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GTA online casino tips-best tricks for the Grand Theft Auto V Online Casino

There is hardly anyone who has not yet from the legendary video game Grand Theft Auto heard. The DLC has been around for some timeThe Diamond Casino & Resort“, In which you get real casino action at the GTA gamble. Reason enough for us to look closely at the offer and you with some helpful GTA online casino tips to supply.

the essentials in brief
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Strong real money casinos as an extension to GTA V

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  • Game classic like at GTA
  • Live tables of Evolution & Netent
  • Playful design
Amunra CasinoNewcomer Amunra Casino experience report
  • Egyptian adventurer theme
  • Over 1800 different slots
  • A lot of table games in the live casino
WooCasinoBitcoin Casino Woocasino experience report
  • Evolution & Pragmatic Play Live-Casino
  • WOO missions are reminiscent of GTA
  • Casino-Games im Split-Screen-Modus
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  • High quality live casino
  • Perfect bonus
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  • High volatility in the slots
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The online multiplayer version of the legendary game now has more add-ons than megaways Blind, but through the DLC "The Diamond Casino & Resort" we finally come into play. There is also some information about the add-on itself, but we are primarily concerned with the options that the casino itself has for you.

This also allows us to announce an elementary important knowledge: the games in GTA-Casino (like roulette or blackjack) do not differ from what else All online casinos to offer. So you can too Use all advice available on the page as GTA Online Diamond Casino tips.


Let's forget the whole (admittedly spectacular) around it, because there is a casino with a total of six different games in this GTA DLC. The game is played with your GTA-Dollarthat you can be exchanged at the virtual cash register 1: 1 in casino chips.

As a welcome bonus, there are initially 5,000 chips, after that you can have 1,000 more jetons give every day, but also pay $ 500 for basic membership. Every 48 minutes, i.e. on every in-game day, the exchange of $ 20,000 GTA $ is allowed, as VIP even 50,000.

You recognize how similar the experience is one Serious online casino is. The profits can then be used as normal in the game or you buy a few accessories in the casino store.

It is advisable to climb at the VIP level and buy a penthouse, what in Real money casino most should not be possible. For this you get various services and can develop good money through casino missions. You should also turn the wheel of fortune every day, but more about it below.

Your general procedure depends on whether you use the GTA V Casino, especially for additional fun or see it as a source of income. If the former is the case, we can recommend the numerous real money casinos, where you get significantly more content and, above all, the additional thrill. If the casino is only a passage station to rip through the game as best as possible, we advise you to do so always bring the highest possible missions into play. So you can enlarge your assets the fastest (but also lose), while many Small inserts lead to a minus permanently.

So we do without the GTA 5 online casino robbery tips and limit ourselves to the actual casino: We are now talking about the games Blackjack, roulette, slots, poker, horse racing and wheel of fortune. Incidentally, horse races are more likely to be attributed to virtual sports, but since you hardly get any additional information, it stays with gambling.

Here are our introductions and GTA online casino tricks for each of the play options.

Who once Online-Blackjack can start immediately in the GTA online casino. The deployment heights are variable and the goal is to be closer to the 21 with your own cards than the animated croupier. Unfortunately, a popular GTA Online Casino Glitch has long been remedied and we have to limit ourselves to the general blackjack tips.

Consider that blackjack next to poker Strategy most popular gambling is, so you can lose everything with careless decisions (with perfect wins, however, not permanently win). AA and 88 are always divided as a rule of thumb, TT and 66. With your own 17, insurance is stopped, insurance is never lucrative and one can pay particular attention to one at GTA: always sit down in the left place. Because even if real counting card of the deck is not possible, you can at least see what was given in front of you and screw minimally on your odds.

Roulette also runs in the Diamond casino as usual. A ball opts for one of 37 numbers and you get coal if you have classified them as well as possible. The bank has an advantage of 2.7 %, which in the long run will be retained by your operations. Play for high profits, i.e. high operations and less often.

About successful Roulette strategy the spirits argue, however, we as experts cannot make up any. It is popular to repeat the use in double height if you have lost. This is possible with the GTA use structure a maximum of five times-for the Online Roulette On the other hand, allowed to the table limit.

The slot machines in the GTA Online Diamond Casino rats are the most striking difference to a real online casino in its full splendor. More on this. You open a machine, throw a virtual chip into it and pull on the lever. If the symbols on the reels are hoped for, the payment can be very lucrative. There is no real strategy here either.

High operations and one high volatility (You want both with the GTA gaming) at "Diamond Mirror" or "Deity of the Sun".

A notice:

Even as a casino connoisseur, the GTA poker is probably the option with the most difficult access. Is played 3-Card-Poker, so neither the classic 5 card version nor that at Online-Poker currently most popular Texas Holdem. So please give yourself the in-game declaration.

Roughly: you only get three cards and play against the bank. You decide whether you want to sit on or throw down, whereby the hand classes naturally differ from the usual. the "D-6-4 rule" Meanwhile seem standard: everything underneath is going into the bin. If you choose the "Pair Plus insert", it always adapts to the Ante insert.

Unfortunately, the horse race version in the Diamond Casino cannot keep up with the many virtual sports games in the real casinos. You can start a single race at any time or wait until the main event goes across the train in multiplayer mode every five minutes. Unfortunately, this will be boring pretty quickly according to our opinion.

For this, there was a wonderful trick for a long time, as her rumors were able to make half a million GTA dollars an hour with horse races. We cannot confirm that this is currently working, but at its core it was about the favorites in the game more often than the quota would allow. Apparently GTA does not use a certified random generator like a Good online casino.

The wheel of fortune, in turn, can completely captivate us. That may be due to his exclusivity, because you can Turn only once per (real) day. You shouldn't forget that, because unlike the other games, there are more than just winning chips:

  • Vehicle on the podium (1:20)
  • Vehicle discounts (1:20)
  • Mystery vehicle (1:20)
  • Pieces of clothing (4:20)
  • Chips (4:20)
  • GTA-Dollar (4:20)
  • Reputation points (5:20)

In particular, the exquisite vehicle that turns on the podium should be the object of your desire. As you can see, there is no rivets And you will win on the wheel of fortune on GTA online every time. Happiness alone decides which price it will be.

Slots and horse races outside, GTA's casino offer is very reminiscent of the usual live casinos of the real money casino operators. We agree that the casino add-on is a fine thing. But if you really feel like playing there, you should Definitely switch to a real online casino. There is not only the possibility of increasing your real money, but above all you get a significantly larger offer and much more technical finesse.

We have selected three still young representatives for you who create a certain computer game atmosphere for the seamless transition. The following Gamification Casinos are recommended.

Invoice comes from Northern europe and is characterized by a adventure offer out. Just like GTA, you collect different tokens that bring you advantages. 1500 Real money slot machines Don't let boredom arise and practically every game of the game causes something somewhere.

Bag is strange. Immediately they fall Cartoon characters on who own their own soul. These guide you through a creative portfolio that is supplemented by a successful bonus system. Unfortunately, 2 % fees fall on one Online casino payout on what is in the style of a dubious casino in Los Santos. There are all the more jackpots that can take such problems.

That WooCasino Let yourself be cheered out loud with about 2700 slot machines. The payment option via Bitcoin fits the virtual age, but above all the WOO missions Open the door to the rock star game. Just as you play through the GTA online casino missions, this VIP program lets you climb up individual levels, at the end of which there is a nice goodie. Up to 150,000 $ are theoretically in here and in the live casino there is everything your heart desires, including the popular Gameshows.

Then we would have reached the slot machines that only as part of the GTA V Online Casino tips and tricks Absolute basiskost can be referred to. It is the classic slots that you imagine from the 1970s in Las Vegas: three rollers, a payline, hardly any thematic diversity. For the "Gtaler" this is enough to increase the money, but in the moment you are hired here, you are already bounds by the borders of the slots and the slot experience ends in boredom.


Shine New online casinos Especially with yours Fantastic selection of video slot machines: High -resolution, clear sounds, variety. Many hundreds, often well over a thousand machines, are waiting for you with different designs. The roller number varies, the symbols, of course, with the Megaways Slots There are five -digit profit routes. You can steal free spins, crack jackpots, get into bonus rounds.

So if you can win one in the GTA online casino, that's the love of slot machines. To live this out, you can, for example Slotsmillion Start, the parade dealer for slot machines. Wunderino Of course, it also works and here the gamification and adventure are not neglected at the same time. You can also find in the online casino Jackpot Slots, new Casino games or unknown slot machines.

Finally, there are a few words about the legal status of the GTA online casino. Can you earn money online at GTA? Basically yes, but ultimately no. In fact, Rockstar Games has crossed a border here, Because the GTA dollars are not a purely fictional currency. You can of course work out the money in the game, but there are also up to 75 $ “Shark Cards” with which you can unlock up to $ 8 million as a microtransaction. However, a payout is no longer possible, but different things can be bought with the virtual GTA dollars.

So you will be encouraged to pay real money for the GTA casino and also play with it. In many countries, this is currently just as possible, but 50 countries have the casino tightened the rooster. In Germany and Austria you can use the casino, but only there with in-game money, i.e. pure play money, there gamble online.

In most online casinos it is also possible to play the many games (not the live casino) with Play-Money. This has the advantage that on the one hand you can just have fun and do not take any obligations, but on the other hand you can get to know every single game in advance and test risk -free.

That's a good thing, but The real thrill is only created with real money. Anyone who has just bet on a football result will know how much more intensely they followed the game afterwards. The casino simply includes real missions.

No, the GTA casino is an in-game casino. The games offered roulette, blackjack, slots, poker, horse racing and wheel of fortune are well -known games of chance. You can play them and for the game earn money,butthereisnorealfoundationamongthemlikearealonlinecasino.
It is important to know that the individual games at GTA run exactly as in a normal casino. So you can use the roulette tips that you have on the Online casino comparison-spageonline.

Rockstar Games his parade horse Grand Theft Auto launched in 1997 and in 2013 the last part followed with GTA 5. In July 2019 the DLC "The Diamond Casino & Resort" came out for the multiplayer version and since then the intersection of "Vinewood Park Drive" and "Mirror Park Boulevard" has been in the community for well-kept casino ambience.

Here you can thanks to ours GTA online casino tips Get a profit well and gross you nicely at the tables. This is sufficient for pure GTA gamblers, but we think that you will not be happy as a (prospective?) Casino fans on the offered platform. You should not only spy on the GTA online casino, but above all Beat in one of the real money casinos recommended by uswhere you are shown professionally what excellent casino means.

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