principles: the Blackjack itself is the best result And corresponds to a card result of exactly 21 points. As so often in casino games, it is not enough for maximum success if you play blackjack under the exact rules. Of course, these can always be observed, but there are many subtleties and other facts that you should also know.

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What are the basic blackjack rules?

Regulate the stationary casino blackjack and the for All online casinos are largely identical - at least in the basic version. We come to the specials later. At this point, the golden rules are listed in blackjack or the rules of the classic blackjack game. These are of course also the most important blackjack rules for beginners.

The table in the blackjack regulate


If you want to play blackjack, take a seat at a semicircular table. Online blackjack variants naturally often take over this table shape in your visualizations. The dealer sits on the straight side of the tablet. You sit opposite. In real blackjack, up to seven players can take a seat at such a table.

Regulate the cards with the blackjack

Blackjack is played with six packages of American playing cards - each with 52 sheets, i.e. with a total of 312 cards. The blackjack cards have bridge format and wear extra large characters. The names of the pictures are in English (especially in online casinos): K, Q and J. Of course you do not really have the cards in the online casino, but they are presented to you in digital form to be as real blackjack flair to accomplish.

The aim of every blackjack player is through that Collecting two or more cards to meet 21 points if possible Or at least get close to this value. If you are closer than the dealer, without exceeding 21 points, you won.

The aces count either one or eleven points - depending on the usefulness. The Blackjack rules ASA say that the dealer always has to value the corresponding cards as it is cheapest for the player. Blackjack regulate two aces: If two aces are on hand, one of them is always considered a single point, otherwise the 21 would be exceeded.

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After the ASS, the image cards are the next higher, i.e. boys, women and kings - or in English "Jacks", "Queens" and "Kings". They count ten points each.

The digits, i.e. two to tens, have values according to their eyes. The two counts two points, the three counts three points, etc.

The blackjack rules in the game

All players have to Place your missions in the fields of the table before the start of a round. The fields correspond to special deployment heights. These blackjack rules set by the fields can be used in New online casinos Or vary from provider to provider of an online game.

There is always one owner per field. However, other players can also join in. However, the use of the other players must not exceed the limit per field set by the casino. If the maximum has already been exhausted by the use of the field owner, no other players may be involved in the same field.

Blackjack regulate when distributing

After the missions are determined, the dealer begins to distribute the cards. Every player and also the dealer preserved First an open card. Then gets Each teammate another open card - But not the dealer. Now - starting with the player on the left side of the dealer - each participant in the round may request further cards. This is possible until everyone believes that they are close enough to the 21 points or no more cards are desired. Here is the so -called Stand reached. Not all players then achieved the 21 and some have even reached this value. Whose leaf has more than 21 points, has a bust. In this case, overbought and the round is lost. The dealer moves in and the use.

Only when all players are served does the dealer take its second card. If it comes to 17 or more points, a stand takes place immediately. With 16 or less points, another card must be drawn.

If the dealer exceeds 21 points, all the participants remaining in the game have won. Otherwise, only the players are successful, whose value is closer to the 21 points than that of the dealer.

Once there are the same number of points for the dealer, the game is considered a draw - there is a so -called status off, push or tie. As a player, she doesn't lose anything, but also wins nothing.

With a round won you will get your Proceeds in the amount of your deployment. However, there are also variants in which increased profits are distributed.

Blackjack regulate briefly:
  • At the beginning of a blackjack game, the participants receive two cards.
  • By pulling cards you have to get as close as possible to 21 points.
  • The card values are their respective numbers (2 to 10), pictures count 10 and the ASS 11 or 1.
  • Anyone who is closer to the 21 than the dealer has won.
  • If the 21 is exceeded, the round is lost.

Special blackjack rules for dealers that have to be known

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In contrast to the Blackjack players, the dealer usually has no chance of acting strategically. The Blackjack Dealer rules stipulate that the donor must be pulled if it has fewer than 17 points on hand. Furthermore, he must not take any additional card (status) if his hand has 17 to 21 points.

The latter is the so -called Soft-17 rule. For example, if the dealer has an ace and a six, he has to rate the ASS with eleven. The entire hand has 17 points, with which the dealer cannot pull another card. The dealer always has to calculate an ASA with eleven points as long as it does not exceed the 21. For you as a player, these soft-17 rule and the Blackjack are of course very advantageous.

Why you should learn the blackjack and play blackjack

This is a very important question. Blackjack is not only widespread, fundamentally relatively simple and offers suitable assignment options for practically every player. It has to others Online casino table games also some advantages. In particular, it brings mathematically favorable requirements With.

We would like to illustrate this using a small example: a typical American Online Roulette has 38 numbers. There are digits 1 to 36 0 and 00. Suppose you rely on your lucky number, the 7th purely mathematically, you have a chance of 1 to 38 that ball ends up on the 7. There are constant Online casino profit opportunities, regardless of the events of previous rotations. Roulette is mathematically a game of independent attempts. Such games all have one thing in common: mathematically seen and, assuming a game that was not influenced, there is no system with which you could reduce the advantage of casino or even switch off.

Blackjack is different. Because there are already attempts from each other due to the fewer cards. This means that you can actually achieve advantages over the bank through a strategically clever game behavior and in the long term Big casino profits drive in. Exact knowledge of blackjack rules increase your chances of winning considerably.

Other important rules of Blackjack in the game

deutsche Online Casinos offer blackjack in many different variants. These have one or even more special features. It is very important to familiarize yourself with the special rules before taking a game. Below we present them most important conditions alongside the basic rules of Blackjack out of here.

Blackjack rules insurance (Insurance)

If the dealer's open card is an ASA, there is an increased risk that it will have a blackjack. Of course, the round cannot be won for you. In such a case with increased risk, there is a chance at many tables to insure. In order to receive appropriate insurance, you have to invest a little more. You make an additional use on the Insurance field.

If the donor actually has the best hand, the insurance company is paid 2-1. So you do not have to accept any losses in this round.

Share hand - blackjack rules split

If you have a couple - for example a lady in heart and a lady in Karo - you can split your hand. the Blackjack split rules statethat you have to make a new use of your first assignment. Then you will be given a new card and you will continue to play with two new hands.

Double the rules of blackjack use (double-down)

You can double your use in various online blackjacks and in return you are only allowed to take another card (Double Down). Of course, it is important to think carefully about whether this procedure is profitable. If you have an 11 on hand, there are good chances of making a double down profit. If you will then be given a card with the value 10, you have made everything correctly.

Blackjack rules to give up early (buzzing)

Is the Open map of the dealer an ace or does it have a value of 10, you can give up without having to pull more cards. You will usually get half of your assignment back.

The Blackjack rules for secondary bets (Side Bets)

Many blackjack games offer secondary bets, the evaluation of which takes place regardless of the course of the main game. So if you are not lucky in the main game, you can still clear in the secondary bets and vice versa. However, you should know that the Chances of winning in the secondary bets always significantly lower than with the standard bets are. Below you get an overview of the most popular side bets in blackjack.

The perfect couple-blackjack rules of Perfect pairs

Here you are based on the fact that you get a couple with the first two cards. A couple are two playing cards that have the same value or have the same color. That Perfect couples place two identical cards but.

Betting on the same card value-Blackjack regulate suit-e-up

This secondary bet also refers to yours first two cards. If they have the same value, you win.

Set picture card points-Blackjack rules Lucky ladies

You win here if your first two cards have 20 points that are achieved by two picture cards. Lucky ladies therefore means this bet because two women represent the best possible result. If you have two women in heart, you can clear the most.

21+3 blackjack regulate

21+3 is a very widespread side bet. Your first two cards and the open map of the dealer will be Like a Three-Card poker hand. If this results in a flush, a street (straight), a straight flush or three equal cards (threee-of-a-child) you win.

Betting on buying the donor-Blackjack regulate Buster-Blackjack

You win the Buster-Blackjack bet when the dealer overshables. It does not matter whether you overbought yourself. Here is also possible also your own sheet in the rating a. For example, if you have a blackjack on your hand and the dealer overbought itself with more than eight cards, the cash register rings really loudly.

Which online casinos are good addresses for live blackjack?

Blackjack is offered in almost every online casino in any form. The live variants are very popular here-especially since they Blackjack games in the real casino of course come closest. In the following we would like to you The best online casinos introduce more precisely for live blackjack. The blackjack rules described up to here are explained directly in the information area of the respective game depending on the variant. If you can use 21+3 blackjack rules in a casino or game, this is listed in the corresponding information area.

Winners Magic

Winner's Magic is a brand of the popular Aspire group. The operator's casinos impress with a lot of security and good support. In addition, the game selection is usually excellent. So it is not surprising that Winner's Magic Around 100 live tables including numerous blackjack variants offers. All of this and more is under a license in Malta. Winner's Magic also has a more than decent online Casino Bonus For new customers. Unfortunately, this does not apply to blackjack. Here it goes to our Winner's Magic experiences.


Rabona is part of the Tranello Group. This is also a very respected casino operator. Rabona and his sister brands are so well received by the casino fans, as there is a 24/7 support via chat, which is highly solid at the customs application on the desktop and mobile. The latter also includes a high -quality selection of Live-blackjack tables from EZUZII and EVOLUTION. These and all other games run under a license in Malta. Here our Rabona Casino experiences read.


What makes Slotwolf particularly interesting for us here is undoubtedly the very large live portfolio. Among the More than 200 tables are umpteen blackjack variants. All of these and all other games run under a license in Malta. Of course that speaks for security. Further clear indications of the customer friendliness of the casino are more than decent support and the many popular Online casino payment methods. You can even transfer money by Trustly with a German TÜV seal. The fastest payments are available via the e-wallets. With these you will receive your Online casino real money actually practically immediately. Here our Slotwolf casino experiences read.

FAQ - Blackjack rules


Conclusion: The blackjack rules are simple - but only those who know the subtleties are really lush

When it comes to blackjack rules, almost everyone who has already dealt with card games at some point quickly knows - or at least think they are familiar with. Blackjack is relatively simple, but a lot more than collecting 21 points. It is one of the few Play online casino, in which you Really influence the house advantage can. But this is only possible if you know your options and the connections of the game exactly. The blackjack rules listed here, of course, do not yet result in the necessary strategy to really do it and to be able to clear it in the long term. We recommend that you assume you as the basis for this. Doesn't rely too much on secondary bets, because these often have far less potential than can be assumed. To correctly use splits or an insurance, you can bring you significantly more advantages.