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Payforit Casinos 2022 - Are there casinos with Payforit?

With Payforit, a new mobile means of payment is pressing onto the market that offers you payments on your mobile phone bill. In Germany, however, the payment method is not too well known and there are none Payforit Casinos. Therefore, we will show you the best Payforit alternatives in the following article.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: Our casinos with Alternative payment methods for Payforit.
  • Chapter 1: Payforit is a popular mobile means of payment in Great Britain.
  • Chapter 2: We clarify you The Payforit requirement on.
  • Chapter 3: Our Best Payforit Casino Alternatives.
  • Chapter 4: Drei Casinos With strong alternative payment routes.

The best online casinos with mobile payment methods

Platinum casinoGratisbonus Platinum casino experience report
  • Numerous mobile means of payment
  • Apple Pay usable for transactions
  • Occupations and withdrawals (10-1000 $)
Slots PalaceNewcomer Slots Palace Experience report
  • Many mobile payment methods
  • In addition to Ecopayz, other e-wallets
  • Welcome bonus: 1000 $
Casumo CasinoGratisbonus Casumo casino experience report
  • Large mobile payment method portfolio
  • Includes and withdrawals from $ 10
  • New customer bonus of up to $ 500
Mr Bit Casino MR Bit Casino experience report
  • Many means of payment for mobile users
  • Includes and withdrawals from $ 10
  • Fees from the 3rd daily payment
Frank Casino Frank Casino experience report
  • Many mobile means of payment
  • Serious online casino with MGA license
  • Maximum payment: $ 2000
Nomini CasinoBitcoin Casino Nomini Casino experience report
  • Many mobile deposits and payouts
  • Large selection of bonus variants
  • Huge selection of slots
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The best Payforit alternatives - overview 2022

The fact is: Payforit can exclusively from British customers can be used with a British telephone number. Therefore, you have to switch to corresponding casino in Germany.

The following online casinos captivate with one Ideal selection of alternative payment methodswhich are also suitable for mobile use:

  1. Platinum casino
  2. SlotsPalace
  3. Invoice

What is Payforit?

Payforit belongs in the Group of mobile means of payment. Payment is made here via the cell phone and mobile radio bill. Since you probably also have your smartphone with you, mobile payment methods are an advantage these days.

It only remains to be clarified whether Payforit can be combined with the bank account or whether you have to charge it with credit first. It is precisely these aspects and other questions in our Payforit-Review.

How does Payforit work?

Visitors to the online casinos in Germany, Austria or USA will probably not have come across Payforit. The reason is relatively simple: because it is a payment service that only Suitored customers in Great Britain is.

The payment solution is operated jointly by the large mobile operators Three, EE (EE Limited vormals Everything Everywhere), O2 und Vodafone. In the UK, PAYFORIT supports both contract customers and customers with a prepaid card. In both cases, the mobile phone is paid directly.

The only risk: that is not enough money for the casino deposit with Payforit on the SIM card. The individual steps when paying differ-depending on whether a mobile phone user when paying in one Radio network or via Wi-Fi is registered.

Process for payment in 3G, 4G or 5G network

After taking off in the shopping cart and the selection of Payforit, the device including a mobile phone number is identified as a payment option. the The payment is made directly. There is still a notification for the purchase via SMS.

Process of a payment in the Wi-Fi network

With this variant, the mobile phone user must do that Identify the device first. This requires entering the mobile phone number. Then an SMS is sent with a code that must be entered. Only then is the purchase possible and there is again the SMS as confirmation of the payment process.

Requirements for the use of Payforit

There is also an increasing number of POS (Point of Sale, such as cash register terminals in supermarkets) in Germany, which are equipped with appropriate reader devices. Even if the development rather sluggish in this country is. It looks different in other countries. However, only a few providers from the FinTech industry provide their services in the mobile payment across borders.

Unfortunately, the mobile operator Payforit is not one of them. Accordingly, the prerequisites for the use of Payforit: Mobilfunterz from the United Kingdom.

People from Germany, Austria or USA who are stop in UK at times And Payforit can use a British cell phone (can also be a prepaid device).

Security for payments with Payforit

With regard Online casinos with real money Plays that Security an important role. What does the whole thing look like in payments with Payforit? The mobile payment service is a very safe method. Users must confirm the payment before the prepaid credit or mobile radio bill is burdened.

The installation of another is very successful Safety elements : Input code for a payment via Wi-Fi. Payments will always be billed via the cell phone bill or the prepaid credit. In addition, paylers do not receive any information about the bank details or credit card. Payforit is therefore a very reliable option to pay money in the casino on the go or from home.

Anyone who logs into the WLAN at home must also authorize.

What does the use of Payforit in the online casino cost?

Deposits are usually in the online casinos for free. However, you should always deal with the payment guidelines for the time being.

In plain language means: You will usually only be able to determine whether paying via cell phone is really free within the cash register of the casino.

Since every provider defines the payment guidelines, it can certainly Distinguish between the providers. In practice, for example, this becomes clear to credit card payments. Some casinos require a percentage fee.

how Payforit can be high in online casinos?

Flexible Online casino payment methods are particularly important for casino players. Sometimes the casinos set the limits - through High limits for deposits and payments.


Now and again Also set the payment services certain limits. In Germany the State gambling contract also brought another restriction.

One example is the one known in Germany ppaysafecard. Here, only 100 $ can be paid with a code, although a maximum of 1,000 $ is possible in accordance with the gambling contract.

With the cell phone, only smaller amounts can be paid via Payforit.

Anyone who uses Payforit will find the corresponding information from his mobile phone provider. These are - among other things at Vodafone - in the double -digit range and are deposits for both unique Payforit and for Monthly base yields valid.

With this numerical method you cannot fall into debt traps so quickly, since very high deposit amounts cannot be implemented.

Are Payforit Payments also possible?

Payings via Payforit are unfortunately not possible. The core of the Epayment Services Payforit is that Simple and comfortable pay About the cell phone bill, but not as a payout. Alternatively, Payforit also works on the basis of the prepaid property-also not for payouts.

Also: Anyone who wants to take these options for payouts as a casino fan will have a look.

Since online casinos have strict payout rules due to the new gaming contract, it should be operated here.

Payforit alternatives

Since Payforit is limited to users from UK, the question remains what the alternatives to the mobile payment service looks like?

We therefore have the same for you Three current alternatives Research, which are all represented in German or Austrian online casinos.


Although it may be ecopayz Not to act classic mobile means of payment, but the e-wallet clearly belongs as the best alternative to Payforit in Germany.

Only a few E-Wallets So far, have prevailed in Germany.

ecopayz has significantly expanded its services in recent years Mobile Wallet on all mobile devices. The same security standards apply for this. The advantage here compared to Payforit? Payments are also possible via Ecopayz.

This means of payment is particularly evident from the withdrawal PayPals in Germany benefits and can now be used by more than 85 percent of all online casinos.

Apple Pay

Even if Deposits by telephone bill In Germany, a light can gradually be seen at the end of the tunnel.

This includes, among other things Apple Pay. Bit by piece it can be seen that Apple Pay is spent in online casinos and mobile payments are therefore quite possible.

In the long run, Apple Pay is just as well as Google Pay, An ideal Payforit alternative in German casinos.


Payforit can be used in Austria Paybox keep. Because Paybox has very much similarities to Payforit and cooperates, for example, with all important mobile phone operators in Austria. If you take a closer look, Paybox is even a Telekom subsidiary.

Mobile deposits are easily linked to your own mobile phone contract for Austrians in the online casino.

The best Payforit Casino alternatives

Now that all details about Payforit and corresponding alternatives are known for you, it is now important to know, which Online casinos as best points are valid.

Since no Payforit online casinos can be found in Germany, we focused on online casinos that have a big one Selection of Payforit alternatives to offer. It is not only a large payment portfolio, but also a high level of security and the corresponding licenses.

Our choice fell on the following Three online casinos:

Platinum casino

In Germany that can be Platinum casino Not only use a large range of games, various payment methods are also available.

For example, the casino can be paid in by MasterCard or Sofortüberweisung, however Apple Pay eine ideale Payforit Alternative listed.

Deposits and payments via Apple Pay are after the Platinum casino experiences free of charge and can be between 10 and 1,000 $.


Furthermore that has SlotsPalace Casino Leave good impressions in the past few months.

Not only can you one Use slotspalace bonus of up to 1,000 $, a corresponding good portfolio of payment methods can also be found.

The Slotspalace experiences According to this, this also includes Ecopayz and other e-wallets.


In addition to the Payforit Casino alternatives mentioned Invoice through a large portfolio of payment methods.

Casumo has been one of the casinos in Germany for some time now, in which customers best Casumo experiences Collecting and there is a lot of fun.

So that the fun and the Casumo bonus of up to 500 $ can also be maintained, various payment methods are available in the online casino as Payforit alternatives.

Questions and answers - online casinos payforit

Payforit is a British means of paymentwhichenablesitscustomerstopayinanonlinecasinobymobileradiobill.thedepositamountiseitherdeductedfromtheprepaidcreditorcalculatedusingthemobileradiobill.
No, this is with Payforit Unfortunately not possible,sincenocreditcanbeautomaticallycountedtowardsthemobilephonecontract.analternativepaymenttoolmustthereforebeused.
no Payforit is accepted as a regular deposit in Great Britain, which also No additional feesbecalculated.nevertheless,payforitshouldbecheckedinthecasino,astherespectiveprovideractswhenitcomestofeesandlimits.
No, unfortunately not. Payforit can only be used if you in Ownership of an English numberare.payforithasthereforenotyetmadeitsservicesavailableingermanyandcontinuestofocusonthebritishmarket.
In Germany, the deposit by mobile phone contract is not yet widespread despite various efforts. Due to the new gaming contract, this will not change so quickly. Alternative payment methods, such as card payment or e-wallets, such as Paypalorskrill,arethereforerecommended.

Conclusion: Payforit is unfortunately not available in Germany

Last but not least, we can only note that it is certainly a shame that Payforit in its current form is not available in Germany.

In Germany, the market for payments by mobile radio bill, especially in the online casino thanks to the new gaming contract, has come to a stop. There are therefore no exact comparable payment models. Still stand by you Very good alternatives to Payforit available in the casinos.