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Play Pai Gow Poker online - online casinos with Pai Gow

One Pai Gow Poker You have to know, you have to be true casino cracks. The Asian poker version is worth being learned because you are here Exciting gambling with a lot of influence is offered. We make the rules easy for you, give you valuable Pai Gow tips and of course present you with some wonderful points for your casino passion.

the essentials in brief
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  • In animated form, Pai Gow Poker is in some convincing Online-Casinos Housed.
  • DIE Rules: High and low hands are compared, both must be better than those of the dealer.
  • The basis of the evaluation is the usual Poker hand order.
  • There are some in the different casinos variants spread.
  • Pai Gow Poker is a modification of the Chinese domino game Pai Gow and offers space for many Strategies, but the "House Way" cannot be improved.

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That with the "Pai Gow" will probably not tell you anything, but "Online Poker“Is guaranteed to be a term. And so you immediately have access to the game, that In its basic features to see surprisingly easy to overlook is. If you are still familiar with "Chinese Poker" like the great high rollers in the back rooms, then hardly anything can go wrong. We only respond to the more common version, which she usually in the Pai Gow Online Casinos Red. Here you compete alone against the virtual dealer, while in Macau or Las Vegas up to seven players play against the bench, which can also change row depending on the customary.


To start you put one mission in the center. The dealer then shares itself and you seven cards from a 53 deck, the 52 poker cards of which are expanded to include a joker ("The Bug"). Covered both parties now create a hand with five cards (high or back hand) and put the other two cards as low or front hand in front of it. The only condition: The high hand must have a higher value than the low hand (Details follow the same).

That's it, because now they will be Hands compared together. If your low hand outbids that of the dealer and at the same time your high hand lies over its high hand, you have won the round and your Use is doubled. If the dealer wins both hands, the operation is lost. If both sides gain a hand, you have a draw ("push") and the assignment goes back to you. If there is a tie within one hand, the bank gains this hand, which results in part of the very low house advantage (about 1.5 %).

So it couldn't be much easier. The difficulty for newcomers for poker lies primarily in the Value of the different hands to recognize. This is the normal order from the numerous poker versions:

  • Royal Flush (Akqjt in one color)
  • Straight Flush (Five lined up cards in one color)
  • Quadruple (four same card values)
  • Full House (three same and two same values)
  • Flush (five cards of one color)
  • Straight (five cards lined up)
  • Drilling (three same values)
  • Two couples (Double card twin)
  • Pair (two same values)
  • High Card (nothing about it)

The different combinations come into play for high hand with the five cards, while For the low hand only a couple and the high card relevant are. So streets and flushs are eliminated here. Whenever both sides have the same hand (e.g. both with a couple kings), the one with the highest additional card wins.

A special charm comes from the joker, which accordingly throws the ranking a little over the heap. A joker can only be used as an ace or to complete a straight or a flush. That means that one more Possible Fünfling Asse stands. One thing is different in the most common Pai Gow rules than the conventional poker: After the highest street Akqjt, the otherwise lowest road ("Wheel") 5432a is part and only then continues with KQJT9. This increases the importance of the joker.

Pai Gow Poker: Not to be confused with Pai Gow
Pai Gow Poker (or Asian Poker) was only created in the mid -1980s And so to speak, a "youngster" in the Online Casinos. however, the poker game is based on a much older game that has a great tradition around macau as a domino game and was also able to spread in las vegas and atlantic city. however, we could not find this pai gow in any reputable online casino, which is why we are limited to pai gow poker in the main text. at pai gow, the dealer for up to eight players split four out of 32 domino stones and here too a high and a low combination is sorted out, each consisting of two dominos. the evaluation is completely analogous to the pai gow poker, so the players ("pointeurs") have to gain both hands to double their missions. the However, the dominos are so complexthat this game will probably never be in German online casinos If, although the entertainment factor in our opinion is enormously high and the magical elements of the Chinese tradition will be implemented, a wonderful exotic factor comes into play.

The poker variant of Pai Gow is not exactly the figurehead for New online casinos, but it is not as rare to meet as you might think. The original version, in which the role of the bank changes all two rounds, is one thing for real poker clients, while in the casino we go to work against the evil dealer. Unfortunately there is currently no Good live casino, which Pai gow offers poker tables. At Evolution Gaming Live you will find some poker and also meet Pai Gow elements at Baccarat.

However, various software providers have built at least one app for the Pai Gow Poker, such as playtech, Microgaming, Play'n Go, Realtime Gaming, Betsoft, Scientific Play oder GamesOS. Here the programmers become very creative and use the many freedoms that the Pai Gow Poker set up regulations. So it is best to read the instructions briefly beforehand. In the Main Pai Gow, for example, additional use can be possible, with no-push, another card decides in the event of a draw and the Fortune Pai Gow can more in the direction of Real money slot machines Go up to complete loss of control.

If you play Pai Gow online, you can also go to one Fixen Jackpot to hope. Progressive jackpots can be found in this regard in local casinos, where around 2019 a player in Las Vegas waned $ 2.3 million when he was given a 7 -cards Straight Flush. Yet The big money also waves online, for example in the Fortune Pai Gow Poker variant from Scientific Games, where you get additional ODDs on large hands. With the aforementioned straight flush over all 7 cards you get a rate of a whopping 8000: 1.

Here we have Three very pleasant Pai Gow Casinos For you, in which you may still be unknown Online gamblingl play and also learn to love:

at Slothunter If you find Pai Gow Poker by Betsoft and Fortune implemented. In addition, Slothunter is basically a good address for all slot fans. You will find over 1,000 slots of various providers and genres. In addition, the bonus enables you to Slothunter experiences can play with higher operations. You get up to 400 $ and 250 free spins.

at Lampet You will not only find more than 2,000 slots, but also versions of Pai Gow Poker. These are offered by Betsoft and also by Nucleus. So you can at Yonibet experiences Collect with two different Pai Gow Poker providers. Basically, the selection of games at Yonibet is top for such a young provider. Serious payment service providers and various bonus campaigns are joined.

A little Pai-Gow statistics
In order to better groov you in a Pai Gow tactic, a few probabilities can certainly not hurt. Most hands go out in a tie (41 %), while the dealer with 30 % a slightly better one Casino profit chance when your 29 % has the win, as exactly the same hands normally go to him. the probabilities for the different poker hands in the pai gow poker are as follows: - Royal Flush: 0,0137 % - Straight Flush: 0.123 % - Quadruple: 0,2 % - Full House: 2,7 % - Flush: 4,0 % - Drilling: 4,8 % - Straight: 7,3 % - High Card: 16,1 % - Two couples: 23,1 % - Pair: 41,7 %

A game that allows you to divide 7 randomly distributed cards as desired, for example, have to offer more options for influence than are given on the start button of the slot machine when pure pressing. Indeed is Pai Gow Poker very variable for a game of chance And especially in the group it is fun against inexperienced players. But unlike at the Texas Hold'em poker, Pai Gow Poker plays even less Lucky factor A role, because for Pai Gow Poker the best possible is Online casino strategy clearly defined.

What does that mean for you? Actually, you want to act very variably and thus beat the dealer, but in the case of Pai Gow, the dealer has an even greater advantages because there is a strategic element. Then You have to know the perfect strategy.

What we do with the so -called "House Way“Have landed. Have you already wondered how the dealer puts its hands together? Just like in the Online BlackjackWhere the bank is mostly on the 17, the dealer also has a clearly predetermined requirement for the Pai Gow Poker on how to distribute his cards. This house way - you can already imagine it - is the statistically best way and in the long run promises the maximum profit. The dealer always chooses the perfect strategy for this game.

So the best thing you can do is to memorize and also use this complex house way. If you succeed, you end up with the above disadvantage of 1.5 %. If you put something else, you make an even greater loss in the long run. The online apps for the Pai Gow Poker usually have a house button, which ultimately turns the complex poker game into a still exciting slot machine.

Unfortunately, the computer simulation of the dealer naturally always creates the ideal House Way, while there is quite simplifications of the algorithm with a human deal so that it can quickly put the cards down. Here you could develop an edge and keep in mind, for example, that a straight line is more likely than a triplet, although the value has been swapped. Beginners tend to overload the high hand And then lose the low hand almost without a fight. Instead of a full house, a triplet and a couple are often recommended.

If you decide to put the cards according to the feeling (because it is simply much more appealing), you should First play Pai Gow for free. This is possible in most online casinos with refillable play money and in the early days you have no too much disadvantage in this complex game as would be the case when playing with real money without experience. Even if the gut feeling is not advisable from a mathematical point of view, you can take a lot of sessions in individual sessions as in any other game of chance.

There is currently no live casino with Pai Gow Poker, but various well-known software providers have Pai Gow tables in their portfolio. If a provider generally poker or Online casino table gamesinourexperience,inroughlyhalfofthecases,paigowpndefinedisalsoincluded.
Very often can be Best casino gamesalsotestwithplaymoney.inthecaseofpaigowpoker,weadvisebeginnersallthemorebecausethisgamblingisstronglydependentonindividualabilityandknowledge.
In matters online Casino Bonusitmeanstoexercisecaution.paigowisatablegameandthestandardconsciousnessbonusonlyletsroundsontheslotscalculate100%.itistypicalthattablegamesonlyget10%oroftenalso0%andyouhavetoplaymoreoftentounlockyourbonusmoney.somebonusesarealsomoretolerantandallowtablegames1:1.itisbesttolookatthedetailsofourdetailedcasinoreviews.

Pai Gow in the Domino version is a classic in Macau, the Pai Gow Poker derived from this can certainly transmit the thrill in west. At Pai Gow Poker you are surprisingly free in your decisions and distribute seven cards over two hands. You can do this better with practice than others, but usually never better than the dealer, who usually plays the perfect game. However, we think that a healthy load of gut feeling for Online money games always has a place because everything can happen in a single round. Use the play money to acquire a solid basic knowledge and then just have fun, just as you have fun on blackjack, even if you haven't studied the perfect game.

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