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Siru online casinos 2022 - pay in the casino with siru

Siru is a fast mobile means of payment that makes you pay in an online casino Directly with the SIM card in your smartphone can carry out. the Debtings then appear on your mobile phone bill, which differs from many other mobile payment methods. In this detailed article, you will find out what the Siru is all about and what special features are to be taken into account!

Interesting facts about Siru online casinos
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  • Payments in Siru Online Casinos are not possible for German customers
  • You can find out the individual steps for a siru Deposit
  • A siru Pay is not possible in the online casino
  • Siru is one Safe and serious payment method
  • Inquire about the best Alternatives For German customers

The best casinos with Siru as a payment method

Video-Slots Video slots experience report
  • Siru deposit possible
  • Siru is not available for payouts
  • Deposits via Siru immediately available

In the many different Siru online casinos, you are absolutely flexible with regard to your payments. Already at the beginning I would like to point out that Siru as Online casino deposit option can only be used by casino fans from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Great Britain.

If you want to make a Siru deposit, you have to No prior registration execute. For this reason, all payments via this means of payment are available directly, so that you do not have to deal with any registration process. There is only an exception for Casino fans from Norway. Because players with a residence in Norway have to be separately for a E-Wallet register with the provider.

In order to make a quick and safe deposit in an online casino, you only have to check carefully in advance whether New online casinos provide this payment method for casino players.

First of all, we want to take a closer look at the process at SIRU. Is to be paid in a Siru Casino Very easy and can be carried out by you in a few simple steps. With a deposit with the means of payment, you are always absolutely flexible and you can pay your casino account, regardless of location, via your smartphone.

  • 1
    Find the right Siru online casinos: In the first step it is of course particularly important that you for a Online Casino Portal decides with which you can make your Siru deposit. There are now a number of providers that offer you this means of payment. If only the best Siru casinos can be considered for your personal registration, you should definitely be Take a look at our leaderboard. We have already put these providers through its paces and can therefore clearly say that the means of payment is safe and can be used excellently on these platforms.
  • 2
    Enter your mobile phone number for the deposit: As soon as you have chosen the right provider among the numerous siru online casinos, you have to register and Siru select in the cash register area as your means of payment. You will surely already know this procedure by using many other means of payment. So that you can now make a Siru deposit, you absolutely have to Specify your correct cell phone number, to successfully complete the transaction. This mobile phone number must link your smartphone and the cell phone contract of your mobile phone provider to the payment system.
  • 3
    Siru Code und User-Login: Now one of the most important steps follows in the deposit in Siru Casinos. You will receive an SMS with a code. This special code enables you to complete the payment, as this gives you access to your user login. In this way you are absolutely flexible and can quickly handle your payment. This process also offers you the highest level of security!
  • 4
    The confirmation of your payments: Now you have already created the prerequisites to be able to make a SIRU deposit. Now you only need to confirm the respective transaction to charge your Siru online casino account with credit. The deposit amounts will then appear on your monthly cell phone.
  • 5
    Check your transactions after completing: The Siru Online Casinos are absolutely safe and serious. Nevertheless, I recommend that you check the deposits/debit on your monthly mobile phone bill. Siru is very clear, so this sustainable control will only take a short moment.

If you have chosen serious Siru online casinos, you will surely ask yourself whether in addition to a quick and uncomplicated Siru deposit Online casino payout can be made. A payment with the means of payment is in the various online casinos not yet offered. However, there are many safe alternatives through which you can withdraw your casino gains safely and completely without problems from your account.

  • A separate Verification in the Siru Online Casino is not necessary. So you don't have to submit your ID card/passport and proof of address here as with other payment methods. So that you have a siru deposit in Serious online casinos can only make it necessary for you to has a smartphone or tablet with a valid SIM card. The respective bookings then appear on your monthly telephone bill, which will ultimately process the payments. It is therefore not difficult to see that Siru is one of the fastest and most uncomplicated payment methods in any case.
  • If you have already used Siru as a deposit method, you have to pay for your payment fall back on another means of payment. A SIRU payment cannot generally be carried out in the various online casinos. Experience has shown that I can say that A classic bank transfer for a payment can be used in the different casino providers. A payment by bank transfer in the Siru Online Casinos usually takes 3 to 5 working days.

Siru is a mobile payment provider that already Founded in 2011 has been. The headquarters of Siru is in Helsinki, Finland. In addition, the payment provider has other offices in europe, which are located in Norway, Sweden and UK. So Siru focuses primarily on customers from the Scandinavian area. This is also noticeable in availability in the individual siru online casinos, there Players from Germany Siru cannot use as a payment method.

There is only an exception for casino fans with a residence in the United Kingdom. The mobile payment systems have been revolutionized by the payment provider. The deposits are paid with the monthly cell phone. Since money does not have to be charged separately, the deposit process is accelerated again.

With all payments in an online casino, of course, security must be possible at any time. Therefore, I checked carefully whether the payment provider is secure or whether there may be concerns. At this point, however, I can immediately state that it is about Siru A very safe and absolutely serious means of payment acts. If you carry out a SIRU deposit, there is a special one SSL encryption for use. In this way, the Siru Online Casinos can ensure that your personal data will be protected and at no time can be viewed, intercepted or manipulated by unauthorized third parties.

Your personal data will not be forwarded to an online casino provider at any time. The additional level of security also ensures that Two-factor authentication. Before you can send a payment, you will receive a confirmation code by SMS. I could therefore no security gaps Recognizing and gaining a very good impression of Siru in terms of security.

  • The respective Siru Limit is of course always particularly important for you as a casino player. So I checked exactly how much you can transfer from a SIRU deposit. My research showed that you In most Siru Online Casino deposits via this payment method, from an amount of 5 $ can carry out. Therefore, the means of payment is particularly suitable for beginners who initially play with smaller amounts or can initially test a casino without greater risk of loss, but on the other side I also had to find that Deposits only up to a height of 15 $ possible are. Therefore, Siru is as a payment method in High Roller Casinos less suitable because hardly any larger amounts can be transferred to the casino account.
  • In order to be able to assess the quality of the SIRU online casinos even better, I also checked for you whether a SIRU deposit can be expected. In this context, I found that one Additional transaction fee of 4 $ will be charged. You have to take this into account if you want to make your Siru deposit. The fees are namely deducted directly from the respective transfer. So always calculate this 4 $ if you want to deposit your desired net amount on your casino account!
  • With regard to the Siru duration for deposits, the payment method was able to convince me in any case. After you have entered the confirmation code that you have previously received via SMS, the money will be within a few seconds Transferred to your casino account. Thus, the Siru Online Casinos can ensure that the deposit amount directly for you Best casino games is ready.

There are numerous siru online casinos that offer this payment method for deposits. I have been looking for the best three online casinos for you in which you make a mobile siru deposit quickly and easily can. The best online casinos With Siru you also offer you Exciting casino offer as well as many lucrative bonus campaigns an.

Video slots belongs to the exciting siru online casinos and is The right address, especially for all fans of the breathtaking slot machines and slot games. With video slots you as a casino player have the opportunity to focus on the interesting developments of A total of over 120 different providers to resort. At video slots you can get from many top -class games from the Casino games list such as Book of Dead or Gonzo's Quest.

With video slots you can carry out your deposits with the payment method and therefore always use full flexibility with regard to your deposits via your smartphone or tablet. If you have chosen video slots as a new customer, you have the opportunity to double the respective deposit amount directly with your first transaction to a new account. With this bonus campaign of video slots you can get one online Casino Bonus Secure up to $ 200. This Casino new customer bonus You can of course too Activate by a SIRU deposit And then use this online casino for many different games from the large portfolio. Here it goes to our Videoslots experiences.

When it comes to the best Siru online casinos, that can Loki Casino of course not missing. A fantastic selection of the game awaits you in the Loki Casino and you can Over 2,000 different video slots and slot machines to experience. The attractive welcome offer in Loki Casino was also convincing. As a new player, you have the opportunity in the Loki Casino to have a welcome bonus of Up to 1,200 $ and an additional 100 casino free spins to secure.

So we will Loki Casino experiences Allows a very good start at all times. With a SIRU deposit, participation in this offer is certain in any case. We can mention the excellent customer service particularly positively. You have the option of reaching the support both by e-mail and by live chat or by phone. If you want to make your deposit with the payment method, you can either the mobile version of the website in the Loki Casino or alternatively also Online Casino App use this provider.

As casino fans, you can particularly benefit from a Siru bonus. In this context there is Diverse bonus campaigns that we can recommend in any case. We now want to present the numerous offers that the Siru online casinos make available to you.

  • The casino bonus for new customers: In several Siru Online Casinos you can pick up an attractive welcome bonus immediately after your registration. Most of the time you can do this SIRU bonus directly Activate a new account through your first deposit. This allows you to pick up a large sum of additional starting credit. In addition to the simple doubling of your deposit, a number of providers will even provide you with one 200% Casino Bonus, 300% Casino Bonus And even one 400% Casino Bonus to disposal. In some cases you even see a particularly lucrative 500% casino Bonus.
  • Free spins without a deposit: The Siru Online Casinos not only have offers in connection with a deposit in the program, but also many free actions. These include the attractive ones Free spins without deposit, which yours Use for different slot machines And can even win real money.
  • No Deposit Bonus: Of the no deposit Bonus is by far one of the most sought -after offers in the SIRU online casinos. Immediately after your registration, you will receive a completely free starting credit, which you can use in a variety of ways for the different casino games. Even if these are risk -free and free credit, you can still Online casino real money to win. Only note that the casino bonus without deposit is always bound to the associated bonus conditions.
  • Cashback Bonus: Through a Casino Cashback Bonus You are always on the safe side in an online casino, because you Part of the possible losses back to your account received. Up to a certain amount, you can play completely risk -free.
  • Live Casino Bonus: The SIRU online casinos usually not only have slot games and slots, but also with an attractive live casino area. In the live casino it is through the Live Casino Bonus possible, many Real-time games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat with additional starting credit to play.

You can also pay in a Siru Casino via a mobile device. You can use this quick and absolutely serious payment method using a smartphone and a tablet. It is only important that A valid and activated SIM card in your device is. All Debtings appear afterwards on your mobile phone bill. For this reason, Siru is also one of the particularly fast and comfortable payment options for a reputable online casino provider.

Through my detailed Online Casino Test I was able to get a very good impression on this payment method for the Siru Online Casinos. At this point I have you now the advantages and disadvantages of Siru listed, So that you can always read the most important facts compact and at a glance:

Advantages of Siru:
  • Fast transactions: Your desired deposit amount will be booked on your casino account within a few seconds.
  • Absolute security: No personal data is passed on and the transactions are protected by SSL encryption.
  • Available without registration: You don't have to register with a separate account at Siru to use this means of payment.
  • No credit card required: You don't need a credit card to make a SIRU deposit. The billing takes place via your mobile radio bill.
Disadvantages of Siru:
  • Not for German customers: Siru cannot be used by customers from Germany.
  • No payments: Siru can only be used in an online casino for deposits and not for payouts.
  • Geringe Limits: With a minimum deposit of 5 $ and 15 $ maximum deposit, the limits are extremely low.
  • Fees: An additional fee is required for deposits in an online casino with Siru.

Since Siru cannot be used as a payment method of casino players from Germany, I have for you suitable and interesting alternatives looked around. Since Siru can be used for mobile payments, we present you some payment service providers, through which you can easily handle your payment transactions in an online casino with a place of residence in Germany:

  • Apple Pay: Apple Pay is a fast mobile payment method that is more and more Apple Pay Casinos is offered. You can make deposits through Apple Pay In a few moments and also completely free transact. However, takes into account that Apple Pay is only available in connection with the iOS operating system.
  • Zimpler: With Zimpler you are sure of quick and safe payments in an online casino. Zimpler is completely free and is not only with iOS, but also With many other operating systems such as Android in Zimpler Casinos to disposal.
  • Skrill: Skrill is an e-wallet provider who also Perfect for mobile payments is. With the Skrill app you also have full cost control on the go and can in one Skrill Casino Make deposits and also receive payouts.
  • Neteller: Neteller is another e-wallet provider who, like Skrill, allows you free and fast mobile payments. Both deposits and withdrawals are in Neteller Casinos possible.

Tipp: In addition to many mobile payment methods, there are also some classic means of payment via your smartphone. For example, you can also deposit your checking account mobile and for that, among other things ClearandefinedandandefinedTrustly use!

No, unfortunately, Siru cannot use a German residence for payments in an online casino. With us you can find many exciting alternatives,throughwhichyoucanquicklyandeasilycompleteyourmobilepayments.
Through our previous experience of the Siru Online Casinos, we found that you have one with most providers Siru depositfromonly5$.
Even if Siru is not available for casino players with a German residence, you can still easily and safely make your mobile payments in an online casino. For this we can you Apple Pay and Zimplerrecommend!

I could do the Siru online casinos as extremely serious and reliable to get to know. It is about a appealing mobile payment methodthat enables you to make sure your smartphone in conjunction with a SIM card and a mobile phone contract.

Unfortunately, no payments are possible and the transaction limit is also too low in my opinion. The means of payment can also generally are not used by players from Germany. Nevertheless, you do not have to despair because there are enough alternatives for your mobile deposits and payouts in an online casino.

More Siru Casinos:

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