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Register for several casinos: advantages & disadvantages! Gamblers need to know that

Do you want the maximum game selection and the full bonus pampering program? Then you should be Register for several casinos! In addition, it can only really be done personally best online casino Find. This guide reveals all the advantages and disadvantages of registration in various online casinos!

the essentials in brief
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The best new casinos for several registrations

Kashima CityNewcomer Cashimashi experience report
  • Many popular slots in the range
  • Free payments
  • Serious Malta license
Rabona CasinoBitcoin Casino Rabona Casino experience report
  • Rich range of games
  • Excellent betting offer
  • Belongs to the renowned Tranello Limited
Amunra CasinoNewcomer Amunra Casino experience report
  • Almost 2,000 machines available
  • Attractive bonus action
  • Extremely trustworthy provider
Mason SlotsNewcomer Mason slots experience report
  • Fast registration within 2 minutes
  • Outstanding: more than 4,500 games
  • Glückspiell license from Malta
DuxCasinoNewcomer DuxCasino experience report
  • Rapid registration in just a few steps
  • Thousands of games of around 30 providers
  • Daily slot tournaments
SlotHunter CasinoNewcomer Slothunter casino experience report
  • Great slot selection
  • Many bonuses for existing customers
  • Maximum level of security & seriousness
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Yes! There is no legal restriction, You can register to your heart's content at online casinos and use their gambling offer! - No matter whether with three, ten or more providers. If you want, you can theoretically get an account with all available Internet arcades. The same applies to sports betting, where you too Register for several bookmakers can.

  • There are no restrictions or prohibitions worldwide for multiple registration in various online casinos. It is only your decision on how many portals you register!

Only one Multiple registration within an online casino is not permitted. But it is irrelevant whether the casinos where you are registered or want to register are operated by one and the same gaming group (e.g. the GVC holding).

This is often the case in the online industry and so there is a whole series of sister or partner casinos, such as WildzandefinedandandefinedCA Xi NObehind which the renowned company is Rootz Limited and which are connected accordingly. This is just one of many examples.

The option of being able to register with several casinos is already interesting and tempting in view of the multitude of gambling platforms. There are several hundred portals on the German market alone (here All online casinos in the overview) and see regularly New online casinos The Light of the World. An end to this development is not foreseeable.

To choose a single provider from this XXL selection would be extremely difficult. In addition, this provides you Multi-Accounting bei Online Casinos In the prospect.

What speaks for it and what is to register with several casinos? I start with the advantages. That is why it is worthwhile to have several accounts on different online casinos:

  • Credit distribution to several casinos reduces the risk
  • Welcome bonus claim every new registration
  • Enjoy more bonus campaigns for existing customers
  • Better game selection at all levels
  • Test casinos intensively as a registered user
  • Play in several casinos at the same time
  • Experience different casino layouts and themed worlds
  • Have an alternative in the hindquarters at all times
  • Also very practical and interesting for sports betting
  • Player accounts in casinos are open free, quickly and easily

However, there are also some reasons to play with several casinos. Here is the disadvantages of multi-accounting:

  • Overview of bankroll can be lost
  • More personal, sensitive data are in circulation
  • Notice / manage different access data
  • Less sales in a casino are a hindrance to loyalty program
  • Impending accounting with inactivity

Time to get a little deeper into the matter and to illuminate the seven advantages presented.

If all of the money is paid or parked exclusively for a casino, the entire casino credit would be sudden bankruptcy of the operator lost in one fell swoop. Even if it is admittedly an unlikely scenario and bankruptcies in known, Serious online casinos Not to be feared, this does not apply to all providers on the net. There are also some black sheep (see Casino Blacklist) with fraudulent intentions. In the worst case, account bookings or profit payments can suddenly no longer be carried out. Anyone who has gotten to a dubious casino will quickly regret not having distributed their money to different casinos.

Especially everyone who High Roller Casinos prefer, are well advised to distribute your bankroll to several providers to protect yourself from this worst-case scenario. Incidentally, hacker attacks must also be counted. To be on the safe side, you should follow the old stock market mantra "broadly, never regretted" and your Spread capital over several casinos.

At this point a tip for the administration of your casino property:

A Good bankroll management says that the game operations per round Maximum 1-2 percent of the total budget should be. For example, if you want to provide 200 $ for gaming, you will play with a maximum insert of 2-4 $ and could pay 50 $ each to four different online casinos. Practical: are usually Casino deposits free of chargeandthemoneycanbeusedimmediatelytoplay.

Registration in various online casinos is by the Casino welcome bonus made particularly tasty. Because sometimes very attractive premiums are waiting, which each user can only claim once as part of the first registration or deposit.

Usually the first real money deposit is doubled by the casino (100% casino bonus) or tripled (200% Casino Bonus), also wave free spins. If you are interested in such promo actions and want to dust as much bonus money as possible, you should register with several casinos.

Some gamblers use them Best casino bonus-Inch even as a strategic means. That can be lucrative, but result in a real casino shopping: the users claim the welcome bonus, make one or two deposits, play through the bonus and then move on to the next casino. In this way, a considerable number of casino accounts comes about over time.

Before you blindly plunge into the welcome bonus hunt, you should consider the following points (which also apply to bonus promotions for existing customers):

  • Tipp 1: New customer bonus not in parallel, but claim one after the other! Only when you have one Casino bonus successfully released If you have the next registration bonus targeted. Otherwise - depending on the sales requirements - there could be stressful and time pressure.
  • Tipp 2: Pay attention to fair walks that are really accessible to you! On average, the bonus money must be played through 25 to 35 times within the casino and a certain time window. Realistically assesses whether the specifications are to be borne for you and at the same time fit your style of play and your budget.
  • Tipp 3: Do not underestimate the bonus percentage! In general, the higher the value, the more attractive. Because with a registration bonus with 200% or 300% you get more bonus money than with a classic 100% campaign.
  • Tipp 4: There can be complications with the welcome bonuses at sister casinos! So it is conceivable that you can do the online Casino Bonus can only use once. Appropriate information can be found in the terms and conditions or bonus conditions.

Having accounts with several casinos naturally also means that you can enjoy further promos on all platforms. Another big to register with several casinos. Keep out for one Casino bonus without deposit (also known as no deposit bonus) and Free spins without deposit. With such actions, without any risk and equity in Online casino real money to win. Dusting such bonuses, which are usually also linked to specific conditions, is an integral part of the game concept for some players.

Of course, as a registered customer, you can also use other bonuses such as one Casino Reload Bonus perceive. However, these classic deposit bonuses always require a new deposit on the casino account. If you use reload bonuses regularly, this adds up to a decent amount that is paid in. The sum can quickly exceed the money you originally defined by you to play. Therefore, you should always be careful.

  • Tipp: The numerous bonus campaigns of the various casinos are always very similar or even knitted. Thus, experienced and clever gamblers have an easy game to successfully play the bonus.

Not to be forgotten they are Gamification-Elemente, which are increasingly establishing themselves in the online casinos and enjoy great popularity. Casinos mit Gamification Offer additional incentive through the integration of daily missions, challenges, slot tournaments or other game-typical mechanisms. Anyone who registers with several casinos benefits on a large scale because participation in various actions is possible. In addition, you can in some casinos as with Comeon Collect bonus points alone by logging in daily.

Who a good one Casino games list Wish, cannot avoid registration with several online casinos. The variety of games in the individual online playing stamps is usually absolutely convincing and leaves nothing to be desired.

But there is no casino that has all available gambling in the portfolio and cooperates with every game developer. Alone with the popular Slots There are a large number of providers, so that you do not always have your personal favorite among the software providers or favorite slots in a casino.

The larger selection of casino games, of course, is not only noticeable in multi-accounting with the slot machines. Because even in the segment of classic casino games like Roulette, BlackJack, Poker such as Bingo, Rubble Or other lottery products There is a variety of fluctuations from Casino to Casino. Even Beste Live Casinos can be gradually distinguished in terms of quality and quantity.

Anyone who registers with several online casinos for them is Variety guaranteed. This is also one of the main reasons why gamers regularly between the Online game stores switch.

  • Tipp: On online game you will find helpful recommendations and leaderboards in various categories for the respective top casinos. For example, the best new Netent Casinos, the best casinos for jackpot slots, the best live casino game shows etc. This makes it easier to find the right online casinos.

Registering with several casinos also brings the advantage that you can feel thoroughly on the tooth on your own to the individual platforms before the first deposit. You shouldn't miss the opportunity for intensive testing.

Online casinos can also be examined as a non-registered customer, the casino can be examined and areas such as the game portfolio or bonus actions are easy to see and comparable. But experience has shown that important conclusions, for example on banking or customer service, can only be drawn after registration.

So you can reliably make sure which Online casino payment methods The provider really offers for its German customers and how quickly payments are made.

Most of the with customer service is also only reserved for registered customers. If a professional and competent support is important to you, you should pay attention to the existing communication channels, accessibility, duration of response time or German -speaking staff.

  • It is undisputed that as a registered user, you can get a much detailed impression of the online casinos compared to visitors without an account.

This also includes, for example, whether or not the presentation, menu navigation and handling of the customer account. An objective Online casino comparison And test reports are always helpful, but cannot replace your own experience with a casino. Especially since personal preferences and tastes also play an important role.

If you want to challenge your luck in two or more games at the same time, but cannot open more than one play title at the same time in your casino, you will find a way out by multi-accounting. If you have joined several casinos, you always have the option of playing several games in parallel. Of course you can also do the rollers of your favorite Real money slot machines to make dancing on various platforms at the same time.

  • This not only means fun twice, but ideally you can win even more within a certain period of time.

Simultaneous playing is definitely an interesting one Online casino strategythat can be used for all game categories (slots, table and card games). However, a certain gaming experience is necessary for playing at the same time. You should also be very familiar with the games or the games.

The own Online casino profit opportunities Unfortunately, this does not increase. Because the random generator anchored in the games cannot be tricked. Nevertheless: Playing in several casinos at the same time is another reason, especially for ambitious gamblers, to have several accounts.

If you register with several casinos, you can also look forward to variety with regard to the visual presentation. Because the world of online casinos is extremely colorful and diverse. The providers present themselves in a wide variety of designs. From shrill, colorful cartoon look to the very modern, noble robe to the very simple and tidy layout, everything is there that the player heart desires. Above all Unknown online casinos are extremely effort, while others are limited to the bare essentials and essentials.

You all have a right to exist: Because none of the criteria of our Online Casino Test is dependent on the personal taste of the user as the design. On the other hand, what one feels annoying or annoying can arouse enthusiasm for another user.

  • It is crucial that you like the casino layout. Usability must never fall by the wayside. Because the handling of the page, which should be based on a simple, intuitive operation including good structure and menu navigation,, like the design, makes a decisive contribution to whether the prevailing casino environment is pleasant for you and invites you to linger.

Due to the enormous number of online casinos, several providers with their designs and chosen themes are guaranteed to appeal to you immediately and exercise a greater attraction than is the case with other arcades.

It can always happen that for whatever reason you no longer like a casino. If you have an account with several casinos, you don't have to search for an alternative. This is immediately at hand, which in turn saves time. A big and practical advantage.

A short-term casinos change is conceivable for several reasons.

  • Technical difficulties: Should a casino down or temporarily only be available to a limited extent (and it means, for example, that Tipico Casino does not work), you can move on directly to the next provider.
  • Psychological aspects: Torture yourself in a casino Losing streak, you will be grateful to own one or the other casino account elsewhere, where Fortuna might be more at your side.

Another positive side aspect affects the bets. Whoever regularly in addition to the casino fun Sports betting Also benefit if you are registered with several casinos. Because you get the view of better betting odds.

Most bookmakers themselves define the odds, so larger fluctuations are part of normality. These can be easily compared to the various providers. Your betting should logically take place with the bookmaker who highest quota offers for the desired weather event. In professional and successful tipstern, a quota comparison is part of the betting strategy.

The prerequisite for this is, of course, that the respective online casino also has an area for sports betting at the same time. Fortunately, this applies to numerous portals. That is a good place to go Rabona Casino. Differences in the quotas or the betting offer are only to be expected if they are not partnership casinos or betting providers. Elsewhere we show you more Betting provider with online casino.

  • Practical: As a rule, the casino credit can also be used directly and without rebooking on a separate betting account for the bets.

The quota comparison for sports betting is only relevant for you if you bet regularly. If you bet only very superficially and for fun, you need not pay attention to the hunt for top quotas.

Finally, it should be emphasized that you no obligation Enter when you register in an online casino. This premise also applies if you want to register with several casinos.

  • The opening of a casino account costs no money
  • The registration is handled within a few minutes
  • and is uncomplicated.

A child's play! Costs in the form of fees are also not required. Even with inactive accounts, there are only low fee payments with very few casinos.

Only the verification procedure discourages many gamblers, since various documents (e.g. ID, calculation of a supplier) have to be presented to the online casino. But here too there is a remedy.

If you want to operate the registration and verification as simple as possible and with a minimum effort, you are Online casinos without registration recommended. With these so -called Pay N Play Casinos It is saved, you will automatically verify yourself via the selected payment provider (often Trustly, which is why Trustly Casino We are talking) and plays largely anonymously. - Ideal to try several casinos quickly and effectively.

Registering with several casinos also harbors some negative aspects. But what does the downside of the medal look like? In the following you will find the five biggest disadvantages speak against multi-accounting. Garnished with practical solutions that also take the wind out of the sail to the Contra arguments.

A new casino registration here, a new deposit: The risk that you will lose overview of your credit on several online casinos is definitely given. Not only are weepy players at risk, but also all those who exaggerate it with the registrations.

Be aware that with increasing number of casino accounts you have to keep an eye on. A certain administrative and organizational talent is particularly in demand for very active games of chance. Ties in several Online casino portal is usually associated with regular money transfers in both directions (deposits and withdrawals).

The overview of your own bankroll can be lost quickly or credit in some casino can be forgotten. Even worse: Numerous deposits across several casinos can lead to more money invested and risked than you can actually afford.

  • Solution: In the Casino Lobby, have a regular look at the banking area of your various player accounts and control the transfers made. If you want to know exactly and are not afraid of it, you should document all payments on your own. For example with the help of an Excel table. So you are always up to date with the overall height of your casino.

Registration in various online casinos is inevitably connected to the provision of personal data. In addition to names or addresses, the digital casinos also need your bank details. This is the only way to find any real money profits on your bank account.

Some players have no problem with this, especially since Serious casinos very high security standards Offer. This includes the use of the latest encryption technologies that ensure the safety of your data and transactions and protect against unauthorized access by third parties.

Soothing prospects that do not make the worry lines disappear to all gamblers. These simply do not feel comfortable to leave their personal and sensitive data from several providers. Quite a fader aftertaste that goes hand in hand with registration in various online casinos. But what to do?

  • Solution: Increase casinos without registration that are becoming increasingly popular in this country! To register in a Pay N Play Casino you only need a valid email address. Meanwhile, your verification takes place via the selected payment provider with which you deposit. The number of online casinos without registration (e.g. Lucky Casino) increases continuously, so that a good selection is safe.

If you want to register with several casinos, you also have to remember the various access data. The problem can be surrounded if you are always on all portals the same username and the same password uses. In the sense of your own security, however, this is not. Because if the access data gets into the wrong hands once, there is a threat of an impact. The situation is similar when using the auto login, which many players use out of convenience. Here, too, a certain risk cannot be pointed out.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should always use a different, safe password for every casino account! With increasing number of player accounts, you can quickly get mixed up here.

  • Solution: A sensible administration! It is advisable to write down the access data and keep it in a safe place! Otherwise the use of a special password manager on that is available for various browsers. These practical programs generate strong passwords, create a backup and easily manage the different passwords.

Loyal and regular players are the favorite customers of online casinos. These are rewarded accordingly. The motto: The more is played, the more rewards and advantages are released. Special bonuses or free spins for New casino games be.

In this context - in this respect - of course, the loyalty programs also play an important role. If you play diligently and implement a lot of money in the casino, home to loyalty points, climb the VIP manager upwards and look forward to additional goodies.

The problem if you want to play with several casinos: The playing time and generated sales are spread over several casinos! This makes it difficult for yourself to make progress in the loyalty program with a provider.

  • Solution: If VIP programs are the salt in the soup for you, you should spend most of your season in one or two casinos! Compare the various loyalty programs including opportunities for advancement and promotional campaigns. However, you should refrain from very extensive, multi-stage loyalty programs in which you have to collect a certain number of points a month to keep VIP status. These bind too much to you. Instead, look for an attractive exchange course for your loyalty points in cash. In addition, multipliers for points / cash or a Cashback Casino Bonus Very attractive.

If no activities such as games or payments take place on a player account for a longer period of time, then the online casinos take measures. Inactive player accounts are usually frozen or closed and are no longer available. If there is no credit and you want to turn your back on the casino anyway, it is not too bad.

However, it can be problematic if there is still money in the casino account. Some operators reserve the right, inactive accounts that were no longer used for several weeks or months, with fees to charge. These are automatically deducted from the credit. The amount of the fees and the time periods vary until the entry into force, but can be found in the terms and conditions.

Fees for inactive accounts are only due for a few online casinos. But if you get acquainted with such unnecessary costs, you are right.

  • Solution: In order to avoid inactivity, it is enough to occasionally log in to the casino in question. If you only use the account extremely sporadically anyway, you should a) debit existing credit (mostly) or b) delete the inactive casino account directly.

The new, strict regulations that the online casinos in Germany have had to bend in Germany since October 2020 do not go by without a trace of players who want to register with several casinos. The following points are important for all multi-casino account lovers, which apply according to the gambling supervisory authority in online casinos:

There is no capping of the maximum player accounts! So you can register with several casinos. However, it is explicitly emphasized that every player can "only have one game account with the same organizer or intermediary". You also have to be registered and registered with a casino to play games in free demo mode

However, there is always talk of a kind of "master account". Here the gamblers should register and perform all casinos that are used by them. In this way, the deposit limits should be examined. Because the approximately 30 new guidelines for casinos also include

  • that players are not allowed to deposit more than 1,000 $ per month to all casino accounts,
  • And the maximum game application per round/spin is 1 $ (especially for high rollers who like to make high operations, a sensitive incision).

In addition, the new regulations, which are the harbing of the new gaming contract serve, significant effects on the range of games.

So it is prohibited online casinos in Germany Online casino table games, To offer jackpot slots or scratch cards. Even the popular live casinos are on the index. But which, despite regulation, does not automatically mean it No more live casinos are! However, the advantage of a larger game selection by registration with several casinos is still reduced.

The good news: In the medium term, a comeback of the table game and live casino faction can be expected, since your own licensing system is to be introduced for it. The classic machines are next to Poker Furthermore, so that more games from various software manufacturers are still accessible here through multi-accounting.

The possibility of playing in several casinos at the same time are also putting a stop. In the new gaming contract, the casino operators receive the edition, to prevent play in different casinos or several tabs at the same time. During a game session, only one casino game may be played and displayed. A slap in the face for multi-players!

Attention: You can find all further information about regulating the casinos in the article Online Casino legal Read!

Note: We also want to point out that there are alternatives that you can continue to experience the full online gambling fun. On the one hand, there are Bitcoin Casinos on whose operators often sit on Curaçao. On the other hand come Secure online casinos without license In question. Sounds contradictory, but these providers work seriously and have an excellent payment morality.

Registration in various online casinos is and remains basically advisable and sensible. The advantages outweigh significantly and can be used by several player accounts. How many casinos you ultimately register is only your decision. But a few accounts are absolutely sufficient.

  • To quantify it, I would recommend two to five different casino accounts! A good guideline and healthy measure.

After all, it is realistic that every player has a handful of personal casino favorites on the Internet. It makes sense to bundle them and to use them again and again. As bankroll rises, you can of course expand your own portfolio of casino registrations. Especially since always new, interesting digital play temple on the market of the Online gambling stream.

On the other hand, newcomers are well advised to first pick a provider out of which you feel comfortable in every respect. To make a selection, you can Online casino rating Use and read through in peace.

If you have first experience in gambling and ideally played through the welcome bonus and booked the first winnings, there is nothing against registering with one or two other online casinos.

Absolut! Do you have a Good online casino Found that your requirements and needs meet across the board does not have to be compulsively looking for other alternatives. In this case, you can leave it with a clear conscience with one casino registration if you are happy and satisfied with the provider. In addition to beginners, it is also for Casual player Absolutely sufficient to take advantage of the services of a single casino for the time being.

Even if it is never wrong to look outside the box and testing other online casinos, loyal and satisfied supporters usually end up with their personal casino favorite.

Admittedly, it can be very tempting to dust off an attractive new customer bonus or other lucrative promotions several times. For this, some players take up illegal means of double or multiple registration At a casino. But you should resist this temptation, but it is guaranteed to draw consequences that can be sensitive to you.

  • If the fraud flies up, not only all existing player accounts are blocked and an immediate exclusion of the game is given.
  • Furthermore, it can be expected that the Online casino payout are no longer approved to the customer. Thus, deposited, not yet playful money would be gone.
  • Criminal steps cannot be ruled out.

Multiple registrations within a casino are strictly forbidden and the operators punish such offenses rigorously. The general terms and conditions are informed about the impending consequences.

In addition, it is completely nonsensical to create several customer accounts in a casino. Because at the latest if you have to confirm your identity through certain documents, the operators become aware. Anyone who thinks that online casinos is to change the IP address or use of proxy server is also warned. The casinos have different means of identifying multiple registration in their houses. More on the topic here VPN Casino.

Creating Fake-Accounts, In which you provide fictional information about your person in the course of registration is also not permitted. When opening the account, correct and truthful information must always be given!

It should not be considered more than a cavalier offense if you only create the fake account to get to know the casino or to play free demo versions of the games. But that does not change the fact that there is violating official terms of use. And do not forget: Ignorance does not protect against punishment!

If you want to swear to the casino monogamy and register with several casinos, the selection wants to be carefully considered. But what does it matter?

The top priority is and remains Seriousness! Make sure that it is a trustworthy and safe online casino. After all, you trust the provider of your money that you want to know in good hands.

Conclusions about the seriousness can be quickly and easily through the license (which ideally from the EU room such as Malta, Gibraltar or Schlewig-Holstein), test seals Independent examination organizations as well as a good one Data and player protection draw. If the casino is also operated by a well -known gaming company, you move on safe terrain.

  • Corresponding information can be found in the foot area of the Casino Homepage as well as the terms and conditions and data protection guidelines

Apart from the seriousness, there are a number of more Online casino evaluation criteria. The most important are:

  • Game offer and software provider (including the quality and quantity of the games, well-known game developers)
  • Customer service (including paths, 24/7 support, reaction speed, competence)
  • Payments (including the range of payment methods, speed, limits)
  • Bonus offers (including scope, offers for new and existing customers, good conditions)
  • Optics and design (including user -friendly, good menu navigation, attractive design)
  • Mobile app (including compatible with smartphone and tablet)
For multi-accounting, an overall larger game selection speaks primarily. The chance, Best casino gamesitissignificantlylargertofindfavoritesoftwareproviders.inaddition,amorebonuscampaignscanbeused,includingfreespinsorbonuseswithoutadeposit.registrationinacasinoisquickandplayeraccountsarefree.

For me, changing online casinos is simply part of everyday gambling. Therefore, I am also a great supporter to register with several casinos and to switch if necessary or as required. Especially since I have not (yet) found the one perfect provider who really offers everything and thus makes competitors superfluous. Always playing in the same casino would also be too boring for me in the long run. Multi-accounting sets the course to variety and full casino fun.

"Multi" should be limited to five to a maximum of six different players. An ideal basis with which one complete coverage of all games very close. Not to mention the numerous bonus campaigns from which you benefit from the several player accounts.

However, new online casinos should not be forgotten. After all, among the newcomers can always be Real Casino Purlen Discover that may fit you perfectly and are an enrichment for your own portfolio.

Finally, the hint to take stock regularly. Check out your deposits or the casino credit in the various accounts. The overview of finances must never be lost! In this context, it also makes sense to delete unused casino accounts from a provider for months. This is aimed primarily at players who have registered with many online casino.

a notice: Further Casino rats we collected for you elsewhere.

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