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EPS (NetPay) Casino - Casino that accept EPS

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EPS is a means of payment that you can use to pay quickly and easily from an Austrian account. The payment is considered very safe, because here too, the payment with the usual security measures must be verified, such as with a Digital signature or a TAN number. There are now some casinos that the means of payment EPS, the also called NetPay will accept.

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This is particularly interesting if you run a checking account in Austria. A good and Recommended online casino is characterized by a sufficient selection of means of payment, which certainly includes EPS for Austrians. We describe which casinos there are in the following guide.

Where can you deposit with EPS?

Casinos mit EPS (Netpay)

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How does the means of payment work and what is behind it?

EPS (Electronic Payment Standard) is an online transfer method that works with many Austrian banks. It was developed for internet payments and for the payment of taxes and fees to public institutes and authorities.

The payment method is considered very safe and the processing is simple and self -explanatory. Without registration with the payment service provider, the user can make a payment via online banking. The authorization procedure used by the bank is used for verification, such as a Digital signature, a SMS or a TAN.

The payments are processed in the known Payment service provider Skrill. The German direct booking system Giropay and EPS have been working together since 2014.

How safe is EPS?

EPS is a means of payment that is considered very safe. Because the The entire payment process is encrypted, through which No access from unauthorized persons on the data or the money. In addition, bank -specific data is neither stored nor queried nor queried by a third place. Instead, the transaction finds in the context of a ordinary online payment at your account -leading bank.

It is No registration requiredto be able to use the payment service. The verification takes place all by your online banking account. Incidentally, the server is in Austria, which is another indication of high security.

Do costs for EPS use?

The use of EPS is for the player himself for free. However, the casinos are released whether they demand a fee for payments with EPS. Therefore it depends on which Online Casino offers the means of payment.

Depending on the transaction height, it may be that a certain percentage or a fixed fee must be paid. Serious casinos publish these fees Transparent in the respective means of payment. Incidentally, withdrawals are not possible with EPS.

In most casinos in our test, deposits with EPS are free of charge. Because the fees that casinos may have to pay are not passed on to customers.

What are the minimum amounts for EPS for deposit and withdrawal?

Each casino has different requirements of which minimum amount must be paid. In most cases, this does not depend on the means of payment, but all by the casino. Because theoretically, EPS can even make a payment worth a cent.

Most casinos start a deposit of at least ten $ as the smallest possible amount that you accept. The deposit is rejected underneath.

What limits are there for the payments?

Every casino itself is fixed for the limits for EPS. Most of the time it is At least ten $, sometimes $ 20 that the player has to deposit so that the payment is booked. The daily maximum limit also depends on the casino.

There are no limits for payments, because payments are For technical reasons currently not possible with EPS. According to our experience, the casinos fall back on the payment by bank transfer, which goes hand in hand with a corresponding transfer period lasting several days.

How fast are the deposits and withdrawals with EPS at the casinos?

The means of payment EPS is therefore so popular because a payment from your own bank account is possible within a few seconds in real time. This means that the deposit is not only very fast, but also very safe. The only disadvantage is that withdrawals cannot currently be carried out with EPS.

The procedure for a deposit is as follows:

  1. Call the website from the casino and log in there with your user name and the password
  2. Search the cash register in the customer area
  3. Record the desired amount you want to deposit
  4. Now select EPS under the means of payment
  5. The EPS website is forwarded
  6. You now have to select your bank from the list displayed
  7. Then you will be forwarded to the online banking area of your bank
  8. Record the registration data for your online banking
  9. Confirm the transaction with a TAN, a digital signature or the like
  10. Confirm the payment with the above And there is a return to the casino
  11. The amount paid can be seen after a few seconds

Is a payment with EPS possible?

The legislator demands to To prevent money launderingthat a payment can only be made with such a means of payment that the user also used for a deposit. For example, if you have made a deposit with the credit card VISA, the payment is also done by visa card.

It looks a little different if you have your deposit with a direct booking system, which is also one of the EPS, or with one Prepudedcarte did. Because out of Technical reasons are currently not yet possible. In this case, the casino will choose the bank transfer for the payment. You have to take into account that the Transfer lasts several days, until she lands on your account. Therefore, you should think about the later payment when paying.

Banks that work with EPS

The following banks in Austria work with EPS:

  • Hypo Investmentbank AG
  • InvestKredit Bank AG
  • First bank and savings banks
  • Bank Austria Creditanstalt
  • Bankhaus Carl Spangler & Co. AG
  • Raiffeisen banking group
  • BAWAG P.S.K Group
  • Gartnerbank
  • Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank International AG
  • Indeed-Bank
  • Before Happy Tirol Bank
  • Vorarlberger Landes- und Hypothekenbank AG
  • Lower Austrian Landesbank-Hypothekenbank
  • Volksbanken

Are deposits and withdrawals generally safe in an online casino?

Due to the lucky license that a casino must show in order to obtain approval at all, Online gambling It can be assumed that it can be assumed that deposits and withdrawals are safe. Because if there are abnormalities, this would immediately result in the withdrawal of happiness.

In addition, most providers announce transparently in their data protection guidelines, How payments are encrypted. Most casinos use the SSL encryptionthat is also used in online banking. That means you Don't have to worry about your money. In addition, there has been no case in the past where paid money has disappeared in a casino.

What alternative payment methods are there for EPS?

EPS is a direct booking system and can therefore With Giropay be compared. Incidentally, the two means of payment have also been working together since 2014. Alternatively there is also Another direct booking system, which can often be found in the online casino: Instantly. The means of payment differ in which banks they work with. Therefore, not every player can use these direct booking systems, but it depends heavily on which credit institution leads the checking account.

All direct booking systems are common that No payment is possible on you. We therefore recommend deposits with Online casino payment methods to make payments, such as the Ewallets Paypal, SkrillandefinedandandefinedNeteller Or credit cards that are also available at Drücklück.

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