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Partypoker Down - PartyPoker is not possible, but why and how can you solve the problems?

A real horror scenario for every online card game fan: in the middle of the game and suddenly there are problems with PartyPoker. So that the fun of the game continues quickly, we'll tell you what with one PartyPoker down It is to be done and what the causes could be.

the essentials in brief
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  • Chapter 1: That can go to one Partypoker Down to lead.
  • Chapter 2: 5 first aid tips In the event of disorders.
  • Chapter 3: Disorders Only in the poker offer.
  • Chapter 4: That happens with the Missionswhen party poker is down.

Partypoker does not work: Which disorders are typical?

  • Maintenance work

Doesn't partypoker or is the Partypoker app not available? Than are usually maintenance work responsible for this. Basically, you get a stable game of play in the party poker arena.

but so that the quality can be maintained, due to optimizations, a party down from time to time is to be calculated.

Experience has shown that maintenance is carried out by the operator announced in advance, so that game interruptions or premature tournament is an absolute rarity.
  • Outdated software

If you have any problems with the PartyPoker registration, it can also be on outdated software At the download version lie.

According to user experiences, this has led, among other things, to appear that the party registration window appears or a party peak or a party Sign-in not possible is.

Make sure you have always installed the latest software. Especially for desktop PCs are more common in the year Updates provided. For both Windows and Mac.
  • Server overload

In exceptional cases, too high traffic can cause problems on the PartyPoker page. Typical feature for this is one sluggish connection.

This clouds the poker and slot fun considerably. In the event of such figures, the extremely force powerful server Not on your knees, but that can also be down behind a party.

At peak times there are over 70,000 players Active in the online poker rooms at the same time. The average number of users moves with over 3,000 players per hour.
  • Contingent

at Violation of the terms and conditions Partypoker reserves the right to block you from the game. Inactivity over a longer period of time or the too frequent entry of a wrong password is sufficient.

Even who out of Protection has blocked his account, will only have access to the offers after the self -disclosed period has expired.
  • Hackerangriff

The defense against a hacker attack can certainly lead to failures. Attack From cyber criminals Are very rare in online casinos, but could do a lot of damage - not only financial nature, but also in terms of reputation.

PartyPoker is also exposed to this problem as a potentially lucrative victim. Then maybe there will be supposed Security gaps in the software closedfor which ongoing operation has to be temporarily discontinued.

But don't worry: First, your personal data and funds at Partypoker are extensive and excellently protected. Second, large hacker attacks on online casinos - as already said - move in an extremely manageable framework.

Partypoker is down: 5 first aid tips for problems

If partyoker does not work, the poker platform is not always to blame. Finally there is too a number of self -inflicted causesthat can result in a party.

Conceivable scenarios are presented below, which you can check according to the exclusion principle.

1. PartyPoker registration not possible

The login at Partypoker doesn't work? Often this is due to one Typing error When entering your own access data.


If you do not save this automatically, you have to manually enter your username or at least the password linked with it. One Typical source of error. Enter the data again and pay attention to capital letters, numbers or special characters.

If you have forgotten your password, you can do it about yours Have the deposited email reset Or customer service directly.

Tips: There are no login problems with PartyPoker
  • Tipp 1: At the end of the column for the password to be entered, there is a painted eye symbol in the login mask from Partypoker. If you click on it, is The input visible And is not shown by black dots. This can be avoided.

  • Tipp 2: To save yourself logging in, you can save your access data in the browser. Practical and comfortable, but only recommended if nobody except you have access to the computer that smartphone or tablet has. Otherwise, third parties can easily Get access to your player account.

2. Check the Internet connection

Partypoker cannot be opened - neither on the PC nor on the smartphone, that is, also the partypoker App it does not work?

Then you should test other websites. If there are also problems here, this indicates one Disorder of your own internet connection there. There may be a total failure or the connection is too slow.

If necessary, promise remedies A restart of the router or the existing internet connection at the computer. If there is no improvement in sight, you should your provider.

3. Problems with the browser

Partypoker doesn't work as usual? Then there is also one Disruption of the browser used possible.

A overcrowded cache has a negative impact on performance and should be emptied regularly anyway. Perhaps it is also due to a wrong attitude.

It is best to try to first Above to register another browser Or you fall back on the app.

If the app is also not available if you surf in the home WLAN mobile, the problem is likely to be due to your Internet connection And you can exclude functional disorders from the party.

4. Test app via mobile data

Check out the party app or the mobile Website via the mobile data connection of your smartphones.

If these are accessible, while nothing works on the PC or Mac, there are probably connection problems in the home network or there are Difficulties with your browser.

5. What to do if the problem stays?

If your internet connection is stable, the access data is correct for the login and are all other potential causes of error for self -inflicted problems with party poker, then it lies Errors to the operator of the online casino.

The question arises What options you remainif the website is still not available?

  • Apply patience: Even if it is difficult for many users to temporarily forego the virtual poker offer or other games of chance, you usually usually have no choice but to be patient.

The good thing about it: In the great interest of PartyPoker, it is that technical disorders are remedied as soon as possible. You can also comfort yourself that maintenance work or a Bring relaunch of the page improvements.

  • To gather information: If you want to know why there are problems with PartyPoker, you should stop by on social networks. As it should be for a modern company, PartyPoker is up Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Co. very active. There are usually communication on these channels.

Were: Forums are also a good point of to find out about a problem with party poker. Here you can Find out quickly and easilywhether other users also have difficulty using the poker platform.

Of course you can Report disorders And exchange ideas with other poker friends.

  • Contact customer service: Customer service should also be affected by a complete failure of PartyPoker, so that is not possible. But if you have technical problems in general, you are well advised to the support team and, if necessary to be covered with file attachments, where the problem is.

This is possible by means of Live chat or using the form in the help area. Customer service can be reached around the clock, speaks German and is characterized by friendliness and competence.

In addition, we recommend the very extensive and well -structured FAQ area, in which you also find solutions for common party poker problems.

Partypoker: poker fault and connection problems

Problems and disorders can both With the slots as well as the poker offer from PartyPoker. It can be due to the causes already mentioned.

But to the Typical incidents in the poker usually count connection problems. Most of the time everything works automatically after a few minutes. However, it can happen that a firewall completely blocks data transfer after an update.

  • It is best to switch it off for a short time and try again.

In addition, the Partypoker app cannot be available. That is almost always due to you Incompatible operating system.

  • Updates the software of your smartphones or tablets and try again.

Partypoker: sports fault and connection problems

In sports betting, you are generally less affected by disorders than with slots or poker. Of course there are sometimes problems here, but they don't have so strong in betting Effects on what is happening.

Poker or slots do not run if there is a party down in any form. Sports events, on the other hand, take place despite a party.

Problems with the connection or disorders in Deposit processareonlyanobstacleforyouifyouwanttoquicklygivealivebetandthushavetoconsideraquotachange.

What happens to my missions at a party down?

Many players have only one thought of a down: What happens to my money? The answers to this are very simple.


If you have one at Partypoker Slot plays and then a down appear, your inserts made are blocked and saved. So you can after a game interruption continue to play in the same place.


In the event of inconsistencies, you should customer service promptly. Experience has shown that problems Fast and unbureaucratic created for you from the world.


If you are in the middle of Poker game This is usually not due to the software from PartyPoker, but because of an unstable internet connection.

This unsightly poker experience can occur in practice, especially if you On the way via smartphone or tablet plays.


You don't have to worry about your commitment. Your hand automatically risesif you are offline. So the use is blocked and cannot be snatched from the opponent.

When you vote again, you will be asked whether you want to take a seat again at the same poker table.

Questions and answers - PartyPoker Down

Technical difficultiescanneverbepredictedandexcluded!butbasicallymajorproblemswiththispndefinedproviderarevery,veryrare.thepowerfulserversworkstableandreliably.
Interruptions can occur in practice. Players on the smartphone in particular who set through a mobile connection are regularly affected by network -related failures. Become both the slots and in the poker The missionssecured.
PartyPoker is well equipped for the mobile age. This means that the offer can be used via the mobile website or you can use a native app for iOS or Android that needs to be downloaded. Failures and technical disordersarealsoanabsoluterarityinmobileapplications.
It is best to try all passwords that you in Online Casinosusedfrom.ifnooneworks,youcanresetordeterminethepasswordusingaspecialbuttonwhenregistering.
In most cases, maintenance work is to blame for a real failure. However, playing problems are based significantly more often if the partypoker Appitisnotavailablethatthepartyregistrationwindowremainswhiteorapartyloginproblemisrecorded.

Conclusion: Don't panic for problems with party poker

It can always happen that the partypoker's website is down and temporarily does not work. Temporary disorders are primarily through Maintenance work caused by the operator who normally do not disturb the game flow.

This “problem” has partyoker by no means exclusive, because all other online poker providers or online casinos are not immune to technical problems.

If Partypoker does not work or if the party is not opened, it lies The cause of the user is not infrequently on the part of the user.

In all cases you should either try to fix the problem with you or the Customer support at PartyPoker visit so that you can continue your gaming experience as quickly as possible.