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Live slots: What is behind the innovative live casino slot machines?

Online slots have been part of the best portfolio of many for many years Online Casinos. If you are on Real money slot machines Think, you certainly have the basic process in your head - open slot, choose the use and get the rollers rolling. But now there is a new and innovative concept with the live slots, which has been launched by the well -known provider Playtech. You can Participate directly in a live slots show And there a real live casino feeling with exciting Slots enjoy. In this detailed article, we want to clarify what it is ultimately all about with the live slots.

Interesting facts about the online casino table games
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  • With us you will find a large selection Online Casinos, In which you can play the rapid live slots.
  • There are numerous Spielen have been brought out, which are now not only offered electronically, but also under the live slots.
  • The provider playtech has brought numerous slot machines to the live casinos and lets these games category shine in a completely new light.
  • Buffalo Blitz is one of the best live slots for your maximum game pleasure.
  • You can do live slots too mobil Experience and let yourself be enthusiastic about location.

The best online casinos with live slots

At this point we present you A large selection of online casinos that offer you the exciting live slots. Here you will find a number of slot machines that made it directly to the show. Have, of course The best online casinos Our security check also passed and impress with security and seriousness.

The best online casinos with live slots

Slotsmillion CasinoMost of the games Slotsmillion Casino experience report
  • Strong offer for live slots fans
  • Many playtech games
  • Always new bonus offers

Was sind Live Slots?

If you are wondering what is actually meant by live slots, you will find the answer here. These are slot machines, as you probably have countless times in Serious online casinos played. The difference is that you are directly in a live slots show in which The rollers are brought going by a live dealer. You can compare this live casino experience with the classic casino such as roulette and blackjack. With the difference that it is not Online casino table games, but about action -packed slot games.

How do live slots work?

The concept of the Live Casino Slots is easy to understand because the procedure is strong Live Casino resembles with table games. However, the slot machines are not controlled personally, but in a live Game Show. Do you have About your screen the option of determining your use per spin. With the live slots you can take several players active at the same time, which can also create a sense of community. However, you don't necessarily have to place real money in every round. You can also wait several spins and only then choose your use again. Thus, the required flexibility is always given in the casino slots.

What makes the charm of a live slots show?

A live slots show brings you a real casino feeling directly to your home living room. In addition, participation is also particularly convenient for you, since you do not have to activate the spin yourself and thus Trace the action intently on your screen can. Since several players take part in a show with casino slot machines and even communicate with each other can be a real feeling of being and you can share the joy of your profits with the other players. It is also particularly interesting to see which missions and strategies the other participants follow the live casino slots.

Live slots from Playtech revolutionize the online casino slots

The provider playtech Big players have been among the software developers for many years. Like no other provider, Playtech can captivate numerous casino fans through unique slots, table games and live casino games. It is therefore not surprising to us that Playtech has now launched the innovative concept of live slots. Since Playtech for Highest quality and a perfect implementation for New casino games If you can also look forward to an exciting casino experience in the area of the casino slots.

Playtech: A big player among the providers

Playtech was already Founded in 1999 And has therefore been at the forefront on the Internet since the start of the online casino era. The company has its headquarters on the Isle of Man and develops a total of 12 different locations always new and innovative Online casino games. Playtech also attaches particular importance to casino fans from Germany, since German-speaking guidance is also available for almost every game. This software developer covers with Game machines, playing table games, play live casino and now also the live slots All important areas for online casino players. The Playtech games are characterized by an excellent gameplay, easy handling and many features, which means that you can certainly benefit from the live slots.

What live slots are there?

There are now numerous slots that you do in real time in real time Online casinos with real money can play. Here we can see very positively that after a short time one Very diverse live casino slot machine show could be done. Many different genres are served, so that the right slot will certainly be there for you. In the upcoming section we want one now Exciting selection of interesting live slots offer that invite you to a rapid slot adventure in real time.

Buffalo Blitz

Buffalo Blitz Slot (Quelle: Betfair Casino)

Playtech managed to combine live casino and slots. The provider gradually launched a large selection of live slots. The starting signal for this unique Live Casino Slots series with the game Buffalo Blitz. That the choice for the start of Buffalo Blitz has been surprised and not, since this slot has been particularly in demand among numerous fans of the online slot machines for some time. Buffalo Blitz is one Slot with a total of six reels, The one with you fabulous 4096 paylines can help large casino yields. The main actor is the American buffalo, which is located in the beautiful grass landscapes of North America. Other symbols at Buffalo Blitz are stinkers, lynxes, bears, moose and strangely diamonds. The buffalo is the most valuable symbol, which a 300-fold profit of your commitment can give. It can appear on all six reels in the basic game. At Buffalo Blitz, everything revolves around the free play function that is triggered when you get three or more scatter for free spins on the rollers. Three scatters bring you a total of 10 free spins a. With four scatterns you already get 25 free spins, with five scattern you even get phenomenal 50 free spins. If you even get six scatter on all rollers, you can sew so importantly with a whopping 100 free spins at Buffalo Blitz.

Age of the Gods: God of Storms

Age of the Gods: God of Storms is another top slot from Playtech, which you can do in numerous Good online casinos can also play under the live slots. This revolves around the age of the gods, so this machine is particularly suitable for adventure fans and supporters of ancient Greek mythology. Age of the Gods: God of Storms is a progressive Jackpot Slot. the you A total of 25 different winning combinations offers. Participation in this slot is possible for you from 0.25 $. However, we find the huge maximum insert particularly exciting. Through Up to 500 $ In our opinion, become special High Roller get their money's worth. There is also a multiplier through which you can even quintize your use. With a total of four progressive jackpots, we also consider Age of the Gods: God of Storms to be one of the most lucrative Playtech slot machines, which is now also offered to you under the excellent live slots of this provider.

What must be paid to live slots?

If you want to play the exciting live casino slots, you have to first in one New online casino Register that offers these slots. Afterwards, of course, it is important that you first supply your casino account with the corresponding credit. In principle, this is comparable to the process for the electronic slots and the live casino table games. Since it is live transmissions, it is also important that you also use a Fast and stable internet connection has. In this way you can always enjoy the best slot action in excellent quality.

Participation in a live slots show

With a live slots show you have the opportunity to play exciting slot machines in real time like Buffalo Blitz und Age of the Gods: Gods of Storm to experience. These events take place regularly and you have the chance to take part in these events. All you have to do is switch on and then be there live if the rollers turn at many exciting slot machines. If you have already registered in a corresponding online casino, participation is completely free for you and you can fully concentrate on the events of the best live slots.

Are there live slots bonus campaigns?

If you have already dealt with the live slots, you will certainly ask yourself whether there is also a special one for these casino slot machines online Casino Bonus are. At this point we can already report positively that Free Spins have already been issued for numerous live casino slots. Through free spins for live slots you can also benefit from free revolutions in real time and more Casino profits to back up. If you have an action for Live slots free spins Guessed, you should always check whether certain bonus conditions must also be met.


Play live slots too?

According to our experience, the live slots are not only available to your computer. By a Casino App You also have the option of enjoying the Live Casino slot machines on the go. This option will you directly over your browser offered and you have to worry about compatibility with your operating system. If you want to play the live casino slots on the go, we recommend that you always ensure a quick and trouble -free connection on your smartphone or tablet.

Will live slots prevail in the long term?

We think the concept of live slots is extremely interesting and are generally a friend of new and innovative ideas. In any case, the recent trend has been recognized in the recent past that more and more casino live streams are being transferred on the Internet, which a large number of casino fans are looking forward to (especially Knossi is very popular). Through live casino slots, in which several players can participate directly, is caused a sense of community and special tension.

In our opinion, what is already practiced extremely successfully in the area of live table games can also prevail in the area of the live casino slot machines. In our opinion, however, it will also depend on which interesting titles will be included in the portfolio of the live slots in the future. If Playtech and other providers make it a similar attractive offer as in the area of electronic slot machines To put on the legs, we predict a rosy future on the Internet.

At the end of our article on the Live Slots, we will go back to many questions from numerous casino players and want to provide competent answers.

Questions and answers about the live slots

For this you can do the regular Online casino payment methodsusewhichyouaregenerallyofferedinanonlinecasino.wehavealreadymettrustly,giropayskrillandneosurfasparticularlysafe.

Conclusion: Live slots are an exciting concept with a future perspective

Thanks to our detailed report, we were able to get a very good impression on the live slots. Since the provider Playtech has developed this innovative concept, it is already available from the first day for A maximum of quality has been taken care of. With many interesting live casino slot machines like Buffalo Blitz, excellent action in the live casino is well taken care of. With the live transmissions we were also able to have very good experiences because they were always trouble -free. We are therefore very excited to see which Live Casino slot machines will be released in the near future. In any case, the idea of the live slots has potential and therefore as a casino fans you can look forward to the next steps.

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