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Earn money in online casino - so you can win money

Rich in the online casino: Everyone dreams of a carefree life in financial security. However, it is underestimated that in addition to a good portion of luck, some strategies and tips should also be observed. In the following article we investigate the question of whether you are involved Make money online casino Can and with which strategies you can improve your chances.

the essentials in brief
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  • Chapter 1: To what extent yours earn money in online casino can? We clarify.
  • Chapter 2: Roulette, a conceivable good money machine for high rollers and beginners.
  • Chapter 3: With Slots Many gambling fans earn their money.
  • Chapter 4: Poker It also offers itself to make money in the casino.
  • Chapter 5: BlackJack offers you the greatest chances of winning.
  • Chapter 6: Some Tipsto avoid classic errors.

Earn money in online casino - is that really possible?

So that the dream of making money online, does not remain a mere air castle, we have some tips for you in the following guide. Let's start directly with the first and elementary tip - only play with reputable online casinos. Ultimately, each of you wants to get the profits quickly and easily paid.

Therefore, we first recommend a look at our interested reader Online Casino Test, Which deals with the reputable companies of the scene and at the same time shows you when your alarm bells should ring.

also Online casinos with the best chances of winning Offer you lucrative payout rates to improve your probabilities of winning.

Principles to earn money in online casino

Even if all of our strategies are promising and you will find thousands of reports from five to six-digit winnings from other players in the online casino on the Internet, this does not mean that it is a safe way to make money.

The gaming in online casinos is and remains a gambling. And this is based on happiness.

No matter what tactics or strategy you may apply, no matter how high your profit failed in the past week, every day starts new. Accordingly, it is absolutely necessary that you start new every day and with a fresh head.

Just because you won 50 $ last night, Doesn't mean that you will also win 50 $ today or can even take a higher financial risk. Be sure to stick to your financial limits that you have set to the start.

Conversely, however, this does not mean that you have to follow it stubbornly. Situations change, large profits enable a larger bankroll. Accordingly, you should be flexible, possibly your Money Management rethink and adapt.

This applies to both the success of success and in the event that other things have become more important in your life and therefore less money is available for online gambling.

In the additional guide "In the casino“Let's tell you more strategies!

Earn a lot of money with these games of chance

Can you earn money in the online casino? 'Content =' Yes, with the help of various games of chance. These have different characteristics and are therefore suitable for different types of players.

Here we speak of:

  • Poker
  • Slots
  • Classic casino games such as blackjack or roulette

Some of the games mentioned in the online casino are more influenced by your own skills. On the other hand, you can use other games with mathematically calculated functions and strategies.

Now let's get directly into the topic and now put the most important ones Online money games in which you can maximize your profits with the right online casino strategy, training and tactics.

Watch out:
If you want to earn money in the online casino, you must not ignore the tax topic. The crucial question here is: Do you have to tax profit online? The answer is available in this counselor.

Roulette: earn money with online casinos

The classic gambling Roulette Most players probably know from you. We talk about one of the simplest gambling which can be played without much knowledge. Due to its popularity, you can also find it in every online casino.


Not only beginners will be able to look behind the cone quickly, also use the large fish High Roller Casinos The traditional table game for high missions.

If we are now the roulette table and here the tableau take a closer look, then there are a variety of setting options.


In addition to risky options such as betting on a certain number, there are also setting options that almost spend a 50/50 chance. For example, that would be the bet on the color red or black. And exactly here are two of the best known Roulette strategy an!

Roulette Strategy: Martingale

In the so-called Martingale strategy, we speak of a classic doubling strategy that corresponds to the mathematical probability theory of American mathematician Paul Lévy.

Accordingly, it doesn't matter how high your application value is, all other missions are dubbed stubbornly until a profit is achieved.


  1. The application value is ten $.
  2. The same color is always set.
  3. We rely on red ten $ and lose.
  4. Now we double the assignment to 20 $.
  5. Place red again and we lose again.
  6. Now we double the assignment to 40 $.
  7. Place again on red.
  8. This time we win and the casino pays 80 $.
If we are now deducting our operations of 40, 20 and 10 $ of the 80 $, a net profit of ten $ remains. We start the game again with ten $ and rely on red.

On closer inspection, it should be clear that these strategies are not only extremely easy to follow, but also Insanely boring game sessions will bring with it. At the same time, it is the case that the profit is always as high as the initial use, which can lead to extremely high operations, especially for several lost rounds.

For example, if we would choose a starting value of 100 $, after two lost rounds the application value would rise to a proud 1,600 $. Not only would this lead to many of you to the financial border, but this cannot always be reconciled with the table limits.

Therefore, it should be noted that the Martingale can only be successfully played with a small first use!

Roulette-strategies: Fibonacci

The martingale opposite is another strategy with the Fibonacci use adjustment that has been adapted to a mathematical formula. This time the view of USA goes to the well -known Rechengenie Leonardo Fibonacci.

Even if the operations are stubbornly placed on one color, the principle behaves somewhat more interesting, since the level of use is adapted based on the Fibonacci sequence.

(0), 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55…

The increases in operations run in the Doubling strategy linear. If we use the Fibonacci strategy, the operations only increase exponentially. In that case, we do not encounter the use of the online casino so quickly.

In contrast to Martingale strategy could therefore be placed with the Fibonacci strategy. But after several lost rounds you will reach the respective table limit.

At this point we will get into the matter a little deeper.

on the Tableau is also zero. Usually the meeting of the number ensures that the operations are lost. Except, of course, there is a certain one Roulette rule (Sharing) for use!

It can be different:

  1. Either the operations are completely repaid to the players. That would be the best possible solution for you.
  2. The inserts stop on the tableau and the bike is turned again. Depending on how the meeting of 0 is rated, the house advantage at roulette also changes.

Slots: Earn money easily

For a long time, the following rule was in the online casino: profits to digital Machine can not be maximized by strategy, tactics or through training.

One speaks of pure gambling that cannot be influenced by their own intervention. A random generator decides that you cannot counteract with your actions. We see it a little differently: because there are now newer ones Slot machine manufacturerthat also offer automatic use adjustment strategies.

The machine then automatically increases or minimizes use in the car game based on the profits or losses. In that case, one can already speak of a smaller strategy. As already explained in the introduction, we believe that also with digital Slots can be played strategically.

Before we get into this topic now, it is important to us to point out one aspect: These strategies with digital machines never go up 100 percent.

Rather, this is a tactical approach, in which one can mathematically calculate the expected profit in accordance with the volatility and the RTPS. Statistically, this is calculated over more than 1,000 game rounds, so that an Expected Value (EV) can be determined.

Therefore, you should understand the following tips and tricks as a suggestion, because to be able to lose the chance of losing your complete account balance is also likely.

Looking for casinos with a cell phone? Read our guidelines here “Casinos with a cell phone deposit“ an.

Which slots should be used?

Let's start with the basic question: Which slot machines are best suited to make money in the online casino? Because contrary to the assumption that all slots are the same, there are serious differences.

Two terms are of central importance here:

  • volatility (Variance)
  • Payment rate (RTP oder Return-to-Player)

During the RTP value, how high the House advantage of the respective slot, the volatility says how often profits can be expected. Both values are statistical values that are calculated in the case of the RTP value for long-term operations of at least 100 $ and 100 game rounds.

The house advantage near slots
The house advantage at slots can be seen from the RTP (payout rate/return-to-player). A RTP of 98% means a house advantage for the casino of 2%. At 97% it would be 3% for the casino.

How to use your tactics at slots

For our tactics, we now use a slot with a high RTP value, such as White Rabbit Megaways from Big Time Gaming.

White Rabbit has a special function. You can win a free play round by meeting a certain bonus symbol often enough.

But you also have the opportunity to buy this bonus game for a very high bet (from ten $). As a rule, this bonus game brings a doubling of the purchase price.


As another slot, which can have a completely different depth of features and additional bonus games, is Rocket men. In addition to the frequent profits that will add up in the long term, bonus rounds are also increasingly possible.


So that you Use variance of the slot machine games for your advantage Can you first screw down your use to the absolute minimum. Ideally, the value should be 0.10 $, so it is easier to get down.

You should now start with one Slot that can have a lot of bonus functions. As shown in our example, rocket men would be a suitable slot for this.

Now plays with that for so long Minimum use value, until you can free a bonus round. This can be done quickly, but can also take some time. Because the use is kept small, the losses should not be too high.


After winning the bonus game, this machine is ended for today. We are now switching to White Rabbit Slot. If we have won ten $ or more with the previous bonus game, the bonus game will be bought here immediately.

If the winning of the bonus game at rocket men was less than ten $, this machine is now played in the car game with a value of 0.10 $. You set a Loss limit Half of the previous win of the bonus game.


It is now being played until ten $ or more have been won, unless your credit runs out beforehand. These ten $ are now being used to Buy bonus to be able to.

Intermediate conclusion: Your slot tactic is worthwhile up to a certain point

Our editors have them Online casino experiences Made that there is really fewer won here in exceptional cases than the bonus game costs. If things go badly, the profit levels off to a value between 11 and 13 $. If things go well, there are up to 50 $ in profits.

No matter how it works after playing this bonus game, it is also over. Even if there is no mathematical evidence of this, this type of Self -discipline extremely important, to make money in the online casino and not take too much risk.

Instead of the dream of Big profit on the slot machine Instead, smaller profits should be collected and therefore not only compensated for losses over a longer period of time, but also set up a higher bankroll.

Jackpot slots replace your lottery ticket in the casino!

In conclusion, it is important with this tactic that at the end of the day there is a certain number of spins on one Jackpot Slot be played. Here too, the minimum use is recommended, so that your own financial risk can be minimized.

We really only do the whole thing to take the opportunity to be a millionaire every day. Comparable to the weekly lottery ticket.

Would you refrain from filling out the bill, there would be no chance of becoming a millionaire.

Poker: When training and hard work pay off

Long time before online casinos really got started, online poker conquered the segment. Millions of players worldwide played against other players at online poker tables and could already earn money with online poker.

The hype really picked up when the big ones Poker provider Celebrities for playing on their portals. Poker was cool, accepted by the middle of society and by various US stations, such as ESPN oder CBS As a sport and the World Series tournaments were broadcast live.

Players who mastered the classic online poker began to play at several tables on the Internet at the same time. The birth of the so-called multi-tablings.

Real professionals were able to play a handful of games at the same time and thus significantly maximize their profits per hour.

Other players merged into so-called poker networks and tried Swarm intelligence to generate high monthly sales. And at the online poker we talk about one of the few games of chance in which players can improve their profits, especially with intensive training!

Earn money in the casino: poker providers with learning offers

Especially with the poker applies: who does not get through A whole series of specialist guides Fights and starts to internalize the learning material cannot play with the very big players.

A real poker professional has a high degree of specialist knowledge. A professional is able to carry out complex calculations in the head within a few seconds and to keep absolute calm in stressful situations.

Both are aspects for which you either Talent owns or have to acquire you. On the other hand, this is also an exceptional case in the online gambling: Because if you train regularly and a lot at the poker, you consistently increase your performance level.

In order to be better than an average player, you have to Increase the training volume. And since new players are added to the online poker, there will always be an opponent who are worse than you.

  • Much more interesting than beginners are, are Tournamentsthat now take place around the clock with the right poker providers.

Not only do they offer you a lot Added value for your knowledge And are ideal for being able to test you under stressful situations, and these are now financially worthwhile.

The absolute basic knowledge takes you on corresponding portals with learning offers. A whole series New poker providers now offer this in German and provide some experts.

The house advantage at Poker
Due to the training and tactical options, players can expect an advantageous 0.5%.

Blackjack: The great profit potential is here

In addition to poker, stands with BlackJack Another card game in online casinos, which, however, serves a completely different level mathematically. Purely mathematically, it offers you the greatest chances of online casino profits.


With over 99% If the payout rates to blackjack are so high that some online casinos have completely removed the popular card game from their bonus and sales conditions.

Because even if there is a house advantage, you can use one easy trick Get any help during the hands - for example by counting the cards. However, note the respective time borders per train.

Here all Blackjack rules to get to know!

Blackjack strategy: The diagram with all game situations

Instead of counting the cards, you can consider the so-called blackjack diagram. Basically, this diagram tells you exactly what to do with which cards are to be done. You see the hand of the dealer on the diagram and look for your value.

Based on the value, the diagram will provide you with the most statistically sensible help of how you should play the respective hand. Whether more defensive or even more offensive and To increase your own commitment - All of this is possible without restrictions.

  • You can either keep the diagram open as a tab in your browser, or you can print it out and try to learn this step by step.

Compared to the poker, Blackjack is also a card game. which can be learned. The professional players have therefore stored the diagram in the brain and know without hesitation what to do with the respective hands.

Dies Saves precious time especially in the online casino And in theory, lets you play much more hands than if you have to check for each card handed over, how you have to behave.

The house advantage at Blackjack
The house edge at Blackjack is between 0.28 and 2%! in addition to texas hold’em one of the games that bring the best advantage for the player. the 0.28% are only achieved when working with the blackjack diagram!

Game shows: The new faces in the online casino

Except for traditional games in the online casino New Game Shows on the market that guarantee particularly large fun. However, it is much more complicated to make money for you.

With his games, such as deal or no deal, dreamcatcher or MONOPOLY live Has the game manufacturer Evolution Gaming brought into the market significantly.

It becomes more problematic if you want to use game shows as the sole source of profits. The game shows also live from their random generators and wise non -drastically weaker payout rates In contrast to slots, the game rounds are simply too long.

Therefore, we have the tip here to sniff the new game shows and play a few rounds. Unfortunately, real strategies and sensible tactics cannot be used.


If a surprising profit can therefore be made, this should be paid out immediately and no further risk is taken. The profit is above the payout rate or the value of the Expected Value, should the payment be made immediately.

The house advantage on game shows
Dream Catcher has a house advantage of Knapp 3,42%. Deal or No Deal takes around 2.7% and the digital live monopoly to approx. 3.1%.

The plan for making money in the online casino 2022

  1. Check out serious online casino and check games in the portfolio.
  2. Choose the well -known game and test new games in play money mode.
  3. Choose tactics according to your preferences and your game behavior.
  4. Establish individual financial plan.
  5. Define daily and weekly limits.
  6. Keep disciplined start and step by step to the financial guidelines.

Popular mistakes in making money in the online casino

In addition to the possible The Casinos strategy, who have been able to prove themselves in recent years, there are also a few points on the other side that you cannot use in any case.

Here you can benefit from the experience of other customers from the past and prevent the most popular mistakes.

Healthy Money Management

If you want to play strategically, you have to use a system that promises you healthy money management. Colloquially this will also be Bankroll Management called.

Basically, a formula tells you exactly how high your missions can be. The application of such a system is Important for success - without it!

A healthy money management calculates expected losses and thus ensures that you can survive larger pitch streaks in the medium and long term. Thus provides your Personal limit and it is certain that you do not live over your daily financial limits.

Discipline and self -control

The most important element of our slot strategy: Stop at the right moment. And exactly when a high profit appears on the screen.

Great art is disciplined to be able to assess the situation and be satisfied with profits.

The knowledge of the game is decisive

In addition to character properties, your expertise is of course also decisive for success in the online casino. To pay instead of tuition And before the first shoot or first hand, you should know what kind of game it is.

Instead of starting up with high inserts and having to pay expensive for mistakes, you should first first play the respective games in Play money mode Test in the online casino.

Counteract boring and automated meetings

In order to be able to earn money successfully in the casino, you have to keep the strategy specifications. This mostly leads to automated sessions, which everything other as exciting are and can therefore quickly arise.

Only if you find yourself with the boring game sessions are profits in the online casino possible in the medium and long term.

Nevertheless, there are some tips on how you can counteract these consuming meetings. One of these tips is registration with a full -time provider who also leads sports betting or other offers in his portfolio.

Questions and answers - earn money in online casino

Inallen Online Casinosyouwillmeetmanydifferentgames,butthesignificantlydominantwayofthecasinogameiswithoutaquestiontheslotmachine.withalittleskill,thenecessaryknow-howandahealthystartingamount,youcanearnsomemoneyintheonlinecasinowithslots.
The choice of one is extremely important for you Serious online casinosifyouwanttoearnprofitsinthelongterm.sincewespeakofhighandconstantfinancialinvestmentshere,youshouldonlyputyourmoneyintothehandsoftrustworthyproviders.
Yes and Crash Gambling.withthisnewgameformyoucanwinupto1million$.however,asaplayeryouhavetomasterthebalancebetweencautionandrisktorisk.

Conclusion: Choose the game, choose tactics and earn money in the casino

Start with roulette and the set strategy in a play money game. Looking for a suitable casino from our Online casino comparison out! So you get a first feeling for strategic games.

Document these games for fun with paper and pencil or in an Excel table. Do you enjoy that? If so, look for one of our tactics to make money in the casino and check whether this is to be implemented in the long term!

Fack up a bonus from the online Casino Bonus, then there are double credit for your strategic games.