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I won the lottery - important tips and rules for lottery winners

I won the lottery! This sentence is the great wish of every lottery player and there are also some who end up with the lots of the lottery. In this article I will tell you valuable tips in the event that one day you should be one of the lucky winners.

the essentials in brief
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The 9 most important tips for lottery winners

You actually won the lottery and a profit at a dizzying height achieved? Fantastic!

Enjoy the moment when the adrenaline shoots through the body and fills you with happiness hormones.

So that you also have something of your profit in the long term and this is not just a snapshot, it applies some important things to consider. Because who doesn't know the stories about lottery winners who have stranded hard after winning the big jackpot and have lost everything again?

But don't panic! I give you many important tips and hints that will help you deal with your profit. But not only that: you can avoid painful mistakes. In this way, you can Make significantly better than many former lottery winnerswho have completely printed their profits again.

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1. Keep calm and do not act rash

If you have won the lottery, you can hardly wait until the large transfer of the lottery company ends up on your account. Absolutely understandable - because The large lottery gain is something extraordinary.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep calm and not to act prematurely. Consider and plan exactly which purchases you want to realize with it.

  • Is careful and do not make any rash decisions.

Three Ferraris, two boats and their own helicopter landing site certainly have their charm, but these are not the best forms of investment for your profit for the beginning.

2. Plan the future and remain liquid

Use your lottery profit sensibly. Very high profits can serve perfectly for protection for a carefree life.

  • Therefore, plans the future and ensure that the lottery win even in old age a financially carefree life.

Certainly you can and should also meet one or the other heart desire. But never spend everything at once and always ensures that you a large part of the profit is preserved.

3. remains anonymous and does not hang the profit on the big bell

Lotto winners Basically not published by the lottery company by name. Only the state of the winner will be announced and that is a good thing.

  • Stays anonymous And do not trumpet straight out: I won the lottery!

Even friends and acquaintances should not hang your profit on the big bell. Protect you through anonymity and enjoy your profit.

4. Do not terminate your own job prematurely

Anyone who makes an impressive profit in the lottery quickly flirted with the termination of their own job. But exactly at this point there is nothing to rush. Because even if you get a high sum and dispenses with larger investments, it is Under no circumstances ensure that the profit ranges to the end of life.

  • Therefore it makes sense to have a well -paid Job not to throw away directly.

In this way you can enjoy the great advantage that you still achieves a regular income And not all monthly costs must be covered entirely by the lottery win.

5. Easy for expensive shopping tours

When the large lottery gain arrives, a number of people fall into one indescribable intoxication. Of course there is nothing reprehensible about that. However, this can have the unpleasant side effect that a huge shopping tour is planned directly.

  • So always think with mind whether the respective purchase is really useful for you.

Otherwise, too large sums are often hewn up on the head and material things that are not needed are bought. This can quickly tear a large hole into the till.

6. Get advice from reputable experts

Anyone who wins in the lottery must handle their money well in order to live a financially carefree life. However, it is by no means guaranteed that a lottery winner too make clever finance decisions can.

  • For this reason it makes sense to From reputable experts to be advised.

But make sure that it is Safe and experienced consultants actsthat are not only on the preservation of commissions, but also offer you real added value through their service.

7. Keep tax taxes in mind

Lotto gains are tax -free in Germany. This also applies to profits from many other games of chance.

  • Still you may Under no circumstances lose sight of tax levies after winning the lottery.

If you receive interest income through your lottery profit, taxes will be due. For this reason, it is always advisable to work with a good tax advisor.

8. Fulfill your own wishes carefully

If you have won the lottery, you can also fulfill one or the other heart desire.

  • Still think carefully, which purchases really necessary are.

A new car, a trip or a condominium can be easily feasible if you win at a corresponding amount.

9. Clarify priorities and act effectively

If you think of a lottery win, you have many things in your head with great certainty that can be achieved through the profit. If you really get into the lucky situation to win a high amount in the lottery, you should definitely think about the priorities.

  • It is best to create your own list and worry about What purchases are to be preferred to other purchases.

In this way you always keep an overview and do not run the risk of unnecessary money.

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How do you find out about your lottery win?

I won the lottery! Of course, this is an excellent message and you can only congratulate you. But how exactly do you find out Did you win the lottery?

To do this, you first have to take a look at your own lottery numbers. Then you have the following options to find out if you won with your lot:

  • The best -known draws of the classic 6 out of 49 take place weekly in Germany, each on Wednesday and on Saturday. You can do this Live on the official Lotto website pursue. The streams are transferred directly in real time and enable you to use your own screen.
  • If you miss the stream, this is not a problem either. You can simply view all draws in the archive afterwards. Also the Official Lotto YouTube Canal is another option.
  • Unfortunately, the draws are no longer broadcast live on television. Nevertheless you can find out The drawn numbers in front of the Tagesschau.
  • You can also check your tip online. On the Lotto Society website Your federal state will specify the winning figures for the last draw.
  • You can also have system tips automatically evaluated. For that you have to Enter the lot number and your typing numbers on the website.
  • An automatic evaluation is also In all lottery shops carried out. There the game receipt is evaluated in a special terminal and you will immediately find out whether and to what height you have won.
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In the lottery won: what now?

If you have won the lottery, of course the question also arises How you actually get your profit. What options are there to receive the lottery win?

In order to answer this question, it also comes up with the Amount of the respective profit an.

There are 2 options:

  1. You can pick up profits up to a certain amount in a local lottery branch.
  2. Higher sums will be transferred to you by bank transfer.

In this section I explain to you 3 Way to pick up your lottery win the fastest.

1. Cash payments in a local lottery branch

Anyone who has won the lottery often wonders how the profit is actually paid out. One of the best known and simplest methods is the Collection of profits in a local lottery branch.

Lotto acceptance points are distributed across the entire federal territory. Here you have to keep in mind that enormously high sums are not paid on site.

The limits for the maximum payments in a branch also differ between the individual federal states. So that you always keep an overview, I have added a list at this point, which means that you have the maximum payout sum at a glance.

Federal StateMaximum payment in the branch
Baden-Württemberg1.000 $
Bayern2.500 $
Berlin500 $
Brandenburg500 $
Bremen1.000 $
Hamburg1.000 $
Hesse8.000 $
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern500 $
Lower Saxony500 $
North Rhine-Westphalia1.000 $
Rhineland-Palatinate1.000 $
Saarland500 $
Saxony1.000 $
Saxony-Anhalt1.000 $
Schleswig-Holstein1.000 $
Thuringia1.000 $

2. Payment of the lottery profits by bank transfer

If your profit exceeds the maximum sum for a payment in a local lottery branch, you have to Apply for a payment of profits by bank transfer.

For this you simply have to do the intended one Fill in the form of the lottery company and add your game receipt. As soon as the documents arrive, the payment will be arranged after a short time and transferred to your specified checking account.

3. Personal customer supervisor from lottery gains of over 100,000 $

If you are in the lottery Profits of over 100,000 $ collected, you can take a special service from Lotto: Lotto puts you aside a personal customer advisor.

This helps you with the Processing of all formalities And ensures that the profits are quickly and safely transferred to you. Through personal you can enjoy the advantage that you always have a direct person who also many Important questions about your profit and can answer the correct handling.

The pick -up deadline for your lottery gains: do not miss!

The lottery does not work without any initiative. If you are one of the lucky winners, it is particularly important that you pick up your profits early.

A lottery ticket has one Validity of a total of 13 weeksso that this will not be a hurdle for you. Nevertheless, I would like to expressly point out yours at this point Always check the lottery boxes and think of the profits.

Practical example
So it happened in southern Germany in 2014. A lottery player missed the pick -up period and missed a profit of over one million $. The trouble should have been correspondingly great!.

Known lotteries in comparison

The classic 6 out of 49 is by far the most popular lottery in Germany. Lotto fans have been playing for many generations and hope for the big profit. In addition to the Lotto 6 out of 49, there are other lotteries in which you can take part as German players.

These include, for example, the Gamble spiral as well as the $jackpot.

In this section I now put this known lotteries with important facts opposite so that you always keep an overview.

Lotto 6 out of 49Gamble spiral $jackpot
Height of the jackpotBetween 1 million and 45 million Up to 2.1 million or immediate pension Between 10 million and 90 million
Chance of winning the jackpot 1: 140 million1: 10 million1: 2.2 million
Chance of a general profit 1 : 631 : 101 : 42
DrawsWeekly, on Wednesdays and Saturdays Always on Saturday Always on Friday
What does a typing field cost? $ 1.20 + processing fee 5 $ + processing fee 2 $ + processing fee
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Interesting lottery stories: lucky guys and fantastic lottery gains

Many have been over the years Exciting, beautiful and also tragic stories about the biggest lottery winners developed. At this point I will now tell you some fascinating stories that have actually occurred worldwide:

  • Nicity pays off: In 2016, a long line was formed in front of an acceptance point in New Zealand. A particularly hurry to buy his Lotterielos as quickly as possible and advanced. A participant made him and was rewarded for this: He won the "Golden Los" and thus 650,000 $, which would otherwise have gone to the juggernut.
  • Family strands of luck: There are always “repeat offenders” among lottery winners. But a family from Norway seems to be a special favorite of the lucky fairy. In 2006 the family man won 500,000 $. Four years later, his daughter cleared a million $. But Fortuna stayed a hold and kissed the son at the end. Because this one cracked the jackpot of 8.5 million $ in 2012 And thus completes one of the most extraordinary lottery millionaires. The same thing happened to a couple from England, who wasted the jackpot twice in the same lottery. The chance of twice the million dollar happiness is a fabulous 1: 283 billion!
  • Exceptional lucky guys: Unfortunately, Peter McCathie was hit by lightning in his youth, but survived. Many years later, the American's daughter suffered the same fate, but she also survived. So luck was far from being used up and so Peter won in the 2015 American lottery 700,000 $. Incidentally, the chances of such coincidences are 1: 2.6 trillion.
  • Again, there is no luck: The incredible Lotto Millionaire History of Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar proves that there are actually miracles. Like all other 299 passengers, the Indian survived a crash landing of a aircraft in Dubai that burned down completely. Previously, the 62-year-old still had in the airport's duty-free shop bought a lotterylesswhich he could also save. Luckily: because with this Khadar made a profit of a million US dollars.
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Tragic winner: Lotto stories without a happy ending

A large lottery win has by far not all winners have given the sustainable happiness. In addition to many beautiful stories, there are unfortunately also tragic stories without a happy ending.

At this point you will find an overview of the corresponding stories:

  • Murder to the lottery win: In 2006, a burglar who had to leave school after the 7th grade won $ 30 million in the lottery. But less than three years later there was nothing left of the money. Six months later after the supposed lottery winner, the body was buried in the garden of a friend. This is now sitting For the rest of her life in prison. Actually, she only wanted to write a book about the winner, but later also became his financial advisor. The woman shamelessly took advantage of this to steal every cent from the profit. When the lottery winner got wind, a violent argument sparked in which he was killed by his “girlfriend”.
  • Heart attack after gain in millions: The case of a cook from Boston is particularly tragic. This cleared $ 3.6 million in the lottery, but died a few days later on a heart attack. At just 37 years. According to the relatives, the stress was responsible for this. Because the actual lucky guy was exposed to a permanent deposit of financial advisors and other people after his millions of gain.
  • Happiness and bad luck are close together: A New Yorker turned his back after many years of his unsuccessful topping community and wanted to try his luck alone. Gone stupid: because promptly at the next draw The topping community cleared the copia And was able to look forward to a profit of $ 319 million. Very bad timing!
  • Youngest lottery winner bankrupt: At the tender age of 16, Callie cracked the jackpot in Great Britain and fell in love with a new man a short time later. The young couple bought a large bungalow on it and spent more than 400,000 $ for cocaine. Additionally consumed callie A lot of money for numerous beauty operations, which led to her with her new husband and her children in a small apartment today. However, she honestly admits that she is happier today than before with all her money.
  • 6 correct, but still not a millionaire: Like bitter: The dream of six in the lottery is already fulfilled, but no trace of a life -changing profit amount. This happened in Germany in 2011, when 78 players typed in a draw and the right one and the Had to share jackpot. They all crossed on their ticket instead of curious lottery numbers and ultimately received 29,639 $ each. Still a great win, but in this case nothing more than a small consolation price.
  • Violated against the law: A kiosk owner from Frankfurt was even worse. In 2019 he had 6 correct ones with a lottery training, but went Still completely empty. Reason: The 71-year-old Lotto Pechvogel has given up the lottery ticket in his own kiosk and thus violated the State Treaty. In the sense of gambling prevention, the lottery buyer is not allowed.
  • Fear of high profits: Ten weeks after his profit, the player only reported to the lottery company to assert it. the The deadline for this had almost passed. The reason for this was that the winner was afraid of the sudden wealth. After long considerations, he got his profit, founding a social foundation.

Curiosities and incredible with lottery drawings

In addition to beautiful and sad stories about the lottery winners, there are also to report a lot of curiosity in terms of the individual lottery drawings.

Of course, I don't want to withhold the most incredible stories from you and give you a little overview in this section:

  • The broken ball: In 1999 the ball broke with number 6 in the mixed tank shortly before the end of the draw. the entire drawing had to be repeated And all the spectators who had already broken out in the prospect of a thick win in joy jubilation were disappointed. Rules are rules and the world around a curious lottery millionaire history is richer.
  • Missing balls: Incredible, for almost two months the NKL had not noticed in 2002 that the draws Only 80 instead of the 100 balls were present. But how could the balls disappear? Those responsible had exchanged the real balls for TV turning work for "more beautiful" and simply forgot in the safe when the drum 20 of the real balls is reloaded. The draws had to be made up for.
  • Constitious pipe: The responsible persons were also responsible for a lottery education in 2013 briefly on the hose. Two balls clogged the pipe, so not all balls found their way into the lottery drum. The mishap was only found 20 minutes later and the draw was declared invalid. Thereupon new winning numbers were drawn.
  • Defective drum: In 2002, the lottery drum refused to work during the draw to the Wednesday Lotto. Already after the first three balls nothing worked anymore. The draw was interrupted and it had to be taken care of a new lottery drum. With success! The draw continued.
  • Wrong additional number: In May 2005, the 18 was drawn and correctly announced as an additional number. When the summary of the numbers was shown at the end of the program, the viewers were shown the 8 and also read out by the "Lotto Fee". It was explained with one technical breakdown, which resulted in human failure: Due to a computer failure, the direction had to enter the numbers in exceptional cases, whereby the error crept in. The moderator then informed the wrong additional number. This donated a lot of confusion among the lottery players.

Frequent questions and answers about the big lottery gain

The classic Lotto 6 out of 49 is by far the best known draw.alreadyingoodtraditionthedrawsalwaystakeplaceonwednesdayandsaturday.inaddition,therearealsosomeotherlotteriessuchastheluckyspiral,$jackpot,nklorthepostcodelottery.
No, lottery profits and other income from gambling are tax -free in Germany. However, you have to keep in mind that interest income that you have achieved through your lottery gains is again subject to tax liability. For this reason, it is very useful, after a large lottery profit to work with a competent tax advisor.
Lotto boxes have one Validity of a total of 13 weeks.inthisframework,youhavetoassertyourprofitsfromthelottosociety.ifthisperiodpasses,youarenolongerentitledtoyourwinnings.
Smaller profits can be directly In a local lottery branchbecollected.whichsumscanbepickedupisduetotheregulationsoftheindividualstate.youhavetoapplyforhigheramountsbybanktransfer.
Yes, to give up your lottery boxes, you don't necessarily have to visit a local lottery branch in your city. There are numerous Serious online lottery providerwhereyoucaneasilyhandinyourlotteryboxesontheinternet.theseplatformsalsoofferyoutheadvantagethatyoucantakepartinmanyotherlotteries,whichyouwillnotbeofferedinthelottobranchesonsite.

Conclusion: A responsible handling of the lottery profit is crucial

I won the lottery! If this applies to you, you can look forward to an impressive amount. After a lottery win, however, it is particularly important to show the right behavior.

Always goes Responsible and sustainable with the lottery gains. Do not make hasty decisions and do not make any investments, which in retrospect simply turned out to be nonsense.

With the right handling, you have the opportunity to secure yourself financially in the future and to look into a golden future.

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