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Cance off Stargames Account / Delete account

Even if the deletion of the Stargames Accounts does not make sense in most cases, there are always customers who want to delete their account. For this, some rules of the Casino operator must be observed and even after the termination, some data from the customer are still available in the database. It was only a few years later that they disappear completely after the deactivation.

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There are two reasons for this procedure: On the one hand, Casino providers are generally encouraged due to legal requirements to keep their customers' data over a certain period of time. On the other hand, otherwise every customer could simply delete their account and then apply for the bonus again. We recommend rethinking deletion. In most cases, it makes more sense to keep the account. Finally, the deletion also has some disadvantages, some of which can have serious consequences.

We advise against Stargames - does an account deletion with Stargames make sense?

We generally advise you to delete the account when the customer has serious problems with self -control. Then it is quite appropriate to access to Online gambling to restrict. In exactly this case, accounting is the right choice. This is the only way to prevent the player in the long run and he can no longer open an account with Stargames many years later.

In such a case, we also advise such a case to take advantage of professional help. This is the only way to get a chance to get his problem under control. Most Stargames customers do not have this problem - not even those who think about an account. Therefore, an account for the smallest part of the interested parties is the optimal solution.

Instead, why does it make more sense to keep the Stargames account?

An account costs nothing for Stargames - but it is also the case that Stargames - if there is still a credit - will begin to collect fees at some point. Therefore, we generally advise you to always have the existing credit paid out with longer inactivity. Incidentally, this does not only apply to Stargames.

If there is no money in the account, nothing can be retained. Nevertheless, the customer still receives notifications about existing promos or bonus offers. And if there is a great offer at some point, which he never wants to miss, he simply pays money back in quickly and accepts the offer.

StarGames homepage (source: Stargames)

Protect Stargame's account from misuse - that's how it works

Stargames password (source: Stargames)

Most fans of gambling only want to cancel their account because they are afraid of abuse. But with a secure password, which is neither saved nor kept somewhere in writing, the account is already sufficiently protected against access by third parties and unauthorized.

Stargames already supports its customers with the password by showing the casino whether the password is securely chosen. Such a password consists of a combination of digit and numbers that is at least 8 digits and also includes large and small writing or special characters.

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Step by step to the Stargames account research

If it is actually necessary to delete the account, with an employee must be ed by support. The service employee then gives a precise instruction as to how the deletion takes place. First of all, it is necessary that no bonus is open in the account that still has to be released. Otherwise, not only the bonus itself is lost, but also all profits achieved with it. Smart customers also have the existing credit withdrawn before ing them - this procedure has the advantage that the termination is usually faster.

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If you want, you can also ask customer service to delete the Stargames bonus. As previously described, this is associated with some disadvantages and, in our view, a bad decision. It is always better to free the bonus. With a little luck, the sum in the betting account finally increases. After all, the bonus can also use the autostart mode of the Novoline games be released. In cases in which the customer has completely lost the desire to gambling completely. In this way, the bonus can be released within a few hours. And every user should take that much time for his accounting. Even if no profit is generated in the bonus, there is at least a full access to the account.

We advise you to address the Stargames customer service in writing only in writing due to termination-preferably by email. Because at the same time the customer has a confirmation of applying for the termination. The deactivation itself will usually take place within the next two days. Nevertheless, the data will remain over a few years. Because even a casino must adhere to the legal retention periods. In addition, Stargames ensures that the customer cannot register a second time to collect the welcome bonus again.

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What are the disadvantages of a Stargames account deleted?

Precisely because an account has such a serious consequences, players should think carefully about them and preferably sleep one night about their decision. Because this is no longer to be undone. Quite a few players regret spontaneous accounting later. At the latest when you hear from a great Stargames bonus offer again or when you find that Stargames had some advantages with the other casinos in comparison.

Of course, there are still enough alternatives that also offer a safe game pleasure and good bonuses. Nevertheless, Stargames is still the best casino for friends of Novoline Games. Here are the classics like Book Of Ra or Dolphin’s Pearl to find. In most cases, the player later regretted his decision and regrets that the termination can no longer be reversed. Anyone who has made this decision must also be able to live permanently with the resulting consequences.

When is the account automatically deleted at Stargames?

If there is still a credit on the account, Stargames activates a fee after one year of inactivity, which is automatically retained from the customer account for every further month of non -use. However, if there is no more real money, this expenses are not moved in (here more about “Stargames real money"). However, the account always remains active and the user does not have to fear that the account will be deleted on its own.

There is an exception if the account is no longer used for several years. However, Stargames informs his users in good time by email about intended account research on the part of the operator. This remains open to log in again and to withdraw the money or to ask for maintaining the account.

More stargames alternatives with Novoline games

You have deleted your Stargames account for whatever reason and still don't want to do without the attractive Novoline slot machines on the Internet? No problem - we have put together seven very safe and reputable online casinos in which you can indulge in your pleasure around the clock.

Futuriti Casino

That Futuriti Casino is also in the top field of the Novoline casinos on the Internet. Customers have access to numerous original games from the Greentube software company. The online casino, which has also been represented on the market since 2009, can also come up with other attractive games beyond the Austrian classics. Cooperations exist, for example, with Betsoft and Igrosoft's programmers.

The fans Book of Ra can activate 20 free spins at their favorite machine at the start. Alternatively, there is a classic 100% deposit bonus of up to 100 $. However, it should be noted that deposits of 20 to 50 $ are only rewarded with a 50%grant. However, if you leave between 100 and 200 $ on the casino box, you can look forward to a 150%premium. Even higher deposits are rewarded with a 200%bonus.


At the 77Jackpot Casino, some users may be a little shy away. The Milga-Uk Limited, which is behind the online casino, works with a gambling license from Curacao. In our experience, however, this business model is completely to be classified as safe and serious. In addition to the Novoline Games, users also have access to attractive games from Net Entertainment, Aristocrat, Playtech undsoft.

The bonus offer includes the first four deposits. Let's go with one 125% Casino Bonus of up to 450 $. A second 75%bonus follows at the same height. The third gear to the cash register is rewarded with a 50%push of up to 550 $. Customers who are still not on the winning road will even receive a 200%match bonus of up to 550 $ for the fourth deposit.

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