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Gametwist with real money: Can you win real money at Gametwist?

Gametwist is No classic online casino And playing gametwist with real money is not possible. Nevertheless, you have to pay real money from Gametwist, although you cannot achieve payable profits. The game is played with a virtual currency, the Twists that you have to buy or get a bonus credit. In this article, we will tell you with real money for whom it is still possible to play with the provider.

the essentials in brief
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So if you are looking for one Online Casino be that you have one Provides a similarly large variety of slot and a real Gametwist alternative is, but enables real money to be used, take a look at our overview, because playing with real money at Gametwist is not possible:

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Gametwist is an entertainment platform, in which everything revolves around your game. Real money gains are excluded. All games are played with a virtual currency that you have to buy beforehand.

Reading recommendation: In our guide "Win online casino“Let us show you how you can increase your chances of winning in the online casino.


Profits are not payable. Instead, you can use them for further game adventures. The portfolio is excellent. Gametwist's side is comparable to Beatya or Skill7, which are similar pages as Gametwist. After the gametwist login, the page makes the hearts of the gamers beat faster due to a large selection of board and card games. With more than 65 games in the categories board, card, arcade games, Gametwist represents a huge Casino games list to disposal.


In addition to classic card games such as Rommé, Skat and Mau Mau Slots offered from Novoline. Thanks to the well-attended online rooms, Gametwist is possible to play card games at almost every day and night. In addition, tournaments are regularly on the program.


Basically, users buy into risk -free game fun with the provider. The activities on the website or in the Gametwist app are already connected to an amount of their own allowance (purchase of the virtual currency), although it is not a casino in the real sense.

To use real money at gametwist is not possible, because as I said, there is only play money. The play is played with the virtual currencies Twist or or skill coins. With which sum "virtual credit" is played precisely, differ from game to game. However, as a player you can choose your use freely. This will automatically limit your costs per game. There are sums between fifteen cents and fifty $. Skat is even offered on Gametwist from a cent. If you want, you can play skat with up to fifty cents per point.

In addition to the aforementioned monthly loyalty boni, there is also a registration bonus from the provider, with which you cannot play for real money. The offer differs depending on the action period. For example, there are regular 30,000 twists as a welcome bonus and 15 free spins for Book of Ra deluxe. Such bonuses for new customers are not uncommon. So if you are ready to play with virtual money at Gametwist, you can get one when registering Casino Bonus to back up. Due to the welcome bonus of 30,000 twist, you can play Gametwist for free in the first step, and only have to pay your own money if the 30,000 twist is lost if there should be no other suitable and free bonus offers.


The equivalent of the Twists depends on the valid offers in the web shop and can vary depending on the period. Of the The basic price is 0.99 $ for 9000 twists (0.011 cents per twist). If you buy larger quantities, you will receive Quantity discount And you will receive 836,000 twists (0.006 cents per twist) for 49.99 $, for example, and for 299.00 $ 6,620,000 twists (0.004 cents per Twist). Profits on the slots and gaming tables cannot be paid out. As always, you can only use twists obtained within the platform as a use for your entertainment. An exchange for real money is not possible and you can generally not set real money at Gametwist.


Gametwist also rewards his loyal customer And their activities. The membership rank increases with the number of games. Depending on how high the rank is, there are different rewards in the form of credits. In the Diamond Rank - the highest level - players are credited to additional twists, for example, on the 20th of one month. Gametwist has two categories in which you can play up: the VIP status and the level of players.

To play at Gametwist, you need twists that you have to buy. Each issue at the provider is rewarded and your VIP status changes over time. While you still have the “Club” VIP status at the beginning, your level can continue to rise with any deposit. There are a total of eight different VIP levels: Club, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, Ruby, Diamond and Black. There are four categories in which you get advantages when your VIP status improves: you will receive a time bonus multiplier, a smaller time bonus interval, a daily bonus multiplier and a shop and promotional multiplier.


To improve your VIP status, you have to spend money from Gametwist-but you still don't have any winning opportunities. If you are already depositing money, then at least there should be the possibility that you will also recover real profits. As in the Knossi Casino This is simply not possible with Gametwist. We therefore recommend registration in a real reputable online casino.


In addition to the VIP stags, there is also the player level. The higher your game level, the more twist you can use per spin and the higher the maximum profits. There is also a bonus for every level increase from Gametwist. Die Level werden in XP-Points (Experience-Points) Measured and you will receive this for every use at Gametwist. How your current status is, very much in the right corner and when the bar is completely filled, you rise!


At first glance, the provider's portfolio is reminiscent of a classic online casino. There are around 400 video slots from Novoline, traditional Casino table games Like roulette and blackjack, online poker, bingo as well as card and board games. Top game in the category Gametwist card games is undoubtedly the German classic skat. But the end of the flagpole is far from being reached. The offer has been constantly changed in recent years. Gametwist divides its offer into the following categories: Gametwist slots, casino, poker, bingo and Skill As a special category that includes the board and card games. We have put together the best known games of the different categories below:


Even if you cannot play gametwist with real money, there is a spacious online casino with some slots from the provider where you can try your luck to increase the number of your twists. The following Online money games You can find in the online casino area of the provider:


A big difference from gametwist to other online casinos is also on offer for gametwist card games. You can at Gametwist always Play or a round on treasure to attempt. These games are just a part of the 24 card games that you can find at Gametwist and that you can play without real money.

  • treasure
  • Basket
  • Double head
  • Jolly
  • Sheep head
  • Rummaged
  • Gin Rummy
  • Solitaire &
  • Spider Solitaire
  • Black Jack
  • Hearts
  • Bridge
  • Would want
  • Schnapps and peasant snaps
  • Twenty calls

In addition to the card games, you can find board games at Gametwist, which you cannot find in ordinary online casinos. This includes, for example, chess and puzzles.

  • Chess
  • Puzzle (also as a live game)
  • Backgammon
  • Mahjong
  • Domino
  • Rummyclub
  • And more

Sports games were also part of the Gametwist program, but are unfortunately not currently available. The game offer changes regularly. The popular games included the following:

  • 9-Ball Billard Snooker
  • Penalty King
  • Mowing Madness
  • Plus others

If you play online at Gametwist, you will find the subcategory under the Skill category Arcade. Here are two games where you can try:

  • Sugar
  • Jewel Magic

Novoline is one of the most successful sloth manufacturers of all time and accordingly popular. Gametwist offers its players the successful casino games from Novoline, which can hardly be found in real money casino. There are around 400 slots to choose from, including the world -famous machine Book Of Ra, The popular games Lord of the Ocean and Faust or the classic Sizzling Hot Deluxe. The gaming is comparable to the fun mode of the "normal" casinos. Incidentally, that also goes a similar way in the play money bonus StarGames Casino, in which the virtual star currency are worked. However, these twists are also used for features such as tournaments or rankings. The respective twist amounts can be seen on the player's account balance.

One of the most popular slots at the provider is Book of Ra. The slot machine attracts with some mysterious symbols from ancient Egypt and has a hidden treasure. Book of Ra is by far the best known and most popular game from the Novoline series And also has Free Spins ready for you at Gametwist. the Slot machine now has cult status. At Gametwist you can test and get to know the slot.

Gametwist is not an online casino, but a platform on which play money is played. You should always keep that in mind. Nevertheless, the question of fraud and seriousness arises, since you still have to pay money to Gametwist to acquire twists with which you can play. So how serious is the provider?

Every now and then there are articles and comments in the vastness of the Internet in which Gametwist is accused of fraud. Most of the time, players complain that the provider does not pay their credit. But the problem here is with the players and not with Gametwist himself. After all, Gametwist is a pure play money platform - there is no account here like online casinos and this is also communicated. The problems reported are therefore not to be taken seriously and you can't blame Gametwist on this point. Gametwist is now only intended for players who want to have fun with casino, card or board games without having to use their own money. It's about game fun and not about real Online casino profit opportunities.

The provider is Definitely serious. The only catch: At first glance it sees it Online Casino Portal Like a real online casino. Therefore, some players start their games with false ideas And leave the platform frustrated in the end. A permanent reference to play money mode (for example in addition to the logo) would certainly be very helpful and would save the provider a lot of negative criticism.
By the way, Gametwist is operated by the Funstage GmbH from Vienna. If you have any questions, you can the support team every day between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. The game platform is available in different language versions.

Who is just risk -free gamble online wants to use Gametwist. In our experience, the fun factor is given, but you have to do without special adrenaline emissions. But who Real money games gambles, will enjoy a real casino pleasure - and Gametwist with real money doesn't go together.
Bloody beginners and leisure players in particular are in good hands here to get an overview of the slot world. At Gametwist you can play a lot of casino games without setting your own money. So you can familiarize yourself with the games and become a professional before you Online casinos with real money plays. Basically, you can also play with almost all casinos in demo mode and have the same effect as with Gametwist- even completely free of charge.


However, at Gametwist you will find a good game environment for numerous board and card games that are not the portfolio of Internet Casinos belong. A classic example is skat. Many people want to play skat online, but find it difficult to find a good platform for game pleasure without real money..


The same applies to other games, such as Rommé or Mau Mau. If you are really specifically at these games, Gametwist is the right platform for you. Classic online casinos are usually better suited for all other casino games.

Certainly you can see Gametwist as a training platform for various slot machines, especially with regard to the Novoline slots. But even at this point, some online casinos are better positioned with their fun modes.
In our view, Gametwist is only recommended for actors who see their soft spot mainly in the section of the classic card and board games and do not insist on real money games. For real casino fans, Gametwist is nothing and comparable to a casino, the provider is not really, since the use of the twist of the thrill does not exist. You should choose a real money casino for the real online casino. It is best to start the casino world with a lucrative bonus.

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