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How many casinos are there in Las Vegas? We introduce you to the top 10 las vegas casinos!

Glamor, money and giants: Las Vegas is the epitome of gambling. Every player would like to try his luck in the glittering city at least once in his life. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Not in this case! We'll tell you worth knowing about the casino city and show you the 10 best casinos in Las Vegas.

the essentials in brief
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How many casinos are there in Las Vegas?

If we think of Las Vegas, we first combine hundreds of casinos in the immediate vicinity. But how many casinos are there really in fabulous Las Vegas? The actual number may surprise most: According to the tourism agency, 104 official casinos or casino resorts are listed. 28 of these casinos are located directly on the famous Las Vegas Strip, which is largely responsible for the known image of the enlightened city. The many other arcades are not casinos in the real sense, because in fact every grocery store in Las Vegas can be one Slot machine set up.

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14 of the 20 largest hotels worldwide are in Las Vegas (source: Wikipedia), including the two giants: the Venetian has 7,128 beds, the MGM Grand counts 6,852 beds. The Westward Ho on the Strip with 1,800 beds is the largest motel in the world. In total, the hotels in Las Vegas have almost 150,000 hotel rooms. The hotels and motels in Las Vegas are 90 percent busy - a dream number that every local hotel operator can only dream of. In comparison - Las Vegas residents: approx. 630,000.

Can online casinos keep up with Las Vegas?

Gaming in Las Vegas is clearly a special highlight and difficult to compare with games of chance on the Internet. Still have more Online casinos to offer a lot in terms of gaming experience And build a first -class atmosphere. The big advantage: online casinos offer significantly better Casino payout rates. Because of the higher operating costs, the classic casinos in Vegas cannot keep up. In addition, you can have an attractive one online Casino Bonus to back up.

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What many online casinos may have lacked in terms of flair, in particular, take part in providers Virtual Reality Gaming betting. The modern VR casinos enable you to play a classic casino in the digital world and create an impressive gaming experience in your own four walls.

Gambling 24/7

Roulette is never quiet: Las Vegas is playing - 365 days a year around the clock. So that visitors can concentrate fully on their game, most casinos have no watches and outputs are only sparsely signposted. According to rumors, even the Oxygen intake enriched to increase concentration and prevent tiredness. This is not very unselfish, the casino operators of course want to see their guests play as long as possible.

Playercard: loyalty points for gamblers

In most large casinos in Las Vegas the so -called Playercard output. This card is inserted into the slot machines and stores your turnover with every game. If you have collected a certain number of points, you can redeem them for attractive premiums (e.g. buffet vouchers, free nights). Admittedly, such large premiums may take a while: on average you have to invest around $ 1,000 for $ 10. You get smaller discounts very quickly. So a clear recommendation, because the Registration is free And definitely offers you advantages.

Record gain
The highest casino win of all time! He would not have dreamed that: In 2003, a 25-year-old software developer cracked the Jackpot in the Excalibur Hotel & Casino and won almost $ 40 million with $ 100. To this day record!

Gamble in Vegas - the five most important information for Gambler

  1. Know your game! In Vegas, every machine literally screams "win!". Nevertheless, you shouldn't just get started and possibly gamble your money. Starts with small missions and a game that you know.
  2. Observe the rules of the behavior. Even if everything seems allowed in Las Vegas: drunk mob, tantrums when losing and stingy when tipping are not welcome. So it does not exaggerate with the exuberance!
  3. Limits ... and adhere to. Free drinks and a great atmosphere, so the game behavior can quickly run out. It is best to sit down a limit from the start and do not let yourself be tempted for more missions.
  4. Profits are tax -free. Read correctly. In contrast to the local population, German citizens in Las Vegas do not have to pay taxes on their profits in the casino.
  5. Play slots only in casinos. In Vegas there is a machine at every corner. The chances of winning outside the casinos are so bad that a game is absolutely not worth it.

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Las Vegas - The 10 Best Casinos

A few days in Vegas and you don't want to miss anything? We'll tell you which casinos you definitely have to have seen! Here one List of the best las vegas casinos (elsewhere we show you our ultimate Casino games list):

1. Caesars Palace

On around 15,000 square meters, the game casino integrated into a hotel complex offers everything the gamer heart desires. Especially friends of Sports betting casinos get your money's worth here and can follow your bet on large LED screens. Also the 420 square meter poker room White impress: Poker fans can play around the clock at the 16 spacious tables-there is also a poker tournament four times a day. Slot gamers are also offered a lot: With over 2,000 slot machines, something is guaranteed for everyone. All of this - packed in breathtaking architecture - makes the Caesars Palace one of the best casinos in the world and is definitely worth a visit.

(Bild: stock vault | © Ajith)


1,940 slots and 145 table games: that ARIA Resort And Casino offers the game paradise on earth on almost 14,000 square meters.

A special feature: the Aria is home to one of the most exclusive High-Limit-Slotrooms all over Nevada! At the Table 1 Every player who gets a minimum deployment of $ 20,000 is welcome.

(Image: Pexels | © Brian)

3. Bellagio

One of the largest hotels worldwide and exclusive casino: The Bellagio in Las Vegas offers almost limitless play opportunities in a beautiful ambience. In addition to over 40 poker tables and 81 tables for BlackJack Almost all other classics, such as Roulette, BaccaratandefinedandandefinedCraps. The area for machine games is also very extensive: over 2,000 Slots are available here.

The legendary is also located in the Bellagio Bobby’s Room. The world's most wealthy poker players meet here and play for the highest available missions. Anyone who gets at least $ 20,000 can try their luck.

(Image: | © Antonio Janeski)

Players can really do theirs at roulette Double? The whole truth to the roulette myth with us!

4. MGM Grand

The best game casino for non-players too: not only slot and tablefans get their money's worth in the MGM Grand. In addition to a variety of classic gambling there is also a whole series of Arcade-Gamesthat put every young at heart in real delight. For Sports betting friends Also offer over 60 screens a great experience with every tip.

(Image: | © Thomas Haas)

5. The Venetian

The name already reveals it: who will be lucky in Venetian tries, feels like in Italian vacation. The architecture is really unique and definitely makes a visit an unforgettable experience. Together with the sister casino The Palazzo Wait hundreds here Various Casino table games From Blackjack to Pai Gow Poker. If you prefer to play on machines, you will certainly find the right game among the 1,200 slots.

In the Las Vegas casinos, it is common for gamblers to receive all drinks free of charge. Everything you have to do for it: stay friendly and definitely tip.

6. Mandalay Bay

Tropical plants, gigantic pools and almost 3,000 tons of sand do this Mandalay Bay For an excursion to the South Pacific. In this fantastic ambience, the game on one of the more than 1,700 slots is even more fun. The huge Sports betting area Convinced with the largest screens in Vegas - VIP guests, their own exclusive area is also assigned.

7. Golden Nugget

The casinos' veteran has existed since the 1940s and has already been the scene of numerous Hollywood strips. The casino has been particularly popular among games of chance Gigantic selection of table games made a name. Located somewhat away from the amusement mile, this expects that Nugget His guests on 4,200 square meters in downtown Vegas.

(Image: Stockvault | © James Beattie)

8. Flamingo

Caribbean feeling since the 40s: that Flamingo Lies in the middle of the Vegas Strip and is one of the most exclusive addresses in the city. On over 7,000 square meters, guests will find six poker tables, 130 tables for blackjack, baccarat and Co. as well as Knapp 2,000 slot machines of different designs. The operational limits are very flexible, with many games you can play operations from a dollar, there are clear limits - with up to $ 15,000 - can also be easily possible.

(Image: | © neonbrand)

9. Circus Circus

In this colorful establishment is the name program: im Circus Circus Everything is among the signs of fun and adventure. Of the Two hectares of indoor leisure park Is a real special feature even for LAS-Vegas relationships and offers numerous attractions for the whole family. When it comes to gaming, visitors are also missing nothing: ten poker tables, 53 blackjack tables and dozens of other table games are guaranteed to leave nothing to be desired. For fans of the old casino flair are in Circus Circus Dreams were: The approximately 2,400 slot machines are deliberately kept nostalgic and have past times resurrected.

(Image: | © Anthony Fomin)

10. Luxor

Southeast at the end of the Las Vegas Strip is probably one of the most famous casinos in the city. From afar, visitors see the impressive Sphinx statue in front of the entrance area, the laser beam of which illuminates the night sky. Expect on 120,000 square meters Slot machines, poker room and play tables the guests, there is also a separate area for racing and sports betting. The high limit range is considered to be extremely exclusive and is looked after by a special team.

(Image: Pixabay | © Aldertree)

Las Vegas: The Casino capital at a glance

Over 40 million tourists fulfill their dream every year and visit the shining city in the desert. No wonder, Las Vegas is still considered a symbol of the American dream and a little bit everyone hopes Maybe cracking the big jackpot. This dream makes the gambling as an absolute main source of income Las Vegas. Casinos converts annual over four billion dollars to the $ 140,000 machines and over 4,000 gaming tables. Because: 87 percent of visitors try their luck here and at least spend an average of four hours a day with games.

In most casinos there are trial lessons for beginners on the afternoons. Here you learn the basics of the most important games and you can implement your knowledge directly in the evening.

By the way, Las Vegas is not that old as a city. Founded in 1905, development as a gambling metropolis began in the 1930s with the legalization of games of chance in Nevada. Suddenly the inconspicuous city in the desert attracted the rich and criminals of the whole country. From the 1960s, the economic upswing was primarily possible by the local gangster bosses, which operated their business in the flourishing city. The criminal machinations were put forward in the 1980s, but Las Vegas is still often considered a sinful place with scandalous history. But maybe it is exactly this one wicked charm, makes Las Vegas so fascinating.

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A visit to Las Vegas is a must for passionate gamblers. Play on the strip in one of the well -known casinos - an unforgettable experience. If you keep an overview of your game and the focus is on the fun factor, you definitely have a great time. If you don't make it to Vegas, you can find the casino feeling in Leo Vegas Live Casino Bring into your own four walls. We tested it for you!

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