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Best Online Lotto App 2022: The winners for Android & iOS

When it comes to gambling online, the Lotto of the German Dear child is. The question only arises: which one is that Best online lotto app? Our Lotto app test clarifies and reveals what a good app for Lotto really matters!

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: We list you very good Offerer With online lottery apps.
  • Chapter 1: Not every Online Lotto App is equal to.
  • Chapter 2: Five of the best We introduce you to online Lotto apps.
  • Chapter 3: There is To note some of the Lotto apps.
  • Chapter 4: You can see from certain characteristics whether the appeal provider serious is.

Very good online lottery apps

Lottoland Lottoland experience report
  • Easy to use
  • Large selection of lotteries
  • Serious provider with TÜV seal
Lottohelden Lottohelden experience report
  • Very simple handling
  • 20% discount for permanent certificates
  • App offers many comfort functions
Multilotto Multilotto experience report
  • Modern design & user -friendly
  • Strong: around 60 lotteries on board
  • App with simple navigation
Tipp24 TIP24 experience report
  • Lotto app is very easy to use
  • Focus on German lotteries
  • Great customer service in German
Golotto Golotto experience report
  • User -friendly presentation
  • For iOS, Android & Windows Phone
  • Fast loading times
TheLotter Thelotter experience report
  • Child-fitting operation of the web app
  • About 50 lotteries in the portfolio
  • Safe provider with Malta license
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Almost everyone Online Lotto provider - No matter whether state or private - has an app! This is also shown by our experiences during the big one Lotto App Comparison.

Because just like almost All online casinos or each Sports betting casino the lottery providers must and also have to support the increasing use of smartphone of the players.

A virtual "Lotto-Bude“withoutamobileoffer,itissimpleandnolongeruptodate.

There are fine between the lottery apps, but Decisive differences:

  • Native Apps

DIE "Real" lottery apps - So -called native apps - you can download yourself on the website of the provider or from the App Store.

  • Web Apps

On the other hand, the lottery providers Web-Apps. This is the optimized website for mobile use. You can access your mobile phone or tablet directly via your browser.

An important note in advance: The lottery offer is the same for both types of app.

As a rule, all functions that are also offered on the classic PC homepage of the respective lottery provider can be used in both Lotto app types. That means a lottery app offers you The same functionality Like the conventional website.

You stand among other things These typical functions in the app to select:

  • Select and tick personal lottery numbers
  • Submit ticket
  • Receive profit notifications
  • View statistics
  • Arrange deposits and withdrawals

Nevertheless, both native lottery apps and Lotto web apps have theirs advantages and disadvantages.

Native Lotto app: Advantages at an overview
  • All resources of the mobile device are used optimally: for example, you have direct access to the camera.
  • Particularly high user -friendliness.
  • Charging times occur very rarely and if only briefly.
Native Lotto app: In addition to a look at
  • Native Lotto apps are only programmed for a certain operating system (mostly iOS and/or Android).
  • For this, storage space is lost.
  • You have to install updates regularly.
  • Not all lottery providers have their own download app.
Lotto Web App: Overview of advantages
  • Almost every lottery provider offers its mobile services as a web app.
  • Lotto apps work on all end devices regardless of platform - for example iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • The application can be used directly without download or installation.
  • The website adapts to the display size of the mobile device.
  • The structural structure as well as content and navigation elements are strongly based on the original desktop version.
  • Web apps are generally reactive and allow a simple tip of the tip.
Lotto web app: In addition to a glance
  • You need the Internet to open the website in the browser.
  • The abundance of functions is less than with native apps.

Ultimately, everyone has to decide which of the two Lotto app types the better solution. It is a matter of taste.

At Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) apply regarding gambling different guidelines And requirements that have a direct impact on the availability of the lottery apps.

The following applies to iOS:
  • In Apple's App Store are only State lotteries and lottery products how Lotto 6 out of 49, Gamble spiral, Game 77 and great 6 Or represent $jackpot. With these providers you can only play classic German lottery products.
  • For the iPhone and iPad you will find Only Lotto apps for state lottery providers - For example from Clever Lotto and Lotto24. However, the federal state-owned societies of the German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB) such as Lotto Bavaria, Lotto Berlin or Lotto Hessen are also bustling in the App Store.
  • Second lotteries are Not allowed in the App Store, which limits the selection for the best online lottery app. This affects providers such as Lottoland or Lottohelden who act as an intermediary for a state lottery and have a seat abroad.
For Android applies:
  • Gambling and thus Lotto apps are only permitted in the Google Play Store under certain conditions. If you Play the lottery online want, you can find suitable apps here - however Only from state operators.
  • In many cases, the Android Lotto apps are so -called Little version. These serve as administrative and infot tools, for example to access current lottery numbers.
  • You can also the lottery apps Download manual. All you have to do is call up the provider's website.

Do you want to install a native lottery app on the iPhone or Android smartphone? Then we have in the following A short step-by-step instructions for both mobile operating systems. Because between Apple's iOS and Android from Google there are sometimes differences in the Lotto app.

Only in the App Store can be Lotto apps of state lottery companies (For example, Lotto App Bayern) or private game brokers with a state license from Germany (such as Lotto24). However, not each of these providers offers a native lottery app for the iPhone.

So you can proceed if you get on iPhone want to install a lottery app:

  • 1
    Step 1: First open the app store on the iPhone / iPad.
  • 2
    Step 2: Enter the name of the desired online lottery provider with the app in the search field.
  • 3
    Step 3: The app should be displayed quite high in the results list.
  • 4
    Step 4: Click on the "Load" button. The download is then started and the installation is carried out automatically.
  • 5
    Step 5: You have now successfully installed the Lotto app and can open it directly. Register with your access data or complete the registration process as a new customer. Then you can use the existing functions and play the mobile lotto.
  • 6
    Step 6: After download, the corresponding icon of the new Lotto app is on your display.
A notice:
Instead of manual search in the App Store You can find on the homepage of the lottery provider a corresponding link to get to the app download.

Many Lotto apps are not displayed in the Google Play Store. You therefore often have to be a native and full Lotto app for Android About a different way download. This usually begins on the lottery provider's website.

So you should proceed if you are on one Android-Smartphone want to install a lottery app:

  • 1
    Step 1: Click the link for the Android Lotto app on the Lotto provider's homepage. In this way, the download is started.
  • 2
    Step 2: Opens the downloaded Lotto app file (APK.Dile) and a dialog window appears with the indication that no apps may be installed from unknown sources.
  • 3
    Step 3: In order to be able to install the Lotto app, you have to activate "Access from unknown sources" in the security settings.
  • 4
    Step 4: Now select the downloaded file. A screen opens for installation that you have to agree. This is the only way to download an app that does not come from the Play Store.
  • 5
    Step 5: The full version of the Lotto app is now available.
  • 6
    Step 6: After downloading, you should check whether the changed security settings are still activated. If necessary, simply undo it under the settings.
A notice:
The process of installing a Lotto app an Android device can be different. This depends on which Android version you use or from which manufacturer your smartphone or tablet comes from.

The effort for the Lotto app is installed at Android Compared to iOS Sometimes a little bigger - but by no means as complicated as it sounds. Especially since you are well guided through the download.

In addition, in contrast to iPhone owners, Android users have the option of also Lotto apps From private providers to download.

But do not forget: Downloading external sources always poses the risk that viruses end up on the smartphone. To avoid this, pay attention to the seriousness and safety of the lottery provider.

Note on the web app:
Whether iPhone or Android smartphone: If you play Lotto via a web app, you can also create an icon on your smartphone screen. With Android, this works via the "Add to the start screen" option. At iOS you use the home button function.
  1. Lottoland
  2. Lottohelden
  3. Multilotto
  4. Tipp24
  5. Lotto24
  6. Golotto
  7. TheLotter

You want to play the lottery on your mobile device, but are you still looking for a suitable provider? Below we present you a selection of the best online lottery apps on the market that are really recommended and could shine in the Lotto apps test.

Lottoland rushes ahead of an excellent reputation, especially since the private and TÜV-certified lottery provider More than ten million tipsters worldwide belongs to his customers.

Our expectations for the app were correspondingly high.

This could Lottoland Even after our Lottoland experiences fulfill very well.


You are looking for XXL-Lotto fun? Then you are right here. There is "only" a web app here, but with the Lottoland app since you still serve very well. You hereby not only have access to popular lotteries from Germany like 6 from 49 or $jackpot.

Numerous other gambling awaits you and International lotteries, for example:

You can choose your lottery numbers yourself or use the random generator. As a lucky winner, you will be informed about the app. It is best to do our guide at this point.I won the lottery" read.

Apart from the lottery section, you can also find very much in the Lottoland app Serious online casinos With popular slot classics like starburst or book of dead. There is also a sports betting area.

The bottom line is that at Lottoland you get a full offer that leaves nothing to be desired:

  • Free game order, for different lotteries - such as Lotto 6 from 49 or megamillions.
  • Very user -friendly.
  • Submit ticket with just a few touches.
  • Lotto boxes are in Your history Can be called up at any time.
  • Different payment methods - Currently ELV, immediately, cashdocode and Muchbetter.
  • The operator of Lottoland has one Lizenz.
  • All transactions are with one SSL encryption secured.
  • A German support is available, but unfortunately not 24/7.
Highlights of the Lottoland app at a glance:
  • Heats of lotteries from Germany and abroad
  • Also usable online casino and sports betting mobile
  • Great design, extensive functions + German support

The offered Lottohelden App Could also convince in our test.

While the provider has set a native lottery app for iOS and Android in the past, access is now carried out via a Web-App.

For you that means:

  • No lottery hero app download is necessary.
  • No storage space necessary.
  • The app can be used independently of the operating system.
  • You can participate in all lotteries or your customer account.

What also speaks for Lottohelden? The following overview shows:

  • The operator- the German Lotto and Toto agency Limited (DLTA)- has one Lizenz.
  • Trusted Shops seal of approval.
  • You will find data protection + links for gambling addiction prevention.
  • A proper help area.
  • German -speaking customer service.
  • Free hotline (Mon. to Sat. between 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
  • Alternatively there is one Email address or a form.

Meanwhile, they are a bit puny and disappointing Payment options, because only the payment options are available or instant transfer. Especially the credit cards that are popular as means of payment are missing.

Highlights of the Lottohelden app at a glance:
  • Successful selection of lotteries
  • Easy to use even without previous experience
  • Competent and friendly customer service

Multilotto no longer accepts players from Germany. The lottery offer is still available from Austria.

Multilotto Also deserves a top placement in the "Best Online Lotto App" list.

Traders of foreign lotteries in particular are spoiled with the Maltese lottery broker. There is Around 60 different lotter tickets from different countries.

The portfolio includes everything that has rank and names and lures yourself Major jackpots, for example:

Those: App Store

To Online lotteries Can be easily over Multilotto App Control and bundled with generous preview images on an overview page. You have the choice between:

  • Single game
  • System game
  • Topping community
  • Additional feature: Boost Jackpot (for even higher jackpots)

There are also numerous for variety and additional thrills Rubble Separate. Multilotto has separated from his online casino. The focus is fully on the lottery and scratched roses.

If your multilotto am Smartphone oder Tablet Used, you can use all functions and offers in your personal player lounge that are also offered on the homepage, including:

  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Contact with the expert service
  • Extensive statistics
  • Subscription function
  • Current bonus offers

DIE Multilotto App was easily modified compared to the desktop variant (for example, there is a hinged main menu that is located in the top left behind the three-stripe button). Overall, the app presents itself very much Compact, clear and characterized by a simple navigation out.

However, there are striking differences when displaying the lottery boxes. The paper notes are shown a little simpler here. The mobile lottery fun on multilotto is for you both via web app and via download app for Android and iOS available.


However, we also have to criticize two things:

  1. Customer service can only be reached via email and you have to be satisfied with English.
  2. In addition, from a second payment per week, 5 $ processing fee an.

For this, the Multi Brand Gaming Limited, which is behind Multilotto, can use a good selection of payment methods (including Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Trustly, Sofortüberweisung) and a high-quality Malta license.

Highlights of the Multilotto app at a glance:
  • Strong: around 60 international lotteries
  • Very clear and modern design
  • Good structure and easy usability

TIP24, which belongs to Lotto24 AG, moved its headquarters from Great Britain back to Germany (Hamburg) in October 2019. So it is officially licensed in Germany And meanwhile listed on the white cunning the gambling supervisory authorities of the federal states.

The Lotto app of Tipp24 You can also enjoy a good placement in our popularity scale and confidently be counted among the circle of the best online lottery apps. And that despite the fact that the selection is comparatively low with a little more than ten lotteries.

The portfolio mainly includes Well -tried lottery products how:

  • Lotto 6 from 49 including game 77 and Super 6
  • Gamble spiral
  • Skl

Large international draws such as Powerball and Co. With their mammoth jackpots are in vain in the lottery portfolio of Tipp24, but you can see Syndicate and take part in competitions.

With TIP24 you have the choice: You can use this provider both via web app as well as via download app Play the lottery for iOS and Android. Since there is no second lotteries, the Lotto app from Tipp24 can even be found in Apple's App Store and in Google's Play Store.

Those: App Store

But what else can TIP24 score in the Lotto Apps Test and Lotto Apps Comparison?

After our TIP24 Experiences the provider has the following strengths:

  • Self -explanatory presentation and Easy handling.
  • Lotto-Tools Available: Jackpot hunters, automatically generated random numbers, countdown up to the end of the acceptance, game certificate history and quick tips.
  • And Payouts without detours.
  • Payment methods: direct debit, common credit cards, Instant bank transfer and Giropay.
  • Competent employees.
  • One Free customer hotline (Mon. to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.) or email
  • Help functions and Individual setting options for notifications.

On the other hand, it is annoying that when calling the price overview for the various lotteries, the terms and conditions and the imprint within the Tipp24 app Detirement to the mobile website he follows.

Highlights of the Tipp24 app at a glance:
  • Specialist for German lottery products
  • Successful graphics and simple navigation
  • Many practical tools such as countdown or jackpot hunter

Lotto24 is one of the leading lottery providers in Germany and is very popular among lottery players.

If you want to go hunting jackpot in this state broker, you can download native Lotto24 app for iOS or Android Phone. There is also a web app.

Lotto24 leaves a very good overall impression in the online Lotto app comparison and mainly stabs with one Easy usability out of here.

With self -explanatory filling out the tips, even newcomers have no problems. Immediately when opening the app, you will be unmistakable to the next draws together with all important key data (Jackpot, the closing deadline, chance of winning) made aware.

Those: App Store

Overall, the very remember clear structure And strongly the intuitive handling of the app on Tipp24, but this is not surprising. After all, both state lottery mediators belong to Lotto24 AG.

Accordingly, the game offer is very similar, with Lotto24 exclusively state -licensed lotteries can play, for example:

Reading tip:
Everything about ours Nkl experiences.

Our Lotto24 experiences The provider's mobile apps are very positive, especially because of:

  • You can play full or subsystems and on Syndicate take part.
  • Rubble Releases.
  • Lotteries from abroad Unavailable.
  • Free telephone hotline.
  • Informative and transparent Cost overview.
  • To Costs and fees move in the usual level.

Otherwise you can in the Lotto24 App Use all functions that you know from the classic browser version.

DIE Mobile application For example, includes the following features:

  • Manage player account actively.
  • Make deposits and withdrawals (via credit card, direct debit, giropay or immediately).
  • Push notifications received via any profits.
  • Countdown, quick tip and flexible settings for notifications.

Overall a round thing and there is no doubt that Lotto24 despite manageable game selection has deserved a place in the list "Best Online Lotto App".

Highlights of the Lotto24 app at a glance:
  • Top provider for German lotteries
  • Systems possible
  • Different types of means of payment

In order to find the best online Lotto app, we have everyone in the online Lotto app test 16 state lottery companies, each of which serves a certain federal state (e.g. Lotto Bavaria) and which together form the German lottery/deado block.

Every state lottery company has it Own online offer. In the overall result, only small fine differences can be found. None of the tested mobile lottery apps of the state providers from the grid falls and no lack of defective results.

But which of the state provider has The best online lottery app? The following two protrude from the crowd with their app.

Lotto Bavaria covers the mobile sector wide and exemplary.

There is a lottery app for the iPhone / iPad and a Lotto app for Android. Otherwise there is one Fast web app for use.

In addition, a practical service app is offered with the SAPP that is aimed at the classic kiosk players and which is for the Winning lets use.

Those: App Store

But back to Lotto App Bayern. This leaves the competition in the Lotto online app comparison of state providers in terms of ease of use and offer. In addition to the excellent navigation, the mainly convinces Large selection of tip options for the individual lottery products.

Of course, the German classics are offered:

  • Lotto 6 out of 49
  • Four additional lotteries: Super 6, game 77, lucky spiral + winning chance
  • $jackpot
  • Football bet Toto from Oddset

In addition, are also Numerous lots on offer, among other things:

  • Bavarian
  • Rubble Bubbel
  • Bavarian luck
  • Draw bavaria millions

Additional features like quick tip, with which you can also have random numbers selected by shaking the cell phone or on the basis of your current horoscope.

The wide range of payment methods inklusive PayPal can also be seen. The costs, the good customer service (free telephone hotline) and the exemplary FAQ area ensure a big in our experience report.

The app of this state loto operator is definitely one of the best online lottery apps on the market. Why? First of all, the tipper heart is spoiled with almost everything that it desires-be it with the jackpot hunt or the personal Horoscope tip certificate.

There is also no lack of anything on the game offer. In addition to the most important German lotteries Local draws Or toto. There is also nothing to complain about in the fair cost structure.

Optimally have mobile tipers With Lotto Hessen Different options:

  • Web app for the browser
  • Download app for Android
  • Download app for iOS
Those: App Store

Lotto Hessen can The top dog Lotto App Bayern even point in the barriers, because the following transaction means are offered:

  • Paypal
  • Credit card
  • Instant bank transfer
  • PayDirecting
  • Giropay

Also the mandatory for state lottery providers Free telephone hotline is not missing. But when it comes to clarity and use, the Lotto App Bayern can deliver better things.

Especially since the login /out on the Lotto app Hessen comparatively complicated and is cumbersome. Despite these little flaws, the app is definitely one of the best online lottery apps.

Both 16 state lottery companies a restriction is to be observed by home:

  • You can only play with the provider responsible for your state.

For example, if you live in Berlin, you cannot tap Lotto Bayern - not even about the Lotto App Bayern. Your place of residence decideswhich state lottery service can be used. Lotto Berlin is the right place to go for Berliner.

One Lotto app test winner Various criteria are important. But what requirements should or should the best online Lotto app meet? We will answer this question below.

A Lotto app should always be free (also applies to Online Casino Apps and betting provider apps). After all, the gambling operators earn their money else. All applications presented here are free lottery apps.

  • To date, we have not yet met a provider who demands money for his app. If you should still meet such a lottery platform, it is advisable to Simply switch to one of our free alternatives.

New customers should be able to register with the app with the online lottery provider within a few minutes. That too was with all providers In our lottery apps test given.

Entering the personal, sometimes sensitive data is inevitable, whereby you have to pay attention to correct information. Otherwise there is Problems with the profit payments. The best online Lotto app is characterized by the fact that you can make changes to personal data at any time in the customer account.

Most existing customers appreciate it very much if the login via the Lotto app using the Lotto App Touch- oder Face-ID he follows. The prerequisite for this is that your smartphone offers the required technology (fingerprint or face scanner).

  • Alternatively, the access data should Save when registering Leave so that you don't have to constantly state your username and password.

First of all, it is important that mobile lottery apps offer the same range of functions and the identical range of games as the normal desktop versions. Restrictions cannot be accepted And would be a big drawback.

A good number of different lotteries are always welcome. Here are Second lotteries at an advantage, Since these also have international lotteries in their range that are often filled with jackpots.

  • Good examples For this, the Lottoland and Multilotto, where you can choose from several dozen lotteries.

In contrast, state providers may only offer national lottery products. However, this does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage, especially since many tipsters are content with the traditional German lottery landscape. In addition, the state lottery providers can also reliably regional draws Find.

  • The essentials are that your personal lottery favorite is there. No matter whether this is Lotto 6 from 49, SKL or Powerball! You shouldn't compromise here. Otherwise, look around for another provider.

No mobile lottery player is helped if the handling of the Lotto app am iPhone oder Android-Device is unnecessarily complicated. Especially since the use is a bit more difficult in view of the smaller displays. Therefore, the desired menu items must be easy and without a long search.

Fortunately, the Lotto Online App comparison shows that the tested apps have the player when filling out the virtual tickets Do not make any major challenges.

The tested lottery apps offer a good structure and good handling, have a Well -sorted menu And on the whole everything is self -explanatory. Occupations and withdrawals are also effortless.

  • even Lotto newbies should have no problems. However, if you cannot cope with your Lotto app, you are well advised to look around for another provider from the online Lotto app test.

To get the crown as Best online lotto app Existing extras and features also play a role. The pure delivery of the lottery ticket and the mere display of the lottery numbers are far from sufficient for this.

Rather, the mobile lottery game should become a small experience and the app Useful companion with added value be. The lottery apps comparison shows that the variety of features is large.

The popular functions include:

  • Jackpot hunter
  • Random generator (Quick Tip or Quick Shake)
  • Lotto numbers on a horoscope basis

But there are plenty of other meaningful extras, for example:

  • Personal + general lottery statistics
  • Chances of winning
  • Search function including a display for surrounding lottery assembly points
  • (Adjustable) push messages about current jackpots and Payout rates
  • Quittungs-Scanner

A Countdown Meanwhile, is an absolute must! Especially when numerous lottery games are offered within the app. This always keeps you up to date with the respective submissions. Ideally, an alarm can be set individually.

  • In the end it is crucial that the Lotto app Your requirements does justice and has the desired functions on board. Because what only means a superfluous gimmick for one can be important for another lottery player.

Basically, online lottery is cheaper compared to playing at the kiosk and the lottery ticket costs are lower.

But permanent players in particular should play the mobile lottery games Processing fees note. Because here there is an unauthorized saving potential of around 50 $ and more.

Also consider: In the price comparison, second lotteries usually perform better than the 16 state lottery companies. If you want to play at low price, you are in good hands with Lottohelden. But also Lotto24 or lottobay are cheaper than the state providers.


It should be noted that each federal state its own fee schedule hat.

The fees per game are between:

  • 25 Cent bis 1 $
  • While a playing field costs between 1.10 $ to 1.70 $

The more expensive federal states include, for example, Hamburg or Schleswig-Holstein, while Lotto in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse or Saxony are cheaper plasters.

  • A good lottery app is characterized by transparency and informs in one Fee table about the costs.

Even if it is rarely found, there are black sheep among the large number of private lottery providers.

The good news:

All representatives from our online Lotto app test and Lotto app comparison can be safely classified as safe and seriously classified and clearly recommended.

It is a little more precise to take a look when the provider No official authorization Presented by Lotto. Here, the chances of winning are often worse or possible profit payments are at risk.

Who arises the question "Which lottery app is serious?”, Finds some tips and assistance below, with which the seriousness and safety of a lottery provider can be easily checked. Basically, it is the same criteria to which we value test reports in our online casino.

With state -licensed lottery providers from Germany you always play with one Maximum level of security. But even with private providers based abroad, you don't have to have any concerns.

In this respect this from the Maltese gambling commission MGA or the British Gambling Commission be regulated and controlled. These high -quality licenses are to be regarded as an excellent and calming security criterion.

Which license (s) a provider has about mostly in the foot area view of his website.

This three points should also be available and, if possible, also be called up in the respective lottery app.

Check the content and information for any discrepancies. From the AGB Should also show who you enter into a contract with the tip of the tip.

Since your personal, sensitive data is stored by the online lottery provider, these should be protected accordingly. reputable provider prove to be happy to provide information in terms of security.

It is important that a safe one SSL/TLS encryption and firewall is used.

Also test seals or security certificates from TÜV or Trusted Shops are considered reliable evidence of seriousness.

But be careful:

Black lotteries are very imaginative when it comes to making a safe and serious range of games. Is a popular means, unknown Test seal for gambling providers to use. If you are not comfortable, you should check the imprint on the website of the test organization mentioned.

Existing payment options also provide valuable conclusions about the seriousness. Payment methods of trustworthy providers such as VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay, Giropay etc. are a good security indicator.

However, you should definitely check in the banking area whether the payment options are really present or can be used by you if you Play the lottery online Via app wants to.

Supporting the service staff should be offered in German if possible and on all common communication channels (Live-Chat, Hotline, E-Mail) be available.

One Positive knowledge of the lottery apps comparison is:
Online lottery providers, particularly licensed in Germany, have a free hotline and offer German support.

However, good customer service does not automatically mean that it is one Safe and reputable lottery app acts. But if only an unsatisfactory to no support is promised, your alarm bells should ring.

Smiling a well-known face from the sports or media landscape on the homepage, the additional security promises. Celebrities are always welcome advertising ambassadors (more on the topic "Celebrities who advertise for gambling“) And serve as an indication that the Lotto app is serious. The same applies if the provider switches advertising.

If there are further remaining doubt, we can ultimate safety tip recommend the current "White List". All approved, legal gaming companies are listed here.

The PDF document Gambling providers with permission from Germany can be called up on the homepage of the Hessian Ministry of the Interior. On the "White List" there are, among other things, commercial game brokers from lotteries, which are officially approved nationwide, are recommended and consistently serious.

Of course, it is of interest to every lottery lover whether a supposedly best online lottery app special and excluding the bonus action for the app users.

For example, you can benefit from:

  • Free tip fields
  • Bonus money
  • Participation in raffles

As the online Lotto app test shows, there is actually occasional specially designed for the app Lotto bonus action. With this, the operators not only want to make potential new customers tasty, but often also to draw attention to an improved or revised app version.

But admittedly is A special Lotto app bonus not the order of the day.

But you can neglect that with a clear conscience, because:

Mobile lottery players, of course, have access to the regular promotions like all other customers - such as one Casino welcome bonus Or bonuses for existing customers. If you don't want to miss an attractive lottery bonus, you should regularly make a lottery apps.

In the Lotto apps test, private providers can Lottoland,convincemultilottoandlottoheldenwithavariedselectionofnationalandinternationallotteries.anyonewhoiscontentwithgermanclassicssuchaslotto6from49orluckyspiralisingoodhandswiththelottoappsfromlotto24andtipp24.thelottoappbayernandthelottoapphessenarebestseparatedfromthestatelotteryproviders.
Yes! Many lottery providers are even at the start with a download app for Android and iOS. However, the mobile Android applications cannot always be found in the Play Store. We'll tell you what you need to know about this here.
All state and the mammoth part of private lottery providers offer safe and serious lottery apps that you can use without hesitation for mobile lottery games. The seriousness can be done by the Check objective security criteriacheck.inadditiontolicensesandtestseals,thisincludesnumerousothercategories
Ob Download app or web app:allknownandpopularprovidersprovidetheirmobilelotteryappsfreeofcharge.ifyoucomeacrossapaidapp,youshouldthinktwice.afterall,numerouslotteryappscanbeusedfreeofcharge-bothfromstateandprivateoperators.
Basically everyone that is also offered in the lottery kiosk or on the homepage of the respective operator. With private operators, German players can also take part in international lotteries such as Powerball or euromillions and hope for the Monster Jackpot. That Lottery rangehowever,itisdifferentdependingontheprovider.
Yes! If you are at one licensed lottery providerplays,playingiscompletelylegitimateviaapp.

A general statement that is the best online lottery app is difficult to meet. They are too different personal requirements and needs of every lottery player.

Our personal favorite is that Lottoland appthat calls her over the browser. Lottoland also scores with a great variety of domestic and foreign lotteries, a very user-friendly presentation, simple operation and high security standards.

But that does not mean that the others presented here The mobile Lotto apps earn no recommendation. We are sure that there is the right app for each of you.

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