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LiqPay Casino – Casinos, die LiqPay akzeptieren

the essentials in brief
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Liqpay is quite unknown and has not yet been accepted as a means of payment for casinos. Liqpay is Only for a few years on the market and is a Micropayments Systemthat was developed by a company from Ukraine.

With Liqpay you could theoretically Mobile with your smartphone In a casino deposit. Payment would be made via a Mastercard or Visa credit card, which you would have to link to the Liqpay account. In Germany the means of payment is still quite unknown and so far there are none Online-Casinosthat accept Liqpay. Incidentally, payments are not possible with the means of payment anyway.

How does the means of payment work LIQPAY and what is behind it?

For a Casino deposit with Liqpay Would you be one first of all virtual account need with which you would then connect your Mastercard or Visa credit card. The virtual account becomes the mobile phone number linked. This allows users of Pay smartphone to smartphone - However, this is not yet possible with a casino.

Worldwide, users with LiQpay can make payments via the system in the following currencies:

  • $
  • US Dollar
  • Hrywnja (Ukraine)
  • Rubel (Russia)

How safe is Liqpay?

To a high security to ensure, at Liqpay for each payment Individual password used. You get this by SMS on your cell phone. This resembles the payment system of a transfer, in which a mobile tan is also sent to the smartphone by the Sparkasse or the bank.

Since it is necessary for the payment to open an account with Liqpay and to store the data of the credit card there, the payment system will probably not prevail on the German market. Because first of all, a certain amount of time is required until the account is created. Payments directly with the credit card or a direct booking system are much easier.

Are there any costs for Liqpay use?

There is no uniform fee regulation, because it matters, for example, where the credit card comes from. Because this comes from a foreign bank - and all credit cards from Germany or europe belong to this - is with one higher fee To be expected than on a map of a bank in Ukraine.

The fee increases the higher the paid amount. To the Fee for each transaction of $ 2.95 also comes an additional fee of 2 % of the transferred amount. It is up to him whether the respective company will pass on this fee to the customer. Therefore, you can use Liqpay free of charge as a customer, if not for casinos.

What minimum amounts exist at LIQPAY for deposits and withdrawal?

How much you have to deposit at least with Liqpay depends on the respective service provider. If the payment method were available at casinos, the common Minimum deposit of ten $; However, a few require only five $ or even $ 20.

However, the maximum possible transaction amounts are set. You can per transaction Transfer a maximum of $ 250. A maximum of $ 500 per day is possible and $ 10,000 per month. If casinos still offer Liqpay in the future, you could of course agree lower limits.

What limits are there for the payouts at LIQPAY?

Payouts sind mit LiqPay currently not possible. However, this is not a chicane of the casinos, but is presumably because the payment cannot be carried out for technical reasons. In this case, the payment is made by bank transfer.

How fast are the deposits and withdrawals with Liqpay at the casinos?

As we have already reported, a deposit with Liqpay at the casinos is not possible. In the following we therefore explain how the process would shape if Lipay at Serious online casinos would be present. In order to be able to make a deposit, you would first have to register with the casino and open an account. A smartphone and a mobile phone number would be required for this. After that, the following steps would have to be observed:

  1. Record the mobile phone number on the Liqpay website
  2. You would then receive a 6-digit code via SMS
  3. You would have to enter this code on the Liqpay website to get access to your account
  4. Entering the credit card details - only the Visa Card and the Mastercard are accepted
  5. Registration in the customer account with the casino
  6. In the deposit area, specify the desired payment amount
  7. Select payment methods LIQPAY
  8. Forwarding to the Liqpay website where you would have to identify with your access data
  9. After confirming the payment and you would be returned to the casino
  10. The money would be available to play after a few seconds

Note: Temporary it was occasionally possible to pay with Liqpay at casinos. For this reason, our editorial team was able to write this guide. Please keep in mind that this is currently a fictional guide and payments with Liqpay at Casinos are currently not possible.

Is a payment with Liqpay possible?

One Online casino payout Unfortunately, Liqpay is not possible, this has technical reasons And is not due to the casino. However, since it is a legal requirement that casinos can only use the means of payment for a payment that the customer also used for a deposit at least once in advance, the casino will transfer the money to a bank account.

The problem: The bank transfer is that Online casino payment methodthe one with the Longest transfer period goes hand in hand. Depending on the casino, it can take several days, until you can have the money. So think about the fact that with Liqpay no payment is possible.

Banks that work with Liqpay

Liqpay is a means of payment that not linked to banks is, but to credit cards. Because in the course of the account opening you have to Data of your Credit card capture. This credit card is then linked to your mobile phone number, which must be active, from the smartphone.

Liqpay is currently working Only with two credit cards Together that are in circulation in Germany: with the Mastercard and with Visa. If you have a different credit card, you cannot use the payment system.

Which casinos accept Liqpay?

So far, no casino that has been open to the German -speaking market has yet been accepted, too Payment method Liqpay. That may also be due to the fact that in Germany The acceptance of Liqpay is not yet there.

What alternative payment methods are there for Liqpay?

Since the range of casinos with Liqpay in the portfolio does not currently exist, it is necessary to choose a casino that can be paid in with alternatives. These are, for example, credit cards Visa or Mastercard, but also Paypal or SkrillandefinedandandefinedNeteller are available for some casinos. The big advantage is that for example With credit cards, a payment is also possible is so that this does not have to be carried out with the bank transfer.

In addition, it is still Some more credit cards gives that from the Casinos often also accepted are, such as the Diners Club credit card.

Are deposits and withdrawals in an online casino always safe?

We can confirm that the casinos that we have examined in more detail in our test Deposits and payments are secure. Because everyone uses one for this Encryption protocol, so that unauthorized third parties are not possible to incorporate data without authorization.

Another indication of this is that too Cooperation with many other means of payment, outside of Liqpay. After all, it cannot allow any means of payment to work with a fraudster. In addition, the regulatory authority and thus the licensor also check whether payments are made safely.