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21 slot machines tips and tricks - best casino machines tips and tricks in check

Are there any slot machines tips and tricks with which a player can make sustainable profits? Well, there is certainly no patent recipe to beat a machine. However, there is Several tips for slot machines, through which you can significantly improve your own game behavior and have a good chance of becoming a much more successful player. I present you the best 21 slot machines tips and tricks that have passed my own practical test!

Interesting facts about slot machines tips and tricks
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Slot machines tips and tricks - what really makes sense?

If you have one on the Internet Online Casino Portal Find tips and tricks for slot machines, you will be flooded with a huge wave of information. But of course it is particularly important for you Get tips for slot machines that really work in practice. Unfortunately, there are a number of supposedly grandiose ideas on the net, which in the end, however, turn out to be hot air.

However, I carried out the practical test for you and present you Only slot machines tips and tricks that have turned out to be really useful at the machines. I have a total of 21 slot machines for you that I can recommend for both hobby players and newcomers as well as for real professionals.

  • Improving your payment rates through higher nominal values: Tips and tricks have been among the online slot machines This procedure has been true for many years. This phenomenon could be observed at the time of the pure 3 rollers. The payment percentage is attractive Real money slot machines, which allow high operations, namely significantly higher than with the small Penny machines. However, it takes into account that the use of higher nominal values is always associated with greater risk.
  • Understand the rules of the slot machine: Definitely sets only Online casino real money in a slot machine when you The rules internalized exactly have. Because nothing is worse than entering a loss because you didn't know better. Nearly All online casinos also offer German game descriptions, so that important slot machines tips and tricks are presented on the serving plate.
  • Activate the jackpot for progressive slot machines: If you want to make strong profits on the slot machines, I definitely recommend you a look at them Jackpot Slots to throw. In any case, you should check a special feature in order to be able to maximize your income. With some slot machines you automatically take part in the jackpot. On the other hand, however, there is also Jackpot slots, in which you have to place a certain minimum assignment, So that you are really entitled to win a jackpot. I definitely recommend you to place these missions because the jackpot is the real charm of this Slots matters.
  • Do not use jackpot slots for classic gameplay: In addition, I have already recognized in the past that the jackpot slots Outside of the jackpot chances, pay significantly less than the classic slot machines. Under the tips for slot machines, you should definitely take these facts into account. A slot machine with a progressive jackpot is only really interesting if you really have the chance of the really big throw.
  • Select a slot machine according to your personal preferences: In the numerous online casinos you can Use many exciting slot machines that can differ significantly from the structure, gameplay and the special functions. I recommend that you choose a slot machine that really fits your personal wishes. Here you can use slot machines and slots from very different subject areas. Antiquity, Egypt, fantasy, horror as well as film and television are just a few of the well -known genres im Online casino comparison.
  • Choose the right machine properties: For one thing, for example, there is Slot machines that pay out relatively rarely, but make significantly higher profits. On the other hand, there are slots, on which you can record a successful round for yourself relatively often, but the profits for this are significantly lower. Of course, it depends on your personal attitude. Some players prefer to obtain less often Slots with high volatility And high sums and others prefer to go into safe fairway.
  • Pay attention to exciting features: In this context, too A look at the special functions. Ask yourself whether you are on features such as a risk manager or a gambling function places special value. If you ask these important criteria in advance, you will surely find the slot machine that gives you the most pleasure in practice. With some slots you can even do the Buy free spins!
  • Play only within your budget: In any case, the right money management is one of the most important slot machines tips and tricks. You should honestly ask yourself in advance what amount you for a New casino can provide. It is particularly important that you divide your bank well and never use the complete sum in just one round. It is also an advantage if you set a fixed limit in terms of profits or losses. If you have won or lost a certain amount, you have to Prove self -discipline And first end the casino day. Responsible play is particularly important and therefore One of the most important factors For sustainable success.
  • Do not let the calm up: If you want to play at a slot machine, you should Be aware in advance that unfortunately, losses are also part of it and are quite normal. Therefore, never let yourself be disturbed by loss phases and continues your way consistently. At no time pursues the idea of wanting to compensate for a loss directly in the next round.
  • Take regular breaks: Even if that gamble online A lot of fun, excitement and variety from slot machines are Regular breaks under the slot machines don't neglect tips and tricks. If you are exhausted and realize that your concentration is slowly but surely waning, a break is definitely the order of the day to recharge your batteries again. Because mistakes from carelessness are particularly annoying and can be very expensive in the worst case.
  • Starts with small missions: When it comes to the best slot machines tips and tricks, you should first Do not rush anything and start with small inserts. If you want to try out a new slot machine with real money, this is all the more recommended. In this way, you can first test the slot without greater risk and get a precise impression. If you have familiarized yourself with the gameplay and the other functions, you can still increase the operations at any time. Are a good start Slots with 1 cente.
  • Never play with debt: Basically plays the slot machines and slots Only with your own money And be aware that you can lose this too. Under no circumstances borrow money from friends and acquaintances. As a result, some friendships have already broken!
  • Test slot machines for free: In numerous online casinos you have the option of first trying out different gaming machines from different providers for free. For that will be a Riskoos demo mode Provided by which you can use all the features that are also offered with real money in the mode.
  • Choose slot machines with a high RTP: In order to further optimize your chances of winning and only select the most lucrative slot machines, I recommend you Best RTP slots to gamble. These slot machines are known for higher distributions and so you can further optimize your casino gains.
  • Choose progressive operations for slot machines: The right operating strategy is one of the best slot machines tips and tricks. With progressive operations you can Adjust you perfectly to the respective run. If you increase your missions with a profit, you can optimally take advantage of these good phases and maximize your earnings. On the other hand, you can also counteract a loss phase and keep your lost inserts as low as possible.
  • Beginners first choose simple games: As newcomers in the world of online casinos, I recommend you First the simple slot machines from the Casino games list try out. As a result, you first get to know the slots and can intensively familiarize yourself with the matter. If you are familiar with the processes and the gameplay, you can gradually dare to get on special features and bonus functions and Best casino games gamble.
  • Use all the paylines as a professional: If you already have many important ones Online casino experiences you should use the variety of the individual slots. Choose if possible All available paylines, to improve your profit expectations. However, you always have to take into account that a higher round use is due.
  • A healthy mindset: Of course, it is about real money and in addition to tension, the desire for the big winnings also spreads. Still I want you Be sure to recommend a positive attitude. If you think positively and do not take everything too seriously, you will also deal better with losses and will have much more joy in an online casino. To the In the casino You have to act balanced.
  • Collect the slot machine bonus: In almost all online casinos you can take a strong one after your registration online Casino Bonus be happy. A Deposit bonus for new players is particularly interesting for machine fans, Since the operations for most games are 100% taken into account for fulfilling the associated sales conditions. Therefore, check the best actions and do not miss an attractive slot machine bonus. Of the Non-Sticky Casino Bonus is a very good example. Here you first play with real money in front of bonus money and can have all the profits you achieved with real money!
  • Avoid unattractive bonus promotions: The quality of the bonus actions can be between the different Online casino pages distinguish a lot. You should Refrain from bonus offers that are subject to the very unfair and horrendous sales conditions. I speak of market conditions when the bonus has to be implemented about 35 times.
  • Only play with reputable providers: Slot machines and slots are offered on various platforms. Even if most of the casinos work absolutely and seriously, there are still a few black sheep in the industry. Plays Only with providers with valid licenses, since these operators are checked regularly. First and foremost, pay attention to licenses from Malta and Gibraltar. Questionable providers end up on our Casino Blacklist!

The best slot machines with a strong RTP

At the very front of the Online casino tips And tricks is playing from Slots with a high RTP value. I have been looking for interesting slot machines that have a strong RTP value. These slot machines also impress with a fabulous gameplay, lucrative features and first -class graphics!

Mega Joker

Mega Joker finds in my top 3 of the best slots with high Online casino payout rate A place in the sun. With a phenomenal RTP value of up to 99% this slot machine from NetEnt is particularly attractive and definitely worth trying! At Mega Joker you can even select between two different game modes, which makes this slot particularly varied. In addition to the classic base game, Mega Joker also offers you a supermaster fashion. In this special game mode you rise Online casino profit opportunities strong on. Here you can also let the RTP value up to 99%.

Mega Joker in the range between 0.10 $ and 10 $ is possible. As the name of the slot already reveals, This machine also has a lucrative progressive jackpot. In addition to the supermaster fashion, the joker symbol on this slot also has another bonus feature. In addition, this classic slot was able to convince me with a fresh and modern design. The excellent Netent quality has been impressively implemented here!

The most important facts about Mega Joker at a glance
  • RTP: 99%
  • Provider: Netent
  • College lines: 5
  • Operations: $ 0.10 - $ 10
  • Maximum order: 4,000 $
  • Bonus features: Mystery winnings and supermaster fashion
  • Free spins: no
  • Jackpot: and
  • Volatility: high

Blood Suckers

Vampires and a dark atmosphere do you not scare you? Very good! Then you should definitely try Blood Suckers. With a ingenious payout rate of 98% This slot is one of the best developments from Netent. The Blood Sucker's slot machine offers you 25 paylines, a wild symbol and even two different scatter. The wild symbol is represented by a bloodthirsty vampire who bites a woman on the neck and, in my previous experience, is a very common trigger for profits in this machine game.

Usings are on this exciting one Nonant Spiel Medies Between 0.25 $ and 50 $. I can go through the Blood Suckers low volatility Particularly recommended for players who prefer to choose the sparrow in hand than for the pigeon on the roof.

The most important facts about Blood Suckers at a glance
  • RTP: 98%
  • Provider: Netent
  • College lines: 25
  • Operations: $ 0.25 - $ 50
  • Maximacked: 7,500 $
  • Bonus features: paying scatter
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: low

Recommendation: Slots with a similar style can be found in the following guide: Halloween Bonus


Ugga Bugga is one of the oldest slots from the house playtechthat was published in 2006. This slot machine offers you an excellent RTP value of 99.07%. This machine puts you directly into a dense jungle and enables you to win through a total of 10 different paylines. In addition to the jungle residents, jungle huts, masks and drums are among the symbols.

Your You can choose between 0.01 $ and 5 $, Which makes this slot particularly suitable for beginners with small inserts. In addition to the wild symbol, Ugga Bugga offers you another bonus feature with the hold -up mechanism of individual symbols. Each spin consists of two different stages at Ugga Bugga. In the first round, the first roles set in the lower left area. For the second stage, you can then determine which symbols you want to keep. You can do yourself Decide between one to a maximum of three symbols. These symbols are then transferred to all other rollers. Alternatively, you can also discard this setting and trigger a completely new spin.

The most important facts about Ugga bugga at a glance
  • RTP: 99,07%
  • Provider: Playtech
  • College lines: 10
  • Operations: $ 0.01 - 5 $
  • Maximum line: 5,000 $
  • Bonus features: Hold on the symbols
  • Free spins: no
  • Jackpot: no
  • Volatility: low

Which casinos are recommended?

To apply the best slot machines tips and tricks you need Serious online casinos. I set off and tested numerous casino providers for you. At this point I would like to you My top 3 Introduce more precisely. With this Top online Casinos you find A top -class portfolio And can look forward to many grandiose slot machines!

Slotwolf Casino

The Slotwolf Casino was only founded in 2019 and is therefore one of the young and fresh online casinos in the scene. In this comparatively short time, Slotwolf was able to draw attention to himself. At Slotwolf you will find one Fantastic selection of over 3,000 different casino games, that you are offered by more than 20 top providers. In addition to the electronic games, mine could Slotwolf casino experiences The excellent live casino also convince, which provides the best developments of four providers for you. In this online casino you can expect a number of top -class slot machines, such as book of dead, Starburst and Wolf Gold. In addition, one Fantastic selection of over 200 different jackpot slot machines offered. For all fans of the slots and slot machines, slotwolf is in my opinion, just the right point of !

Hey Casino

The Hey Casino is open in 2020 and, in my opinion, is one of the hottest newcomers of the year. With more than 1,500 different casino play of over 40 providers Hey Casino can certainly record it with many established competitors. You can find at Hey Casino A particularly large number of slot machines from developers Netent and Pragmatic Play. In the live casino you can rely on the proven quality of Evolution Gaming. Hey Casino also surprises with a Daily cashback of 10%Which should be very interesting, especially for slot machine fans. To apply the excellent online slot machines tips and tricks in practice, Hey Casino is a very good address that I can recommend in any case! Here to our Hey casino experiences.

Playzilla Casino

Another newcomer in 2021 is the Playzilla Casino, which was directly in the foreground as a very good platform for friends of the slot machines and slots. At Playzilla one awaits you phenomenal selection of over 2,000 different casino games, that you are offered by more than 50 top providers. These include NetEnt, Microgaming, Quickspin as well as Betsoft. If you prefer the quick game, Playzilla can also keep up. It's about a Serious casino, in which you have to go through the registration process for a new account. The best slot machines such as Gonzo’s Quest and Jasmin ’Jars are only a few clicks away for you. Here our Playzilla Casino experiences read!

Pick up the casino bonus for slot machines

As I have already told you, the use of lucrative bonus campaigns is one of the most important slot machines tips and tricks. Since most Slot machines perfect for fulfilling the sales conditions If you are suitable, you should definitely keep an eye on the exciting bonus offers of a casino. In the world of online casinos, many different actions await you, all of which are very attractive in their own way. So I want to give you a little overview and set you The best bonus promotions More precisely!

  • Casino welcome bonus: If you have registered in an online casino, you will usually expect An attractive new customer bonus, which you can usually activate directly through your first deposit. In the meantime, there is not only the possibility to double your deposit, but also of much better actions like one 200% BONUS, 300% Bonus, 400% Bonus Or even an incredible one 500% Bonus to benefit.
  • No Deposit Bonus: However, the no deposit Bonus. You will receive a free bonus credit, which you can use for many exciting casino games. This allows you to test the useful slot machines tips and tricks and even win real money!
  • Cashback Bonus: Through the Casino Cashback Bonus you get Booked your losses up to a certain amount back to your account And can try many exciting slots without having to take a great risk.
  • Free spins without a deposit: DIE Free spins without deposit Always offer you the perfect opportunity to to play an online slot machine completely risk -free. You don't have to deposit anything for these free spins and still have the chance of lucrative real money gains!
  • Casino Bonus Codes: With a Casino Bonus Code You can often Activate exciting bonus promotions, which you can use for many different slot machines. Check especially for the deposit bonus for new customers whether a bonus code must be used in addition to the deposit!

Fraud on the player through false tips and tricks!

The slot machines I presented with tips and tricks have all proven themselves in practice and enable you to improve your game behavior quickly and sustainably! However, there are also on the Internet Some dubious websites that promise you the blue from heaven. Fluttering banknotes, luxurious cars and lightly dressed women should give you the appearance that you can get great wealth through the tips, tricks and systems presented without problems and in record time! I definitely advise you from such pages, there These operators only have the goal that you register and pay and lose as much money as possible! Think about yourself - would the inventor of a death -safe system publish his tactics free of charge and make it accessible to everyone? Would someone still do a normal job at all and wouldn't all casinos be broke long ago? There can only be one answer to this question ...

Questions and answers to slot machines tips and tricks

Well -known slots such as Book of Dead, Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest are probably one of the most popular slot machines. However, I recommend that you not only pay attention to these famous titles, but also to take a look outside the box. You can expect a fantastic selection for New casino games!

Conclusion: slot machines tips and tricks make you a better player!

The many valuable slot machines tips and tricks Expand your horizon and offer you many new approaches. This can also benefit from beginners in order to create the perfect basis for real money use in an online casino. Of course, these information is not a manual for the million, but the important tools to do so To optimize your own game behavior and avoid annoying mistakes And to avoid painful stumbling blocks.

Further Casino rats:

Casino fan of the very beginning and regular guest in casinos as well as regulars in various online casinos. With his years of experience, he knows what is important and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the casinos precisely. In his articles, he does not take a leaf out of his mouth and offers you great added value through real practical experience.