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[Many tips only here] Save money in everyday life: 39 unknown tips!

Do you want to save money in the future and eliminate hidden cost wasters in the future? Then you are in the right place for us in the guide! We provide you with the best money-saving tricks. The best? You can easily imitate our tips and get started with saving.

the essentials in brief
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Save money in everyday life: eliminate hidden cost eaters

Private “bankroll management” with apps: you still have so much money available

You can keep an eye on your private editions using apps like Finanzguru. With this you replace the old -fashioned written down by hand and always see immediately at a glance how much money is still available a month. But there are also online banking apps that correspond Bankroll Management support. We can recommend Revolut or N26 here.

Ebay & Co Sales: Don't wait until your smartphone is out of date

You can sell things well on Ebay & Co. There are now some platforms for the sale of private objects. You should not separate yourself from your smartphone too late if you still want to get the best possible price and are looking for a new one anyway. Tip: also fall back on used items when buying.

Lives healthy! That also protects the wallet

An extreme cost -eating is a luxury food such as alcohol or cigarettes. Consumption limits or best stops smoking and drinking. This not only protects the wallet, but also health.

Short routes on foot: good for health & wallet

You don't need a car for short distances. You can get the rolls at the baker around the corner on foot or by bike. This not only protects the environment and your wallet, but you also actively do something for your health.

Money not senselessly “park”: investment tips for everyone

Is your money just in your account and bring almost no interest? Then you should think about clever investments. Get advise and get more interest or even invest in real estate and the like. With us here you are already at the point!

Instead of coffee-2-go: fill thermal mug to reuse at home

The daily coffee-2-go is a cost eater that many do not even notice. It can be saved particularly well here: invest once in a thermo mug and fill in the coffee at home every morning. The cup can be used again and again. The part is also much more handy and stable than the fragile cardboard cup! And if you can't do without your favorite coffee from the shop, you can be filled with the hot drink in your thermo mug and politely asks for a small discount.

Use Bus & Bahn with a cheap monthly ticket

A monthly ticket for bus and train is particularly useful for people in larger cities. You can get bad by car, construction sites and parking spaces are in short supply everywhere. Public transport is a perfect alternative. Pro tip: Buy a monthly ticket outside the rush hour in the morning until 9:00 a.m. Then they are much cheaper.

Borrow better than buy: borrow scooters and cars with car sharing

Sometimes you can't avoid using a car. In this case, it makes sense to borrow a car. You can either ask friends and relatives, or you use car sharing. A clever idea that is now perfectly implemented. Scooters can also be borrowed if nothing big has to be transported. And do not forget the railway competition from Flixbus. Whether classic coach, Flixbu, usually much cheaper than rental cars or train ride with Deutsche Bahn!

Smoking doesn't stop? Try an e-cigarette alternative

If you don't manage to stop smoking, you can fall back on an e-cigarette. The one -time purchase saves a lot of money, and your body will thank you.

Give away vouchers

The next birthday in the circle of friends or relatives is pending? A gift doesn't always have to be expensive. Try it with a voucher. Your creativity knows no bounds. Friends are certainly happy about a cooking or film evening. A babysitter is also welcome.

Checking tariffs can also be done without a border-debile Check24 family!

We don't really notice some things. Especially the things that run on the side and have not been changed forever. For example, this includes the mobile phone tariff. You should also change the electricity provider regularly. The same applies to insurance companies. Check everything off from time to time to get a better tariff/contract. In most cases, this is possible annually.

Save money in the household: Cleaning with Grandma's budget tips of cheaper & living more economical

Coffee machine: fully automatic machine the cheapest in the long run

If you are one of the regular coffee gourmets, you cannot do without a coffee machine. Many rely on these capsule machines here. A bad mistake! Did you know that a fully automatic machine is once quite expensive to buy, but in the long term it represents the most cost -effective variant for the coffe kick? Calculate the costs for your capsules for one year and then check out how many kilos of coffee beans you would get for it. All methods are compared here to prepare coffee and how to find the best machine: here!

Repair yourself or repair coffee replaces the new purchase!

Broken objects do not have to be thrown away and bought again. Repairing means the magic word. If you do not have the necessary know -how, there are now tutorials on YouTube for really everything. If you still do not succeed, a friend asks for help. Almost every city also contains repair coffee where hobbyists can help you.

Save electricity with modern smart home technology

In your own four walls, electricity can be saved extremely well if you keep an overview. There are numerous apps that control your technology. If you are not quite as modern, it also helps to check all power sources at least before going to sleep. Are all devices on standby or even better separated from the electricity? Is the light switched off everywhere? But even those who close the rooster when brushing their teeth or presses the savings button when rinsing the toilet saves water and thus also ancillary costs.

Instead of expensive cleaning agents: vinegar & lemon already helped grandmother

You can easily produce cleaning agents yourself. The chemical clubs are not only expensive, but also harm the environment. Better for Grandma's home remedies. In most cases, vinegar, citric acid and baking powder help wonders. How exactly you have to proceed can be found on the Internet on Google or at Ask mom Experienced.

Save electricity & heating: Make the light out + NEVER TO THE HEATING IN THE IN THE WARMER

Light and heating are two things that are switched on far too often or too early. Use the daylight as long as possible. A candle can also be romantic & practical at the same time. And if it slowly gets colder in autumn, you don't have to turn up the heating directly. It is often enough to just put on a sweater more and it is warm again. And modern LED light bulbs are used for lamps. These are real power savings master!

Sparing money when spending the money: you shop at a cheap manner

Save money with coupons and vouchers in the supermarket

When shopping, you save money through coupons and vouchers. You can find this in magazines or on the Internet. There are often actions such as "Buy 3, Zahle 2". Collect and cancel for the next big shopping. Then save specifically with coupons. 5 packs of shampoo are too much at once? Remember that you are buying in stock and “pre-saving” for future purchases! Whether it is worth buying a pallet of spice cucumber in stock or whether there is a risk that you can no longer see the things after a short time. We recommend buying fewer foods than cosmetics/hygiene products in stock!

Supermarket house brand is often an expensive product in alternative packaging

The advertising leads us to buy expensive branded products. However, every supermarket has a house brand that is always cheaper, but mostly contains exactly the same product. Therefore, it is therefore always to the house brand that is as good as the branded product, only much cheaper. The network informs about the "clones" of the supermarket giant and their actual manufacturers! And you can find it, for example here!

Before Saturday shopping, it goes to the flea market

Shop clothes on Saturday? No problem, but first visit a flea market before you buy new goods in the shops. You can not only make bargains at flea markets, but often also find unique or rarities that you will not find in any shop.

Pro tip: Never go shopping with an empty stomach

Very important: never go shopping with an empty stomach. Otherwise you are guaranteed to buy more than you actually wanted. How so? Because you are hungry for everything and you cannot resist. If it is difficult for you to "resist" with a full stomach: check off the delivery services of the supermarkets. Rewe online and co deliver the things to you home.

Entry anticipation: wait patiently a suitable bargain

Have you wanted a new cell phone, a new iMac or a television for a long time? These devices are expensive. So wait until the prices sink. Several times a year there are special days and promotions such as the "Black Friday" or the Amazon Day. The waiting is worth it, you will definitely save a lot. Oh yes, and the professional savers of Mydealz should not be missing. One of the first points of for modern bargain hunters!

Don't go shopping several times a week

When shopping, it is important to write a shopping list. This can be done quickly today with your smartphone and a shopping list. Think about what you need for the entire week, think of dishes and look into the recipes that ingredients are needed. By only going shopping once a week, you avoid spontaneous purchases that you have not intended. At the same time, you save time and fuel costs!


Is a hole in your jeans? No reason to throw them away, it can simply become a short trousers. Or you process them further and conjure up a new piece of clothing for your children. Upcycling is popular than ever. As always, you can get creative ideas in numerous videos.

Classified ads & exchange exchanges: Here too there are durable foods

No matter whether buying or selling: booming trading platforms. Always look first eBay classified ads, at mydealz, at flea markets, in second hand shops or other exchange exchanges before you buy something again. By the way, a few of the deals platforms will inform you by email via price alarm if the price for your desired product drops!

Save money when cooking: Not even with savings tricks do without enjoyment

Instead of cooking 0815 pizza from the delivery service itself

Do you love pizza? Then she just does it herself instead of calling the delivery service. Homemade pizza not only tastes better, it is also cheaper and you can take it exactly according to your preferences. And who likes to wait for the delaying pizza boobs, which then delivers a lukewarm calzone?

If your food goes, get it out!

Sometimes you want to be cooked. If you visit a restaurant, you should try to get the maximum out for yourself. This means: Find your dishes that you cannot cook yourself. Then it is worth visiting the restaurant. By the way, dishes/ingredients/drinks are listed on this pagethat usually have a particularly high serve in restaurants. However, if you go to the breakfast brunch, for example, you only make the restaurant richer. With breakfast eggs alone, there is an 80% profit margin for the restaurant. In short: You do everything you can cook/produce yourself. What you can't do, because for example, because the technology (stone oven, chicken roasting) is missing, let yourself be done.

Warm water in the kettle

Before you put the water for the pasta on the hotplate, you should heat the water in the kettle. This requires less energy than the stove, which saves your money and additional time because the water is already warm. And when the water has cooled again, you feed your potted plants with it. So no tropical water is wasted.

Drink tap water

You can also save when drinking. Water can be safely drunk from the line with us. Some of them have Better quality than the sparkling wine from the bottle! This not only saves money, but also the annoying bottles are no longer necessary. Pro tip: With the additive to the syrup, taste also comes into play! If you want to "upgrade" your water inexpensively and at the same time descale, you get a Britta water filter or a little more expensive an osmosis system. Then thank you for your plants!

Add herbs and regrowing!

In the home garden or on the balcony you can grow herbs. So you always have fresh herbs available for cooking. There are even vegetables that you can only use half and then plant it again (spring onions)! Hardcore re-up cycling! If you want, you can also have a small one on your balcony Compost unit integrate. Then there is the potting soil in spring for free!

Cooking for 2 days - saves time & money

When cooking, energy can be saved by cooking with foresight. Simply cook for two days instead of cooking for a day, the food only has to be warmed up the next day.

Plan food for a week

Anyone who writes a shopping list saves. Go to go shopping without a schedule usually ends with the fact that everything ends up in the car, which you just want. Hold on your shopping list and only buy what you really need, so you don't spend more unnecessarily than necessary.

Save money when going out! Clubbing & family outing for Lau - that's how it works

After-Hour: Instead of making expensive clubbing in your own four walls, end the weekend

If you like to celebrate at the weekend or especially want to drink something comfortably with friends, it doesn't always have to be a club or bar. Just meet at home and mix your cocktails yourself! Or enjoy a beer in a relaxed round without disturbing background noise in the background on the bathing lake or green areas.

Place drinks in bars and pubs that are offered relatively cheap compared to the purchase price

Sure, such a cocktail is a nice thing. But it also costs properly. And if it is less about enjoyment than the pure alcohol intake, you should do without it. How so? With Jägermeister and classic beer you get your goal in the same way, but save a lot of money on your way to intoxication! Beer usually costs very little and the little Jägermeister Likewise.

Group discounts and family discounts at Kino & Theater

At many events there are discounts for larger groups. Plans a visit to the cinema with friends or go to the theater as a large group and get a group discount. The same applies to families, at most events family tickets are offered. Children at an early stage of how old they are on the day of the visit! 😉 And take a look at Ebay and Ebay classified ads. There are often tickets or concert tickets at real bargain prices because owners cannot use the appointment and are now on the tickets.

Large taxi for more than 5 people ideal for the disco home path

Are you going to celebrate and is one of the kings of the night who only go when the shop closes? Then share a taxi with the rest of the night schools. This is cheaper than a taxi for everyone. Large taxis are usually also easy to get.

Save money in the entertainment: saving money at Netflix & Co -it works

Discounts and family tariffs: This is how you save with the family

Music, series and films are simply part of it. Many services offer discounts and tariffs for families. So you can divide your account and save at the same time by transferring the costs to the whole family.

Read books: Library fee vs. expensive Netflix streaming

It doesn't always have to be television. Netflix and Co. are not cheap. Try it with a good book. You can borrow this in the library or friends so that the costs for this reduce to a minimum. And if you cannot do without the self -assistant to reading material: get a Kindle. Digital books usually cost less than their bound colleagues!

Isn't it without Netflix streaming? Family account

Many services such as Netflix offer access to more than one person, for example family tariffs. Share the costs with your siblings or parents and use the same account. Netflix also "allowed" a share with friends here. At Spotify, for example, all registered family members must specify the same living address in order to be able to use the family account. Share with friends no longer works.

Fitness studio? Invested the annual fee in its own equipment

Do you want to do sports, do something for your body and your fitness? That's great. However, this does not need an expensive membership in a gym, but you can also train with your own body weight at home (Here the book classic linked). The same applies to paid body transformation courses online. Go outside instead of on the treadmill or invests once in devices such as dumbbells for strength training at home. If it has to be the gym, asks for cheap day tickets. Especially if you are not yet sure whether you really want to train in the long term. An annual subscription only saves money if you really go to the studio regularly!

Regular Amazon customer? Use prime savings!

If you order regularly from Amazon, you should complete a Prime subscription. Then the orders do not cost you shipping costs and you also benefit from fast shipping options. Incidentally, basic access to Prime Music and Prime Video is included in the Prime subscription. Check off whether you can do without Netflix or Spotify in the case and save twice!

Conclusion: Make a personal challenge out of saving!

Hand on heart, you certainly didn't know one or the other of our tips, right? Sometimes the easiest is very close. Incidentally, we did the self -experiment: If you take all the tips for a month, you can make it massive to reduce your running costs! Makes a challenge out of saving: how much did you do this week? How much do you create next week? Let a tool such as Finanzguru, the N26 app or revolut (right here Revolut casino Find)! The best: At the end of the challenge, a small fortune waves that you saved! Saving can also be fun, you just have to do it properly!

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