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Best online lotteries: all about winning opportunities, jackpots and top providers

Lotto 6 out of 49 everyone has already played. But what about the US lottery Powerball or the europe-wide euromillions? On the Internet you can one Large number of national and international lotteries to play. Which is the best online lottery for Play the lottery online? We show you where you win the world's biggest jackpots, have the biggest chances and how you can find the best lottery for you online.

the essentials in brief
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The best online lotteries

  • Over 400 million profits
  • Jackpot with up to 16 million $
  • Total profit of 1.6 billion
Lottoland Lottoland experience report
  • Various lotteries with lucrative jackpots
  • Serious license & award -winning provider
  • First class app for download
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  • Good offer
  • Bonus program & VIP club
  • Tolle mobile App
Playeurolotto Playeurolotto experience report
  • Numerous lotteries with high jackpots
  • Cashback for the first lost tip
  • Reputable licensing
47 Lotto247 experience report
  • Many lotteries with jackpots
  • Reputable licensing
  • Top customer service
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lottobay Lottobay experience report
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"Lotto freedom" - this promise gives you private online providers Lottoland in his advertising message while playing on the Internet. Lottery In this context, it means that you can no longer only play every Wednesday and Saturday as with the classic Lotto 6 out of 49, but almost around the clock and the most popular lotteries in the world.

In order to find the best online lottery for you, you have to find out about it first, Where you can type which lottery. And of course the whole thing should be absolutely serious be.

  • Our seriousness check:We have To all big ones Online lottery providers - Licensed in Germany and the EU - own reports and tests. Here you get all the necessary information at a glance.

Through the Gambling State Treaty the organization of lotteries in Germany is limited to a few institutions. The state lottery companies of the 16 federal states alone are entitled to offer lotteries at the kiosk. The lottery companies operate their own portals or forgive licenses on private platforms such as Lotto24andefinedandandefinedTipp24that organize typing on the Internet on behalf. In the Whitelist You can find all licensed online providers of the lottery companies.

However, the license also has an impact on the offer. With whitelist providers you are up The official lotteries in Germany limited. These are:

  • The classic Lotto 6 from 49 with its additional games Game 77 and great 6
  • The europe -wide class lottery $jackpot
  • The still relatively new, daily number lottery Keno
  • The traditional Gamble spiral With their chance of a monthly pension of 10,000 $
  • The monthly lotteries NKL and SKL including their joker games and Nkl interest riots

TIPP: Here it goes directly to our Nkl experiences.

With a view to the chances of winning and the amount of the possible jackpots, you will miss the best online lottery at this limited offer However, other play opportunities. They offer you online providers. Example pleasant? With Lotto Go Von Lottoland Can you play Lotto 6 from 49 every hour a day. To create further game variants, to reinvent classic lotteries-private online providers offer you regularly.

With participation in state lotteries, you support spending on social projects, culture and sport with a part of your commitment. Also Social how freedom+ by tip24, Action man Or the television voter have community financing for the purpose. If you want to do good alone, play here. When choosing the best online lottery, you will once again miss greater chances of winning and jackpots.

The possibilities on the Internet are generally limitless in many areas-including the online lottery. With Lottoland alone you can play more than 25 lotteries from all over the world. The Lotter even offers you up to 50 online lotteries on. No comparison to the 5 lotteries licensed in Germany. And the exact view of the online lotteries is worthwhile.

With the US lotteries Powerball and Megamillions, the two draws with the largest profits in the world to date are on offer. In contrast to many lotteries, some of the largest lotteries in one country offer Jackpots without limit. That means they keep getting on until they are cracked. With Lotto 6 out of 49, the main prize is awarded at the latest at the 13th draw.

  • At US Powerball it is Profit record With incredible $ 1.586 billion. However, three lucky winners were shared.
  • US Megamillions claims the world's largest Single profit for themselves. In October 2018, a player won the jackpot of $ 1.537 billion. Because he decided on the one -time payment instead of the payment in installments, he remained at the end $ 877 million.
  • If you play $jackot, you can win a maximum of 90 million $. With euromillions, the record gain is included 190 million $. The jackpot has been cracked across europe five times since 2012. Even the lottery offered by online providers Lottoland and Lottohelden WorldMillions comes to a maximum jackpot of 130 million $.
  • While in the German 6 out of 49 of the spawning record jackpot 45.3 million $ Located, the Italian superenalotto year 2019 could be proud 209 million $ to be played.
  • The Spanish Christmas lottery Fat Pour overall 2.38 billion $ from, whereby the main prize is limited to 4 million $.

An important reading recommendation for all lucky guys: I won the lottery! This guide reveals what to do after a big win and what is better not.

In the following section we want you Briefly introduce some lotteries. They are all among the absolute top lotteries and enjoy huge popularity. While a lottery scores with a particularly high jackpot, the next one knows how to convince with many draws.

The popular traditional German lottery LOTTO 6aus49 It has been held since 1955 and pulled twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday evening. Game 77 and Super 6 are among the additional lotteries. The highest rank of profits can only be cracked with a super number.

The profit rates are on Subsequent day a draw determined. They depend on how many correct tips there are in the respective winning classes. Friends of the American lottery should also American Lotto try out.

Facts about Lotto 6 from 49
  • Game principle: 6 out of 49 + Superzahl
  • Playable: Lotteries with German license and EU license
  • Cost per tipfeld/lot: 1 $
  • Draws: 2x a week (Wednesday/Saturday)
  • Profit classes: 9, jackpot increase up to max. 13. drawing

Austria's most popular Lotto 6 out of 45 Is the counterpart to the German 6 Aus49 and you can only play online. Twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays you have the chance of the jackpot of at least 1 million $. The probability is 1: 8 million.

In addition to the regular six lottery numbers Additional number from the pool of the 45 numbers drawn. However, it is not necessary for the jackpot win, rather it offers the chance of more profits in the lower profit classes. In the additional game Joker, up to 3 six -digit loose loose, other separate profits can clear.

Facts about Lotto 6 from 45
  • Game principle: 6 out of 45
  • Playable: Lotteries with EU license
  • Cost per tipfeld/lot: 1,20 $
  • Draws: 2x a week (Wednesday/Sunday)
  • Profit classes: 8, jackpot at least 1 million $

The european Community Lottery $jackpot was first launched in 2012. Based on the participant countries, it is the largest lottery in europe. In the meantime, tipper from 18 european countries play a maximum of 90 million $ every Friday evening.

You choose on a typing field 5 out of 50 regular lottery numbers from, as well as 2 out of 10 $, the additional numbers. The jackpot starts at at least 10 million $.

Facts about $jackpot
  • Game principle: 5 from 50 + 2 from 10 ($ numbers)
  • Playable: Lotteries with German license and EU license
  • Cost per tipfeld/lot: 2 $
  • Draws: 1x a week (Friday)
  • Profit classes: 12, Jackpot Maximum 90 Mio. $

euromillions is a european special lottery based on $jackpot, in which nine countries (including Spain, USA, Great Britain, Austria, USA) have participated since 2004. Germany is not there. Twice a week is drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays. The jackpot can rise to up to 190 million $.

On each typing field you choose 5 from 50 regular euromillion numbers As well as for 2 out of 12 star numbers, the euromillion additives. Every tip handed in takes part in the race for a jackpot of at least 17 million $.

Facts about euromillions
  • Game principle: 5 from 50 + 2 from 12 (star numbers)
  • Playable: Lotteries with EU license
  • Cost per tipfeld/lot: 3 $
  • Draws: 2x a week (Tuesday/Friday)
  • Profit classes: 13, Jackpot Maximum 190 Mio. $

The once daily lottery has been going on since 2013 KENO officially offered 365 days a year in all German federal states. A total of 20 are drawn from 70 winning numbers. You decide how many numbers you take with. 2 to 10 numbers must be ticked per play.

You will also determine your respective Use between 1 and 10 $. Even with 0 hits, 8, 9 and 10 numbers can be won. The end digit supplement Plus5 offers further chances of winning up to 5000 $ for just 75 cents.

Facts about Keno
  • Game principle: 2 to 10 out of 20 out of 70
  • Playable: Lotteries with German license and EU license
  • Cost per tipfeld/lot: 1 to 10 $
  • Draws: 1x daily (also on public holidays)
  • Profit classes: 10, Jackpot Maximum 1 Mio. $

The American lottery US MegaMillions is one of those with the biggest jackpots in the world. This starts at at least $ 40 million. The jackpot knows no limit, it is increased until a tipper 5 correct has the mega ball.

Nine profit classes can be occupied by the megamillions. With the Additional game megaplier all profit sums of classes 2 to 9 can be multiplied. The amount of up to 5 times is then paid out. However, traps fall abroad with lottery gains Steer an.

Facts about US Megamillions
  • Game principle: 5 from 70 + 1 from 25 (mega ball number)
  • Playable: Lotteries with EU license
  • Cost per tipfeld/lot: 3 to 3.50 $
  • Draws: 2x a week (Wednesday/Saturday German time)
  • Profit classes: 9, jackpot without limit/at least $ 40 million

How Megamillions becomes US PowerBall Pulled twice a week, in succession with the megamillions, so that you can play at least $ 40 million four times a week. The number lottery in the United States Cash4Life drawn.

Is played According to principle 5 out of 69 1 out of 26. Anyone who hits the five regular lottery numbers and the additional number of Powerball takes the first prize rank. In the additional game PowerPlay, profits can even be increased.

Facts about US Powerball
  • Game principle: 5 from 69 + 1 from 26 (Powerball number)
  • Playable: Lotteries with EU license
  • Cost per tipfeld/lot: 3 to 3.50 $
  • Draws: 2x a week (Thursday/Sunday German time)
  • Profit classes: 9, jackpot without limit/at least $ 40 million

USA's most popular lottery Superenalotto plays the highest jackpots in europe three times a week. Three weekly draws also mean that the jackpots rise much faster than other lotteries. Maximum profits beyond 100 million $ are not uncommon.

In the big one Pool of 90 However, the jackpot probability also drops rapidly. The chance of winning the jackpot is 1: 622 million and is therefore significantly worse than with other lotteries.

Facts about Superenalotto
  • Game principle: 6 out of 90
  • Playable: Lotteries with EU license
  • Cost per tipfeld/lot: 1.50 to 2 $
  • Draws: 3x a week (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday)
  • Profit classes: 6, Jackpot Mindestens 1.3 Mio. $jackpot

Brazil's number lotteries quina and Mega Sena are among the largest in the world. It is surprising that the country with more than 200 million inhabitants is that with the largest population in South America and even the fifth largest country on earth.

Quina has a two-year tradition than mega-sena, it will be has been organized as an additional Brazilian lottery from the National Bank since 1994.

Especially the view of the Chances of winningTo crack the jackpot, makes the Brazilian lotteries so attractive compared to other online lotteries.

  • At Quina there is the chance of the maximum profit 1:24 million with the greatest.
  • At Mega-Sena, the jackpot probability is included 1:50 million.
For comparison:
  • In German Lotto 6 out of 49 is the chance of six correct ones 1: 140 million.
  • You crack the $ jackpot with a probability of 1:96 million.
  • Also the American top lotteries US PowerBall With 1: 292 millionandefinedandandefinedUS Mega Millions With 1: 303 million can't keep up.

Of the Online provider Lottoland Promise the same, good odds as the original lottery on site in Brazil.

Monday to Saturday: Six draws a week

No state drawing lottery can be played more often in Brazil than Quina Lotto. Weekly from Monday to Saturday will 5 out of 80 numbers each Pulled under notarial supervision, only the seventh day, Sunday, is, so to speak, the day of rest. In addition, there is no Quina draw on national holidays in Brazil.

With six draws a week, Quina is reminiscent of those in Germany daily Keno education Or the cash4life played seven times a week.

The quina numbers are drawn at 8 p.m. local time, so that the results are after German period Shortly after midnight present. If you cannot stay awake, you have the drawing result and the updated Quina statistics on time for breakfast. Tax deadline is usually a few minutes before the start of time.

No super number for jackpot gain required

The game principle at Quina is very simple. The numbers 01 to 80 become From a single drum drawn. You have already won the jackpot with 5 correct numbers. Unlike many other known lotteries, there are no additional numberthat is generated from a second drum or a lot number.

That also explains the High jackpot chance We are what. Bem Lotto 6 out of 49 For example, you can only clear the highest profit level with 6 correct and the corresponding super number.

Against it There are no further additional games And game options, so that you only have profits from the main lottery. For example, come to the German lottery Game 77 and great 6 to. These additional games usually offer their own winning lines through lot numbers.

Quina jackpots, profit classes and odds

The jackpot starts at 600,000 Brazilian real, what the equivalent of around 100,000 $ are. If it is not cracked, the jackpot increases from drawing to draw and can quickly be in Millions grow, which in turn prove the highest quina jackpots ever won. The currency course is inferior and can occasionally be cheaper or worse.

What about your Quina chances of winning? Overall there is at Quina 4 profit classes. At the highest level you need 5 correct ones, in the lowest class you already win with 2 correct numbers. Of the Prize money funds is around 43 %. This means that almost half of the operations paid are played out. At Quina, 35 % of this is due to the jackpot.

Profit classnumberChance of winning
15 correct1:24.040.016
24 correct1:64.106
33 correct1:866
42 correct1:036

At the online provider Lottoland you will receive in addition to the jackpot, which is changing in its distribution height on average

  • 1,000 to 2,000 $ in the 2nd winning class,
  • 20 to 30 $ in the 3rd winning class and
  • 0.50 to 2 $ in the 4th winning class.

Up to 3.9 million $: the biggest Quina jackpots

Only 100,000 $? The start jackpot near Quina only looks very small at first glance. Although it does not become astronomical height, it could still be Chance of profit of 1:24 million considerable sums in the past.

Because you have to see one thing: like the Lotto 6 from 49 or the $jackpot, it is also one Progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot increases with every drawing in which it is not cracked. And since there are six draws a week at Quina, the jackpot can grow very quickly in a very short time - almost every day!

  • The highest quina jackpot was in March 2019 released. The profit was around 17.5 million Brazilian real, which converted at the time Around 3.9 million $ met.
  • For the first time since the previous record win of 3.56 million $ in 2014, the 3.5 million limit was exceeded.
  • In 2015 and 2017, the equivalent of over 3.4 million $ in the highest profit level was also awarded to lucky winners.

Einmal im jahr: Sonderauslosung Quina de São João

still Higher jackpots Wait for you once a year if you want to play the Brazilian Quina Lotto. Every year on June 24th it comes to Sonderauslosung Quina de São João. This starts with a jackpot of guaranteed 140 million Brazilian real. That is the equivalent of around 23.5 million $.

Since 15 % of the prize money fund flow into the special draw with every normal draw, the record gain at Quina de São João is around 50 million $. This jackpot shared 8 winners in 2016.

The game principle at Quina de São João remains unchanged with 5 out of 80 numbers and 4 winnings. If the jackpot is not cracked, the money of the 1st winning levels is divided into the other classes and Performed in any case.

Saint John
The São João is a national holiday in Brazil and celebrates St. John's Day in the Christian country, which in honor of the birth of John the Baptist takes place.

Are lottery profits in Brazil taxed?

In Brazil, lottery prices with one Tax rate of 13.8 % Taxed. However, the levy is collected before the draw, so that the jackpot sum advertised online will appear after the tax. So you can be sure that this money will actually be distributed, you will receive the entire amount around which you also played.

You will receive more information on whether you have to tax your profit in the linked guide.

Especially since the online provider Lottoland die Payment of the profits guaranteed. You will be automatically notified. If a tip in Brazil on site, profits must be claimed with the corresponding game certificate within 90 days.

Play Quina online: step by step to a ticket

  • 1
    First of all, you decide how many tippules you want to play. At Lottoland you can between 1 to 5 plugder Select. In the original in Brazil, tipsters can only play 2 fields. At Lottoland, Quina is the Price per field 0.75 $,sothatawholequinanote(5fields)isonly3.75$atlottoland.intheoriginalthereare2real,whichwouldevenbeonly0.35$.forcomparison:atypipofthelotto6outof49costsyou1$0.50$processingfee.quinaonlycostsyouhalf.
  • 2
    Now you choose your favorite and desired figures. You can do it check at least 5 of the 80 numbers. But you can also select up to 15 numbers in a typo. Then you play one System licensewhich Lottoland also shows you in a new typing field menu. On the Quick-Tipp-Buttonifatypingfieldisautomaticallymarkedwithjustoneclick,youthenplaywithrandomnumbers.
  • 3
    Next you determine the selection menu about the Datum, in which (first) drawing you participate. You also decide how long you want to play your quina numbers. Select from 1 week to a subscription or the option of Jackpotjagd.thisletsyouplayalongaslongasthejackpotrises.
  • 4
    When looking at the jackpot, Lottoland grants you two more bonus steps. First, you can get one from the start Double jackpot to play. However, your commitment also doubles. Second, you can do with Pay protectiontoplay.yousecurethefulljackpotheightwithseveralwinners.youdonothavetosharetheamountsobtainedwithothers.numbersareonlypossiblewithlottolandifidon'tplayforthedoublejackpot.
  • 5
    Finally only on Hand over Click and your Quina tipping certificate ends up in your shopping cart. You can follow the costs transparently at any time when selecting the tips. If you are not yet registered with Lottoland online, you have to go to the game participation user accountinvest.

Chances of winning in the full system

Whether you type in Brazil at the acceptance point or online from Germany has no influence on the Quina profit rates: Instead of 5 numbers per tipfeld, you can also mark 6, 7, 8 etc. of your favorite number per field automatically hand in a full system tip.

You then play Several combinations of your numbers as well as several plugers at the same time and thereby increases your chances of winning.

Alone if you are at Quina for 7 numbers per tipfeld decides, result in 21 possible combinations of numbers and plugder. With the selection of 7 numbers in a single typing field, you save yourself filling out 5 tickets. In this example, the costs and your game use increase to 15.75 $.

Differences between Quina and Mega-Sena

We have already named some differences from Brazilian Quina to the Mega-Sena lottery. To speak alone that Quina was the small branch of Mega-Sena would do the Quina Lotto wrong. Especially since Quina is available for two years longer than that Mega-Sena for the first time in 1996.

Both lotteries have theirs in comparison Advantages and disadvantages. The jackpot at Quina is significantly lower than with Mega-Sena. For example, the price per tipfeld at Quina is unbeatably cheap and the jackpot chance is greater. Both lotteries offer an attractive special draw on a holiday, which are therefore among the most popular in Brazil.

Mega Sena is that most popular and largest national lottery in Brazil. The 6 from 60-lottery has been found by the Brazilian National Bank Caixa Econômica Federal since 1996 Twice a week organized. The 6 lucky figures are drawn as in the German Lotto 6 out of 49 Every Wednesday and Saturday.

The Mega-Sena-Jackpot does not know a limit and starts with the online lottery provider Lottoland at least 1 million $. The 1st winning class can quickly grow into higher million areas and to become a millionaire at play the lottery make. Especially since Every 5th draw with an increased jackpot is played from a special pot.

The draws in Brazil
In Brazil the Draws continuously counted and numbered. For example, the 2270th draw was reached in June 2020. Since each 5th draw is a special draw, this is with all draws that end at 5 or 0, the case. In the 2270th draw, the jackpot was already 3.8 million $, at the 2275th draw at 2.9 million $.

The jackpot climbs even higher at the Annual special draw on New Year's Eve. Since 2008 every year on December 31, the so -called Mega da Virada instead of. The highest mega-Sena profits of over 60 million $ were achieved in this special education on the last day of a calendar year.

Wednesday and Saturday: winning numbers from two drums

Are pulled at the mega Sena 6 out of 60 numbers. The draws find every week on Wednesday and Saturday evening at 8 p.m. local time under state supervision in the capital Brasilia. The time difference to Germany corresponds to 5 hours, so that you can expect the drawing results between 1 and 2 a.m. If you don't want to stay awake as long, you have the Mega-Sena numbers on Thursday and Sunday on time for breakfast.

The balls of the winning numbers are drawn From two drums. In the first drum are located The numbers from 0 to 5, in the second drum The numbers from 0 to 9 mixed. If the 2 is now pulled and then the 8, the final win is 28. Special feature: the 0 and 0 are accordingly for the 60.

This solution system is in international comparison Certainly a bit unusual, but also harbors a certain tension sheet and thrill.

No super number for jackpot gain required

To clear the jackpot at Mega Sena, you are enough A simple six. This profit strategy is with the Irish lottery or the 6 from 45 lottery in Austria comparable. It will be at Mega Sena no additional number Like the super number of the German Lotto 6 out of 49 or the $ numbers at the $jackpot drawn.

  • DIE Jackpot-Chance On 6 correct in the Brazilian lottery is with 1:50 million accordingly higher.
  • With Lotto 6 out of 49, the probability of the jackpot is included 1: 140 million.
  • With the $jackpot you win the maximum price with a chance of 1:95 million.

However, there is also an additional number at Mega Sena No additional game. An additional end -of -digit lottery like the German Game 77 and great 6 Or you cannot play another extra education at Mega Sena. Your chances of winning and profits are limited to the main lottery.

Mega Sena Jackpot, winning classes and odds

With six correct, the Sena, belongs to the jackpot. You need at least one Quadra, 4 correct numbers to reach the lowest winning class. In between lies the Which - 5 correct. This means Mega Sena 3 profit classeswhat are at first glance and compared to other lotteries there are few profit stages.

The German Lotto 6 out of 49 offers like the most popular US lotteries Mega MillionsandefinedandandefinedPowerBall - also because of the respective additional game - a total of 9 winning classes and thus also corresponding small profits in lower classes. On the other hand, you can at Mega Sena Also in the 2nd and 3rd winning class, tap the really high profits. As a rule, the profit sums with 5 correct ones are around half of the jackpot sum, whereby it depends on how many players have achieved a respective profit level-regardless of whether these players play mega Sena online or on site. The sums are shared accordingly.

Payment sums in the Brazilian lottery

Overall become 46 % of the grossages distributed from the game missions at the Mega Sena per draw. This amount is divided into the profit classes and the special draws:

  • 35 % The payout amounts to the 1st winning class, the JackPot.
  • Respectively 19 % The distribution are in the 2nd and 3rd winning class intended.
  • 22 % Percent flow into the Jackpot of every 5th drawthat is a special draw with increased profit.
  • 5 % The payout of each draw goes to the mega da virada, the New Year's Eve education on December 31 of each year.
  • OUR TIP At the online provider Lottoland Can you the respective Jackpot-Stand the special draws after each draw persecutor. Together with the results and quotas of past draws, it is first informed about how high the jackpot of the upcoming 5th draw is, as well as second, at which profit sum the New Year's Eve jackpot is.

In contrast to the european multi-states lotteries, the Mega-Sena-Jackpot knows a maximum height of the Mega-Sena Jackpot. euromillions Not. There is no limit. The jackpot rises until there is a lucky winner. Just not with the New Year's draw: If there is no one with 6 correct, the jackpot win is divided into the 2nd and 3rd winning class and In any case, released on New Year's Eve.

The start jackpot can vary. Finally, the original in Brazilian real is advertised. Profits will be converted into $. Depending on Currency fluctuations And there can be differences.

Increase profit opportunities with a system license

Instead of 6 numbers per tipfeld, you can also mark your favorite numbers per field and automatically hand in a system tip. You then play Several combinations of your numbers as well as several plugers at the same time and thereby increases your chances of winning. At the same time, of course, your commitment also increases. Mega Sena allowed up to 15 numbers per tipfeld.

  • EXAMPLE If you are at Mega Sena for 8 numbers per tipfeld decides, result in 28 possible combinations of numbers and plugder. With the selection of 8 numbers in a single typing field, you save yourself filling out 5 tickets. In this example, the costs and your game use increase at 1.50 $ per tipfeld to 42 $.
Numbers per tipfeldChance of winnings jackpotChance of winning 2nd classChance of profit 3rd grade

Alone with one Full system The chance of winning on the jackpot at Mega Sena from 1:50 million is already 1: 7 million from 7 numbers increase by over 85 percent.

62.6 million $: The largest mega Sena Jackpots

It is not uncommon for Mega Sena with the Record lotteries Mega Millions and Powerball compared from the USA. The Brazilian lottery lottery cannot keep up with the super wins of the US lotteries beyond the guaranteed jackpot heights of the equivalent of 35 million $. Nevertheless, Mega Sena also takes care of the New Year's Eve education regularly for records. And for comparison: The record for the German Lotto 6 out of 49 is 45.4 million $.

  • 306.7 million real the highest jackpot win at Mega Sena was ever paid. 62.6 million $ On December 31, 2017, 17 happy winners Topping community. They had to share the greatest lottery win in South America.
  • 302.5 million reals were awarded New Year's Eve 2018.
  • The biggest single profit A regular Mega-Sena Education posted a single tipper in May 2019. He won 289.4 million real, which was the equivalent of almost 55 million $ at the time.
  • For the first time beyond 30 million $, the regular jackpot was in 1999.
Are lottery profits in Brazil taxed?
In Brazil, lottery prices with one Tax rate of 13.8 % Taxed (here more about the topic Tax the lottery profit). However, the levy is already made in the quota advertisement, so that the quotas already advertised in the online lottery providers and usually also correspond to your actual profits. Especially since the online provider Lottoland die Payment of the profits guaranteedby the way: if lottery gains are not redeemed within 90 days when the tip of brazil is not redeemed in brazil, the amounts of money that have not been picked up will go to national educational programs. by the way: if lottery gains are not redeemed within 90 days when the tip of brazil is not redeemed in brazil, the amounts of money that have not been picked up will go to national educational programsby the way: if lottery gains are not redeemed within 90 days when the tip of brazil is not redeemed in brazil, the amounts of money that have not been picked up will go to national educational programs.

Advantages and disadvantages: Mega Sena near Lottoland and Lotto247

The game principle of Mega Sena with his two draws on Wednesday and Saturday evening as well as its odds is the same for the three online providers Lottoland and Lotto247. Still there are a couple Differences and special featuresthat you should know before you choose one of these providers on the Internet.

  • The cheapest will play Mega Sena online with a use of 1.50 $ per tipfeld At Lottoland. Lotto247 takes 2 $ per field. In Brazil, a typip of the lower wage level costs only 3.50 real - the equivalent of around 0.60 $ compared to Germany.
  • At what future drawing you from Datum You want to participate - just about every 5th draw with special draws - you can choose from Lottoland and Lotto247.
  • Additional game options only offer you Lottoland. There you can still around the Double jackpotandefinedandandefinedWith Pay protection spielen.
  • Systems you can play at Lottoland. Lotto247 does not offer any system certificates for Mega Sena.
  • The also popular Brazilian Quina Lotto 5 out of 80, which is drawn in addition to the Mega Sena from Monday to Saturday, can only be played online at Lottoland.

Step by step to the Mega Sena ticket

  • 1
    First of all, you decide how many tippules you want to play. At Lottoland you can between 1 to 6 plugder choosesothatacompletelycompletedticketcostsyou9$attheend.
  • 2
    Now you choose your favorite and desired figures. You have to check at least 6 of the 60 numbers. But you can also select up to 15 numbers in a typo. Then you play a system license. On the Quick-Tipp-Buttonifatypingfieldorawholeticketisautomaticallymarkedwithjustoneclick,youthenplaywithrandomnumbers.
  • 3
    Next you determine that in the selection menu Datum, so in which (first) draw you want to participate. You also decide how long you want to play your numbers. Select from 1 week to a subscription or the option of Jackpotjagd.thisletsyouplayaslongasthejackpotrises.
  • 4
    When looking at the jackpot, Lottoland grants you two more bonus steps. First, you can get one from the start Double jackpot to play. However, your commitment also doubles. Second, you can do with Pay protectiontoplay.yousecurethefulljackpotheightwithseveralwinners.youdonothavetosharetheamountsobtainedwithothers.
  • 5
    Finally only on Hand over Click and your Mega-Sena tipping certificate ends up in your shopping cart. You can follow the costs transparently at any time when selecting the tips. If you are not yet registered with Lottoland online, you have to go to the game participation user accountinvest.

DIE ProfitandefinedandandefinedChances of winning The classic German, european and internationals differ greatly. Some offer better chances of winning JackPot To crack, others have more profit classes. Some jackpots are limited, others can rise to dizzying heights.

For the general lottery player, the Opportunities in lower profit classes more decisive. Realistic sums with 2, 3 or 4 correct can be won there. Comparisons are worth it! And when evaluating a lottery you should also Cost Keep an eye on per tip or proceed. Serious online providers charge the same costs as at the kiosk.

The size of a jackpot is what attracts many tipsters to take part in a lottery. However, normally applies: The larger the jackpot, the lower the chances of winning.

  • The Jackpot probability lies with the Austrian Lotto 6 out of 45 With 1: 8 million significantly above that of the German Lotto 6 out of 49 (1: 140 million) and the euromillions (1: 140 million). However, the 6 out of 45 only plays by at least 1 million $, while the euromillions jackpot guarantees at least 17 million $ and is often beyond 100 million.
  • Which is the most difficult to win jackpot, based on the jackpot profit chances, that of the Italian Superenalotto. The win of the Superenalotto jackpot is more than twice as unlikely than the profit US MegaMillions or US PowerBall. However, the Superenalotto Jackpot also grows over a much longer period, so that you have more time and chances to crack one of the biggest jackpots in europe.
  • Nothing changes in the general jackpot chance of a lottery after not taking rising jackpots.
LotteryJackpot profit chanceRecord jackpot
(converted in $)
LOTTO 6aus491:140 Mio.45,4 Mio. $
$jackpot1:96 Mio.Max. 90 My. $
euromillions1:140 Mio.Max. My 200. $
Lotto 6aus451:8 Mio.14,9 Mio. $
US MegaMillions1:303 Mio.1,4 Mrd. $
US PowerBall1:292 Mio.1,46 Mrd. $
Superenalotto1:623 Mio.209 Mio. $

The chances of winning for one Jackpot price are the lowest. Of course, this is because you have to type all the drawn numbers (main and additional numbers) to win the price.

The chances of winning in the lower price classes are still dependent on it How many numbers be pulled from which Pool is drawn whether there is a special number like the Great number gives and How many profit classes there are at all. Each profit level has its own chances of winning.

These in turn deviate from how likely it is to win a price at all. Especially cut the foreign online lotteries in comparison to the Lotto 6 out of 49 better. The probabilities basically refer to just one played typing field. If you play a whole appearance, the chances of winning increase many times over.

LotteryMinimum profit chanceGeneral chance of winning
LOTTO 6aus491:63,
3 correct
2 correct + 1 number of $
2 correct
Lotto 6aus451:12,
Additional number
US MegaMillions1:36,
Mega ball
US PowerBall1:38,
2 correct

While you are on the Lotto 6 from 49 on the Winning rates the following day have to wait a draw, you play numerous other lotteries online according to the same, Fixed odds. This is because the providers offer the most popular foreign lotteries as second lotteries, usually do not acquire an original game certificate on site, but rather a one Laws on the draws concludes.

The advantage of fixed odds is that you already know when the tip is given which profit is exactly what you can expect. With Lotto 6 from 49 or $jackpot, on the other hand, the winnings depend on the number of successful tippers in the respective profit rank and is reduced according to a higher number of correct tips. A Pay protection there is not any. That is, several players have 6 correct ones, the jackpot is shared.

Online lottery providers offer you figures for some games such as $jackpot and US Powerball. In order to actually be able to pay out the maximum profits in the millions, online providers usually have Insurance completed. This ensures that you will receive your money.

The popular game 77 and Super 6 in Lotto 6 from 49, Plus5 at Keno or Powerplay and MegaPlier at the US lotteries Powerball and Megamillions: Additional games offer you within a draw A second chance of winning. As an additional game immediately after the actual draw, they also offer Double fun.

That Irish lottery 6 from 47 is a good example: Following each draw, the winning numbers in the additional game Lotto+ 1 and Lotto+ 2 are determined. If you have selected the corresponding option in the ticket, your numbers automatically take part in these two draws. You pay for that additional only 1 $ per field And have the chance of an additional up to 1 million $ (lottery+ 1) and 250,000 $ (lottery+ 2). In the game 77, the record gain is 11.07 million $.

Especially beginners are happy if you at least get your commitment out of the right in the main deprivation of winnings in the additional game. Pay attention to additional games! Her positive added value predominates.

Play $ jackpot only once a week on Friday evening? That's not enough for you? You want More drawings and play more often? euromillions come twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays - and also offers the higher maximum jackpot with 200 million $. Even Lotto 6 from 49 is played twice a week.

Regardless of the day you are at the daily lottery Keno. They have online workers like Lottoland with the variants MultickeneandefinedandandefinedKenow Even further developed in your own formats when pulling twice a day (Multikeno) or even every 4 minutes (Kenow).

More frequent draws do not increase the actual chances of winning the lottery. Nevertheless, they offer you the Jackpot chance at every single draw. Just because a lottery is drawn more often does not change the winning classes. They stay the same. Slight differences can be made between a draw on the weekend and one during the week Make a working day: more people usually play on weekends. If you do not type according to fixed odds, your winnings are usually reduced in the lower profit classes because more tippers win.

  • Rubbellose and Co. - Play immediate lotteries online:Instant lotteries can also be played on the Internet. These include in different forms of play Rubble, Online-Bingo and Keno variants. So you don't have to wait for a draw to find out whether and how much you have won.

As Additional game option Can you with some online providers and lotteries with one Partial or full system license Your favorite numbers On several tips Play at once and increase your chances of winning and profits. A selection of possible combinations of your numbers is played in the subsystem.

Also when typing in Syndicate several rows of numbers and notes are typed. However, you should consider that according to your shares Profits are divided And therefore lower. Beginners will not necessarily play with system shares in the first lottery attempt. However, regular tippers should increase your chances of winning in the system.

Practical examples
  • With Lotto 6 out of 49, you can play between 7 and 26 numbers instead of the usual 6 numbers. For example, if you choose 9 numbers, the full system 009 whole 84 Different Six Combinationsthat you automatically play. You save yourself filling out 7 game certificates - and also seven times the fee!
  • At the $jackpot XL system tip from Lottoland you play with a maximum of 5 shares with up to 1260 chances of winning.
  • The Lotter offers under US Megamillions for scarce 25 $ use participation in up to 256 tips from syndriaks.

Legal and illegal lotteries Define in German legislation primarily on their licensing and the state of gambling. State -regulated providers in Germany are legal and private strictly illegal - at least that's how the state lotteries see it. You insist on yours Monopoly In Germany and private providers refuse their approval.

The online providers argue that a european license entitles you to offer lotteries in Germany due to the freedom of service. Another adaptation in Germany is with the Revision of the Gaming State Treaty expected in 2021. The signals are positive.

With the EU licensed online providers, you often take so-called Second lotteries part. This means that you don't buy and get a real lottery ticket, do not take part in the respective drawing. Much more conceit Your at fixed odds that are based on the probabilities of the original bodies are based on the outcome of the lottery, i.e. on the numbers drawn. Conversely, this also allows the online provider, more To create additional games, to offer a figure protection or double jackpot.

When playing the lottery on the Internet, you should advocate yourself Three types of rip -offs beware. You can exclude two types relatively easily, the third party is simply fraud.

Choice of a reputable online provider
We have already shown you that lottery portals with a license of another EU state are controlled as Germany and are bound to applicable EU law. Especially on the Payout modalities You should pay attention. Serious providers guarantee you a profit payment. Even with discounts and bonus promises, it should be noted from which deposits and sums of them.

Serious online providers like Lottoland set their good reputation And your business company not jeopardized with rip -off.

Choice of a well -known lottery
If you play the common and most popular lotteries in the world, you are almost certainly on the safe side. Foreign lotteries such as US Powerball, US Megamillions or El Gordo from Spain are offered online according to the same rules of the game as in the respective countries of origin at the kiosk. The game principle, profit classes and chances of winning are tried out over the years, state certified and fair in the sense of gambling.

Only with you completely unknown lotteries You should check in advance whether it actually exists and how it runs in detail.

Wrong lottery gains
The most common lottery fraud stitch are Telephone calls, SMS, emails or letters. The fraudsters vary as an official lottery company, and they pretend to be a false lottery gain that does not exist.

You can protect yourself against this: You can always view profits in your online provider in your player account. To get profits, you have to no additional deposits or similar cash payments Afford. Is the alleged profit realistic? Most of the time, when playing online with fixed odds, you know which sums you can win. If you are also put under pressure or tell yourself that you shouldn't tell anyone about the profit, the fraudsters try to manipulate you.

Whether you tap the Lotto 6 from 49 or choose a lot number at World Millions, regardless of which national or international online lottery you also choose, filling out a game certificate should be without any problems. The online lottery providers' players are written in German and almost Identical to an original game certificate at the kiosk. You simply select the amount of the tippules to be played, additional games and the date of the drawing with one click.

The participation in the game is also easy for beginners. Still we have some Tips and Tricks for you:

Tips and Tricks
  • Online providers such as Lottoland, Lottohelden or The Lotter offer you the opportunity to fill out tickets without having to register beforehand. So you can Try out lottery. Test it!
  • im Quick-Tipp If the plugs are filled automatically, flawlessly and conveniently. That saves time!
  • Popular Number combinations avoid! If you play and win with the most played lottery numbers such as the birth data from 1 to 31, you have to expect your profit to share your profit with other players who have typed the same figures.
  • Instead, they can Statistics of past draws help. Which numbers are most frequently drawn? Which have been overdue for a long time? Statistics exist for all online lotteries. Check out it!
  • Success strategies in gambling? There is not any? Is there! If you adhere to certain mathematical lottery strategies, you will at least increase your chances of winning. This hides the allegedly best ways to win the lottery behind terms such as the cross law, shared field and magical square.
  • Of the Deadline Is mostly displayed in the form of a downstream countdown. So you keep an overview of when the next draw is due.
  • Plays im Those! If you participate in a lottery over a longer period of time, you will increase your chances of winning. In addition, you don't miss a jackpot.
  • You can cheer with many online lottery. This increases the fun factor. Pursues the draw in Livestream!,lotto24ortipp24offeryouthemostpopulargermanandeuropeanlotterieslike6from49,glücksspirale,kenoand$jackpot.otheronlineproviderssuchaslottoland,lottoheldenandthelotteralsooffer50mostpopularinternationallotteriesonline.
The US lotteries count worldwide MegamillionsandefinedandandefinedPowerBall With their non-limited jackpots to the biggest lotteries. The global record gain at Powerball is 1.46 billion $. In europe that offer Italian Superenalotto and the Spanish Christmas lottery Fatthehighestprofitdistributions.

Finally, the question remains which is the best online lottery? We cannot make a general general judgment at this point. We prefer to pass the question on to you: What kind of lottery are you? Do you target high jackpot gains or do you prefer to play continuously, gladly all week? Answer these questions for you. The fact is: The right lottery can be found online for every taste!

With us in the editorial team we like to play for the whole. The very big winnings irritate us. Then we play more for the record sums in euromillions instead of the limited jackpot at the $jackpot. The US lotteries Powerball and Megamillions are also an attractive alternative for us. This is mainly due to the additional game, with which profits can sometimes be increased. This is also noticeable in lower profit classes.

In principle, we are happy to try out different lotteries in the editorial team - and not only on Wednesday and Saturday. We save the waiting time for the next Lotto 6 from 49 education and like to play a lottery that provides us with results immediately.

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