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Pokerstar's disorder: Poker stars does not work, but what can it be and what can you do?

You have problems with the Pokersatrs app or there is one Pokerstar's disorder? Here you can find out why these mistakes can occur and what solutions are available for you to solve the problems as soon as possible.

the essentials in brief
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  • Chapter 1: Possible reasons For poker stars.
  • Chapter 2: Direct Help In the event of disturbances with the PokerStars website.
  • Chapter 3: Immediate aid for problems with the poker stars App.
  • Chapter 4: These types of gambling are hardly affected by disorders.
  • Chapter 5: What happens to your Use at a poker stars down?

Website or poker stars app does not work: causes + immediate help tips

Poker stars maintenance

Every website must be serviced at certain intervals. This also applies to poker stars - if only because the portfolio is expanded again and again.

If a PokerStars Server maintenance is due - especially for larger updates - it happens that the website or the app no longer accessible over a short period of time is.

In such cases, poker stars will inform you about it:

Poker stars Problems about maintenance work or poker stars Maintenance work: We will be online again shortly ”

If such a message remains, maybe it is One of the next reasons To blame for the fact that PokerStars is unavailable.

PokerStars app does not work due to incompatibility

  • It does not work?
  • Then you may not meet all system requirements!

The PokerStars app is compatible with Android and iOS. You can do it in the Apple App Store or for Android on the website of the Online Casinos download.

Download requirements for Android app:

With the Android app you first have to activate the acceptance of third-party apps on your device. This is followed by the instructions of PokerStars.

Download requirements for iOS app:

If you have an iOS device, it is a little easier-here you can quickly visit the Apple App Store and will be guided there by the installation.

  • Poker stars cannot be installed?
  • Then your operating system may be too old.

PokerStars Update does not load:

Even with a poker stars update problem, your device may not be compatible due to the operating system. So check with which Operating system version it is compatible.

Update im App store:

Recently reports that the PokerStars app is not available in Austria. Experience has shown that this is often due to the fact that the App Store An update is missing. Or a new version of the app is being put online.

Insufficient internet connection

  • PokerStars Update does not work or there is delays when charging?
  • It can be due to the lack of internet bandwidth!

PokerStars offers an enormous Portfolio an Slots, Poker and Sports betting. All of this and the features connected to the core offers must be comprehensively loaded so that playing runs smoothly.

Check your internet connection:

Most of the time it is actually not because of poker stars if Do not load individual areas of the website Or you can't call poker stars. In this case, your internet connection can be guilt.

In this case, you can Call up other websites And check whether they can be opened properly. If not, you should seek the causes of a possible internet disorder.

Mobile playing:

Especially with those who like to play on the go, it comes Again and again into network drops. These can then cause poker stars to go on strike.

Browser problems

  • Why no longer works poker stars, maybe it is up to my browser?
  • Browser problems are also very common reasons, which is why poker stars no longer work!

Check your system settings:

Some of the many features of your browser are necessary so that you can access websites at all, others give additional options for a special User-friendly surf experience, such as the overexploitation of advertisements.

This could be because the browser used is no longer up -to -date and that he cannot translate the code of the website sufficiently. Also make Ad-Blocker And similar additional software sometimes problems if you try to ward off functions, but the poker stars need for its company.

Server overload

  • Is PokerStars Down, especially with a new game publication?
  • Restrictions at loading speed, play fluid or even spa -time complete failures can be Play new casino happen!

Wait until the problem is resolved:

At PokerStars you are up Huge number of players Very well prepared. But even the strongest and fastest servers do not completely protect against overload. With this problem, it is best to treat yourself to a break or look for an alternative provider.


  • Why is it not possible to log in to the PokerStars app?
  • The blocking of an account is actually more common than you might think!

Check your email input:

Online casinos have to work very carefully and, last but not least, fulfill many requirements for their approval. When examining the respective facts, it may happen that your player account A short -term lock receives.

An account lock does not always have to result from a deliberate offense. There are much more common cases in which little things go wrong when registering, such as a Numbers in the house number.

In such cases, you will be notified and can usually be a "disorder" resolveBy ing the customer support.


  • Can't use play money tables at PokerStars, poker stars slots no longer or does poker stars Vegas problems?
  • Sometimes only parts of the platform are blocked due to security measures!

The defense of hacker attacks can lead to waiting times:

Online casinos are about a lot of money - and where this is the case, criminals are not far. So PokerStars has to take care of that every day Hackers have no chance. Regular updates are an important factor in this fight - and, as we have already recorded above, these can lead to a down.

By the way:
Thanks to the universal encryption and the very safe independent storage of passwords and credit, you don't have to worry about your player account.

Why doesn't poker stars go anymore? Further solutions here

One of the most common reasons for the non -availability of PokerStars is certainly that there has been a technical problem with your PC.

We are now going to the technical problems One that occurs most frequently. We provide you with detailed solutions for the corresponding bugs.

Alternatively, log in to the website instead of using desktop software on the PC

If you use the software for the PC, but it does not work, there is a simple solution: Use the website! This is of course a logical conclusion that you will certainly come up with, but sometimes a little impetus helps.

  1. Is poker stars as software once down, Log in to the website quickly.
  2. If nothing works here either, you still stay The switch to the app for mobile devices or the mobile website.

If these poker stars are apps down, there are more serious problems and you have to wait.

Check internet connection

Always check your internet connection when there are problems with poker stars. A really trivial tip that has often helped: does your internet connection work at home?

If you visit the provider from a smartphone or tablet, you will probably use the WLAN network of your DSL connection at home.

  1. Check briefly at your router at home, whether Blinking lights here Or this may not be on.
  2. Divide the router For five minutes from the power grid.
  3. Then connect it to the power grid again. Now wait about two minutes, until the connection has established itself properly.
If that doesn't help, you have to the customer service of your DSL provider. In this case, it can be assumed that there is a technical problem with your DSL connection.

You can usually not fix this alone, but the technicians and customer service of your DSL provider have to solve the case.

Use other browsers

PokerStars uses various scripts and the latest encryption algorithms on its website, which your browser (if you do not use the software) can then - or be able to implement it into games.

Once you have accidentally made a wrong setting or an update has an update or has changed things, it may be that poker stars no longer work over the usual browser.

  1. Tests the PokerStars website With another browser.
  2. If everything works perfectly there, you either stay there or look at what that is Problem with the other browser lies.
Emptying the course to empty the cache or the cookies often helps. The flash settings should also be checked and/or the firewall should be checked.

The last remedy remains to be reset to the factory settings or the reinstallation of the browser.

Who do I turn to when there are current problems with poker stars?

If you cannot fix the problem independently, you turn to the customer support. Since the service team only By e-mail can be reached, you have to formulate your request in writing.

PokerStars' technicians usually answer your request within a few hours.


  • 1
    Which error message you receive?
  • 2
    Which smartphone or tablet you use?
  • 3
    Which system is the end device with?
Not only we provide you with an extremely extensive range of help in text form. The people in charge of PokerStars also have a really very good FAQ offer.

This is only so extensive for a few competitors from the gambling segment.

No matter whether reinstalling the app or help with connection problems, those responsible try very beginners -friendly to support so that poker stars can be used again quickly.

The PokerStars App Down: Tips for disorders

As for Pokerstar's disorders, brings die App their very own typical challenges. The tips already mentioned can be transferred to the app - except for changing the browser.

Also have App user often to do with the following problems:

Login does not work

PokerStars Login Problems with the app? These actually have frequently With the size of mobile devices to do.

It is the case that the small “keys” of smartphones increase the risk that incorrect entries be made. You quickly tap on another letter or a different number than wanted unnoticed. You certainly know that too. In such a case, of course, the login does not work.

Source: PokerStars app
By the way:
You can avoid such mistakes by constantly registered. But then ensures that your smartphone is secured with a password and can really only be used by you.

App version is outdated

Should you be in possession of a somewhat older smartphone or tablet and on this not the latest operating system Running may not automatically update your apps. In the worst case, there is a PokerStars app disorder.

Here we have to differentiate two points. A mobile operating system works on your smartphone or tablet. For example, you can do that with the Windows system on the PC or the MacOS system Compare from Apple.

The PokerStars app itself requires a certain version of this operating system for proper operation:

Check iOS version:

On the iPhone and iPad you can check the iOS version by changing to the settings. Then click on software update here. There you get the current version and, if possible, an update function.

Check Android version:

Switch to the settings of your Android device. Scroll down all the way down until you find an entry "About the phone". Click it and scroll down to the Android version. Your current OS version is displayed here.

Android update start in 4 simple steps:

  1. Under Settings you will find the "System" sub -point.
  2. Then click on "Advanced".
  3. Then at the bottom of system update.
  4. Now you are carrying out the update.

But it can also happen that no longer the latest Android or iOS version can be played. By the way, at the latest, the time has come when you should get a new smartphone.

Because in addition to the aspect that you can no longer use the PokerStar's app due to the missing updates of the operating system, there are on the smartphone or tablet Security gaps. These can no longer be closed because there are no more updates.

Those who have an old Windows Phones or Blackberry will generally not be able to download a corresponding app. In this case too, we recommend: To purchase a current smartphone with which you can then access PokerStars again in the future.

Check internet connection

If you find that you can no longer connect to the PokerStars app via your WLAN and maybe actually ran here, there are An alternative option.

If you have a cell phone contract with which you can surf the Internet (mobile data connection with flat rate), then you can Go online via this connection:

  1. Switch on the mobile data on your smartphone.
  2. This can be activated under settings or via the quick selection in the menu.
  3. Deactivated your WiFi.
  4. Open the PokerStars app again.
  5. However, if it doesn't work, it tries over your mobile browser.

Check smartphone settings

Sometimes the settings on the smartphone are to blame for the fact that an app no longer works.

That often depends on specific security features Or additional software that your device should protect from harmful programs. If such tools recognize outdated software, they may no longer allow them to be opened.

An update of the PokerStars app helps here. In addition, other open apps can influence the PokerStars app. Ideally, you close all applications if your poker star uses mobile.

By the way:
Another typical problem is that Missing from storage space. If your memory is occupied, the PokerStars app may no longer be carried out correctly. Deletes unimportant files and conduct system cleaning.

PokerStars Casino: Disorder and connection problems

In the PokerStars casino, disorders are most common in slots. Tears off the connection, stops the game, which can be very annoying, especially with a winning streak. Unfortunately goes Without an adequate internet connection Nothing with slots. What to suffer from mobile players in particular.

  • In addition, the slot area must also be serviced every now and then. A PokerStars server maintenance can also paralyze everything here.

PokerStars Poker: Here too, connection problems occur

Connection problems are also the most common disturbance in poker stars poker. Sometimes everything works on its own after a few minutes. But now and then there is also one Firewall to blame the fact that the connection fails.

  • The solution usually brings off a short -term switching off. If this helped, you should classify poker stars in the firewall as harmless.

PokerStars Sport: Disruptions rarely occur

If you prefer to do sports betting, you are basically less affected by disorders than in the other areas of poker stars.

Slots and poker games don't run when a server is down. The sporting events, on the other hand, to which you have bet before a failure, take place despite the fault.

Connection problems or other difficulties are only really annoying if you want to make a live bet quickly.

  • Practically the identical solutions such as poker stars slots and poker stars poker.

What happens to my missions when PokerStars is down?

"What about my missions now?" So that you don't have to ask yourself this question, we already have the answers here. Where Slots, Poker and sports betting looks very similar.


If a fault occurs in the middle of the game, you don't have to worry about your already made use. This becomes exactly where you placed it.

After the restoration, you can continue playing where you stopped.

In addition, you have the option of viewing your course of the game at any time and using it to understand where you have been interrupted.


You are sitting at the online poker table when a poker star occurs, and you are just on the train, your Use back to your account.

This is a matter of course for reputable poker providers. Because in such a case you have no chance of continuing to intervene in the game.


Sports betting Of course, also work if there is a poker star disorder - at least as long as you have completed your bet in the run -up to the error.

Of the So use remains completely here And as usual, you get a payment when you have won.

Questions and answers - poker stars disorder

Yes. Registration with PokerStars is not associated with any obligations and of course free of charge. The same applies to the mobile app. However, you should note that you are for Pokergenerallyneedsaninternetconnection.

Conclusion: PokerStar's disorders? No problem with our tips!

As a rule, the problem is through The review of your internet connection Or to fix the use of another browser. If all ropes tear, you can alternatively switch to another software or website application.

Last but not least, we only have to point out that poker stars really only very rarely due to maintenance work or technical problems. In 99 percent of cases, the problem lies on your smartphone or your internet connection.

If none of our tips help, you have no choice but with that PokerStars customer service Get in touch with.