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400% Casino Bonus - five -time credit with 400% online casino bonus

Online casinos vie with attractive offers for new customers. How high the bonus offered is, but differs greatly between the individual online casinos. In this article you will receive all information about the 400% Casino-Bonus.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: Recommended Online Casinos mit 400% casino bonus.
  • Chapter 1: All important Details to the 400% deposit bonus.
  • Chapter 2: Step-by-step instructionsto activate the 400% casino bonus.
  • Chapter 3: This features Should have a good 400% welcome bonus.
  • Chapter 4: Pay attention to this Pitfall With the 400% casino bonus.

Casinos mit 400% good

LocoWin CasinoNewcomer Locowin Casino experience report
  • 5 bonuses up to $ 1,497.50
  • Only for new customers
  • Additional 500 free spins
Wunderino Casino Wunderino Casino experience report
  • 400% bis 40 $
  • Only for new customers
  • 30 days for 30 times sales

If casinos promise you a 400% bonus, this usually means that you will receive another 400% of the amount of your deposit as a bonus credit from the casino. You will then be available 400% more money than you actually paid in.

  • So if you deposit 100 $, you will get 400 $ on top and ultimately you can get started with 500 $ in your player account.

At a online Casino Bonus It is always important to see in advance on our website or in the conditions of the provider what requirements are linked to the bonus credit. For example, there is always a minimum turnover that you have to do before you can have bonus money paid out.

  • Pay attention to the required minimum deposit of the provider to successfully activate the 400% casino bonus.

The 400% casino bonus is one rare bonus campaignthat unfortunately does not find you with many providers.

  • Unfortunately, the 400% casino bonus is not often offered compared to the classic 100% bonus.

For this reason, I went on a search for you and searched for online casinos that offer you a 400% deposit bonus directly at the start. At this point I will present you now The best online casinosIn which you can secure this fantastic bonus immediately after your registration.

Wunderino is by far one of the most famous online casino providers in Germany. This is also not surprising because Wunderino can be seen regularly with various articles in TV commercials. In my experience you can at Wunderino Great portfolio Online Slots To fall back on.

Far more than 2000 different titles of the absolute extra class of providers such as Netent, Microgaming and Play'n Go await you!

  • Wunderino is extremely serious and has the German license from Schleswig-Holstein.

If you have chosen Wunderino as a new customer, it is definitely a good choice. After registration you can expect Great 400% deposit bonus.

Source: Wunderino

For the first deposit, you will receive 40 $ bonus credit and can therefore A total of 50 $ Start adventure at Wunderino in your game store. At Wunderino you will receive in the following three days after the bonus activation 10 Free Spins credited.

These are valid for the great slot machines.

The 400% deposit bonus from Wunderino is also linked to certain bonus conditions:

  • Minimum deposit amount: 10 $
  • Sales condition deposit + bonus: 30x
  • Bonus code: not necessary
  • Time window: 30 days

By the way, at Wunderino you will also be rewarded for your second and third deposit to a new account. You will receive one for the second deposit Bonus of 100% up to $ 200.

For the third deposit you will receive a bonus worth 50% up to 500 $.

The bonus sales at Wunderino can only be met by slot machines that contribute 100% to the rollover.

  • Attention: missions for the Slots Dead or Alive, Book of Dead and Blood Sucker are only taken into account with 50% for the rollover!

Here to the Wunderino experiences!

You don't know a slot yet? No problem! The slot machines are also offered to Wunderino in a free demo mode. Try the slots beforehand without risk!

As a new customer you will be at Casino1 Receive with a massive bonus offer. In this online casino you have the opportunity to even 2x the attractive 400 % casino bonus to secure!

For your first deposit on a new casino account you will receive a fantastic at Casino1 400% welcome bonus of up to 800 $.

In the second transaction you can dust up another bonus worth 200% up to 400 $.

What: Casino1

In the third transaction you will then be with one again 400% deposit bonus rewarded and you can Another 200 $ Collect additional bonus credit from Casino1!

  • Casino1 awaits you with exciting bonus campaigns with a total value of up to 1400 $!

In addition to these attractive bonus actions, you will also be included at Casino1 Another 120 free spins spoiled as new customers, which you do after activation for the Slot machine Fruit Zen can use.

The 400% casino bonus from Casino1 is of course also before a payment bound to certain sales conditions. Only if you fully met the bonus conditions in the Casino1 online casino can you pay for the bonus and the profits achieved with this provider.

This means a lush Rollover of a total of 100,000 $, if you have activated every bonus from this campaign in full.

Here to the Casino1 experiences!

According to the sales conditions, you may only use a maximum of 30% of your bankroll for the rollover at Casino1!

If a casino bonus is 400%, you can Deposit amount namely a whopping and writing. I will gradually show you how to activate a 400% deposit bonus in my instructions:

  • 1
    First you have to register on the website of the online casino provider with your own account.
  • 2
    Click on the registration button on the start page of the casino and then completely fill out the registration mask.
  • 3
    Check your information again at the end, confirm the registration on the website and then click on the activation link from the email of the casino.
  • 4
    Now log into your new casino account and make a qualifying deposit to receive the 400% casino bonus.
  • 5
    As soon as the transaction is successfully completed, the 400% casino bonus is automatically booked on your account and is available for numerous games.
  • 6
    Fulfilled the complete sales conditions according to the credit and only request a payment if the rollover has been completely fulfilled by you.

Even if a 400 % casino bonus rarely occur compared to other bonus offers, some still have some Serious online casinos This bonus campaign in the program. However, the bonus conditions can differ from the providers. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

The amount of the bonus is what the online casinos advertise and also what makes the special charm for some players. However, I can recommend you not to see the pure maximum amount as too strong quality criterion - unless you are a high roller.

  • Don't look at the maximum bonus amount if you actually only want to make a lower deposit. Then other criteria are more crucial.

Example: 50 $ deposit

For example, if you want to deposit 50 $, then you can Maximals warm no matter be because it does not affect you. Then the percentage is much more important.

What helps you a 100% bonus up to 1,000 $, even if you have one 200% Casino Bonus can have up to 500 $ if you only want to deposit 50 $. In this case, your bonus credit would end at 50 or 100 $.

This point decides more than anything in many bonus offers: How generously does the provider show when it comes to sales requirements?

Of course it always has to be your goal to convert the bonus money into real money, so that you can pay it out again if you win.

  • Take a distance between bonus promotions with horrendous bonus sales. You will probably never make a bonus with completely indiscutable conditions.

Payouts are only possible if you have used the money several times and implemented in the casino. And that's where the sticking point is!

Some casinos have very fair conditions and you have to "only" implement the credit about 20x. Rather dubious online casinos Specify to implement the money 50x. This makes your chance extremely succeeding that you successfully meet the conditions.

In combination with the sales requirement, the time limit is also very important. If you have to implement the money very often and you have very little time for it, it will hardly be feasible for you.

  • Time deadlines of 30 days are fair and desirable. Many casinos also give two weeks or even just a week.

Before activating a 400% casino bonus, you should therefore read details in the associated bonus. There you will find All important information about the bonus period.

Then you have to carefully consider whether the conditions are fair or whether the overall package is ultimately not coherent. You can always see this fact very well whether it is a 400% welcome bonus, which you can really bring to a payment.

If the bonus period passes, the credited Bonus amount canceled again. For you, this also means that all profits you have made with the bonus money are lost again!

In connection with a 400% casino bonus, there are also some important things that you absolutely have to consider in practice. In several cases, a 400% welcome bonus includes some stumbling blocksIn the worst case, which lead to cancellation of the bonus.

  • Always pay attention to possible pitfalls so as not to endanger your lucrative bonus credit.

In this section I now go to some Obstacles A that you often have to deal with in bonus campaigns. In this way, in practice you will certainly make it to pay the bonus credit with your casino profits.

One of the most common stumbling blocks in activating a bonus in an online casino include the excluded Payment methods. Even before the qualifying transaction, you have to take a look at the bonus details.

In several cases it is the case that Deposits via e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, do not lead to the credit of a bonus.

If you deposit through a not approved payment method, the bonus is inevitably lost!

To activate a bonus at the start, you have to make a qualifying deposit. In some online casinos it is also the case that you also have a special in addition to the deposit Bonus Code must enter.

  • The bonus code is often available directly from the provider and can be found in the bonus details.

If you are not 100 % sure, you shouldn't leave anything to chance and ask for customer service. Simply go to live chat and you will receive the answer from the support after a short time.

So that you can successfully have the credit from a 400% casino bonus paid out from your account, you must first have fully fulfilled the associated bonus conditions in the online casino.

In the sales conditions, you should pay particular attention to these 2nd conditions:

  1. Whether it was certain Casino games gives that are excluded from bonus sales.
  2. And whether there are games that are not 100 % taken into account for fulfilling the sales conditions of a 400 % deposit bonus.
  • In most cases, the operations for slots are taken into account 100%.
Here is an excerpt from the miracle cinema sales conditions for the 400% casino bonus! (Source: Wunderino)

Table games and live casino games often only contribute to a very low percentage to the rollover, so that this game category is definitely not advisable for an active bonus.

In any case, ship before your first use A look at the bonus conditions, so that you do not place your missions for the wrong games in an online casino.

You can only at online game now Free live casino roulette and baccarat Play with a real croupier at any time! It is not necessary to open an account or to deposit money. Have fun!

It is particularly common in the sales conditions that you have an active bonus Only a certain maximum amount per round may use.

Extract from Wunderino's sales conditions for the 400% casino bonus! (Source: Wunderino)
  • You must definitely stick to these operating restrictions in an online casino, as violations of the wagering conditions violate the wastes.

In the worst case, this can lead to the 400% welcome bonus can be canceled again and that the profits made with it will be lost again.

A 400% casino bonus can stale your account balance in the casino after your first deposit - that's already one whole amount of extra money!

Advantages at an overview:
  • You can play much longer than with your mere deposit.
  • The possibility to make higher operations than usual.
  • Casino gains can be greater due to the higher use.
  • Low minimum payments are often required.

Yes, there is. With the increasing percentage of the bonus offer The sales requirements also increasethat are increasingly difficult to meet.

A glaucoma at a glance:
  • You can only pay off when the conditions are met.
  • Example: 200 $ deposit with 20x walks, means that you have to implement at least 20,000 $.
  • Sales requirements are limited in time.

There are many other attractive offers that you shouldn't let out of your eyes. Here you will find an overview of other bonus campaigns that I can only recommend from my own experience!

  • Deposit bonus: With almost all online casino providers you can one Casino welcome bonus Secure to the start. The 400% casino bonus is already a massive offer. But it is even better! With some providers you even get one 500% casino Bonus Or a spectacular 600% Casino Bonus!
  • Free Spins: A 400% deposit bonus is also offered in connection with free play. Basically there are 2 variants: Free spins without deposit Or with deposit.
  • Non Sticky Bonus: Of the Non Sticky Bonus is a special form of the classic new customer bonus. Your deposit amount will be separated directly from the bonus credit. For you, this means that all profits you have made with real money are paid out directly from your casino account without another rollover.
  • VIP Casino Bonus: The 400% deposit bonus can bring you a huge sum of additional credit. If you are looking for bonus promotions with a particularly high credit, I can also VIP Casino Bonus recommend. Such a bonus campaign is often offered for loyal customers who regularly meet a certain rollover in an online casino.
A 400% casino bonus is usually provided for new customers immediately after registration in an online casino. This allows you to get a strong sum Additional bonus creditsecureandstaleyourdepositamount!
This always depends on the sales conditions of the respective Online Casinostogether.frommyownexperienceicanconfirmthatyoucanoftenusethecreditfromthe400%welcomebonusforslots.
Yes, in an online casino you can both about the Casino Appaswellasplaycompletelyindependentinthemobilecasino.sincemobiledepositsarealsoofferedinthisway,youcaneasilyactivatea400%depositbonusviathesmartphoneortablet.
No, for a payment of the 400% welcome bonus you have to first associated bonus conditionshavefullymet.payspecialattentiontothebonusperiod,bonussalesandtheapprovedgamesforthecorrespondingbonusoffer.
The 400% deposit bonus is by far one of the most lucrative bonus campaigns in an online casino. You only get an even larger percentage increase in your deposit by the 500% casino Bonusaswellasthroughthe600%casinobonus.

In my experience in the online casino scene, the 400% casino bonus is by far one of the strongest offers that you can pick up as new customers. By can be quinted with the deposit amount, you can With significantly larger starting credit Start adventure in your online casino.

As a result, beginners in particular have the chance to start with a considerable sum in the online casino due to a comparatively small deposit. However, always make sure that the actions are also bound to realistic sales conditions! Otherwise, the best providers from my test can only highly recommend it.


Further guide:

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