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Delete compulsory account: This is how it works

If you want to delete your push -in account, you have to consider a few things. In principle, the deletion of the account should be well thought out. After all, Drückglück is a serious online casino that offers players lucrative winning opportunities.

the essentials in brief
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In addition, as a customer of the gaming provider, you can benefit from various bonus offers. So think very carefully about whether the accounting makes sense. Was the account first once deactivated, it is all the more difficult to make the player account to bring back to life at a later date Or create a new account. Nevertheless, it can be recommended for some users to delete their account with pressing luck. You can find out how this works and what errors you should avoid in the following article.

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How you can delete your push -in account

With the help of a prefabricated mechanism you can be Drücklück account Extinguish (to let). Unfortunately there is no direct button for this. A click of the mouse for deleting the dridgeing account is therefore not enough. If you want to delete your account, you have to Customer service to .

You can reach customer service either by email, hotline or live chat. However, there are two basic requirements for accounting with Drückprücklück: On the one hand, there is a need that you can be paid out any existing casino credit in advance. Consider that the Drücklück payment Depending on the transaction method, sometimes needed some time. On the other hand, no more active Bonus in the player account stand. Only if both requirements are met can customer service delete your suppressant account. As a rule, this is very quick. Immediately afterwards you will receive an email with the confirmation of account research. The e-mail address is [email protected] And the telephone number is +49 89-38034212.

It is therefore important for players to meet the basic requirements mentioned above. Should you still have one open online Casino Bonus In your user account, you must therefore first play through it and have any profits withdrawn. Customer service pays great attention to the fulfillment of these two criteria. If your player account does not meet the requirements, there may be considerable complications. One Alternative consists in the Drücklück bonus cancel And then to delete the customer account. Logically, not only the complete bonus credit is gone, but also the winning profit that may have been achieved with it. Therefore, it is advisable to first release the bonus and only to close the pressing account afterwards.

The push -in accounts at an overview

We have once again summarized for you how you can delete your push -in account. The following list shows you how best to proceed:

  • 1
    Implementing bonus amounts or deleting the push -in bonus
  • 2
    Have complete credit paid out on the account
  • 3
    Apply for the deletion of the account for customer service
  • 4
    Receive confirmation email

When does it recommend deleting the pressing account?

Basically, deletion of the player account is very rarely useful. However, there is an exception: if a user suffers from gambling addiction or uncontrolled games, then the contolation is advisable. In such serious cases one of the customer service is friendly to the side And ensures immediate deletion of the account including a lock so that further registrations are no longer permitted. If you want to prevent you from getting into the gambling addiction even deeper, you have to face customer service openly. Like most modern online casinos, pressing luck is particularly sensitive to this topic and tries to help those affected as best as possible.

On the other hand, there is simply no interest in the Online gambling, you have to Do not delete compulsory account immediately. There are probably many users who saw the funny TV advertising of the online casino and then created a player account. If you find that you do not use the account at all, you may want to close the account again. Even players who have made a high profit or loss often decide very spontaneously or rashly to close their casino account at the push. In these cases, however, it is often advisable to wait with the deletion. After all, there are no costs for the player account. As a result, it is not bad if the account continues to exist.

The alternative: temporarily disable the player account

The push -in casino is very concerned with responsible games. Accordingly, various options are available to the provider to use the gamble online to expose. If you choose one Cooling period, you can choose between 24 hours, 48 hours and 7 days. In the case of a temporary exclusion, however, 30, 60 or 90 days are possible.

If you want to remain abstinent for longer, you apply for one Voluntary self -conclusion. This has a length of 180 days and can be extended to support by ing them. In principle, users should in this context pay attention to two things: On the one hand, the self -conclusion also refers to other accounts that opened it over the company behind the brand. These include the EU Casino Play Million Casino and Slots Magic Casino. On the other hand, there is no way to lift the lock prematurely.

Renewed account opening after a deletion usually not possible

Actually, it is more appropriate to speak that users cancel their account at Drückprücke. The player account does not completely disappear from the database of the online casino. Incidentally, a corresponding procedure is completely right and can also be observed with other gambling providers. On the one hand, the company must of course comply with the legal retention periods for certain data. On the other hand, every player could always be without the stored data Register and come into the advantage of the new customer bonus. More information about the Drücklück login You can find here.

To the Casino welcome bonus To claim, you need the press Coupon Code. However, providing such doctorates only works on a prerequisite that each player only claims the bonus once. Otherwise, the costs for the bonus campaign would be too high for the provider. Incidentally, this does not only affect that Drückglück Casino too, but also on all of his competitors. If you want to register again after accounting, you will usually be blocked. On the other hand, if there is a good reason why you want to register again, you can the customer service.

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Of course, it happens every now and then that players want to undo the accounting. A good argument is a changed personal financial situation here. If you want to let your player account revive, you will never get the new customer bonus credited. Even if the push -in casino is accommodating in many areas, there is still no guarantee for the reopening or reactivation of the player account.

Tip of the editorial team - secure new customer bonuses at various providers
From a customer's point of view, it is of course unpleasant that the welcome bonus is only available once. However, Drückplück is not the only casino that offers new customers a bonus. Strictly speaking, such a doctorate can be found with almost every provider.

No fees for the opening of the account and leaders

Especially inexperienced players are concerned that costs are incurred when opening an account in the press. After all, it is known from other industries that users also have to pay fees even if an account is not used. For example, this applies to a bank account. However, a player account in an online casino is a completely different case. There are no costs in the pressing luck casino. This applies to both the opening of the account and a dormant account.

The players themselves have no costs in the Drückglück Casino. Most games there are even offered in demo mode. So it is not even necessary to pay real money in order to be able to gamble. Who does not play regularly and your user account Let it rest from time to timestill has the opportunity to benefit from various actions. Drückglück offers its existing customers from time to time and free spins and Andere bonus action on. Accounting would only be unnecessary.

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What arguments speak for the account creation in the case of dridge luck?

Especially the users without their own Drücklück experiences Perhaps will be wondering why you should create an account in this online casino. The game portfolio is an important argument, because there are more than 1,000 games-including video slot machines, jackpot slots, Online casino table games and the DrückGlück Live Casino. Since pressing luck cooperates with a large number of providers, there is certainly no boredom here. These include top sizes in the industry such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’N GO and evolution gaming.

In addition, the Drückglück Casino scores with exemplary customer service, a wide payment portfolio and a modern and user -friendly website. Another point is that the complete casino offer also has mobile players - Optionally via the optimized website or via Drücklück app. Which should also not go unmentioned: there is a VIP club with a level system. So it shows that there are many reasons to create a player account with the provider. On the other hand, if you want to delete your existing press, you should be aware that hardly any other online casino offers its customers similar good conditions.

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Conclusion: A press -on -hand enchment rarely makes sense

Even if your player account at Drückglück does not currently use, it is usually advisable to keep the account. After all, the online casino not only offers its customers one First class new customer bonus on, but also numerous other promotions. In addition, you regularly receive further offers by email.

Logically, an active player account represents the prerequisite for using a bonus. Deleting a push -in account, at the same time, means to do without the different bonuses. As a result, it is an advantage for you to maintain the player account - even if you do not want to use bonus campaigns at the moment.

If you have no problem with gambling addiction, we will advise you against the deletion of the customer account. It is too difficult to reopen this at a later date. On the other hand, if you have any problems with playing, you should delete your push -in account or at least block them for a certain period of time using the voluntary self -closing.