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Interac Online Casinos 2022: Why the payment method is currently not available and the best alternatives at an overview

Many of you will not say anything because it is a purely American payment service provider. In USA, Interac is a big number and maybe you will get in touch with this foreign money transfer. We took a closer look at the payment provider and also different Interac Online Casinos found that operate in Germany.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: Very good Casinos mit Interac.
  • Chapter 1: We show you Alternative payment services for Interac.
  • Chapter 2: Unser Top-Interac-Casino in Germany.
  • Chapter 3: DIE advantages From interac the Disadvantages.
  • Chapter 4: Deposit money Step by step in the online casino spinropolis.
  • Chapter 5: We'll find you All important information together to interac.

Very strong interac online casinos

EnergyCasino Energycasino experience report
  • No change in nationality possible
  • As a American 10 $ minimum deposit
  • No fees
Mr Play CasinoNewcomer MR Play Casino experience report
  • No interac for German customers
  • Deposits in USA from 10 CAD
  • Duration up to 24 hours
Casiplay casino Casiplay Casino experience report
  • 10 $ minimum deposit
  • The money transfer takes a day
  • Payouts up to $ 7000
UberluckyNewcomer Uberlucky experience report
  • Interac only for American players
  • Minimum deposit 10 $
  • Minimum payment 20 $
Show all providers (1)
  1. Skrill
  2. Neteller
  3. Trustly
  4. ecopayz
  5. Klarna (Sofortüberweisung)
  6. Giropay

Anyone looking for a list of the best interac online casinos in Germany will be disappointed. Da interac tailored to American customers alone is foregoing european and deutsche Online Casinos Almost always on this payment method.

We could Very few casinos Find for you where Interac is in the portfolio. However, this payment provider can only be used for American customers in these casinos. The USA place of residence must be given when registering. This is also checked in the course of the verification.

Thus, almost all of the Interac casinos for players from Germany were eliminated. The exception was the online casino Spintropolis by actually being able to deposit from Germany. In our Spintropolis experiences You can read much more information about this online casino.

Would have certain Online casino payment methods There are no more advantages. It depends on what is important to you. Therefore, you should read through the following advantages and disadvantages at online casinos with Interac:

  • Anonymity: No bank or credit card data required. Direct logging into online banking.
  • Security: Interarc operates with over 250 banks from USA.
  • Interac Zero Liability Policy: In the case of fraudulent activity, you will get your money back (only for Interac Online).
  • No debt arising: Interac works according to the debit principle: You can only spend what you have as a credit in your account.
  • Large distribution in USA: Interac is an absolute standard in American casinos.
  • Free of charge: There are no interac fees. Sometimes, however, casinos or banks collect fees. The online casino Spintropolis does not charge any extra fees.
  • Simple process: You conclude the payment via your own online banking.
  • No additional account required: You need a casino account and a (American) bank account. No registration with Interac required.
  • Correcting to the bonus: If Interac is offered, you can activate your Interac Casino Bonus - for example for your first deposit.
  • NOOD’S WANSS: Interac is usually only available players with a seat and a bank account in USA.
  • Very low commitment in EU casinos: Few casinos in europe offer Interac as a payment method.
  • No online payment via Interac: Similar to German Giropay, the payment is not made via Interac Online, but via a normal bank transfer. With Interac e-transfer, payments in some casinos are possible.
  • Longer waiting times: Although transfers via Interac are immediately available, all casinos we present indicate a processing time of up to 24 hours.
  • Exchange rate: As always, changes of money and uncertainties bring with it. With Interac you only pay in American dollars. In the casino of Spintropolis and also in other casinos, only $ are played.

We have the Spintropolis experiences made and found that it is the only online casino by Von Germany can deposit from VIA Interac. Important prerequisite: you have an account with one of the supported American banks. In this case, your deposit runs easily and safely in the following steps.

  • 1
    You open Spintropolis and, if not yet done Free player accounton.theprocessovertheyellowbuttonatthetoprightisdoneintwominuteswithafewpersonalinformation.thenloginasusual.
  • 2
    To the Cashieryoucanreachtheyellowbuttonatthesameplace,whichhasnowbeenconvertedinto"deposit".asmallextrawindowopens.
  • 3
    As usual, you play with the country of origin Germany and you can no longer change that afterwards. For the deposit options, only the options available in Germany such as Mastercard, Skrill or Paysafecard are displayed accordingly. But you can In the dropdown menu, determine your "payment country" freelyandthereforeselectthe"USA"paymentcountryinthelist.
  • 4
    Now Interac appears online in the portfolio. Click on the logo and wear yours on the right Desired amount between 30 and 7000 American dollarsa.thesumisautomaticallyconvertedinto$,asthisistheonlyacceptedcurrencywithinthecasino.clickon"next".
  • 5
    Now you will be forwarded to the Interac portal. There the Payment via online bankinginsteadof.youlookforyourAmericanbank,thefinancialinstitutionsorthecreditunionandthenloginwithyouronlinebankingaccessdata.youarenowonthesideoftheprovider,butintruthyoupayyouthesameasyoudootherwise,bydirecttransfer.
  • 6
    Once the process has been completed, you get back to the casino. There the confirmation should already be waiting for you and the corresponding sum. Spintropolis indicates that it take up to 24 hourscan,butmostlyyouhavetowaitforminutesthanhours.

Like most payment systems, Interac is not explained in one sentence, or there are still some features and facts that hide behind the American provider. Below is an overview of all other important features of the Interac payment method:

That Interac is safe shows alone The enormous distribution in USA. Over 250 financial institutions offer Interac as a payment service provider. You have a central advantage: you do not pass on your financial data directly. You only log into your account and in the background the banks connect to each other.

The required for this Safety measures Are extremely good for you.

Phishing Could become a problem, but you have us for that - only you absolutely Serious online casinos Recommend that have no influence on the external payment process.

If offered in the online casino interac, you can usually not pay off with it. As an alternative, most gives the payment option of the Bank Transfer.

With Interac e-transfer, however, there is one Online casino payout possible. Unfortunately, there is no possibility for you in online casino spintropolis. Here, certain information is exchanged between you and the casino (encrypted and safe) and the Interac withdrawal runs in direct connection. The functionality is similar to the money transfer at PayPal.

In the Interac Online Casinos you have to Up to 24 hours plan on.

E-Wallets-Payments such as Neteller or Skrill are usually immediately available. Usually the interac withdrawal duration is significantly shorter.

You have to add the ordinary processing time and this is different for every casino. You can usually up to three days of processing time calculate. The Casino Spintropolis mentions one to three working days as a yardstick.

Both your bank and the Interac Online Casino pay for the services. For you as a customer is Interac online for free. However, it may be that the bank returns its share directly or indirectly-especially with Interac e-transfer.

Therefore, you should inquire about possible fees when depositing with Interac:
  • Either there is a special page or the support should offer support.
  • There are no fees for you at Spintropolis.
  • In our Online Casino Test You generally find out what you have to pay attention to to avoid nasty surprises.

Interac only switches between you and the casino and simply conveys between these two parties. Therefore, you don't have to stick to any own interac limits. In that case there is no. There is no one Ober-, still lower limit for amounts of money, the Interac itself defines.

So only your bank and the casino decide what you can pay in and out. Here you have to inquire about what these two parties prescribe. Above all, the deposit limits are more limited from the checking account than in the casino.

The limits for interac deposits in the casino

DIE Online casino minimum deposit As a rule, this payment provider are at 10 $. With Spintropolis it is $ 30, around 20 $.

The casinos are generous and are usually based on the limits of the service providers. Spinropolis Limited to 7000 American dollars (approx. 4500 $), but you can also deposit several times in a row.

What limits apply to Interac payments?
  • In many cases, payments are generally allowed from 10 $.
  • With Spintropolis, each payment application is only approved from 100 $.
  • Spintropolis allows you within 30 days Only the payment of a maximum of 5000 $.
  • In general, there are too many different limits, so you always have to inquire in advance.

Here we can take a short time: If you usually use your online banking mobile and the casino on the smartphone by Online Casino App Runs, then you can also pay with Interac mobile.

Interac is fully set to the mobile market and lie down here No stones in the way.

If you are in no relationship with USA, there are other payment service providers for you as an alternative to Interac. If we compare the two main products Interac Online and Interac e-transfer, the following come Payment partner for the German -speaking area in the are:

Both Giropay and Klarna with the integrated system Sofortüberweisung are very similar to the American payment method Interac Online.

at Giropayandefinedand Online Casino Klarna Use the secure interface of the payment specialist without additional registration.

Here you log in via your German bank account. You will then initiate the payment with your TAN procedure. Payments are not possible here either.

Unfortunately, PayPal completely got out of the Online casinos market in Germany withdrawn. However, the similarity to Interac e-transfer is clearly noticeable.

The service provider PayPal identifies your e-wallet via your email address and this is also exchanged at the Interac e-transfer. You can also request other users with the address at PayPal and then send them money without further influence the banks.

Unfortunately there are none PayPal Casinos More for German customers.

Here it is now increasingly evident to other e-wallets, such as Ecopayz, Skrill or Neteller.

That Interac is serious and safe, has already been adapted several times. In the meantime, over 250 and thus all important American banks and Credit Union have joined the network.

Interac is the main debit platform in USA, comparable to Maestro (Girocard-EC card) and operates almost 60,000 ATMs in the country. The debit system creates a transaction volume of over six billion American dollars a year.


Every online gambler in USA knows the payment service provider and accordingly the casinos also offer interac online and Interac E-Transfer an. Online gambling is legal in USA. Thus, with all other online payments, half a billion American dollar comes together. Around 25 million customers are active at the payment service provider from Toronto every month.

Of course, the basic problem also remains with the online bookies: Interac is a American-oriented company And can only be found very rarely among european bookmakers.

There are exceptions: about Celibacy With Interac Online and e-transferthat generally has an enormous payment portfolio.

But also there you can only use the payment service provider from a American account.

No, usually not. at Spintropolisitworks,butusuallyyouhavetohaveyourresidenceinUSAandhaveaAmericanbankaccount.therefore,thispaymentmethodwillnotbeconsideredformostgermancasinofans.
Interac Online is an instant transfer,forwhichyoulogintoonlinebanking.interace-transferismorelikeane-walletandcanbeusedtotransfercreditdirectlytootherinteraccustomers.
Interac is only partially anonymous, because of course you can Track payments.acertainanonymityisensuredbynotprovidinginformationontheonlinecasino,suchascreditcardnumberoriban.
No, a payment does not work with Interac Online. Interac e-transfer, which is less often offered, allows a money transfer from the casino directly to your account. But this is mostly with one feemistake.
Yes, USA's largest banks would not offer their online banking through Interac if it would not be absolutely certain. This quality feature already says a lot about the Seriousnessfrominterac.
Yes, this is usually possible without any problems. Sometimes they close Online Casinosbutindividualpaymentproviders.however,sinceinteracisnotusableformostgermanplayersanyway,analternativeshouldbeswitched.

There is no doubt that Interac is an outstanding financial service provider who is very important in USA. Nevertheless, we cannot recommend Interac, since you can hardly use it in the end. Without a American account you have been stuck And why should you have American dollars converted in the first place?

Use instead Giropay, which is ultimately the German Interac and thus the logical choice. If you have a reference to USA or if you would like to use Interac so much, ask the support whether there is an option for you. Becomes Interac for American customers Already offered as a payment method, you could be able to success with the request.

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