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Stargames problems - what are the reasons and what can you do about it?

Stargames doesn't work and you are looking for a quick solution to the StarGames problems to remedy? In this guide we explain what can lead to Stargame's disorders and what you can best do about it.

the essentials in brief
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  • Chapter 1: The possible reasons for stargames problems.
  • Chapter 2: This first Help tips Should the faults to be lifted.
  • Chapter 3: That happens with your Missions With a star game down.
  • Chapter 4: Sometimes he has Customer service An answer ready.

StarGames does not work: Typical stargames problems


Websites have to be serviced regularly - this is quite normal. Stargames is no exception. The constantly new games and features alone presuppose that the IT of the casino has to keep lending again and again.

Sometimes such work cannot be carried out during ongoing operation. This is above all With larger updates The case - here it is necessary to park the website for a short period of time.

Stargames not available for maintenance work?
Then the casino usually gives you an explanation via an information page on which “Stargames must carry out maintenance work. We will be back shortly ”or a similar comment.

If you do not get a maintenance notice, the next reason may be to blame for the Stargame Problems.

Bad Internet connection

Stargames offers a very attractive portfolio of games and other casino features. However, all of this does not work at home or on the go if it cannot be loaded.

If loading delays appear, appears The website incompletely Or if the screen remains white when opening Stargames, this may be due to the quality of your internet connection.

  • Mobile player are particularly often affected by a poor bandwidth and there are always a network dropouts that can lead to playing games.

Browser problems

The browser is the gateway to the Stargames website and is equipped with many functions.

Manche Features are absolutely necessary:

  1. To be able to visit websites at all.
  2. Others serve to raise user -friendliness.

Both areas can actually lead to a stargame disorder.

StarGames doesn't work?
Then it may be because your Browser is no longer up to date And the prerequisites for a sufficient display of the latest scripts of Stargames can hardly meet.
  • Furthermore Ad-Blocker And similar helpers sometimes not only advertising or defend harmful access. Sometimes they also try to rule out features that Stargames absolutely needed so that everything is presented correctly.

Server overload

Stargames works with strong servers and is used to a lot of traffic from Novomatic's house casino. Still you are not completely protected Against overload.

These can mainly occur:

    1. When again a new, hotly expected Novomatic-Title comes onto the market.
    2. If too many players are active on the website at the same time.
  • Stargames hangs during free play? Yes, that can also be done on one Large user volume lie.


An account lock actually occurs far more than one might think at first. Size, Serious online casinos, to which Stargames undoubtedly belongs, work under strict regulations and, last but not least, to meet a licensing, many requirements.

The relevant account is subjected to a more detailed review and for the Period closed, for the following reasons:

  1. The casino looks at its rules in any place as injured.
  2. The casino suspects a fraud on the part of a user.

A lock for criminal machinations is rather rare. In most cases it is little things, such as A booklet turner When registering that has to check the casino and sets up an account lock as a precaution.

  • Such "StarGame's disorder“But then it is usually done quickly.


With their large sales, casinos are of course always a popular and potentially lucrative destination for criminals. StarGames also has to defend itself in front of the appropriate hacker attacks every day, whereby Regular updates a central role spielen.

In order to be able to carry out this, it must be - as already mentioned above - sometimes to make the casino inaccessible to players.

You don't have to worry about your personal data, there ...::

  1. ... StarGames is subject to strict conditions with the German license.
  2. ... the Casino SSL encryption is used for your transactions.
  • Nevertheless, you have to suffer from hackers every now and then - namely when Stargames proceed against them again and her So I have to wait.

What can be done if Stargames cannot be reached?

The fact that Stargames is down is really very rare. Go in most cases Stargames problems from the users and their technology out. The following facts are very typical here.

Check data if login does not work

Often, Stargames customers simply cannot log in. Username and password do not go together or the password may even be forgotten.

Simple and effective solutions:
  • First check your casino login data. If you haven't played with Stargames for a long time, you may remember false login details.
  • Login still not succeeds? Then your password will reset. For this you need your player name and your email address.
  • In order to avoid such stargames, we recommend that you not even log out and/or save your access data in the browser. Make sure nobody else uses your device.

Check internet connection

If stargames are bad or not at all, this is very often due to an insufficient internet connection.

First look at your router whether the lamps For LAN and WLAN to shine.

If that is not the case, there is probably a problem:

  1. It is best to restart the router.
  2. You can also do that if all the lamps shine correctly.
  3. This has the opportunity to reconnect.
  4. Wait for at least ten seconds with the new commissioning after switching off.

Has the Stargame's disorder still not remedied afterwards?

  1. Then the casino tests once via your smartphone via mobile data.
  2. If everything is displayed correctly, there is a problem with your router or with your network provider.
  3. Contact the provider.

But if it doesn't work on the cell phone either, it is probably To a real star games down And you have to wait until the casino is made accessible again.

Update or change the browser

Stargames does not work or Stargames hangs in free play? Such problems will inevitably come to update muffle, especially on update muffle.

It comes to dropouts Charging problems and similar disorders, which mostly only be fixed by updating the browser.

To find out whether it is due to the browser, you can do the following:

  1. Install an outstanding update.
  2. Empty the cache and cookies.
  3. Change the flash settings.
  4. Check the firewall.
  5. Use another browser.

What if the Stargames remain problems?

If the Stargames are not due to your technology, then the fault is at Stargames and thus outside of your sphere of power.

If Stargames is down, in most cases there is even a concrete planning. The online casino probably leads Maintenance work in the technical area Or an update. Involuntary failures are hardly ever given.

  • Nevertheless, it can also be down with a planned Stargames that the programmers have to work on the side for several hours and this is therefore not accessible.
  • Uploading new games can also lead to impairments of the entire system in rare connections.
  • If a disturbance takes longer, look in your emails whether a notification of Stargames has occurred.
  • Also with Facebook Longer breaks are usually announced.
  • A good Stargames alternative helps over the waiting time. New online casinosLike the Nomini Casino or the Cashimashi Casino, there are recommended addresses here.

Rely on the fact that it is in the interests of the operator to give you full access as quickly as possible. Some technicians will already work in full swing to solve the problem.

  • If you would still like to know how it is about the site and whether it will only be available for a few minutes or even for a few hours or you have other questions about the Stargames disorder, then you can do the direct Contact to customer service Looking for.

Unfortunately, Stargames does not offer a hotline that you could strive for regardless of the website and a disorder there. An email via [email protected] will not be helpful in the event of a failure.

But you have the chance per Facebook Support to obtain.

To emphasize that again: If it is really a serious problem with Stargames. You have quickly provided information on Facebook or at least you can find out more from other users who suffer from the same restrictions and venture into the social network.

What happens to my missions when Stargames problems arise?

A great message for everyone who is worried here: You don't have to have any concerns - yours Never be lost in the event of a fault.

The Stargames system has a security function that enables it to climb again where the error occurred - As soon as Stargames runs again.

If Stargames goes again and then you suspect that there is still no use, do not hesitate to support. The employees have access on your entire game history And can quickly track any of your missions and the associated profits.

Unclears are therefore usually rapidly remedied.

Questions and answers - Stargames problems

Come in mind Slotfrom,thecurrentoperationisusuallynotlost.thecreditshouldbesavedandyoucancontinueplayingwherethegameendedabruptly.intheeventofambiguities,simplycustomersupport.
If you are on the „Login“-Button clickonthetopright,youcanfindthelink"forgetpassword?"directlyunderthefieldsforplayernamesandpassword.afteryouhaveselectedthis,youcanspecifyyourplayernameandemailaddress.anewpasswordwillthenbeprovidedtoyou.
Usually there is a stargame disorder one of the following reasons:maintenanceorupdate,poorinternetconnection,browserproblems,overloadoftheserver,hackeroraccountlock.
Unfortunately that is Customer'sagoodthingthatstargamesisactiveon,whereyoucanalsoreceivesupportandadvicefromotherusers.
Do not see a maintenance screen at Stargames and you just can't do that Online Casinoaccess,itmakessensetolookfortheproblemwithyouatfirst:itismostcommonlyabadinternetconnectionortheyareproblemswiththebrowserthatcausedifficulties.socheckyourconnectionandtestanotherbrowser.

Conclusion: Stargames problems are quickly fixed with our tips

Even with one Big player like Stargames can occur.

In the event of disorders, it is best to check the current status of Stargames whether a disorder is at the end or whether there is a disturbance at your end. Our tips for troubleshooting will help you The answer as soon as possible to find it.

If longer down times, for example due to maintenance work, are announced, but you are powerless. You can then only wait and maybe first at another strong online casino put.