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Play Bingo online and win real money - that's how it works

If you think of the pensioner parade in the rectory at Bingo, you fail to recognize the real charm of classic gambling. Today, the bingocarte is also filled on the Internet. Here you can find out how you can Play bingo online real money can use where it is most worth it and why the numerous bingo slots for single players have their attraction.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: With many Good online casinos Can you play bingo.
  • Chapter 1: We show you just you Play online bingo can.
  • Chapter 2: DIE Best three providers We also introduce you to Bingo.
  • Chapter 3: In order to be able to play a successful bingo, you have to a few Tipps note.

Provider with a good selection of Bingo Games

22Bet CasinoBitcoin Casino 22bet casino experience report
  • 50+ Bingo Games
  • Numerous bingo slots available
  • Also live bingo on offer
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  • Great selection of bingo clearing
  • Bingo bonus for new players
  • 75 and 90 ball variants
Casinoly Casinoly experience report
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  • Bingo games also playable as a demo
  • Wide casino offer
Slotimo Casino Slotimo casino experience report
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  • Many jackpot slots
Slots PalaceNewcomer Slots Palace Experience report
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  • Just search for Bingo
  • Varied versions
Katsube T confectioneryBitcoin Casino Katsubet Casino experience report
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  • Mega Ball im Live Casino
5Gringos CasinoNewcomer 5gringos casino experience report
  • Some bingo slots
  • Can be found via search
  • Innovative online casino
Ruby 47 Robet247 experience report
  • Circa 10 Bingo Slots
  • Mega Ball im Live Casino
  • Different additional content
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The worldwide fascination on the bingo does not tear off. Especially in the USA and Great Britain there is a real bingo cult that numerous game variants is celebrated.

If you are looking for Bingo online, you will also get it accordingly No uniform picture Offered and some things that are sold here as a bingo is actually not a real bingo. In order to provide you with a fundamental understanding, we clearly differentiate between:

  • Slot machines or Online rubbellosisthat work according to a similar scheme as bingo
  • Like real online Bingohallen, in which you buy and buy very classically notes and Virtually stamped

Practically All online casinos Offer you a wide arsenal of slot machines. If you are looking for "bingo" at your favorite provider, you will surely find slots here and there, the strong similarity to the true bingo.


Good bingo slots are not only from renowned providers like Microgaming, Wazdan and Nextgen Provided, various smaller manufacturers are always creative. Thematically, the game developers offer you the whole range as usual. This can already be recognized by the names of the slots. Below we listed some examples:

  • Bingo Billions
  • Farm Bingo
  • Goal Bingo
  • Rainbow Riches Bingo
  • Pirate Bingo

These machines spread bingo flair, but do not get a real one from the process Online lottery approach. You often "buy" a shine (which resembles a coin insertion) and then the different balls are "pulled", but in the end the winning combinations flash as they do with a slot machine.

Instead of rolling you just have Bingo cards.

You can usually not stamp numbers one after the other or even compete against other participants when it comes to real money. If possible, we recommend Reduce the speedto have more of the game and the associated tension.

Some Slots Bingo get closer than others, often you can just click through and make your favorites. Next to Real money slot machines Sometimes scratch cards are also offered in the bingo style.

What we mean by “Playing online bingo” are real bingo rooms where you can buy the cards, take other players in the round and the balls are pulled one after the other via live stream. However, there are often often here Random number generators for use.

Virtual bingo rooms or Online bingo provider Allow you to play real bingo.

It is still about Pure gambling, however, which feels as authentic as the Saturday lotto. Providers with connected bingo rooms are far less likely to be identified than if it is only about thematically adapted machines.

Normally you log in via your online casino and then click into the bingo rooms as well as in Live Casino. There you then buy any number of notes and take part in the rounds at the specified start times. You have already laid the first foundations and can play Bingo online with real money.


From there it is just A super Feeling, When you see your cards in front of you, the balls are pulled live and called in style. Unfortunately, you cannot scream classically "Bingo!" With joy, but the system takes the full evaluation for you.

The cost of a card is different. In the case of bingo, however, these are rather low At 25 cents Or 5 $, sometimes it can also go higher. If you want to play with higher operations, you simply buy several cards.

  1. 22Bet Casino
  3. White Lion Casino
  4. Casino Fantastik
  5. Slotwolf Casino
  6. SlotsPalace Casino
  7. Yonibet Casino
  8. 5Gringos Casinos
  9. Katsube T confectionery
  10. Robet247 Casino

You can find slot machines with bingo rules very often. The real bingo rooms with live streams, on the other hand, are much less common than the usual live casino tables. However, the new gambling legislation has also contributed to the fact that live bingo is offered less frequently, because many Serious online casinos are now limited to slots.

If a provider is a bingo online casino, we indicate this in our detailed review. However, the real bingo brokers presented by us are mainly designed for British and Irish players.

Reliable online bingo games in German -speaking countries you will at least get this from these Three experts:

The "Bingo" section even made it into the main menu in the 22bet Casino. The prominent position makes the bingo offer ours 22bet Casino experiences After all honor. Because here you get very versatile versions - both live bingo and slots - offered the game.

You can choose from the following providers to choose from:

  • Atmosphere - various live bingo versions
  • Mga - Numerous Bingo slots
  • Gaing calata - Many Bingo slots
  • Evolution Gaming – Mega Ball im Live Casino

That 22Bet Casino However, it could also shine in other test categories. Above all, speak for account creation:

  • First class game offer
  • Wide selection of means of payment
  • 100% bonus up to $ 300 for new customers &
  • Numerous promotions for existing customers
  • 24/7-Support

Although can be classified as a bingo provider alone, a very much hid here too Good online casino. We are pleased after ours experiencesthat we feel at home here and not scream everything for the United Kingdom.

In the Bingo overview you always recognize the current price pool and the ticket prices that are usually Between 10 cents and 2 $ move. There is also a jackpot that you can collect with Full House. Sometimes a normal bingo is enough.

With which features us also convinced? You can find out with a look at the following overview:

  • Practical schedule with start times
  • Beginner -friendly design - numerous explanations and clear structure
  • Reload Bonus From 200 % to 200 $, two bingo tickets of 2 $ + 20 slots frames at the start
  • Permanent motivation through superpoints that can be exchanged for interesting goodies

If you want to play bingo online and set real money, you are in White Lion Casino precisely. You can not only put your luck here on numerous bingo slots, but also play bingo live. The casino scores with live tables or rooms from different providers, for example Mega Ball Gameshow an.

The White Lion Casino bonus for new customers should never be unmentioned. Finally it is a Welcome package, which includes up to 3,500 $ bonus and 50 free spins.

The bonus offer was divided into the first three deposits:

  • 1. Deposit: 200% bonus up to $ 2000 (with code "First")
  • 2. deposit: 100% bonus up to $ 1000 (with code "second")
  • 3. Deposit: 100% bonus up to $ 500 + 50 free spins for Tiger Claw (with code "Third"))

What also leads to positive White Lion casino experiences contributes? For example the following:

  • Exciting range of games
  • Wide selection of means of payment
  • Attractive bonus action
  • German -speaking support

If you want to use real money when playing online, you should Know the game rules like your western bag.

You certainly have the pictures in mind how pensioners gather, especially in the USA, Buy bingo cards And then use the thick stamps diligently. At the front is the "Conférencier", which reads the numbers of the pulled balls. Ultimately, the bingo is.

The particular charm of the bingo lies in the simplicity of the game, which is like a kind of Online Lotto is working:

  • 1
    You buy one Any number of betting tickets, on which usually in a 5 × 5 or 3 × 5 gride under the letters Bingo, an extract of the numbers of 1 to 75 or also 1 to 90 is arranged random.
  • 2
    Similar to the conventional lottery Numbers pulled out of a saucepan And you delight every goal (or let this do this by the online system).
  • 3
    Usually you have to make it to the 5 × 5 to mark a whole series, column or diagonal. Then you are the first fellow campaigner "Bingo!" And have won the awarded price.
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In some bingo variants, the profit conditions are a little stricter. If a so -called "Blackout" or a "full house" In demand, you need a completely dismissed appearance that brings you the jackpot.

Due to the comparatively low probability of winning, you can look forward to a particularly high blackout bingo payment in the event of success. So the system brings both Advantages as well as disadvantages with itself.

Important NOTE:
In the app stores from Google and Apple you can now also find a Bingo real money app called Blackout Bingo. Since the user comments are mixed, it can only be speculated whether Blackout Bingo is serious. So it is better to play In an online casino with license.

Free bingo is particularly Marketing purposes used. The player usually receives the lot here without having to make a commitment. Most of the time there are material and cash prizes to be won.

Paid bingo can be seen as a commercial gambling. Similar to the lottery, they are Chances of winning, depending on the number of teammates, since only one of the first can be.

It is positive that many online providers are involved in their bingo programs progressive jackpots connected to have. So a few thousand $ can quickly become a few cents. If you dare to play the bingo online with real money.

If you don't want to put any money on the bingo, you are suitable for you Demo mode.

Bingo slots are almost always equipped with a play money mode. You can watch in the live casino without real money operations but do not take part in the online bingo.

If you want to play real money bingo, you don't have to use your own money to play. In the meantime greet you so well Like any Bingo online casino with a welcome bonus. As a rule, this is a deposit bonus that can, for example, assume the following forms:

However, note that Corresponding bonuses usually only with slots free spins to let. Live Bingo has - if at all - only a value of 10 percent.

In today's world Mobile users usually not disadvantaged. Both special bingo providers and online casinos with Bingo Games usually provide you with a web app. This means that you gamble via the browser installed on your smartphone or tablet. Sometimes there is also a native casino app.


If you use a mobile device at the Bingo online for real money, are usually All functions availablethat you know from the desktop page. So you can pay money and pay out, compensate for bonuses or support.

Let's not fool ourselves! Even if you stamped the numbers drawn on your appearance and hopes for the completion of the series:

You have no influence on which number comes and where it is.

Bingo is a mix of lottery and scratch. You don't even have to be on the screen when it comes to winning. However, a strategy requires direct influence such as in the case of Online Poker or Online Blackjackwhere you finally lose more with bad game than with good. There is no real strategy at Bingo.

A lot has been speculated over the decades how the matter could be used mathematically. A well -known approach is, for example, Granville-Theoriethat is based on the fact that after a large number there is rather a low. Unfortunately, you can't start with it.

Likewise, it doesn't matter whether you play four notes for one $ or a certificate for four. Also mean with the same use "More" more "more" more profit ". Because even if you tend to have a victorious with ten cards, the other nine compensates for the lost fees.

What you can do at best is similar to that of LOTTO 6aus49 To play a system, i.e. buy several cards and select some numbers there several times. If the corresponding digits come, it looks very good in the round. If you don't come, this is the flip side of the medal.

If you speculate on playing only with a few teammates, the Mathegott has to disappoint you here too. You then win more often, but the price pool is also correspondingly small. With more players you win less often, but significantly higher and that also looks up again.

The only intervention in this Perfect statistical structures the operator takes out, who always wails his share in advance.

If you want to play bingo online and use real money, there are always the same General casino tips from us:

  • Get a precise Bankroll Management fest: What use do you want to play and play a maximum of a day? Based on this sum, you are looking for the most effective operational opportunities for various online providers. Compare the purchase price of the lots with the offered winning opportunities.
  • Gambled First for play money: In this way you learn the processes without risking money.
  • Follows the drawing with joy: Do not necessarily see the rounds as a source of money, but get involved with the colleagues and chat a little. In our eyes, this often runs too mechanically and quickly.
In the portfolio of gambling providers Two types of Bingo Gamesfind.theportfoliousuallyincludesvariousslotmachinesthatrepresentakindofbingoinananimatedandsimulatedform.insomecases,however,realbingoroomsarealsooffered,whichguaranteearealbingoexperience.
No, online bingo is a mixture of lottery and scratchless that is not through a special one Bingo strategyletsinfluence.onceboughtthecard,thedrawnnumbersareautomaticallycheckedandpossibleprofitsareautomaticallycarriedout.
The cards are usually between a few cents and a few $, rarely in higher spheres. Depending on the number of participants, you can get three or even four-digit sums, especially if a progressive jackpot is released. In this context it is also crucial whether it is Free or paid bingoacts.
The bingo slots can usually be rollover of the online Casino Bonuscollect.inthebingoroomsyouonlyhavetohopeforaseparatebonusasonline.
As a rule of thumb, you can assume that good bingo providersworkwithadistributionrateofaround95percentofcardprices.instatebingoeducation,uptohalfislost.

How could we end this article as a passionate gambling differently than with an express recommendation. The different online slots are very nice and fulfill their purpose, but It never gets boring in the rare sowing Bingohallen. This is amazing, after all, Bingo is a lottery without a strategic element.

Due to the competition for others and the social interactions in chat paired with the clever mode of "collecting numbers", Bingo has long since been a real "Folk game" developed. With a little luck, it is even possible to win money from Bingo - as a bonus for fun.

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