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500% Casino Bonus: 6 times credit with 500% online casino bonus?

In the meantime, almost every online casino advertises with an attractive one online Casino Bonus about customers. While you usually get 100% on your first deposit, some Internet play halls are much more generous. Unfortunately there is currently no 500% bonus for German players, but there are alternatives for you that are almost as good.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: We deliver the current Casinos with alternatives to 500% bonus.
  • Chapter 1: With a 500% bonus you can maximum your deposit quinted.
  • Chapter 2: We explain to you Step by stephow you secure a 500% bonus.
  • Chapter 3: To recognize a good bonus offer, you have to Note different factors.
  • Chapter 4: Has a 500% casino bonus Both advantages and disadvantages.

The best providers with 500% casino bonus or similar bonuses

LocoWin CasinoNewcomer Locowin Casino experience report
  • 5 bonuses up to $ 1,497.50
  • Additional 500 free spins
  • Minimum deposit: $ 20
4Kasino 4Kasino experience report
  • 250% to $ 500 on the first deposit
  • 300% to $ 1,000 on the second deposit
  • Wide but unsorted portfolio
Wunderino Casino Wunderino Casino experience report
  • 400% bis 40$ + 30 Free Spins
  • 30x sales in 30 days
  • A maximum of $ 5 per round

When a Online casino The provider increases your deposit by 500% to your customers - usually new customers - a 500% online casino bonus.

In other words, this means for you:

You get the 5-time value of the deposit amount as a bonus credit.

  • For example, if you deposit 10 $, you will receive $ 50 (500% of $ 10) from the online casino. As a result, you can at 60 $ gamble online.

Sentences such as "500% bonus up to 50 $" appear on the websites of the Internet play halls. In order not to pay more money than necessary, it is important for you to correctly interpret this information.

DIE Online Casinos As a rule, refer to the maximum bonus amount.

  • In this example, you will therefore already secure the maximum bonus with the deposit of 10 $. Of course, you can also deposit more money, but you don't get any additional bonus money.

In order to provide clarity, some online casinos use clearer formulations such as “Get one $ 50-conscientious bonus"Or" Pay 10 $ and play with 60 $ ".

There is hardly any left today Good online casinosthat do without bonus offers. However, a 500% casino bonus represents one real rarity This is primarily due to the fact that a corresponding doctorate is significantly higher than about a 100% deposit bonus.

Despite extensive research, we couldn't Find serious online casino with a 500% deposit bonus.

The question is also unnecessary which doctorate prevails as the best 500% casino bonus. Such a Can now now be obtained anywhere.

This is not a problem so far, because we have some extremely lucrative offers that are not 500%, but with 400% serve come up.

A 500% casino bonus is to a certain extent the nonultra among the deposit bonuses. However, this does not mean that there are no other attractive offers.

There is one or the other online casino where at least one 400% Casino Bonus can be found. So that you don't have to search for long, we will present some of the best offers below.

You can find the 300% Casino Bonus And even more often 200% Casino Bonus.

at Wunderino get new customers one 400% bonus up to $ 40 on your first deposit.

So if you deposit $ 10, the online casino will fill your player account to $ 50.

In addition, the provider gives you 30 free spins that you have for starburst, Can use lights or Aloha.

To release the bonus, you have to process a 30x sales goal. Since this refers to the sum of deposits and bonus, it is therefore important to implement 1,500 $. However, note that not everyone Automats games have full value. You can also play a maximum of $ 5 per round.

After our Wonderino Casino Experiences the virtual arcade not only convinces with its Casino welcome bonus:

  • The gaming provider will provide you More than 2,000 slots to disposal.
  • Get loyal players for gaming Rewards in the VIP club.
  • In addition, the arcade takes care of daily challenges and tournaments For the fact that there is certainly no boredom.

Also with Casino Superlines Can you use an excellent doctorate.

The provider grants you one 400% bonus up to $ 1,000 on the first deposit.

If you invest $ 250, the maximum bonus ends up in your player account.

But be careful: In the course of the deposit, the entry of the Bonus Codes „BONUS1“ Required to get the additional credit.

After our Casino Superlines experiences If the bonus conditions with this offer are relatively hard, because Casino Superlines has decided that you have to implement the deposit and the bonus amount 45 times each.

Also negative: The bonus money is only valid for Betsoft and GS slot machines.

It should also be mentioned that the welcome offer also extends to the 2nd and 3rd deposit. In total you can use the first three deposits 3,000 $ bonus credit dust off.

Existing customers also do not go away empty -handed, because there are also deposit bonuses, free spins without a deposit and even a birthday surprise.

What you have to do to claim a corresponding bonus does not really differ from other promotions.

You can find out how you get step by step to bonus credit below:

  • 1
    Step 1: created You an account. A separate player account represents the basic requirement in order to obtain a bonus. Usually the account creation only takes a few minutes. However, you should always check the data you have entered for correctness, since even typing errors can become a problem later.
  • 2
    Step 2: pay money in your player account. Sometimes there is a need in the course of the deposit to Bonus Code To type in, which luckily more and more online casinos.
  • 3
    Step 3: The sales goal works. In this context, make sure to play games that contribute 100% to sales - i.e. usually slots. Also keep the approved maximum stone set and the time period in the back of the head.
  • 4
    Step 4: Comfort the payment of your profits. As soon as you have fulfilled the bonus conditions, you can have your profits withdrawn normally. Before the online casino transfers the instructed amount, it checks your identity. However, this process is not a harassment, but a legal requirement.

Do not make the mistake of only paying attention to the bonus amount. Whether A bonus for players is really worth itdepends on various factors.

  • After all, itself is The highest amount of bonus uselessif a payment cannot be achieved.

What characteristics is a good 500% online casino bonus or On which criteria We explain below in the case of promotions with a similarly high percentage, we explain.

The bonus amount undoubtedly sets Central quality criterion even if there are currently no providers with a 500% deposit bonus, you can assume that the highest possible bonus amount with such offers is usually not too high, which is due to the extreme percentage.

  • The maximum bonus amount is usually in the double -digit or lower three -digit range.

With the 400% bonuses, the situation is a little different.

  • There are also bonus sums here of $ 1,000 and more possible.

The online casino does not multiply your deposit as much as with a 500% casino bonus. But there are much higher sums available for you to To test games of the arcade And to be able to win in the casino.

The most important bonus condition is that from the online casino given sales target. A payment can only be made after you have used your money several times in the casino.

How high the required sales are, differs from gaming providers to gaming providers.

In the case of player -friendly bonus conditions, you have to only produce 20 to 30 times sales. However, there are also offers in which a 50x sales goal was set. In addition, it is important whether only the bonus amount or the deposit amount is also expected to go to the sales goal.

Usually there is only a certain period of time available to free the bonus. There are also clear differences in this regard. Some dubious online casinos Just take you two weeks to achieve sales.


Fair is a time limit of 30 days. In the best case, the gambling provider even completely dispenses with specifying a deadline.

If you do not work through the sales target in the given period, the arcade canceled both the bonus credit and the profit achieved with the bonus. We explain this fact in everyone Online Casino Test.

As a rule, you cannot use all games to work on the sales goal.

The restrictions usually affect the following areas:

also Jackpot Slots Often do not contribute to sales and even certain slot machines - such as Blood Sucker I and II - are often listed as exceptions. Sometimes the regulation even applies that you shouldn't even play the corresponding games with the bonus money.

Therefore we can only recommend that you Reading bonus conditions very precisely should. In our Online casino rating Let's always go into these points.

It has often happened that players made a deposit and then wondered why the casino was anyway no bonus Cut.

In this case, it probably happened that the corresponding user has used a means of payment from the bonus offer.

The exclusion often affects the e-wallets NetellerandefinedandandefinedSkrill, but sometimes too ppaysafecard.

Whether appropriate restrictions apply is also stated in the bonus rules.

Like every deposit bonus, a 500% online casino bonus is also suitable to familiarize yourself with the games of a gambling provider or to New casino games try out.

However, a 500% deposit bonus has other advantages: Since your Online casino real money Is there a change of fold much higher credit Available than in the case of a standard deposit.

That means:

  • On the one hand it takes Fun much longer.
  • On the other hand, your chances increase one Big casino profit to achieve.

Unfortunately there are also disadvantages that we of course do not want to withhold from you:

  • On the one hand, the maximum bonus amount with a 500% casino bonus usually falls not so high As with offers with a lower percentage.
  • On the other hand, you have to be comparatively difficult to fulfill bonus conditions calculate. This represents a disadvantage mainly because the money you have paid for will be stuck in and until you have either released the bonus or has dropped your credit to zero.
Yes, you can rely on the fact that we exclusively trustworthy, Recommended online casinossuggest.ifyoustillwanttobeonthesafeside,youshouldcheckwhethertheproviderhasavalidlicense.however,thereiscurrentlynocasinoswithsuchanoffer.
The percentage usually does not refer to the deposit amount, but to the maximum Bonus.
No, before the payment of the bonus and the profits is to be considered, you have to do the bonus conditions or that Sales goalfulfill.thereisusuallyonlyalimitedperiodoftimeavailable.
Yes, this can happen, but only a few online casinos are required. In most cases, the bonus automatically activates through the Deposit.
Indeed Smartphone and tablet usershavetheoptiontoclaimcorrespondingbonusoffers.incidentally,thisalsoappliestoallotherpromotions.

A 500% casino bonus not only ensures long -lasting fun, but also potentially also for larger profits. Therefore, it is a shame that corresponding offers at the current time with no reputable gambling provider let.

If an online casino will offer a 500% deposit bonus in the future, it is in any case advisable to make use of the doctorate.

But definitely throw one View of the bonus conditions, to inform you about the requirements of the respective online casino.

3 bonuses up to $ 740
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