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The best Revolut Casino 2022 - the selection presented

Some online casinos now offer the opportunity to pay with the Revolut credit card. Some casino players may have heard of it, for other casino fans this payment method has so far been largely unknown. In this article you can find out everything important about the deposits and payments in Revolut casino.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: You can do the Revolut credit card Online Casinos to use.
  • Chapter 1: Revolut basically offers Several options for deposits.
  • Chapter 2: DIE best online casinos for revolut Let's present you exactly.
  • Chapter 3: Flexibility and free transfers are only two of the many advantages.
  • Chapter 4: There are also some starke Alternatives too revolut.

The best online casinos with revolut

Nomini CasinoBitcoin Casino Nomini Casino experience report
  • Transactions with a revolut card possible
  • Seven bonus clipping
  • Up to $ 1000 for new customers
Casumo CasinoGratisbonus Casumo casino experience report
  • Revolut as a usable means of payment
  • 100% welcome bonus of up to $ 500
  • Plus 120 FS for the Slot Book of Dead
Kashima CityNewcomer Cashimashi experience report
  • Revolut in the payment product portfolio
  • New customer bonus: 100% up to $ 200
  • License from Malta
N1 Casino N1 Casino experience report
  • Revolut available as a payment method
  • 300 $ consciousness bonus + 120 FS
  • German -speaking customer service
Wunderino Casino Wunderino Casino experience report
  • Revolut deposits and withdrawals possible
  • Wunderino bonus for Revolut users
  • Outstanding range of games
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The innovative payment method Revolut Has been around since 2015.

The company Revolut Limited had one time unique concept developed And gained attention at lightning speed.

The development was then promoted by numerous well -known investors such as Facebook, Dropbox or Skype. The aim here was to create a new and simple payment method.

Revolut should unproblematic deposits/payments enable on various online sites. This simple and completely uncomplicated process was able to prevail quickly and thus the first revolut of Casinos soon emerged.

With Revolut, it is possible to conveniently process the entire payment transactions through an app on your own smartphone.

You can use Revolut in most German online casinos, even if Revolut is not specifically as Payment methods is listed. In this case you just have to use the Revolut credit card.

To the Best Revolut Casinos count the following online casino:

  1. Wunderino
  2. Name
  3. Invoice

If you have chosen the Revolut Casinos, you will surely ask yourself whether you Use payment method with a clear conscience can. Revolut is absolutely certain, regulated and is also subject to the British banking supervision Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In addition, the company must very strict editions fulfill and are checked regularly. For this reason, we can recommend the Revolut Casinos in any case.

The exciting payment method Revolut is from Founder and managing director Nikolay Storonsky was developed. This is definitely one of the most exciting start-up companies, which quickly also the world of Online Casinos could conquer for themselves.

Storonsky has thus created a unique payment method and you have the opportunity to benefit from fast and uncomplicated deposits and withdrawals in the various revolute casinos.

One Deposit in the various revolut casinos is child's play And can be carried out by you in a few steps. Here you can find out everything about the exact process, which makes you make your deposit quickly and safely via revolut on your casino account.

  • 1
    In order to use the payment method Revolut-credit card, you have to first use this provider with your own Register account. Registration for the standard account is not associated with any further costs.
  • 2
    Then you have to have your revolut account with recharge credit. You can use many different means of payment for charging. This includes, for example, various credit cards, a transfer via online banking, Apple or Google Pay.
  • 3
    If you now have one Deposit in the casinos You have to log in to your casino account.
  • 4
    Now you have to select the cash register area in your account and yours Revolut debit card as a payment method determine. Then you indicate the data of your debit card and your deposit immediately hikes to your account.

Also one Online casino payout In the revolut casinos you can fast and safe carry out at revolut. The desired payments generally never long for you.

In the casinos, the payments are made in real time after an internal examination was carried out beforehand. If, on the other hand, you have a revolution Credit card used, the backbook takes place directly onto this card. And this is how the payment works:

  • 1
    Select the already registered Revolut Visa or MasterCard as a payment method for your payment in your casino account.
  • 2
    Enter the desired payment amount in the corresponding field and then confirm the transaction.
  • 3
    You can only make a revolution if you have already paid in by revolut.
  • 4
    If the money has arrived in your revolut account, you can make withdrawals and transfer amounts to your checking account, for example.
A notice:
Note, however, that withdrawals from your revolut account only up to one monthly Amount of a maximum of 200 $ free of charge are. If you exceed this amount, fees will be incurred. This applies to the free standard variant of Revolut.

You have the opportunity to withdraw money directly from your Revolut card, either in your home country or abroad. All you have to do is choose an ATM that Visa oder Mastercard supports.

In this context you should inform yourself beforehand whether the respective ATM Requires additional fees for the withdrawal. There can be a big difference between the various credit institutions.

In principle, we recommend that you always select the respective national currency when withdrawing the ATM. Here are currencies such as the $, the US dollar or Thai Baht to disposal. In the course of your withdrawal on an ATM, you should definitely avoid the option of conversion.

How so? The machine then often chooses a much too high Exchange rate And a large part of your money can be lost when withdrawing. Otherwise you are absolutely flexible with the map of Revolut and have the opportunity to withdraw cash at many different machines.

In the Revolut Casinos you have the option of your deposits and payments from this payment method completely free to carry out. If you register with the payment provider with your own account, you can also use the standard account completely free of charge.

As a result, all payments in the Revolut Casinos are possible. As other alternatives, however, you can also have a so -called Premium or metal account create. For a low monthly fee, you can then benefit from other advantages around your account. For payment transactions in Serious online casinos However, the standard account is absolutely sufficient.

If you are still interested in an upgrade to Premium card, you can, among other things, from the following advantages benefit:

Revolut premium cards
  • Free premium cards with a total of four different designs.
  • Free express delivery.
  • No limits for change of money.
  • Free replacement cards and a free Turbo transfer.
  • Double free cash receipt worldwide and monthly have an amount of up to 400 $ without further fees.
  • 24 hours of premium support.

In the following section we put ours Top 3 of the best revolut casinos before. Even if Revolut is not listed as a payment method in the cash register area, you can in the following casinos with your Revolut Mastercard or Visa card Pay without any problems.

These online casinos are also safe and serious, so that we can recommend registration in any case.

Pay in the online casino with revolut? This is easy with the Revolut Bank card Wunderino. Although Revolut is not specifically displayed as a means of payment on the website or listed in the checkout area, you are free to use your revolut Visa or MasterCard for a deposit or withdrawal.

All revolut deposits qualify for the 400% Wunderino Bonus of up to 40 $. The Wunderino experiences After an additional 30 free spins on your freshly opened account.

In terms of revolut, deposits and payments are also identical to Name. Here, too, Revolut is not specifically mentioned as a licensed means of payment, but you can still Use revolut cards for transactions at Nomini.

Payments via MasterCard or Visa of course also qualify for one of the seven individual bonus offers for new customers. The bonus can Nomini experiences There are up to 1,000 $ for the first three deposits!

In addition to the two previous Revolut Casinos Invoice In the series of online casinos where you can use your revolut card. Revolut is not advertised directly, but deposits and withdrawals with the Revolut Mastercard or Visa bank card are still possible.

Any deposits are added to the bonus requirements. New players can get on Casumo experiences with one 100% bonus of up to 500 $ be happy. There are 120 free spins for the Slot Book of Dead von Play’N GO.

In many casinos you have the opportunity to Smart payment method to use both for your deposits and for your payouts. In addition, there are many other functions at Revolut, which bring you many advantages.

We present you that The biggest advantages of Revolut Casinosto offer you a comprehensive insight.

  • 1
    Free national and international transfers: Undoubtedly, transfers to non -european countries are often associated with particularly high costs. With Revolut you can carry out transfers in a total of 24 different currencies and benefit from the real exchange rate. There are no further fees, so it is considered an extremely fair variant for international money transfer.
  • 2
    Ducks and permanent orders: The Revolut app gives you the opportunity to set up recurring orders. So you can easily process permanent orders via your mobile device. This clearly shows that this means of payment is not only an extremely interesting option not only in the revolut casinos, but also for daily payments.
  • 3
    Security is guaranteed when using Revolut: Your money is always well secured in the revolut Casinos if you have previously verified your account with your Revolut card. All funds that you have transferred to your account will be protected by the company in accordance with the regulations of the 2011 E-money regulations and the payment service regulations from 2017.
  • 4
    Buy and exchange cryptocurrencies: You can not only use Revolut alone for the money transfer in an online casino or for your everyday payments, but also for the purchase and exchange of various cryptocurrencies. The provider can easily and quickly purchase various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin via your mobile device.
  • 5
    Full flexibility: Revolut offers you two payment methods. You can use Revolut as an e-wallet for quick and free payments, as well as use the Revolut credit card in an online casino. Registration is easy, completely free of fees and can be completed within a few minutes.

In addition to the many different advantages that you can secure Revolut by the payment method, we are now responding to the possible disadvantages.

  • 1
    Account obligation: Among other things, it should be mentioned here that you have to create your own account for the use of this payment method in the revolut Casino.
  • 2
    Unusual design: In addition, the design of the app on many users takes some getting used to. It can therefore take some time before you can familiarize yourself with all functions and special features.
  • 3
    Lack of clarity in the deposits: thebiggestdisadvantage,however,isthatrevolutisnotlistedasapaymentmethod.manycustomersarethereforesomewhatconfusedanddonotknowthattheycaneasilyusetheirrevolutvisaormastercardlikeanordinarybankcard.

If you get stuck in a dead end in your search for a revolut casino, then we have here for you Appropriate alternatives to Revolut:

If you use Revolut as a payment method, you will most likely want to carry out your transactions via a smartphone on the go. For example, you stand as very sensible alternatives Apple Pay Casinos to disposal. If you have a mobile device with the iOS operating system, we can recommend Apple Pay for quick and safe deposits. Some online casinos now even offer payments via Apple Pay.

Neosurf is also a smart and safe payment method that you can use for your mobile deposits. Payments work in im Neosurf Online Casino On the other hand, not. Neosurf is particularly an exciting payment method that attach great importance to anonymous money transfers.

When it comes to mobile payments in an online casino, Zimpler not missing. Zimpler is a safe alternative as a payment method. You can do this for mobile payments in several Zimpler online casinos use. We also could not see any security gaps and can highly recommend this means of payment.

Revolut is a fairly young payment method in many online casinos. Many casino fans naturally arise whether this means of payment can also prevail in the long term. Therefore we venture into the future and want ours forecast like to share with you.

We are absolutely convinced of the Revolut Casinos and find that this payment method definitely has a lot of potential. Casino players in particular, who like to handle their payment transactions on their cell phone, will certainly enjoy their bright joy through Revolut. Therefore we believe that for New online casinos With revolut a Very good future perspective consists.

Revolut is one Payment providerthatcanbereferredtoasaninternetdirectbank.accordingly,revolutcanbeusedasaclassicbankaccountandtakeoverthefunctionsofane-wallet.
Yes absolutely. Not only is Revolut regulated by the British financial supervisory authority, the company also cooperates with some of the biggest names in the field of banking. Accordingly safe and seriousare.
It depends on how your revolut account uses. If you urge mobile payments, it is recommended, for example Apple Pay.if,ontheotherhand,revolutisusedasaclassice-walletwithitsownbankcard,thenzimplerorneosurfareusefulalternatives.
Yes, you can do without any problems Payout applications by revolutexecuteifyouhavealreadyusedthesamebankcardinadvanceforadepositinyouronlinecasino.therearenoadditionalcostsforyou.

Thanks to our detailed test report, we can certify very good experiences with the Payment Method Revolut. Here we find it particularly positive that you can make deposits and withdrawals in an online casino. These are even in Germany without additional costs by revolut Visa or MasterCard possible.

In addition, this means of payment offers you the advantage that you can activate many attractive bonus campaigns with it. Security and seriousness are given for you when using the payment service at all times. We can particularly recommend Revolut if you primarily Provide payments in an online casino via your smartphone wanted.

4 bonuses up to $ 500 & 100 fs
Get bonusRegistration completed after only 2 minutes.