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Casino with Apple Pay 2022 - Pay in the online casino with Apple Pay?

Lightning -fast, comfortable and particularly safe payments: This is exactly what Apple Pay promises! But which one Casino mit Apple Pay There are already? Our guide clarifies and provides numerous tips on the epayment service of the iPhone manufacturer.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: Only Very few online casinos offer Apple Pay for payment.
  • Chapter 1: Apple Pay is that mobile payment method Des-gi-gigents Apple.
  • Chapter 2: If the means of payment is available, it is Deposit Really simple.
  • Chapter 3: Especially the security is a for Apple Pay.
  • Chapter 4: Two good casinos With Apple Pay, we present you more detail.
  • Chapter 5: There are various e-wallets as Alternatives zu Apple Pay.

The best casinos with Apple Pay

Casumo CasinoGratisbonus Casumo casino experience report
  • Apple Pay is available
  • Deposits up to $ 5,000
  • Secure welcome bonus with Apple Pay
Slots PalaceNewcomer Slots Palace Experience report
  • Many serious payment methods
  • Apple Pay also available
  • Welcome package up to $ 1,000
Platinum casinoGratisbonus Platinum casino experience report
  • Enter up to $ 1,000 with Apple Pay
  • Payments are also possible
  • Free of charge in both directions
Playouwin casinoExclusive bonus Playouwin Casino experience report
  • Apple Pay available
  • No fees
  • Bonus up to $ 450
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Apple Pay is one New payment service, which only enables Apple devices to make payments in a digital way.

This is possible with recent generations of iPhone, iPad, the Apple Watch and also some MacBooks. Apple Pay transforms the respective mobile device into a digital wallet and Works like a credit or checking card.

Purchase in participating shops can be paid, whereby customers have to keep the iPhone or the Apple Watch on a card reader.

Above 60 percent of the cash register systems in Germany Already support Apple Pay.

The payment is completely less and is used by means of Fingerprint (touch ID), face recognition (Face ID) or entering the unlock code by the user.

More and more traders and banks cooperate with the payment service, So that cash or credit cards are replaced and increasingly superfluous. Especially in the course of Corona pandemic, the spread of less payments has developed faster than experts.

With Casumo and the Platino Casino there are two excellent Apple Pay casinos in Germany. Other online casinos in this country are still very behind the international competition.

Accordingly, customers should adjust to this Apple Pay Alternativen to use. The best alternatives include:

  • 1
    Visa and Mastercard
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Paying with Apple Pay is very easy. But first that has to Payment method set up on the Apple device and can be linked to one or more cards.

But that is also a Child's play And can be done quickly. Provided the device fulfills the Minimum technical requirement And is compatible with Apple Pay. So you have to be in possession of an iPhone SE, iPhone 6 or a recent generation.

At the Apple Watch there is against it no restrictions. The first generation of smartwatch supports the payment module here.

The following Step-for-step declaration illustrates how you have to do with the iPhone to set up Apple Pay:

  • 1
    Step 1: opensyourwalletontheiphone.inthevirtualwallet,clickonthesmall"+"symboloronthe"add"button.
  • 2
    Step 2: inthenextstep,appleprovidesinformationondataprotectionanddealingwiththecard-relatedinformation.clickon"continue".
  • 3
    Step 3: inthefollowingscreenyouselectthebankfromwhichyourcreditcardcomes.alternatively,youcanmanuallyenterthenameofthebank.clickonthenameofthebank.
  • 4
    Step 4: afterwardsthecameraopensautomaticallyandyouhavetorecordyourcreditcardviascan.alternatively,youcanalsoenterthecardnumbermanually.
  • 5
    Step 5: entertheothercardinformationinthenextwindow,i.e.theexpirydateandthecvvsecuritycode.
  • 6
    Step 6: thetermsofuseoftherespectivebankappearonthedisplay,whichyouhavetoconfirmbyclickingon"accept".
  • 7
    Step 7: finally,thecardtesttakesplace,wherebytheproceduredependsontherespectivepartnerbank.forexample,youwillreceiveansmsoremailortheverificationtakesplaceinthebankingapp.
  • 8
    Step 8: Apple Pay is then operational and you can make payments in the Apple Pay Casino or elsewhere.

The process when setting up Apple Pay can easily differ depending on the iPhone model, iPad or MacBook.

If you want to use the payment method in addition to the iPhone on other Apple devices, you have to do the Add credit or debit card.

On newer models (from iPhone 8/8 Plus; Apple Watch Series 3) Up to twelve cards per device can be added, while older devices support up to eight cards. Also make sure that the latest version of the respective operating system (iOS, Watchos, MacOS) is always installed.

If you go on a shopping tour on the iPad or a Mac computer with Apple Pay via Safari browser, you have to be registered with a valid Apple ID at iCloud.

Has the Apple-owned payment service focused? Then you can now make your money transfer in the Apple Pay Casinos very comfortably, quickly and safely with your iPhone or iPad. The prerequisite is that you have both activated Apple Pay on an Apple device and are registered with one of the available Apple Pay Casinos.

The following explains how this works with the deposits Step-for the declaration of steps.

  • 1
    Step 1:registerwithyouraccessdataintheapplepayonlinecasino.ifyouareonthego,makesuretousetheapplesafaribrowser.thisistheonlycompatiblebrowserforusingapplepay.
  • 2
    step 2:thenopenthecash/bankingareaintheapplepayonlinecasinoandcontinuetomakeadeposit.
  • 3
    step 3: Choose from the available Payment methodstheproviderapplepay.
  • 4
    Step 4:enterthedesiredamountyouwanttodepositonthegameaccount.notethatyoudonotfallbelowtherequiredminimumamount.thisisusuallyten$.
  • 5
    Step 5:inordertomakethedeposit,youhavetoconfirmthetransactiontoyourcompatibledevice.thishappensthroughtouchidorfaceid.alternatively,youcanalsoreleasethepaymentviatheunlockcode.
  • 6
    Step 6: The deposit amount will be credited to your player account immediately and you can get started in the casino immediately!

If there are any problems during one of the steps listed, you should immediately the customer service of your online casino. If this is not sufficient, with Apple should be ed.

Apple Pay is mainly used for paying, but there is also the technical opportunity to receive money through the service. One Apple Pay payment is therefore possible in the casino.

Always assumed that you have previously paid in via the epayment service with the apple logo. After the casino has processed your payment application, you will be credited to your profit immediately using Apple Pay.

The payment service counts just like the e-wallets (e.g. Trustly or ecopayz) to the fastest methods on the market.

What may sound good in theory is a bit more tricky in reality.

Unfortunately, only absolute exceptions currently offer the option of making payments via Apple Pay. Most of the time, the Apple Pay Casino only offer a payment via the classic bank transfer.

In contrast to other payout options, this means Longer waiting times From up to seven working days.

In terms of new payment methods in particular, a certain skepticism always plays on the user page on security. And this is really the case. Finally Will nobody takes a risk of mobile payments.

But all concerns and doubts can be wiped away from Apple Pay. Because the great strength of the system is by no means only in innovative handling, but primarily in the excellent security.

This is where the IT giant even sets New standards And has a lot ahead of many other methods. We reveal what Apple Pay makes so extremely safe for several reasons.

Sensitive data from the credit card linked to Apple Pay are at all not saved on the iPhone or other Apple devices. Instead, the data is encrypted to confirm the card company for confirmation.

Then the user will be sent back a 16-digit code. This code that is not to be deciphered, which resembles a regular card number and basically works as a virtual credit card, is locally on the so -called safe "Secure Enclave“Stored on the iPhone. This number is not transferable to other devices.

In the event of a purchase or deposit, a unique transaction number generated. The payee and the online casino never get the real card number. Apple Pay not only offers security, but also maintains your privacy.

The next important security level can be seen in the built -in hardware and in the payment confirmation. This may be done via your Personal fingerprint using a touch ID.

Or the transaction is confirmed using your face recognition via Face ID, insofar as it is available on the Apple model. That is significantly safer than a PIN query. Of course, at Apple Pay payments, it can also be released classically by entering the device retention code.

If you lose your Apple device or if it is stolen, unauthorized persons have no chance of not paying online or offline with the device.

Touch ID and/or Face ID put a insurmountable hurdle and guarantee that only the actual owner can confirm payments with Apple Pay.

The use of Apple Pay is for the customer basically free. The group does not ask you to checkout! But at this point it is to point out two aspects: First, at Apple Pay, the conditions of the stored credit card apply.

Card operator like VISA or MasterCard can request fees for transactions. This also affects money traffic between a player and the online casino. So you should set yourself at costs that are debited at the end of the checking account.

Secondly, it is ultimately up to the casino operator whether he invoices a service flat rate for the Apple Pay deposit or payment.

The good news:
As a rule, the casinos take out extra fees. But unfortunately that does not apply to all Apple Pay Online Casinos.

In this section we show you the strengths of Apple Pay. So it quickly becomes clear why the payment service is so popular and is ideal for use in online casinos.

  • 1
    Height Security standards: The Apple devices Number as well as Touch ID and Face ID receive a highest level of protection and security. Apple Pay is one of the safest means of payment in the financial industry.
  • 2
    Functionality: Already setting up Apple Pay is extremely simple and takes place within a few minutes. The handling connects. Transactions can be easily confirmed using fingerprint or face recognition. The annoying typing of long numbers or passwords - as with other payment methods - is with Apple Pay history.
  • 3
    anonymity: Many of you feel uncomfortable when banking or credit card data are transmitted to the online casino. In casinos with Apple Pay, this is saved. Neither sensitive bank details are forwarded nor does the gaming operator appear on an account statement. In addition, no payment data is saved on the Apple device. Your privacy remains unaffected.
  • 4
    speed: You don't have to fear waiting times at Apple Pay. The transaction takes place in real time and the money will be credited to the player account immediately. So you can play in real money mode. In addition, you can quickly charge your account during ongoing games. Very practical for activities in the live casino.
  • 5
    Toll-free: The payment service is not associated with any additional costs. Most casinos with Apple Pay also do not charge a fee, so that the amount paid is available fully. However, there are some online casinos where Apple Pay payments are subject to charges. You should check this in advance.
  • 6
    Devices: Apart from the iPhone, Apple Pay is also available on the iPad, the Apple Watch and MacBook. Provided that the device is technically compatible. Apple Pay Casinos can use Apple fans who have several products from the US company without restrictions.
  • 7
    compatibility: With Apple Pay, all important and especially for casino payments can be linked to credit cards. So the iPhone manufacturer has closed cooperations with Visa and Mastercard, also American Express Is there. However, it is crucial that the bank from which you have the credit cards is also one of the Apple Pay partners.

Even if Apple Pay can absolutely convince in many ways, there are some weak points. Which? This illustrates the listing of the Apple Pay disadvantages to feel the casino players.

  • 1
    Availability: Casinos with Apple Pay in the payment portfolio, very few can be found. Apple Pay does not exist from a comprehensive availability, such as that is given on comparable e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. However, Apple Pay only started in Germany in December 2018. In the medium term, strong distribution in the casino industry can be expected.
  • 2
    Restrictions: No Apple Pay without Apple product! The payment service is only available to Apple Devices. There is no link to competing products. If you use Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry, you have no access to Apple Pay.
  • 3
    Topicality: The digital wallet runs on all Apple devices. For example, the 6th generation (or from iPhone SE) only meet the technical requirements for Apple Pay. Owners of older iPhones look into the tube. It must also be representatives of the younger generation for the iPads or MacBooks. In addition, products with the bitten apple logo are very expensive.
  • 4
    Payouts: Unfortunately, a payment is not possible with the majority of the Apple Pay Casinos. There is a compulsion that after the Apple Pay deposit for possible profit withdrawals must be switched to alternative payment services.

A decisive basic requirement for the use of Apple Pay is that your bank or your card provider is one Cooperation with Apple has been received.

The good news: Although the market entry is not too distant, Apple has already been able to Many Important financial service provider to win.

Including Deutsche Bank, DKB, HypoVereinsbank, ING or the Sparkassen and Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. The payment provider Klarna (immediately) is also included.

Not to mention Visa and Mastercardwhose credit cards in online casinos are still among the most popular payment methods.

If you don't want to compromise on payment transactions with virtual arcades and definitely use Apple Pay, you can already find one Ordinary, but still expandable number of serious Apple Pay casinos.

We went on a search for you and now want you to Two of the currently best casinos with Apple Pay introduce. Not only will you be able to deposit with Apple Pay in these online casinos, the respective casino bonus can also be activated and used with the payment method.

The first casino in which you can pay with Apple Pay, we would like to Invoice to name. Casumo was one of the first european online casinos, which Apple Pay added to his wide portfolio of payment methods.

In Germany you can use you Apple Pay deposits between 10 and 1,000 $ be performed. So you can just be at Casumo experiences Collect with Apple Pay.

With the Platinum casino another top casino is available for payments via Apple Pay. Apple Pay also belongs among the 11 payment providers in the Platinian Casino Deposits between 10 and 1,000 $ To the top names.

There are no fees in the deposits as with Apple Pay payments. Before a possible payment, however, your data and your person must be verified with several documents. in the Platinum casino experiences Collecting with Apple Pay is extremely easy.

If your Apple mobile device is not compatible or you have none at all, the gate to Apple Pay Casinos remains closed. But the virtual Spielbanken have many payment methods ready.

Many of the alternative payment methods offer you the same degree of security and should be used more often than Apple Pay.

The following two Apple Pay alternatives protrude particularly.

If you are the proud owner of a smartphone or tablet with Android as a operating system, we want to open you now Google Pay refer.

It is a Apple Pay Konkurrent, which runs exclusively on Android-based mobile devices.

Do you want to learn more about Google Pay? Then you will be over in our guide Google Pay Casinos Looking.

When it comes to mobile functionality, high security and fast payment processing, e-wallets are available, such as Skrill, Neteller, Muchbetter or ecopayz Apple Pay in no way.

With all these providers, payments are made smooth and very quickly.

Thanks to the e-wallets, you have to Do not store any further data for payments And can mate your personal accounts and credit cards with the respective stock exchange.

No, unfortunately not. Our experiences from the past few months show that Apple Pay is still far from being seen as a popular means of payment in German casinos. Furthermore, it is a means of payment that only in certain online casinoscanbeused.
Yes, Apple Pay is an extreme secure means of payment.thetouchandfaceidaloneareimportantsafetyelementsandmakepaymentssaferthanotherpaymentmethods.pairedwiththesslencryptiontechnologiesofthecasinosyouareonthesafeside.
Basically yes! At least Apple represents the use of its payment service no additional coststotheuser.theclearmajorityofonlinecasinosalsodowithoutfees.unfortunately,thisdoesnotapplytoeveryone.socheckexactlyhowyourapplepaycasinodealswiththetopicoffees.
The Apple Pay deposit takes place in real time and is therefore immediately available as a credit for the game pleasure. Also the Payoutsarefast.comparisonscanthereforebedrawntoe-walletsorotherultra-fastpaymentmethods.
Yes! So far, only a few Apple Pay Casinos in Germany have offered the opportunity. In some online casinos, however, your profits can already be paid out via Apple Pay. Other Online Casinosareguaranteedtomove.

The fact is: Apple has a technically innovative, very sophisticated payment service for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook created.

The extremely secure, fast and easy -to -implement payments impress in practice across the board. For casino friends, the bonus relevance is also, as well as the mostly Free payment Interesting. There is also complete data protection.

We have no doubt that Apple Pay will continue to become more important for online casinos in the future And more and more is available as a payment option - also for payouts. Until this is the case, you should keep an eye on the available Apple Pay alternatives.

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