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Cance off the account at Captain Cooks Casino: How to delete your account

If you want to terminate your Captain Cook account, you should read the following guide carefully. Because here we tell you what you have to pay attention to. And we also tell you which alternatives there are for accounting. It is not always wise to delete the account right away. Therefore, you will find out here when you should delete the account and when you should choose an alternative. If you want to delete your account because you prefer to register with another provider, then look into ours Online casino comparison.

When should customers close the Captain Cooks account?

There is actually only one reason to delete your account with Captain Cooks. The fact that the customer is absolutely certain that he will definitely never play again with Captain Cooks. Then, and only then do we recommend a closure of the account. Because you have to note the following: If you have deleted the account, then there is no longer any way, because reactivating accounts at Captain Cooks. If you have any doubts that a termination is not the right option, then you'd better wait a moment and above all take a look at the alternatives that we present on this page.

For legal reasons, in the event of termination, it is the case that the provider still has to keep a certain part of your customer data for a while. That means: If you delete the account, then all your data will not automatically be deleted. Because every casino provider is obliged to cancel the personal data for at least five years in order to be able to answer tax questions and other matters without gaps.

Another reason why the casino provider does not delete your data directly is that this prevents an immediate new suggestion. This also has reasons for consumer protection, because the casinos prevent misuse of your data.

Furthermore, they prevent the casino and, for example, get the welcome bonus several times, which is not allowed according to the terms and conditions.

Only in absolute exceptional cases is it possible after deleting an account to open an account with the same provider within a short time. In any case, you have to customer support. Most of the time, however, this cannot help you either, because once you have deleted your account, it is difficult to open another account with this provider. So think about it well and carefully weigh whether deleting the Captain Cooks Accounts is really the best solution for you.

If you are sure and are looking for another provider for you, then it is best to look into ours Online Casino Guide. You will definitely find the best casino operator for you.

The accounting in practice: This is how it works at Captain Cooks

However, if you are sure that you want to delete your account with Captain Cooks, this usually works without any problems.

If you want to have deleted the account, you must first customer service. Only customer service can completely delete the account. You have other options, for example the temporal lock. However, if you want complete deletion, ing customer service is essential.

But before you take this step, you should do everything that should be done before the account. First of all, you should transfer all the money that you still have in the game account. Of course, you will also get the money paid if you the support directly and want the termination. But if you have already done this, a termination is much faster.

As a rule, you have to pay out on the way where you also paid in. This is common for all casinos, because they are obliged to always close the payment cycle. Specifically, if you have paid in by credit card, you will also get the money out to your credit card account. It is the same with the other payment variants. This is trying to prevent money laundering and always make transparent from where the money came and where it went.

Back to the account of the account at Captain Cooks. As soon as you have ed customer service, the support takes a look at your account. Then you get another message from the customer service. In some cases you even get a special bonus offer. This is the last attempt to keep you as a customer at Captain Cooks.

If you reject this offer, it will usually be very quick: you will receive a message with the final date of closure. Then a few days pass, after which your account is finally deleted. Now you can no longer play in the Captain Cooks Casino. And now you have no way to open up an account again. You can find out whether the account is deleted by email. If you don't get a mail, only helps: try to log in with Captain Cooks and see if it is still possible. Only when this is no longer the case and your login data no longer work, then you can be sure that the account has been deactivated.

Why is it better to keep the Captain Cooks player account?

If you don't necessarily want to delete the account, we recommend that you keep access to access. On the one hand, the account of Captain Cooks Casino is completely free. On the other hand, there are no other obligations to the online casino. You don't have to log in if you want. There are no subsequent costs and no other disadvantages.

If you do not log in for a certain amount of time, this is often 36 months, then it can happen that Captain Cooks want to extinguish the account on their own. Before that, however, you will always get a message by email that you have not logged in for a long time and whether you still use the account. Most of the time, this email is also associated with a special offer that should tempt you to stop by at Captain Cooks Casino.

If you get this email, you are faced with the same decision as with the termination.

And that is exactly why we recommend that you not delete the account at Captain Cooks Casino. If you really don't use it, the termination follows after three years. If you notice within this time that you like to play there, this is possible without any problems. Our recommendation is very clear: keep the account with Captain Cooks Casino and watch your behavior. Even if you hardly play in Captain Cooks Casino, it can be worth keeping the account.

In this way, customers avoid the automatic Captain Cooks Account lock due to inactivity

If an account with Captain Cooks Casino remains unused for 36 months or longer, the account is closed automatically. But as already mentioned, the provider reports to you before deletion and asks if you still need the account. This message is often associated with a special bonus offer.

If you then make the decision that you do not want the account, you will receive the money in your account.

However, if you then decide not to delete the account, but to keep it, then you have to react within a period of 14 days and log in at Captain Cooks Casino. A simple login is not enough, because at least a small round you have to play in the Captain Cooks Casino. Of course you can also play more often.

Costs and fees for a Captain Cooks deletion

The Captain Cooks Casino of course does not take any fees for accounting. However, it can happen that you get deductible with an inactivity of two years. However, this only happens if you have credit in the account. You definitely cannot slip into a negative area. That means: If you don't want to play for a while, but still want to keep the account, make a payment so that your game account is to zero.

Then there is no risk that the Captain Cooks Casino will deduct fees.

What are the alternatives to Captain Cooks Account Termination?

If you definitely never want to play at Captain Cooks again, then a deletion is without alternative. You cannot deactivate the account, as is possible on Facebook, for example. And you can't temporarily block it.

However, if you want to protect yourself from excessive playing, there are one or the other option.

On the one hand, there is the possibility to set the amount of the maximum deposits. You can also determine how much loss you can make a maximum per day, week or month before the account is blocked until the end of the day, week or month.

You can also have yourself locked for a week, a month or three months, so that you have no way during this period to get to the side of Captain Cooks Casino.

Of course, fees are not incurred.

Conclusion: Pay attention to the fees and keep the account!

We summarize: If you want to delete your account at Captain Cooks Casino, this is easily possible with an email to customer support. However, keep in mind that there is no back after a deletion.

That is why there are other options. For example, it is possible not to log in and not to use the account.

In this case, make sure that you paid your money beforehand, because after a period of almost three years it can happen that the Captain Cooks Casino takes fees for the game account management. However, it is impossible that your account slips into the negative area. Therefore, simply request a payment beforehand, then you don't have to worry about anything.

After three years of inactivity, you will automatically get a notification, because then the provider would like to delete your account. Here you have the choice whether you want to take this step or pay a visit to the casino again.