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Novoline machines tips & tricks and cheats for 2022

The Novoline games have been very popular for years - in the land -based casino and on the Internet. Who on Google a corresponding search term Tips and tricks for the games Gives, is almost overwhelmed with offers. But is it really possible to play the Novoline games permanently in the "green area"? Are there any real cheats that really always lead to the desired success?

We searched for traces in the guide and tested several game systems for you. We have put together our - perhaps unpleasant answers - below.

Are there any real tips and tricks with a guarantee of success?

no We have to take the wind out of the sails to the players right at the beginning of the guide. There are no sensible tips and tricks that can guarantee success on the slot machines.

The logic alone speaks against these tricks. Imagine there is really a method with which you can permanently outwit the Novoline slots. What would happen? The game providers would quickly end up in a minus and probably even have to register bankruptcy. This has never existed in the casino area and will not exist either. If you want to plunge into the game, you have to be aware that you can never rule out the factors of luck and bad luck. Only if you have the "golden hand" in question will you turn onto the winning road from time from time. It is important that you are aware that tomorrow's gaming can lead to failure again. Therefore, there is a very important casino principle, which is always to be followed: only play with money that you are ready to lose.

What about the online casino cheats?

You will find numerous Novoline Cheats 2018 on the Internet. At this point you will be offered the "steady" game methods that always lead to success. The problem with these offers is that you usually have to pay for the programs and versions in advance. The end of the song is quite simple. You will be bitter, bitterly disappointed. Your prepayment is gone, the profits are missing. You went to a classic fraudster.

Basically keep you away from the Novoline cheats. In practice, the success stories of the alleged professional players turn out to be a fairy tale in practice.

What chances of winning are there on the Novoline slots?

Of course, our negative consideration of the Novoline tips and tricks should not mean that you have no chances of winning - on the contrary. The earnings options at the Novoline slot machines are particularly excellent online. In our experience, the slots are programmed to an average payout rate of 96 percent. For comparison: go your gaming in one Play library Outside in the country, your mathematical probability of winning is only 40 to 50 percent. Exactly this fact is the crucial for the Play library games online. If you have the choice, then is on the Internet gamble online better!

Our 13 game tips for you

Below we have meaningfully put together some Novoline tips & tricks. Symbolically because the experiences are transferable to any slot machine, regardless of the software manufacturer.

  1. Use generally online casino - due to the payout rates
    Do you mean the slot machines on the Internet and in the game library would be the same? Mistake. The games are partially identical, but the chances of winning differ very far. Hardly any stationary machine has a distribution rate that reaches 50 percent. Usually the percentage profit levy is significantly lower. In the online casino, on the other hand, the best games with payout keys between 95 and 96 percent are programmed. This means that the machine releases 95 $ again on every 100 $ deposit. Of course, this does not mean that every player who invests 100 $ only has to expect a minus of five $. The point is that some successful players win high sums, but other users go away empty -handed. The casinos are not responsible for the programming of the games, but the software developers.
  2. Select the right casino - who puts the software
    The software manufacturers guarantee real and fair chances of winning. Although there are countless casinos on the net, the number of well -known and good programmers is very low. The games come from Gtech, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech or Betsoft you have safe and fair opportunities. Of course, the same applies to Greentube (Novoline) and Edict Software (Merkur).
  3. Looking for the best slots - compares the detailed payout rates
    Not every Slot machine The online casinos automatically releases the same profits. Compare the payout rates. The best online gambling providers publish the exact percentages in the service part on their homepage. The higher the distribution percentage, the greater of course your own option to earn a yield. At the same time you should take a close look at the games of the games. You can normally call this as soon as you have loaded the game. Compare the operations with the possible profits. The opportunities sometimes vary enormously in this area.
  4. Set clear boundaries - positive and negative
    The most important detail in successful slot machines is the limits. Go to the game session with a clear requirement. The motto must be: "Up to here and not on!". This applies both to the positive and the negative case. At the beginning, ask yourself the question of which profit do you want to earn today? For example, this can be twice the use. If you have reached the desired sum, then you end the game without ifs and buts. Do not try to play any further, because in most cases the result is that you lose your yield again. Professional players apply the so -called "pocket pocket principle". If a profit is realized on a slot, the profit moves into the left pocket. The daily capital is on the right, which can be played. If the right bag is empty, the game is over, no matter how much money is in the left bag. Profits that have already been earned are never reinvested, but the limit for the negative case is even more important. If you have lost your daily use, then the sessions end at the machine. In no way puts further money out of the overall credit, because the result will be that you also lose it. If you have caught a bad day, it will stay that way.
  5. Always stay cool and switch off your greed
    The machine just doesn't want to distribute any profits? Then you are probably unlucky today. However, this is no reason to be hectic and thoughtless. Always stays cool and best take the defeat with humor. If you become hectic and, for example, change your missions, for example, it can happen that you actually simply overlook additional opportunities. You are on your chance to get off your own greed immediately. In this case, higher operations do not contribute to an even greater yield, but will destroy your own capital in no time.
  6. Do not play any systems at the machine - mathematics has no place here
    If you think you can get lost money, for example by doubling your game sums, you are on the so -called "wooden forest". Mathematical calculations and The online casino strategy are totally out of place on the slot machine. Incidentally, the same applies to the classic casino games.
  7. Take breaks - do not play every day
    Unfortunately, who thinks of being immune from the gambling addiction is also wrong. Take appropriate breaks. Frustration is better done, especially in the event of losses. We recommend that you sit down a precise time limit every week. For example, play three times an hour.
  8. Leads a clever money management - set small sums
    Money management is important on the slot machines. Set only one tiny part of your total capital per round. In any case, there may be a thick zero in front of the comma. The slots also enable you with low sums of a few cent attractive winning opportunities, and of course you know your own budget best. Based on the financial circumstances, you should be a serious one Bankroll Management calculate. This is your free start -up capital, which you do not need for a living or other ongoing expenses in the foreseeable future. It is very important that your savings must not flow into the calculation, this is not part of the freely available money. Never try to play under profit printing, only to pay the most important invoices. With the yields from the casino you can and should never plan. In no case does the worst of all mistakes. Don't borrow money for gaming at the slot machines. With the highest probability, you and your family bring yourself into huge difficulties.
  9. Get to know the games - use the find mode
    Knowledge is also required on the slot machines. Therefore, you should test the games in advance in the fun mode of the casinos, which almost every good online provider provides. Get to know the lines, the additional profit opportunities and the combinations before your "sharp start".
  10. Select simple games - newcomers should start slowly
    At the start, it is advisable to concentrate on machines with three or four rollers. The slots usually do not promise as high earnings options, but are clearly designed, so that you can find your way around the game. Start your "machine career" slowly and with careful.
  11. The games for the professionals - use all lines
    The Multi - Games with mostly over twenty paylines, joker functions and five or six reels are suitable for somewhat more experienced players. In the long term, these slots sometimes promise huge winning opportunities. You should not forget that the multi -line game also requires higher operations.
  12. Dine the network jackpots
    In particular, the software manufacturers of Playtech, Microgaming and Net Entertainment are at the start with some huge network jackpots. If you really want to drive in millions in online casino, you should choose exactly these slots. The Novoline creations are unfortunately not a champions in the area of the jackpots.
  13. Game machines are a leisure fun - and it should stay that way
    Always play for fun. Slot machines are an interesting, beautiful and maybe also lucrative leisure experience. But nothing more! Never try to start a "professional career" and your livelihood to earn with the online gaming. This path is doomed to fail, even before you even went.

Novoline machines - just rip off and manipulated?

There are numerous play fans who simply don't trust the online casinos. Healthy misunderstandings are appropriate, but do the virtual game stores really cheat their customers?

In the past few weeks, experience reports have appeared on the Internet in which the Novoline slots are pilloried.

What is generally of experience reports on the Internet?

In general, the so -called testimonials on the Internet should not be taken particularly seriously. We do not want to question every statement at this point, but usually desperate losers meet in the corresponding forums. If the casino session is driven against the tree, this is undoubtedly annoying. But should the guilt be found at the online casino operator? no

Who thinks as a "player". He is infallible and the internet casinos cheat anyway should just question his game and operational behavior. Usually gambled wildly, in the truest sense of the word "without meaning and mind". For the users in question, such elementary terms are such as “serious Bankroll Management"Or" defensive money management "absolute foreign words. Following the loss, the frustration will then be given free rein. Only those who take into account any defeats from the start will finally play successfully and "happy".

Is there currently a security risk in the Novoline Casinos?

In order to immediately take the wind out of the sails to the negative thinkers, a clear statement is made at this point:

The Novoline slots are certainly with real chances of winning. Fraud can be ruled out.

We will explain why and why this is so.

Novoline problems in the past

Of course, some readers will now show a very big "but". Yes, there have actually been some problems in Novoline in the past. Corresponding investigations have been underway in Austria since 2013, which have so far produced very different results. Novomatic AG was acquitted in many points, but in other things you had to admit some irregularities.

Important: At this point, it must be expressly pointed out that it is not the online casino, but the inpatient game store sector, a Manager from Novoline, for example, has granted that the machines are partially networked with each other and that manipulations are feasible from the headquarters. Furthermore, the gambling provider has tricked with the transfer of dog races. The customers were offered live events, which ultimately came from the canned number.

The political s of Novomatic AG are also a little doubtful. The German market is not entirely unnecessary. Supervisory Board Chairman of Löwen Entertainment GmbH, a 100%subsidiary, is, for example, the former Federal Finance Minister Theo Waigel. In Austria, the "strange" complications are even more obvious. The former Viennese state police commander Roland Horngacher used luxury cars over several months that were approved for Novomatic AG.

In the guide “Online Casino Austria„.

Novomatic AG - still a chance of success

Despite these difficulties, the Novomatic AG's chance of success cannot be denied. The company founded by Johannes Graf employs over 20,000 people and is active worldwide. The headquarters of the gambling group has always been in Gumpelskirchen. Some Online Casino Effort You have already noticed, but a business strategy is by no means behind it at Novoline. On the contrary, the Austrians are among the safest and most serious gambling providers.

For example, the following known companies belong to the company holding:

  • Admiral Casinos & Entertainment AG
  • Admiral Sportwetten GmbH - largest sports betting provider in Austria
  • Empire Games
  • Gamestec
  • Lion entertainment
  • Hirscher Moneyystems GmbH

The Johannes Graf team only landed a huge coup a few months ago. Novomatic AG is now a majority owner of Casino Austria AG, the largest opponent on the Austrian gaming parquet.

The software in the online casinos

Another subsidiary should of course not be kept at this point - the software manufacturer Greentube has been part of Novomatic AG since 2011. The company is responsible for the implementation of the Novoline games in the online area. The known games of the Austrians all come from the Greentube programmers.


The company itself starts at the turn of the millennium with the Arcade games. Greentube has become known, among other things, with the online implementation of several card games. The well -known "schnapps" on the net comes from Greentube. Furthermore, the company is launching the ORF Ski Alpin Game in a new version year after year.

The Novoline machines on the Internet are consistently programmed with a mathematical payment rate of approx. 95 to 96 percent. The chances of winning on the slots like Book of Ra (here to Book of Ra game instructions) or Sizzling Hot hardly be better. For comparison: the land -based machines in the casino pour a maximum of 40 to 50 percent of the missions as a profit again.

Conclusion: The Novoline online casinos do not cheat their customers

Contrary to different testimonials: The Novoline Online Casinos do not cheat their customers. Casino pleasure on the Internet is associated with real and high chances of winning. Players, which the Novomatic AG represents, or the Greentube company are not sufficient, should take a look at the online casino operators. The companies consistently have valuable EU licenses and are under the permanent control of the supervisory authorities. Even the smallest inconsistencies would lead to the loss of the license and probably to a huge outcry in the entire virtual casino industry.

We can recommend the Novoline Casino with a very clear conscience.

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