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Live Casino Bonus 2022 - Best Casino Live Bonus Actions in Test

Live casinos provide rapid action like hardly any other category. Therefore, many casino fans ask themselves how it is with one Live Casino Bonus looks. I have accepted this exciting topic and present you in my article where you can get the best casino live bonus offers.

the essentials in brief
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Very good online casinos with live casino bonus

Playzilla CasinoBitcoin Casino Playzilla Casino experience report
  • Bonus can be used in the live casino
  • Bonus credit not for live baccarat
  • 10 % contribution to the rollover
SlotHunter CasinoNewcomer Slothunter casino experience report
  • Bonus can be used in the live casino
  • Available for all live casino games
  • 5 % contribution to the rollover
UberluckyNewcomer Uberlucky experience report
  • Bonus can be used in the live casino
  • Valid for all live casino games
  • 20 % contribution to bonus sales
Slots PalaceNewcomer Slots Palace Experience report
  • Up to 1000 $ bonus billphants available
  • Not valid for live baccarat
  • Live casino games 10% for rollover
5Gringos CasinoNewcomer 5gringos casino experience report
  • 10% bis 150$ Live Casino Cashback
  • Available every week
  • Mindest Cashback: 5 $
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Bonus campaigns are now common in the best online casinos. You register in a casino, pay in and then get an additional sum. Nothing easier than that. But be careful! Most casino bonus actions are Only for slot machines suitable.

But why is that the case? Very easily! Only the operations for slots contribute 100% to fulfill the sales conditions. And exactly at this point is that now comes Live Casino Bonus in the game.

Now, however, is between two different variants to distinguish the online live casino bonus.

  • On the one hand, there are live casino bonus offers that you can only use for the casino games in real time. Here I also speak of one pure live casino bonusthat can be used for exciting games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat.
  • On the other hand, there are also bonus campaigns that are generally valid for new customers and can not only be implemented by slots, but also in the live casino. With these offers, however, it should be noted that experience has shown that the missions in the live casino are not taken into account in full for the sales conditions.

Of the Online Live Casino Bonus is a flexible offer and can be used by you for many interesting games. If you activate the live casino new customer bonus, you should definitely check in advance in the sales conditions the amount to the operations for the various live casino games for the rollover.

Do you want to familiarize yourself with the best live casino games? Then put directly in Free live casino Come on. Here you can play the exciting real-time games without any risk

In this section I will now show you how you Live casino bonus best used And which games are often available for this.

A Live Roulette Bonus is one of the most sought -after actions. This is also not surprising because roulette is by far one of the most popular games in the live casino.

If you have a bonus in Live Casino Roulette want to play, you have to be a little careful what missions you make. Because almost all online casinos have for playing bonus credit Detected some rules for roulette. Such a rule is: operations without or with only minimal risk do not contribute to fulfilling the sales conditions.

So if you think you can quickly implement your bonus credit by betting on red and black at the same time, you are wrong. It is usually also not allowed with a bet to cover more than 25% of the table. You will also rarely find your own live roulette bonus.


Blackjack is probably the best casino game to release a bonus in the live casino. If you play according to the basic strategy, you can do the Minimize the house advantage when blackjack. At this point, however, it should be mentioned that it is anything but easy to play according to the basic strategy. It also requires a lot of patience and strong nerves.

A single mistake in the game can quickly lead to losses here. So if you don't dare to do that, you should have a good mix of roulette to implement the casino bonus, BlackJack And maybe use one or two other games you know. A separate Live Blackjack Bonus You will hardly find one of the online casinos.


Baccarat is a table game that is not played very often in Germany, but is well known internationally. In addition, the card game is represented in most live casinos and is particularly excellent in the variant of Evolution to have one Live Baccarat Bonus to free.

Therefore, in some casinos you have the opportunity to activate a live casino bonus and especially for Baccarat to use. Nevertheless, I would like to point out that at this point Check sales conditions beforehand. Sometimes there may also be restrictions on your missions for the different game variants.


Poker belongs to the most sought -after card games in the world And of course there is an integral part of the live casino area of numerous providers. Therefore, many casino fans are also interested in the Live Casino Bonusthat can be used for poker.

The numerous poker variants that are offered in most casinos are often ignored. That's a shame, because it is precisely Casino Hold'em tables in the live casino are very suitable for the implementation of bonus credit and mostly give great joy.

Of course the atmosphere is at Poker im Live Casino Not comparable to a "real" poker game. A great change from the casino classics roulette and blackjack are the Pokert tables in the live casinos But always. Even if you find a separate bonus as unlikely as a live baccarat bonus.


With Sic Bo Do you also have a casino dice game to choose from. Even if it is not as widespread in Germany as in other countries, Sic Bo is certainly important for the free spins of a bonus. Here you can sometimes too strategically proceed: By setting on certain triples. This is how the house advantage can be reduced with the right choice.


If you want to use live casino offers, you should always take exactly in advance with the Framework conditions of the individual action deal with.

Here there are sometimes greater differences between the individual actions. So that you are always in the picture, I will take a closer look at the important test criteria that you have in one Live Casino Bonus Under no circumstances should be neglected.

There are special online casinos in a few online casinos Live casino offersthat are perfectly tailored to the games in real time. In most cases, however, a regular welcome bonus will be made available to you, which can also be used in the live casino.

You have to keep in mind that the live casino usually contribute to a significantly lower percentage to the rollover than the operations for slot machines.

  • It is therefore essential to check how high the respective percentage is in the sales conditions. In most cases this value lies between 5% and 20%.
The bonus ($ 1,000 rollover) allows free spins with roulette. Sales count only 10 %for roulette, sales of slots count 100 %. Then this has an impact on the amount of your sales. Here is the calculation example: Sales with slots (100 %) = You have to implement $ 1,000 to release the sum. Sales with live roulette (10 %) = You have to implement $ 10,000 to release the sum.

Several bonus campaigns can not only be used for slots, but also for live casino games. Sometimes it happens with these actions that Certain live casino games excluded from the bonus sales are.

For example, this can be live baccarat. However, many of the offers are Experience has shown that can be used for roulette and blackjack. Nevertheless, take the time and take a look at the sales conditions in advance so that you do not place the bonus for the wrong games.

In some cases it happens that you have an active live casino bonus Only one certain amount per round can use. Some offers are subject to a maximum of 5 $. You should not exceed this amount, as this can be seen as a violation of the applicable sales conditions.

So make yourself in any case familiar with the respective regulations, so that you can implement the bonus in a targeted period. This also applies to a possible live Casino bonus without deposit. Because even free credit is always tied to a given rollover.

You are looking for the best online casinos that you have one Fantastic Live Casino Bonus provide? Then you are exactly right at this point!

Here I present you my top 3 casinos that convince with brilliant live casino bonus offers. You can not only secure attractive bonus credit, but also from a large selection many different live tables benefit.

Playzilla is a reputable online casino that impresses with a large selection in the live casino. At the start you can mean loud Playzilla experiences also pick up a welcome bonus, which you also im Live Casino can implement.

  • For your first deposit you will receive a deposit bonus of 200% up to 100 $
  • In addition, you get another 500 free spins
  • Minimum deposit 20 EUR

The credited bonus can be used by you for exciting live casino games. These include, for example, live roulette and live blackjack. You can only do this live casino welcome bonus Do not use live tables for Baccarat.

If you are for this Live Casino Bonus If you have decided, you also have to take a look at the top of Playzilla. Your missions are only in the live casino taken into account with 10% for the rollover.

  • If you therefore turn to the bonus conditions, you should definitely plan this in order not to exceed the given bonus period of 10 days.

In the Slothunter Casino there is also the opportunity for you to benefit from an exciting live casino bonus.

This online casino offers new customers a welcome bonus that also im Live Casino can be used.

Think of Slothunter experiences Can you have a live casino new customer bonus worth up to 300 $ to back up.

  • Keep in mind that the complete bonus is divided into the first two deposits
  • You can activate each level of this bonus from a deposit of 20 $
Quelle: Slothunter

This bonus can then be used by you for many different live casino games. These include, for example Roulette, BlackJack such as Baccarat.

  • Note that operations in the live casino are taken into account with 5% for the provider's sales conditions.

At Uberlucky you will also offer you an exciting deposit bonus immediately after your registration. Think Uberlucky experiences have shown that you can double your credit from this provider.

So you can get one Additional start credit worth up to 200 $ to secure. Participation in this bonus campaign is possible from a deposit of at least 20 $.

Participation in the live casino with bonus is also possible for you at Uberlucky. Uberlucky convinces with a wide range of many interesting live casino:

  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Many more live tables
Quelle: Uberlucky

Is good for this action as bester Live Casino Bonus? At least I can tell you at this point that all missions in the Live Casino of Uberlucky Even with 20% for the fulfillment of the sales conditions.

  • Uberlucky thus has some competitors ahead of some competitors who also enable the bonus in the live casino. In many other actions, the live casino missions are only used With a lower percentage taken into account.

The Live Casino Bonus gives you the opportunity to secure additional credit for the exciting casino games in real time. This allows you to play popular Live Roulette und Live Blackjack Participate and use the additional amounts profitably.

In addition to numerous live casino bonus offers for the first deposit further actionsthat is worth activating in any case. So if you register with your own account with an online casino provider, you should never neglect the following actions.

With this type of bonus for the Live Casino you do not have to achieve any sales conditions and initially do not receive a bonus credit.

  • Instead, if you lose, you will receive one percentage of your losses as cashback return.

This Casino Cashback Bonus is available either in the form of real money or bonus credit. Depending on the casino, cashback credit must So be implemented before the payment, which is why a look at the bonus conditions cannot harm here either.

In addition to the Live Casino Bonus, you have the opportunity to activate the classic welcome bonus and use the credit for many different slots.

Most slot machines can be used without restriction.

  • The operations become 100% taken into account for fulfilling the bonus conditions.

Nevertheless, these actions can also happen that certain Slot machines excluded from an offer will. Therefore, check beforehand in the sales conditions whether you can use the respective machine game without any problems.

Yes, with some online casino providers you have the opportunity to have one special casino bonustoactivatethelivecasino.comparedtotheoffersforslotmachines,theseactionsareveryrarelyissued.itmustalsobecheckedwhetherthebonuscreditcanonlybeusedforcertainlivecasinogames.
DIE Activation of the live casino offersiscomparabletomanyotheractions.oftenthebonusoffersareonlyprovidedfornewcustomers.forthisreason,itisnecessaryinadvancethatyouregisterwithyourownaccountandthenmakeaqualifyingdeposit.inthiswayyoucanactivateanonlinelivecasinobonus.
This differs between the individual online casinos. Some actions can be used for live casino games. In the case of other providers, sales of the Bonus exclusively through slot machinespossible.alsocheckshowstronglytheoperationsforthelivecasinogamesarecountedforthesalesconditions.
Because of the new German lucky licensecasinosarenolongerallowedtoofferlivecasinogameswiththegermanconcession.ifyou,asagermanplayer,stillwanttotakepartinthelivecasino,youhavetoswitchtoaproviderwithoutagermancasinolicense.
To have a live casino bonus paid out, you have to first Terms of the campaignfulfill.therefore,checkhowoftenyouhavetoimplementthebonuscreditinqualifyinggames.alsonotethattherollovermustusuallybemetinagiventimeframe.

With my test report I could see that a pure live casino bonus from the online casinos unfortunately very rarely offered becomes. For finite providers, however, there is the option to use the regular bonus for live casino games.

In this context, you have to make sure that the operations usually only contribute to a significantly lower percentage for bonus sales. For this reason, I advise you to study the bonus conditions carefully before using these offers in the live casino.

Casino fan of the very beginning and regular guest in casinos as well as regulars in various online casinos. With his years of experience, he knows what is important and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the casinos precisely. In his articles, he does not take a leaf out of his mouth and offers you great added value through real practical experience.

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