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The Knossi Casino-a pure fun casino or what is it all about?

Casino Streamer Knossi Get entertainment and online casinos together to a new level: More than 800,000 followers can't be deceptive, right? Here you can find out everything it is around Knossi Casinos to know!

the essentials in brief
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  • Knossi is a well -known casino streamer Twitch und Youtube.
  • In Knossis Social Casino You can try many games for free.
  • The Knossi Casino offers a large selection Spielen.
  • There is one in the Knossi Casino Loyalty And many benefits.

The best alternatives to the Knossi Casino - here you can play for real money

Since there are certainly many casino players among you who want to use real money, we will present a selection of many strong ones here Online Casinos. These online casinos are characterized by a large selection of games, lucrative bonus campaigns and rapid Real money slot machines out. Security and seriousness were particularly important for us.

What is a social casino?

Social casinos fall into the area of the Social Gamings or the Social Gambling. Participation in a social casino is usually only with play money possible. Neither real money can be placed nor real money generated profits.

The respective platform set you Credit in the form of coins With which you can play different casino games.

In some cases, however, it is possible to acquire a greater coin value for a deposit. So you can increase your credit and place higher inserts if necessary.

Several platforms also offer one Ranking as an overview, so that you can see your current placement compared to other players.

Social casinos offer the advantage that you have many exciting games Real money casinos can use without a risk of loss. Nevertheless, you can experience a real fun and get enthusiastic about many top slots. In addition, you even have in a social casino Access to slot machines and other casino games that are usually not accessible from Germany. This is possible because you do not make real missions.

Furthermore, you have the option of in a social casino also via a smartphone or tablet to play. Many social casino providers have one for this Casino App Designed, which you can download completely free of charge to your mobile device.

Now the question will certainly arise how a social casino is financed if the players cannot deposit real money?

This usually happens through the so -called In-app purchases, or the special benefits that you can buy on the page. The pure participation in the basic game in a social casino is basically free of charge for you. Of course, this also applies if you want to register with your own casino account in the Knossi Casino.

Who is Knossi?

Knossi, who under his bourgeois name as Jens Knossalla It is well known in Germany, particularly well -known due to its incomparable and exciting casino streams.

Knossi stream regularly on Twitch and also provides numerous Videos on YouTube ready.

Beside his Casino Streams, who are characterized by its emotional and stirring way, Knossi also offers a stage on his channel at regular intervals. He organizes a kind of Talent competition, in which viewers can show their talent to a general public by live stream.

For example, this can be singers, entertainers or people with very unusual talents.

Knossi comes From the Baden-Württemberg Malsch and was born on July 7th in 1986. After completing the school, Jens Knossalla completed an apprenticeship as an office clerk. However, he set himself the goal of not working in a classic profession, but to pursue his big dream - to gain media awareness and to find the way to the very big stage.

Knossi on Twitch and YouTube

The main medium of Knossi is that Live Streaming Plattform Twitch. Casino fans can watch live there several times a week when Knossi becomes active on various slots and slot machines.

That too Knossi Casino is addressed regularly there. If you can't be there live, you have the chance to look at the best scenes from your Twitch streams on YouTube afterwards.

In the meantime, Knossi On Twitch over 880,000 followers records in itself and it only seems to be a matter of time until he can also crack the magical 1 million mark.

Teealknossi - The Knossi Casino on Twitch (source:

Well -known people from the media world are often switched on in his live streams. Music greats like Sido or Pietro Lombardi have been part of the show several times and accompanied Knossi on the exciting journey through the world of online slot machines and video slots.

In which casino plays Knossi?

If you Knossi watched live while playing, can you not only many acquaintances and neue Casino Slots Experience, but through this Unique entertainer a fascinating show Enjoy on your screen.

Knossi also responds to the details and special features of the slot machines, so that you Lots of valuable information Receive if you want to try the respective slot yourself.

In which casino does Knossi actually play? Many spectators have asked themselves this question over a longer period of time. In one of his live streams it could be seen that at least in this stream about the online casino of Wunderino must have acted. Here too MontanaBlack more often.

The question: "Where does Knossi play online casino?" However, cannot be answered with Wunderino. It can be strongly assumed that Knossi is also active on many other casino platforms - he certainly is also testing New online casinos.

Knossi's largest casino profits

If you can get enthusiastic about online casino games and regularly follow Knossi in his streams, you may also have won the slots and slot machines with one of Knossi's largest casino.

When it comes to his largest casino profits goes, must be natural Legendary stream from September 8, 2019 to be named.

That day Knossi played the Razer Shark Slot by Push Gaming with a deployment of 3 $ per spin. And he managed to make a fabulous profit of over 8,000 $ through this comparatively low commitment.

It remains unforgettable too "Alga! Alga! Alga!" Call From this stream. Under the name Alge, Knossi even launched his own song and a drink in 2020.

The Knossi's largest casino also includes the 4.129 $ im Spiel The Sword & the Grail, which he was able to drive in just a few days later, on August 12, 2019.

Also the world famous book of dead Game machine meant it very well with Knossi in the past. He was able to win around 4,000 $ in the free spins round, which is also one of his greatest income in his live streams.

Knossi himself is very covered with regard to his profits and income. However, Knossalla achieves his greatest income through advertising revenue, cooperations and various merchandise articles. According to rough estimates, his annual income should amount to around 100,000 $.

Knossi im tv

What many Knossi fans don't even know: Jens Knossalla was able to gain a certain degree of media awareness before his career as a big casino streamer.

Overview of Knossi's first TV appearances:
  • Knossi dive On TV for the first time as a participant of the ProSieben show "Wipeout-Heyl, run!" in 2008. There, however, he did not make it beyond the first obstacle runs, so that he ended this activity with a rather moderate success.
  • His next TV appearance was then a long time in coming. There the spectators could Knossi in "The Cruise King" on RTL2 see.
  • Further appearances on television followed in 2011 and 2012. Knossi was there in the shows "17 meters" on ProSieben and "rent, buy, live" on vox watch. He also appeared at the Barbara Salesch court show.

Knossi was only able to use his TV career through the Casting show "PokerStars is looking for the pokerass" on ProSieben really get going. Due to his funny and down -to -earth manner, he was able to win many sympathies in this format.

In 2013 he was able to achieve his greatest success with his Participation in the World Series of Poker to celebrate. There he took 240th place, which earned him prize money of around $ 37,000.

He then reported on numerous poker events for poker stars and moderated numerous game shows on late television.

Knossi was therefore able to gain many important experiences in the media industry before his career on Twitch and YouTube.

This awaits you in the Knossi Casino

In the Knossi Casino you can expect a good overall package of many exciting casino and even several Social Games like for example Candy Crush.

It's about a Social Casinowhere you can develop your skills and knowledge of the individual slots without having to make your own deposit. And since you are here Not playing real money can, no losses are also possible.

If you want to have paid out in the Knossi Casino, you have to do without your profits in the slot machines, as these are only virtual.

It is not possible to use real money in the Knossi Casino, but you can use your casino winnings earn in a special one Measure the ranking with other participants And thus experience an exciting feeling of competition.

In our opinion, the Knossi Online Casino is particularly interesting if you want to get into the world of online casino games or first test a certain slot to your heart's content before using real money.

Casino games in the Knossi Casino

A colorful range of many exciting slots and slot machines awaits you in the Knossi Casino. If you are in the lobby, you can navigate directly to the more than 350 different slot machines.

A particularly large number of classics from Bally Wulff. Alternatively, you can also get from several Gamomat Let play inspiration. The best known games in the Knossi Online Casino in this category include, for example Ramses Book, Take 5 And Super Duper Cherry.

Also fans of the Mercury Games will certainly get their money's worth at the Knossi Casino, since popular slots such as Fruitinator, El Torero and Eye Of Horus Tobe offered.

In addition to the regular slot machines, you can also find numerous in the Knossi Casino Jackpot Slots Like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. But please consider that at this point Even the huge jackpot profits never brought to a payment of your account in the Knossi Online Casino can become.

Another known provider, which can also be found in Knossis Casino, is Spinomenal. You can use Lucky Charms and Demi Gods II from this software developer.

In addition to the well -known providers, there is also in the Knossi Casino My Jackpot Games However, also a manufacturer who only develops games for play money mode.

My Jackpot Games comes from my Jackpot Games. This slot serves the classic Egypt genre and is reminiscent of famous slot machines such as Book of Dead or Book Of Ra. There is also with who is becoming a millionaire - the official slotmachine even a German -language slot machine, which gameplay strongly at who to be a millionaire from Big Time Gaming remind.

Play with real money in the Knossi Casino?

A game with real money is never possible in the Knossi Casino. Therefore, you cannot have the profits on the individual slots paid out in the Knossi Casino.

However, the Knossi Casino is an interesting address if you want to try this fan of this Twitch and YouTube stars and the slot machines without risk!

Is there a Knossi Casino bonus and a loyalty program?

A classic Casino Bonus There are no for new players that you can activate real money with a Knossi casino. But even without a welcome bonus, you can benefit from interesting bonus campaigns in this social casino that can make participation in the Knossi Casino exciting:

By playing various slots and profits at a certain amount, further game chips will be credited to you in the Knossi Casino. So you can increase your virtual operations and possible profits and increase further up in the ranking in the Knossi Online Casino.

There is also one in the Knossi Casino Loyalty, which is comparable to the VIP program in numerous real money casinos. Here, for example, there are the level quartz and amber, whereas the emerald level is the highest possible rank. All missions that you have placed with your virtual chips on the various slots and slot machines are taken into account here.

TIPP: bester Casino Bonus searched? Then we go to our list here!

Is the Knossi Casino serious?

We could do the Knossi Casino as Serious platform to get to know. To use real money in the Knossi Casino is not possible anyway. Therefore, no fraud can take place and there are of course no payout problems.

In the Knossi Casino you can buy further game chips and benefits for a deposit. However, you are never forced to do so. Therefore, we cannot classify this practice as dubious, since the Knossi Online Casino must certainly generate income.

Finally, we are responding to the most important questions about the Knossi Casino and offering you many important and informative answers that will surely help you if you would also like to register in this social casino.

This is montan black

The Montanblack domestic (or “Monte”) in Buxtehude is actually called Marcel Eris. He was just 31 when he was in March 2019 Biography "From Junkie to Youtuber" has been published.

Montan brackets lead a life in the fast lane: drug use, small to medium crime in early years, Montanblack apparently enjoys it. He is now also happy to collect Twitch locks for his sexist and racist statements in many eyes. And yet it is Gamer and social media star Montan bracker today the most famous and most successful gaming streamer in Germany.

Those: Wikipedia | © Photo Schattke GmbH & Co KG

Since 2009 he has been on YouTube with the "spontaneous jack" channel, followed by "Montanblack" in 2013. Over 550 or almost 300 million views at 2.4 and 2.7 million subscribers speak a clear language for the enormous range by Monte. He mainly plays Mario Kart, FIFA, Call of Duty or most Fortnite on Twitch and thus comes to a record -bearing 3.1 million followers under "Montanablack88".

Montan black is polarized, his fans above all for his Real-Talk Loved, during which he speaks openly about every topic and does not take a leaf out of his mouth. His lifelong enthusiasm for Online money games Then make him attractive for our editorial team.

Which games prefers Montanblack?

Anyone who has followed the Montanblack Casino Stream every day already knows the answer. Every now and then it was blackjack or another table game, but Monte devoted the majority of the time to the high -quality and rather more complex real money slot machines. So it is not surprising that in his real life videos he was always seen at the slot machine when he was again with colleague and friend Jens "Knossi“Knossalla was on the road.

Monte is, as you can easily see from his great success, an intelligent man who also turns on his head when playing gambling. So he searches for himself in particular Best RTP slots from, i.e. slots that statistically pay out the most. In addition, he is not a friend of "spilling amounts" and prefers to play most Slots with high volatility, which distribute significantly higher profit amounts.

The best Montana paint slots and the biggest profit


If we introduce you to some of his preferred slot machines, of course we have to Hotline of NetEnt start. Of course, this is about fast cars and wild trips that are celebrated on the rollers in the 80s style. Here the Twitch viewers were witnessing, like Monte set up 28,900 $ pulled out of the machine. One of his largest casino profits!

It was similarly high for Montan black Money Train From Relax Gaming with 18,200 $, closely followed by the Novomatic slots Burning Sky, who is currently not in German online casinos is offered where Monte came to 13,400 $ payout.

Other preferred machines are, for example The Wild Chase: Tokyo Go (Quickspin), where it is of course again about fast -paced car races, or Battle Royale From Play'n Go, which he gambled with Knossi to the stop.

Faq zum knossi casino

The Knossi Casino mostly consists of slot machines. Here you can use Merkur and Bally Wulff, for example. But there are also some Social Gameswiecandycrush.
No, it is definitely not possible to use real money in the Knossi Casino. You can only deposit money to secure a larger number of chips or other features. One Online casino payoutvirtualprofitsarealsonotpossible.
In the Knossi Casino you can only use the games with play money. Many Serious online casinoshowever,alsoprovideyouwithafreedemomodeforseveralslotsandslotmachines.therefore,youshouldalsostopbyinvariousonlinecasinosthatofferprovidersthatcannotbefoundintheknossicasino.
First and foremost, players will certainly register who regularly Streams von knosstrackontheinternet.butthelearningfactorontheindividualslotmachinescanalsobeofgreatuse.youcanalsomeasureyourselfthroughtherankinglistintheknossicasinowithmanyothercasinofans.

Conclusion: The Knossi Casino offers fun and excitement - but not with real money

So far we have had good experiences with the Knossi Casino. This platform is definitely ideal if you want to test different slots or measure yourself with other players without a risk of loss. You never have to make a deposit at any time.

Hobby players will also get their money's worth at Knossi. However, if you want to use real money, you should look for another online casino. Finally, we can still do the Knossi online casino as Good casino school for beginners recommend. More helpful Casino rats You can find it elsewhere.

Casino fan of the very beginning and regular guest in casinos as well as regulars in various online casinos. With his years of experience, he knows what is important and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the casinos precisely. In his articles, he does not take a leaf out of his mouth and offers you great added value through real practical experience.