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Paydirekt Online Casino - The Best Paydirekt Alternatives 2022

Entry directly via your online banking in the casino without having to use a third-party provider? That went on Paydirekt for several years. But after the failure of Paydirekt and the merger with Giropay, the situation has changed drastically. What effects it on Paydirekt Online Casinos and which payment methods can be used instead, you will find out in this test report.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: An overview of very good online casinos Paydirect-alternatives.
  • Chapter 1: The payment service works no longer with online gambling providers.
  • Chapter 2: Useful information About the payment provider Paydirekt.
  • Chapter 3: We put the best for you Means of payment to Paydirekt.
  • Chapter 4: Some casinos offer good alternative options for paydirekt.

Very good online casinos with Paydirekt alternatives

Nomini CasinoBitcoin Casino Nomini Casino experience report
  • 15 different Paydirekt alternatives
  • Klarna, Trustly and Paysafecard available
  • Welcome bonus up to $ 1,000
Kashima CityNewcomer Cashimashi experience report
  • Special focus on e-wallets
  • Paydirect alternatives: Netel & Skrill
  • New customer bonus of up to $ 200
Casumo CasinoGratisbonus Casumo casino experience report
  • Numerous Paydirekt alternatives
  • Skrill, Neteller and Giropay
  • Up to $ 500 and 120 FS for new customers

There are countless casinos with a large selection of payment methods and the number is growing steadily. That the extremely simple and Absolutely safe method Paydirekt Currently none Online Casino is offered, there is a reason:

A paydirekt deposit is currently not possible as little as a paydirekt payment. The reason for this is that Connection of Paydirekt with Giropay.

Basically, this does not mean that payments via Paydirekt are no longer possible or that customers have no more access to the payment service. It only means that this payment provider can no longer be found under the name "Paydirekt" in the online casinos.

  1. Name
  2. Kashima City
  3. Invoice

What initially sounded like a bankruptcy declaration does not necessarily mean the complete end of Paydirekt. Have German customers Further access to your accounts And can certainly make payments.

However, the payments are under the coat of the payment method Giropay So do not take place and are not offered independently in German casinos. In addition to Paydirekt Also kwitt under the roof coat of the new Giropay taken.

As already mentioned above, you currently don't have the opportunity to use Paydirekt for the deposit in any online casino. However, there are a few good alternatives that offer many casinos.

In our eyes the best alternative to Paydirekt Trustly but.

The Swedish payment service provider enables you to pay money from your bank account to your casino account within seconds. You can Trustly also use for payouts.

Another advantage of Trustly is that in special online casinos through this payment method no more verification process is necessaryis,sincethisisalreadycarriedoutautomaticallyduringthedeposit.

Paydirekt is one Additional function of your checking accountthat you can use at any time if you have an online banking.

As soon as you have registered for Paydirekt, you can With various online shops Pay access directly using your online banking.

The Paydirekt duration of payments is very short because the money immediately from yours Bank account is transferred. Your data will not be passed on to a third party because Paydirekt is a service of your bank. Likewise fall for you No additional costs an.

Here again the most important steps to Activation of Paydirekt:

  • 1
    Log in online banking.
  • 2
    Select the Paydirekt area.
  • 3
    Set a user name and a password and store an email address.
  • 4
    Confirm the process using TAND.
  • 5
    Click on the link in the email to unlock the use of the service.
Not all banks offer Paydirekt. You can use the service if your customer is at one of the following banks:
  • BW Bank
  • comdirect
  • Commerzbank
  • Degussa Bank
  • German bank
  • Hypo club bank
  • ING, MLP, DLB Bank
  • norisbank
  • Postbank
  • psd Bank
  • Sparda-Bank
  • Sparkasse, Targo Bank, Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken
  • 1822 Direct

Basically, it is not a problem to receive money via Paydirekt. However, Paydirekt must be available as a payment method.

also The best alternative trust is for payments.

You will receive your money directly to the bank account, which you also used with Trustly for the deposit and usually have to not more than a day Wait for your money.

However, since you cannot deposit with Paydirekt in the online casino anyway, a paydirekt payment in casinos is not offered.

The means of payment can be used for mobile use. This not only has direct access to your account, but can also without additional costs Complete paydirekt payments.

Compare between Paydirekt and the ppaysafecard Corresponding accounts can also be drawn up mobile.

The Paydirekt app can continue to be used under the Giropay brand and stands Both for iOS and Android User ready.

So that you don't have to go on the search for too long, we have right away Three corresponding Paydirekt Casino alternatives Research which not only offers you appropriate bonus offers, but also sufficient alternative payment methods.

The first alternative would be initially Name to call.

Nomini is not only known as an online casino, which is great outstanding portfolio of slots and other games places, but also offers its customers secure payment methods.

Here you can therefore almost 15 different payment methods Use, some of them as a direct Paydirekt alternatives. These include Trustly, Klarna or the Paysafecard.

All of the three Paydirekt alternatives qualify the Nomini experiences According to the bonus program, which can bring in new customers up to 1,000 $.

With a little fewer slots and providers also joins Kashima City In the series of suitable Paydirekt Casino alternatives.

In Germany, the Cashimashi Casino focuses on using fast and reliable payment methods. Neteller, Skrill or Ecopayz can also be found under the e-wallets. As a new customer you can Cashimashi experiences enrich with a bonus of up to 200 $.

The third Paydirekt Casino alternative is also Invoice to call.

Various Paydirekt alternatives to use are available for German customers. But not all payment methods can be activated for your bonus activation Casumo experiences be used.

The bonus is for new customers Up to 500 $ 120 free spins for Book of Dead.

The Paydirekt payment method offered some advantageswho were of interest not only for players, but also for the casinos. Not only is Paydirekt serious, the following aspects for quick payments in the casino have also been an advantage:

  • There is no paydirekt fees for payments.
  • Payment with this procedure is made Instantly About the bank account.
  • There is no third -party provider, Paydirekt is a function of the current account.
  • Backbooks are impossible after payment has been made, which offers security for everyone involved.
  • The dealer or the casino receives No information about the account of the payer.
  • When using Paydirekt No costs.
  • The payment with Paydirekt is safe and serious.

Players could then use these advantages directly and benefit from it without having to fall back on how Giropay.

No, unfortunately there is No more direct Paydirekt casinos in Germany.sincethemergerofpaydirektandgiropayatthebeginningof2021,onlygiropaycasinohavebeenmanagedbecausepaydirektrepresentspartofgiropay.
Yes, no question. Paydirekt is about A secure means of payment,whichwaslaunchedin2014byseveralgermanbanksasagermanalternativetopaypalandothere-wallets.paydirektcooperateswithsomewell-knowngermanonlineshopsandalsocooperateswithmorethan20germanbankinginstitutions.
No, Paydirekt is about A fair means of payment,sothatyourpaymentscanbebilledfreeofcharge.nevertheless,itshouldofcoursebecheckedhowyouronlinecasinodealswiththefeesandwhetherthefeesareredistributedtoyou.
No, such a bonus is currently not available in any German online casino. Some Giropay deposits qualify for some Bonus offers.however,exclusivebonuscampaignsareneitherforgiropay,norforpaydirekt.
No, unfortunately there is no satisfactory answer for German customers here either. In the area of the Online Pokerspaydirektcouldnotprevailinrecentyears,sothatcurrentnoplatformsareknownthatpaydirektofferdirectlyasapaymentmethod.

Paydirekt has had since published big mistake made that are difficult to iron out again.

Hardly anyone knows that there was this payment method at all, let alone knew how to unlock or use it at the time. It would have been very simple, as we could show. It was failed to advertise large areas, which is why the Collection with Giropay only a matter of time war.

On the other hand, Paydirekt would have had more than difficult to prevail against the competition in the form of Trustly or Klarna. With regard to other popular online casino payment methods, Paydirekt has against Paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller, Credit card and Bitcoin hardly any chances of asserting yourself and being interesting for casinos.

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