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Roulette strategy: Top 13! The best and best known systems

You are looking for them Perfect roulette strategy, To land permanently in this popular and fascinating gambling? Get your luck and introduce the most popular and best roulette system. I reveal which tactics are really worthwhile and provide you with useful information, tips and tricks.

the essentials in brief
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Why is there a strategy for roulette?

One Earn money with roulette To be able to use many players online or offline Online casino strategy. The selection of tactical game systems for the popular boiler game is large. No other gambling has revealed as many strategies as classic roulette. Each pursues and the same goal: To ensure regular profits!

The abundance of strategies is no coincidence. Because roulette is predestined for a strategic style of play. It is thanks to that Roulette rules and betting options as well as the structure or arrangement of the colors and numbers on the roulette bike. Here the color black and red as well as low (1-18) and high (19-36) pay off regularly. Only the green figure with the zero (in the American roulette) or the fields zero and double zero (in American roulette) jump out and guarantee the casino the house advantage.

View of the American Roulette Tableau with the outer betting (source: Mason Slot Casino)

So you play with the American roulette with the Betting on the simple chance (so -called outer betting) almost with one Chance of profit of 50%. The simple chances are the most popular betting options, have one Online casino payout rate Of 1: 1 and are an integral part of many roulette strategies. The three simple chances in roulette are:

  • Betting on red (blush) and black (noir): There are 18 red and black fields each
  • Betting on straight (pair) and odd numbers (impair): There are 18 each and odd numbers each
  • Betting to low (manque) and up (adapting): There are 18 low (1 - 18) and high numbers (19 - 36)

The most popular / best known roulette strategies

From the abundance of roulette strategies there are a whole series of very prominent and popular methods that are regularly used by gamblers. Practically: Roulette strategies can be used for All online casinos And apply live casinos as well as in a real casino.

Here are the most famous setting strategies in roulette at a glance, which then im Roulette strategy guide to be presented more precisely:

Unsurprisingly, every way of playing claims that Best roulette strategy to be. Regardless of this, each of the roulette tactics mentioned can be your own Online casino profit chance Improve - at least theoretically. Accordingly, there is no doubt about the authorization of the systems. But even if money can be won with a strategy in roulette, you should not forget the following points:

  • The use of a roulette strategy usually leads to a boring, monotonous gaming experience!
  • A safe roulette strategy only gives low profits. The following applies: the safer the system, the smaller the winnings!
  • No roulette strategy works 100% and is infallible!

Nevertheless, the credo is: Basically, it is better to play with a roulette strategy, instead of only hoping for your own happiness and chance and giving up your money without a plan!

Martingale: Classic doubling strategy in roulette

The Martingale system is the best known roulette strategy and very familiar. The principle and the application are easy, simple and logical. In the event of a lost bet on a simple chance, the assignment is doubled. And until you win!

DIE Martingale roulette strategy is a classic doubling strategy that is used exclusively in the simple opportunities such as bets on red or black or straight or odd numbers. In the event of loss, the amount of the lost bet will be on the same bet stubbornly doubled. This procedure continues until you win a round. In the event of a success, you not only compensated for all previous losses again, but also stroke a (small) profit.

  • Note: winning a session with the Martingale Roulette tactics is always as high as the start of the start!

This can best be explained by a practical example.

  • 2 $ bet on black, the bet loses.
  • The assignment is doubled to 4 $ and placed back on black. The bet loses again.
  • The assignment is doubled to 8 $ and placed back on black. The bet loses again.
  • The assignment is doubled to 16 $ and placed back on black. This time the bet wins and the casino pays 32 $.
  • Now starts again with a simple bet on black and a use of 2 $.

Minus the operations made up to that point (2+4+8+16 = 30 $), the net profit amounts to 2 $ and thus the start of the start.

Strengths and weaknesses

The simplicity clearly speaks for the martingale, which means this Roulette strategy for beginners becomes interesting. In addition, like many others, the system can be for other games of chance like Online Blackjack or Online Baccarat be used.

But much more positive things cannot be lost through this roulette tactic because it carries a lot of danger. Because in the event of a longer pitch streak, the exponential increase of the use literally flies around the ears. Already ten lost rounds mean that you land in the four -digit area of application with a start -up use of only 2 $ (210 = 1,024). It is extremely unlikely that so many rounds in roulette always win the same color in a row. But by no means excluded!

In order to be well prepared for the roulette strategy of martingale and to be able to sit out longer dry spa, you need a corresponding High casino credit. Another shortcoming: The respective table limit (upper limit for missions) can cause problems. These can be reached quickly with a longer series of bankruptcies and the doubling of operations. Martingale is only a really profit-promising and safe roulette strategy if you have a) infinite amount of money and b) there is no application limitation in the casino.

Martingale strategy: important facts at a glance

  • Systemart: negative Progression
  • principle: Double the use after each loss
  • Bet on it: simple chance
  • Risk: hoch
  • Profit potential: Small amount
  • Pro: Simplicity, uncomplicated application
  • Contra: High losses in bankruptcy series, table limit pushes bitch, low profit at high risk, monotonous
  • TIPP: Start with a very small start of start
  • Conclusion: ❌❌

Paroli system: Double roulette profits and cash in

The slogan system is the opposite of the martingal strategy with which considerable profits can be achieved. Finally, the use is doubled in the event of a profit and retained in the event of a loss. Therefore, this roulette strategy is also known as reverse martingale or anti Martingale. Paroli follows the approach of making a lot of capital from a lucky phase, while the losses are kept in a bad run.

With the slogan system, as with most Rouelte strategies, you should only pretend the bets with the lowest house advantage. This means red/black, straight/odd or high/low. The game is played with one positive progression. Means: The assignment is doubled in the event of a win. If you have lost, the use remains the same. This roulette tactics is more defensive and not so risky compared to the Martingale. At the same time, even with relatively small inserts can be remarkable Roulette profits achieve. Because from a start of 10 $, only six win in series 640 $ (10 - 20 - 40 - 80 - 160 - 320 - 640). However, a loss is enough to lose all the profits of your lucky streak that had been driven to date.

To protect yourself from it, it is usually played with a triple slogan. In this case, the goal is to land three profits in a row. A recommendable approach. Of course, risk -loving players can also target six, seven and more victorious rounds at a time. You can just as well act with a two -time slogan. If the defined number of profits has been reached, the original first assignment begins again. In this way you secure your money.

The following example shows what a successful session with the slogan roulette strategy looks like in practice.

  • 5 $ use on red. Wet wins.
  • Double the insert to 10 $ and put it on red. Bet wins again.
  • Double the insert to 20 $ and put it on red. Wet wins again and the bank pays 40 $.
  • After three consecutive winnings, a start of 5 $ starts.
  • After each loss, it is consistently continued with a deployment of 5 $.

Strengths and weaknesses

Since paroli is comparatively low in risk, this roulette strategy is particularly recommended for newbies. Because it is only played with a manageable, self -defined basic assignment. In a good run you can tackle proper profits. In addition, the system is not complicated, conveys a positive feeling and its run is not the risk of having to place enormous missions in order to iron out the losses of previous bankruptcies. It is a capital -friendly roulette tactic. Ideal if your budget is very limited.

However, the difficulty is that you have to decide how often it should be played. The temptation to hope for three bets won for the next exponential profit is very great. Self -discipline is required! Hold strictly to the defined limit of how many rounds your lucky streak should include. The biggest weak point, however, is that speculating on several profits in a row. This can not only take a while - not infrequently dozens of game rounds - but at the same time money is lost during this time without winning anything.

Paroli strategy in quick check: important facts

  • Systemart: positive Progression
  • principle: Double the use after each profit
  • Bet on it: simple chance
  • Risk: medium
  • Profit potential: hoch
  • Pro: uncomplicated, interesting for beginners, exponential profits possible, loss series is manageable
  • Contra: demands patience and self -discipline, made profits lost with a lost bet
  • TIPP: Start with a small start of start & give 3 slogan
  • Conclusion: ✅✅

Grand Martingale: more aggressive variant of the Martingale system

Anyone who liked the Martingale Roulette strategy will find another in the Grand Martingale (also known as Super Martingale) aggressivere Form this system. The functionality is identical to one exception: instead of double the use of a lost bet, as with normal martingale, the Grand Martingale is Doubled and added to the doubled amount (usually 1 $). Accordingly, the sequence of operations with a start of 5 $ is as follows:

  • 1st round: 5 $ use
  • Loss
  • 2nd round: 11 $ (5+5+1) Use
  • Loss
  • 3rd round: 23 $ (11+11+1)
  • Loss
  • 4th round: 47 $ (23+23+1)
  • Loss
  • 5th round: 95 $ (47+47+1)
  • Profit, bank pays for double use

The actual profit in this example amounts to 9 $ (190 $ profit - 181 $ deployment). In contrast, you would have won 5 $ in the classic martingale.

The net profit in the Grand Martingale Roulette strategy always corresponds to the sum from the initial use all additional operations. Of course, you can change the system according to your own taste and add two or three units instead of one loss of the doubling. This gives even higher profits, but the risk of loss is equally higher.

Strengths and weaknesses

The Grand Martingale is more risky than the standard variant of the Martingale. For this, the profits can be gradually higher. This profitability is one of the strengths. With this system, successes in roulette are possible at short notice and the simple concept also speaks for this form of marting.

But if you are in a losing streak, you have to fear big losses. In addition, due to the very steep increase curve of the operation, the table limit can also become a problem with the Grand Martingale. Only those who have a decent casino budget should play with this system. So you are able to hold out several rounds without profit.

Grand Martingale strategy in quick check: important facts

  • Systemart: negative Progression
  • principle: Double insert if the bet is lost 1 unit
  • Bet on it: simple chance
  • Risk: very high
  • Profit potential: hoch
  • Pro: simple, profitable, short -term success possible
  • Contra: Large losses threaten, not effective in the long term, high start -up capital necessary, table limit can cause problems
  • TIPP: Start with a small start -up insert
  • Conclusion: ❌❌❌

Fibonacci: With an antique math formula for success

DIE Roulette meaning to strategies is based on the number of the same name, which was developed in the 13th century. A very popular tactic. Especially since you are already one with this progressive system Profit achieved if only a third of the bet are won. A supposedly safe roulette strategy, especially since the 50/50 chance (red/black, straight/odd, 1-18/19-36) is always used.

The basis is of course that Fibonacci series of numbers. In this, two consecutive figures add up and the number following immediately afterwards: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, …

Each number of the column may symbolize the value of your use (i.e. 1 = 1 $, 2 = 2 $, etc.) or is used as a multiplier for your basic use (as 2 = use x 2). If a round is lost, you move one step to the right in the number series. A win takes two steps back! The following practical example illustrates what effect this has:

  • 1 $ use, bet loses
  • 1 $ use (corresponds to the second number of numbers), bet loses
  • 2 $ use (corresponds to third number of numbers), bet loses
  • 3 $ use (corresponds to the fourth number of number sequence), bet loses
  • 5 $ use (corresponds to fifth number of numbers), bet wins
  • 3 $ use (corresponds to third number of numbers), bet wins

The net win after this session is 1 $ (3+5-3-2-1-1). So two successful rounds are enough to make up the previous bankruptcy and stand up with a small . As soon as you book two profits in a row, a new betting session begins with the Fibonacci Roulette strategy. Alternatively, a round is considered to be ended if you are back at the beginning of the number series.

Strengths and weaknesses

The great charm is that, as mentioned, you only have to win a third of the simple bets. Tempting because these bets offer a chance of around 48.3 percent. In addition, the increase in operations in the event of loss is quite low. The progression is by no means as aggressive as, for example, the martingal tactics that work with a doubling. There is also clear instructions.

However, note that you lose everything in a longer pitch streak or reach the table limit. However, this applies to many roulette strategies. Despite the low risk, there is no guarantee of profits. And overall it can much time take up until you end up in the green area, whereby you usually also Smaller win must be satisfied. At the same time, you have to memorize the Fibonacci number order to determine the right inserts. It makes sense to write down the number of numbers and to have real money in front of you when playing in the online casino.

Fibonacci strategy in quick check: important facts

  • Systemart: Application progression
  • principle: When the bet won, two places in the Fibonacci series back. If you lose a position forward.
  • Bet on it: simple chance
  • Risk: medium
  • Profit potential: Small amount
  • Pro: Low progression, with 1/3 bets obtained in profit zone land
  • Contra: Usually only small profits, fibonacci number sequence must be mastered
  • TIPP: Is suitable for gamblers who like to play longer and be satisfied with smaller profits
  • Conclusion: ✅

James Bond Strategy: Win with 007 tactics in roulette

If you want to go to the Smart Secretary Success Traces, you should try the James Bond Roulette strategy. A special seed pattern with which you cover 2/3 of all numbers from the roulettead. The chances of winning are correspondingly high.

Ideally, you have a credit of 200 $. Of course, the amount can be adapted up or down from the wallet. According to the respective probabilities, the money is placed in three bets on different number groups and the zero. In fact:

  • High numbers (19-36): 140 $ (or 70% of use)
  • Six transfer verbe (13-18): 50 $ (25% of use)
  • Zero (zero): 10 $ (5% of use)

Thanks to this pattern, you will land a profit in 25 out of 37 cases. That is 67.57%, a considerable value. If a high number is made, there is at least 80 $ profit. The six series will bring you 100 $, while the zero is even 160 $!

Even James Bond cannot promise guaranteed profits. Because if a number comes between 1 and 12, the entire assignment is gone in one fell swoop. The 007 roulette strategy then recommends continuing to continue on this series of betting with the Martingale system and double. Until a round is won. But this is only advisable if the player has sufficient capital.

Strengths and weaknesses

With the simply knitted and cool James Bond strategy you are on a very safe roulette terrain. In view of a chance of over 67%, it is difficult not to win and also to be high.

The biggest disadvantage is of course the risk if the ball ends in the number group 1-12. But James Bond likes to play with fire. Furthermore, there are the same defects as in the martingale. In this way, the betting limit can be reached quickly and you need a lot of capital in the hindquarters to minimize losses.

James Bond strategy in quick check: important facts

  • Systemart: Seed pattern
  • principle: 2/3 of all numbers per bet cover = high chance of winning
  • Bet on it: High numbers, sixth six, zero
  • Risk: Small amount
  • Profit potential: medium high
  • Pro: Light and uncomplicated, frequent profits to be expected
  • Contra: High budget recommended, high losses threaten, table limit can cause problems
  • TIPP: Use in shorter sessions and avoid at longer game sessions
  • Conclusion: ✅

Laboucher: With its own series of numbers in happiness

The laboratory betting system is an interesting, promising roulette strategy. Although only simple opportunities are rely on, the use of the laboucher strategy requires a little mathematical skill. But don't worry. Anyone who haunted the shoot can be done with this strategy In the casino.

The laboucher system, also known as a stroking progression or split marginale, initially requires some preparation. You have to set an exact game credit. Alternatively, it can also be the desired profit amount. This stop amount is divided into smaller partial amounts and noted. The laboucher principle stipulates that the first and last number of the number series is added and typed for a simple chance (e.g. red or black).

  • In the event of a profit, both numbers are canceled.
  • In the event of a loss, the number of the right end of the series is written. Because the lost amount should be recovered. The number series must also contain the two numbers that formed the use of the lost bet.
  • At the next bet, the numbers are added and set again at the beginning and end of the series.
  • According to this pattern, it is continued until all the numbers are cut out of the list!

In order to avoid a game that is too aggressive, the number of numbers should not be too long and the numbers are not too high! A good number of numbers is about "1, 2, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1", whereby a betting unit means 10 $. The start -up capital would be 120 $. In a practical example, you would play with the laboucher strategy as follows.

  • Add the first and last number of the series: 1+1 = 2 betting units. The assignment is 20 $.
  • In the event of a profit, the number series would still consist of five digits (2, 2, 3, 1, 2). In the next round, the assignment would amount to 40 $ (2+2 = 4 betting units).
  • If the next bet loses, the number series is expanded by the "4" and is 2, 2, 3, 1, 2, 4.
  • The next assignment is 60 $ (2+4 = 6 betting units).

Strengths and weaknesses

The laboucher system enables a Play disciplined and variable. In the short term, profits with this roulette tactic are possible, but you should not make the series of numbers too aggressively (not too long, no high numbers). This is exactly where a problem can be seen for newcomers. It is quite demanding to determine a sensible number sequence that is appropriate to the budget. As a roulette strategy for beginners, the laboucher is therefore only partially suitable.

Furthermore, despite the overall flat progression on a losing streak, you could quickly reach the table limit or exceed the credit. Because the number of numbers is getting longer in defeats. That is why it is advisable to constantly write down the changes to the sequence of numbers, which is problematic when playing in a land -based casino. So use the laboucher system primarily as Online roulette strategy In the Online casino And familiarize yourself with the way of playing.

Laboucher strategy in quick check: important facts

  • Systemart: Application progression
  • principle: Add first and last number in the series for the determination of operations
  • Bet on it: simple chance
  • Risk: medium (individually adaptable)
  • Profit potential: medium
  • Pro: flat progression, disciplined style of play, overall not very aggressive
  • Contra: Somewhat more complicated, big losses possible, table and betting limit can cause problems
  • TIPP: Beginners choose shorter series with smaller numbers
  • Conclusion: ✅

D’Alembert: Interesting for beginners and defensive players

The strategic playing in roulette is also very easy, proves the d’Alembert tactic. With this very beginner -friendly system you also bet on the outer bets (simple opportunities). The principle: After each profit, the use is reduced by one unit, after each loss, the use is increased by one unit. So we are dealing with a progression again, but it is very flat. This also requires less start -up capital.

Here is a practical example for the D’Alembert Roulette strategy:

  • 1st round: Set 10 $ on red. Black wins, bet lost.
  • 2nd round: Set 20 $ on red. Black wins, bet lost.
  • 3rd round: Set 30 $ on red. Red wins, bet won.
  • 4th round: put 20 $ on red. Red wins, bet won.
  • 5th round: Set 10 $ on red. Black wins, bet lost.

Although three of the five coups are lost in this example, the bottom line is that there is an actual profit of 10 $. Because: (30+20) - (10+20+10) = 10!

Important: If you have reached your original start in the game, a round with the D’Alembert strategy is considered to be ended and you can start over. The new first use can of course be increased or reduced as desired. However, you have to consistently increase one unit in the event of a loss and withdraw one unit in the event of a win.

Strengths and weaknesses

With the d’Alembert system, the risk of risk is kept low. Which is why this roulette strategy is recommended for beginners or careful players. Especially since the method too very understandable and easy to use is. You can also play with a small bankroll yourself. The catch: a very long breath is needed to win good money! You need due to the low return per bet won much patience. For quick profits it is guaranteed not to be the best roulette strategy. Even those who want more thrills should use another roulette tactic.

D'Alembert strategy in quick check: important facts

  • Systemart: Application progression
  • principle: Adjust the use after each round (according to profit -1 unit, according to loss +1 unit)
  • Bet on it: simple chance
  • Risk: low - medium
  • Profit potential: Small amount
  • Pro: Very simple, easy to understand, flat progression, no high starting capital
  • Contra: low profits, very slow
  • TIPP: Suitable roulette strategy for beginners and security players
  • Conclusion: ✅

1-3-2-6 system: simple but effective

The 1-3-2-6 system is also one very simple betting system, with which you can regularly land small profits and which Relatively safe roulette strategy for beginners proves. It is similar to the slogan system and works with a positive progression. The eponymous order 1-3-2-6 is used as a progression, with the "1" a betting unit. Accordingly, the "6" is six betting units.

In the event of a profit, the operation is increased, if you lose loss, you will start again directly from the front. If you have won four rounds in a row-which is the declared goal-a session with the 1-3-2-6 system is maximum successful and yours Collect the first use 12 times! The roulette strategy works for all types of betting, but because of the better chances of winning, the simple opportunities such as red/black or straight/odd is recommended.

The following example shows an optimal course of the game of the 1-3-2-6 roulette system, whereby 10 $ are played as a basic unit:

  • Bet 1: 10 $ use (1 unit) on red. Bet wins.
  • Bet 2: 30 $ use (3 units) on red. Bet wins.
  • Bet 3: 20 $ use (2 units) on red. Bet wins.
  • Bet 4: 60 $ use (6 units) on red. Bet wins.

Strengths and weaknesses

The 1-3-2-6 roulette system impresses with its clear game specification, simple instructions and low risk. The strategy is quickly learned and can be applied very easily. Even a small streak of luck with four coups in a row is not that unlikely. In addition, it should be mentioned that there are only two scenarios in the 1-3-2-6 system with which you make a loss. And when the first or second bet is lost! Otherwise, the balance sheet is balanced (if the first three bets win and the fourth loses) or positive (if the first two bets are successful and the third loses; if all four bets win).

The simplicity of this beginner -friendly roulette strategy can also be seen as a weak point. Boredom threatens. And of course the 1-3-2-6 strategy cannot overcome the casino's house edge.

1-3-2-6 strategy in a quick check: important facts

  • Systemart: positive Progression
  • principle: Adjustment of use after each round, if the case is lost, sequence is ended
  • Bet on it: simple chance (recommended)
  • Risk: low (with appropriate operations)
  • Profit potential: low - medium
  • Pro: Very simple, beginner -friendly, no high budget, clear game instructions, little risky, regular profits
  • Contra: Boring in the long run, no high profits
  • TIPP: Choose basic use so that it can be used at least six times
  • Conclusion: ✅✅

Flat Betting: The mother of all light roulette strategies

Do you want to enjoy roulette games in a relaxed manner? Don't feel like mathematical calculations, any progressions or noticing complicated rows of numbers? Then it is advisable to Betting. The well -being Easy roulette strategy.

Because the same amount is set all the time! No matter whether you win or lose. Even with the bets there are no restrictions. You can choose freely from all available inner or outer betting. Flat Betting can be used for all chances in roulette.

Only a preparation must be made with this roulette tactic in the run -up to the game: You have to define the commitment wisely and appropriately! But that's also a child's play. Finally, an unwritten gambling law recommends that every Gambler should put on a fixed budget for playing. For beginners, it is recommended to use 1% or 2% of the total budget. If you have the simplicity of 100 $, the round use amounts to 1 or 2 $ all the time. So you can play 50 or 100 rounds. Experienced players should mean Maximum 5% Vom total budget per durchafuf deploy.

Strengths and weaknesses

Not only the simplicity makes Flat Betting supposedly Best roulette strategy for beginners. Because the risk is always checked. There is no risk that high betting operations must be made. That protects the nerves. In addition, you are completely unbound when choosing the bets and can get to know roulette properly. Positive aftertaste: With this child's light method, luck can of course also be obtained with the necessary bit of luck.

On the other hand, the monotonous setting of the same use is boring in the long run. And large profits are also not to be expected. On the contrary. Due to the bank's house advantage, losses are to be calculated in the long term in the Flat Betting.

Flat Betting strategy in quick check: important facts

  • Systemart: Betting system with constant use
  • principle: In every round, rely on the same basic mission on clearable opportunities
  • Bet on it: no restriction
  • Risk: Small amount
  • Profit potential: Small amount
  • Pro: easy, beginner -friendly, no high losses, with luck a little profit
  • Contra: boring, stupid, no big winnings
  • TIPP: Ideal for beginners to get to know roulette.
  • Conclusion: ❌

Roulette strategy red black: attractive chance of winning

With the interesting roulette strategy red black, which also as Red System or just red, she covers you A total of 26 of the 37 numbers in the boiler with three bets. Sounds tempting, especially since you only lose around 32 percent of the games in this way and thus frequent profits prospect.

It makes the layout of the roulette tableau possible. So you do 1/3 from use to the third column, in which there are eight red and four black numbers, as well as 2/3 from use to the simple chance black. The Roulette strategy Red Black, like the James Bond Betting system, is therefore a seed pattern instead of a classic play tactic. With a basic mission of 15 $, for example, 10 $ will be set to black and 5 $ on the third column. The following five game outputs are possible:

  • A red number from the third column (8 numbers): payment of $ 15, $ 0 profit
  • A black number from the third column (4 numbers): payment of $ 35, $ 20 profit
  • A black number from the first or second column (14 numbers): payment $ 20, 5 $ profit
  • A red number from the first or second column (10 numbers) or zero: payment 0 $, loss 15 $

Strengths and weaknesses

With the roulette strategy Red Schwarz you have a cheap starting point to obtain regular, smaller profits. Especially since only eleven pay a loss of deployment and the house edge is minimized. In addition, the handling is very easy. The operations can always be maintained and a complicated formula is dispensed with. Good for beginners.

But it is also a fact that losses are inevitable in the event of a longer pitch streak. Although they move in a manageable framework. In addition, the losses of the lost rounds cannot be compensated for with the small profits of the simple chance in the long term. In order to be successful in the long term with the roulette strategy strategy, you need more than lost rounds.

Roulette strategy red black in the quick check: important facts

  • Systemart: Betting system with the same use
  • principle: Bet on 26 numbers
  • Bet on it: Third column (1/3 insert), black (2/3 use)
  • Risk: Small amount
  • Profit potential: medium
  • Pro: Easily applicable, frequent profits, small losses, does not require high start -up capital
  • Contra: only small profits, monotonous playing style
  • TIPP: Suitable for shorter game rounds! Also playable as a black system (bet on red & medium column)
  • Conclusion: ✅✅

Parlay: is considered the safest roulette strategy with progression

You are looking for a pretty Safe roulette strategy? Then the Parlay competition is a good choice! With this roulette tactics, the positive progression is used (increasing the operations to win) and there are preferably simple opportunities. However, profits are occasionally secured. Therefore, Parlay enjoys being the safest and most promising of all progressive strategies in roulette. That's how it's done!

Before the game starts, you set an arbitrary series of numbers. A good example of a safe, defensive variant is the sequence "1-2-2-4". It can be played through quickly and is not very risky. Each number stands for the amount of use, whereby "1" means an assignment, "2" accordingly two missions, etc. of the self -made number of numbers follows their iron until the end. If a more aggressive and risky way of playing is preferred, you should use higher digits and a longer row. In addition, instead of the simple, the multiple opportunities can also be bet.

  • In the event of a profit, the number of numbers takes one step to the right and the use is increased according to the next number.
  • Similarly, a loss in the number series takes a step back. The use is reduced accordingly.
  • If you arrived at the end of the series of numbers, you have definitely made a win. This is put aside and the series can start from the front.

Strengths and weaknesses

Anyone who brings the necessary discipline (strictly follow) and select the numbers cleverly (moderate basic use) creates the basis for a successful casino visit. Parlay is ideally suited as a roulette strategy for beginners. Because it is played with comparatively little risk or the risk is freely selectable. You don't need great gaming experience or large credit. And the choice of the application is also taken from you.

But of course even this quite safe roulette strategy has its pitfalls. With a little practice, every player may have quickly worked out a series of numbers. However, there is no guarantee that several bets will be lost in a row. With a Loosing Streak, attractive profits quickly move far away. In addition, the parlay system can take a lot of time until you have played through a series of numbers.

Parlay strategy in quick check: important facts

  • Systemart: positive Progression
  • principle: Profit target is specified
  • Bet on it: simple opportunities / all bets
  • Risk: low - medium
  • Profit potential: medium
  • Pro: Risk freely selectable, protection of profits, flexible play possible
  • Contra: time -consuming, susceptible to bankruptcy series, create number of numbers yourself
  • TIPP: Modified paroli, choose the number series Kleug
  • Conclusion: ✅✅

Oscar’s Grind: Winning a little at a snail's pace

The squirrel has a hard time feeding itself! This saying goes to the roulette strategy of Oscar’s Grind. Because this progressive playing style pursues the goal of booking a unit (can be $ 1, $ 10 or $ 100) as a profit. Then the progression starts again. Basically, the procedure provides for an unit to increase the use after a round won. The use remains the same in the event of loss.

In practice, playing according to the Oscar’s Grind Roulette strategy, which, like most tactics, is limited to the simple opportunities, as follows:

  • 1st round: 1 $ insert on red, bet loses: - 1 $ (same use)
  • 2nd round: 1 $ insert on red, bet loses: - 2 $ (same use)
  • 3rd round: 1 $ insert on red, bet wins: - 1 $ (insert is increased by 1 unit)
  • 4th round: $ 2 insert on red, bet loses: - 2 $ (insert remains with 2 units)
  • 5th round: $ 2 insert on red, bet loses: - 4 $ (insert remains with 2 units)
  • 6. Round: $ 2 insert on red, bet wins: - 2 $ (insert is increased by 1 unit)
  • 7. Round: 3 $ insert on red, bet wins: + 1 $ (round is over)

Of course, you are free to continue the session after winning a unit to make an even higher amount. However, this is not the meaning of the Oscar’s grind strategy security based. Even if the first bet is won, the sequence is over. The profit is secured and a new round begins.

If you want to try out Oscar’s grind and win with the strategy in roulette, you should definitely sit down. For both profits and losses. When you reach a limit, you get out. If you are played without a limit, there is a risk that the progression will be repeated for too long. In the worst case, the profit is in the end.

Strengths and weaknesses

This very conservative roulette strategy can be easily understood, simply apply it and can be regarded as a very safe system. She also gives a clear goal: winning a unit within a sequence! The units can be used flexibly, but the table limit must always be kept in mind. It is also positive that the risk of high losses is low when using low bets.

However, the tension with the Oscar’s grind is left. The same applies to lucrative profits, since only one profit unit is pursued per session. Another point of criticism: playing is very lengthy.

Oscar’s grind strategy in quick check: important facts

  • Systemart: positive Progression
  • principle: One unit per game sequence as a profit
  • Bet on it: simple chance
  • Risk: Small amount
  • Profit potential: Small amount
  • Pro: relatively safe, easy to understand, clear game, ideal for beginners and security players
  • Contra: Very lengthy, low -voltage, only small profits
  • TIPP: Set profit and loss limit and keep strictly
  • Conclusion: ✅

Roulette strategy dozen: bet on "hidden numbers"

The roulette strategy is based on the assumption that the random generator in the Online Casinos Preferred numbers that have not been hit over a longer period of time. Identifies the "hidden dozen" of numbers, focuses on them in the next bets and reduces profits when the previously neglected numbers fall again. So the theory.

Who in the roulette strategy dozen, which also the name Hidden Dozen wears and that Roulette third system Similarly, trying, it is best to proceed as follows:

  • Of course, you can only apply the tactics if there is the possibility to observe rotations without any operations. This is not a problem in the live casino. Otherwise, you should first control the exercise mode in the online casino to determine the hidden numbers by play money inserts.
  • Write down the numbers 0 to 37. Each profit number will be cut out until only twelve numbers left. The hidden dozen is determined and you can finally actively intervene in the action!
  • Placed on every number of hidden dozen one unit (a total of twelve betting units). Alternatively, the betting options are also a dozen or columns when the hidden numbers piling up accordingly.
  • In order to make a profit, the ball has to end up on one of the twelve hidden numbers in the next two coups. The number bets (Plein) offer an attractive payout rate with 35: 1. Success in the third round of the game prevents the session from being ended without loss.

Strengths and weaknesses

Overall, the roulette strategy is to be viewed with doubts and not recommended. Even if the possible yield may be quite neat. It is true that statistically all numbers in roulette fall more or less often. But the frequency is only the same after many thousands of coups. With this online roulette strategy, on the other hand, conclusions about the "hidden numbers" are drawn after about 30 to 40 game rounds. Far too little for statistical relevance.

To make matters worse, you have to make a fairly high overall deployment of twelve units per round. The budget must be correspondingly large. And since the likelihood of a profit is low, this roulette tactic is not worth it. To make matters worse, you are mostly only in the role of the silent observer with the roulette strategy. Fun and tension look different.

Roulette strategy dozen in quick check: important facts

  • Systemart: Betting system with constant use
  • Strategy: Rely on numbers whose appearance is more likely
  • Bet on it: 12 individual numbers, columns or dozen
  • Risk: medium
  • Profit potential: medium high
  • Pro: high profit theoretically possible
  • Contra: Long observation phase with little meaning, high use, low fun factor
  • TIPP: Hands off!
  • Conclusion: ❌❌❌

Which is the best roulette strategy?

The egg -laying wool milk sow is unfortunately not available under the roulette strategies. Every system has its advantages and disadvantages. It depends on knowing them and applying them correctly. But without risk and at the same time with guarantee profits at the Online roulette with real money drive in is simply impossible! Don't let anything else.

A roulette tactic with negative progression, such as the betting systems Martingale, Fibonacci or laboucher, would only guarantee profits if you have an unlimited budget and there are no operational limits at the tables.

If you could always win with a certain strategy in roulette, it would be the bankrupt declaration for every casino sooner or later. It should be remembered: roulette is and remains a gambling! No roulette strategy that is still supposedly safe can eliminate the following two facts:

  • The house advantage for the casino through the zero and
  • The random results at every coup!

However, I do not want to withhold a recommendation on my part.

In the roulette strategy test, the models with positive use progression in particular turn out to be very interesting and promising. So you can both with the Parlay Strategie, Of the Passwords Variant, Oscar's Grind as well as that 1-3-2-6-System With a comparatively low risk and with the necessary happiness (good) profits. All of roulette strategies that are also suitable for beginners.

May it be a little more risk, you should Roulette strategy red black (Red system) and / or James Bond try out. These pursue the same approach, with the risk of loss reduced by a certain seed pattern. However, too lavish profits are not to be expected. In addition, these are more likely to be geared towards a short -term gaming experience.

So I find the right roulette strategy

The question of the best roulette strategy is always with individual preferences and combined properties. Should it be an aggressive, risky tactic or does a defensive, security -oriented strategy better fit your way? Should it be a easily applicable variant or can it be more complex with the use of formulas, operational calculation or rows of numbers?

Factors such as your own gaming experience, the targeted profit height or the available budget also play an important role in choosing the personally suitable roulette strategy. If you are clear about it, the variety of betting systems will find the right roulette tactics relatively quickly and easily. Or at least limit the selection to a few a few. And don't worry: Roulette strategies are really available for every taste.

Strategy in roulette: tips & tricks - this should be paid to this before playing

Do you want to try a strategy in roulette? Then you should make some general ones before the actual games Roulette tips and tricks take.

Roulette in the online casino as the first choice

Most strategies can be in one Casino are used, but they are To prefer online casinos. Why? The atmosphere in a real casino is undoubtedly something special, but there are many interference. These can interfere with your concentration. This includes, for example, the hustle and bustle at the tables or the limited time window, which is granted by the croupier for the placement. Especially for inexperienced players, this quickly flows into stress, which in turn hinders the strategic style of play.

If you are played in the online casino roulette, you have no time pressure And can fully focus on the game and your strategy. And if you don't want to play exclusively against the computer, you can fall back on live roulette. In the Best live casinos There are numerous roulette tables to choose from, reliably also with German-language croupiers.

Practice roulette strategy online for free

You get this option exclusively in the virtual arcades! In each Serious online casino Can you try the games in free demo mode. So also in online roulette when you play against the CPU at the tables. In the live casinos, however, play money cannot be played with play money for fun and practice purposes. Nevertheless, another thick for the casinos on the Internet, which in particular plays newcomers into the cards.

Because the play money option is perfectly suitable for getting to know the various roulette strategies, trying it out and working on the tactics. At the same time, you can regulate the roulette, betting options and gameplay in risk -free play money mode. Regel safety is important so that you can act flexibly in the real money game if deviations from the persecuted setting strategy are appropriate.

Choose the correct roulette variant

You should Be sure to choose the American or european Roulette version, that are the most popular variants. After all, there is only one field with the zero on the roulettead, so that the House advantage with 2.7% is the smallest and you increase your chances of winning. This is particularly advantageous for all progressive online roulette strategies with bets on the simple opportunities.

It is also advisable if the so -called. Regel sharing Find application. This means something like division and states that if the ball ends up on the zero, you get half of the inserts for all outer betting (simple chances). Very practical, since the house advantage is reduced to only 1.35 %. However, this only applies to the simple opportunities.

In the case of American roulette, the house advantage for the casino is twice as high due to the additional double rull and the payout rate drops according to 94.74 %. However, with the Andrucci system and Shotwell System, for example, there are two strategies in roulette, where double zero can be important. I recommend American / european Roulette for all other game system.

By the way: The name American, American or German roulette always refers to the respective language in which the various betting options are written on the roulette table.

Eyes open at the table limit

If you want to play roulette with a strategy, the table limit must be found in advance. The limit stipulates how high the minimal and maximum use per game round is. Do not let the mostly very high upper limits weigh you in false security. If strategies are used in which the operations are increased, the maximum stone set can become a problem.

The best example is the martingale, which with one Exponential use progression is working. But even with the Fibonacci strategy, you run the risk of encountering the table calculation in a negative run. Once the limit has been reached, losses from the previous rounds can no longer be equalized!

  • Tipp: Meanwhile, beginners are well advised to take it easy and first play with the possible small amounts.

With online roulette, the minimum insert is almost always specified with just a few cents (from 1 or 5 cents). Tables can also be found in the live casino where you can get in from 50 cents or less. Once you have gained experience, fueled self -confidence and have been proven to achieve positive results, the missions can be continuously increased. Suitable here Casino without limit Find!

Set your own limits and remain consistent

A reputable Casino Bankroll Management is the be -all and end -all to be able to success in gambling and thus be able to win. What should I do? Before every game session, carefully consider how much money you want to raise a roulette strategy as a whole.

  • Tipp: From this start -up capital, beginners should not choose more than 1 to 2 % for the basic use. In experienced players, basic use 4 to a maximum of 5 % should make up from the budget. Hold on your own specifications strictly and consistently.

In addition, I recommend that the winning target are precisely and realistic! So how much money do you want to win? Self -discipline is also required here. If you have a lucky streak and after a few minutes the desired sum is earned, the end of the day. End the game and enjoy the profit! Alternatively, after reaching the hoped -for profit, you can continue playing until the first lost bet. At the latest then a final line must be drawn. If happiness is continued, it is usually only a matter of time before all profits are lost again and slips into the minus.

On the other hand, the roulette fun was not crowned with success and the defined budget was played out, the game must be declared an end immediately. Under no circumstances should additional capital be shot - and if so only with one Casino without a minimum deposit. Play with careful and - very important - have fun!

Are roulette strategies forbidden?

Don't worry: neither is one Roulette strategy their application is still illegal! The various betting systems try to increase the chances of winning the players and to further reduce the house advantage. But it stays with the attempt.

In the end, no strategy can promise a significant advantage, let alone guarantee profits! Especially since most tactics are based on probability forecasts. For the online casinos there is no reason to issue a ban on roulette strategies. Why? After all, the various strategies for play encourage, which of course is completely in the interest of the casinos.

Because even the best roulette strategy or supposedly safe roulette strategy can never undermine the house edge of the casino. Therefore, you do not violate any rules and the systems can be used completely dangerous.

Not excluded from the Casino Bonus

This also applies if you have one Welcome bonus or others New casino bonus Want to play free. So far I have not yet known a doctorate in which the application of a roulette strategy violates the sales conditions. If that should be the case, the bonus regulations or in our Online Casino Test clearly and clearly pointed out.

If it is not exactly a special roulette bonus, the turnover of a online Casino Bonus the use of roulette is not recommended. Finally, the operations made are usually only between 5 to 15% calculated for sales requirements, while Slots For example, count 100%.

Live statistics are helpful for roulette strategy (Screenshot MR Bit Casino)

It is more gratifying that many online casinos deal with the topic of roulette strategy very openly and give users tips and tricks. So are the Best roulette casinoslike that Mr Bit Casino, published a number of permanent (previous results of the roulette game rounds). Very useful protocols that you can include for the probability calculations of setting strategies or use it for predictions. Live statistics Also part of the good sound and you get "hot and cold numbers", the distribution of "red / black" etc. clearly visible on the screen (see screenshot above).

Even in real casinos, roulette strategies are not prohibited! However, it can happen that particularly successful players create distrust and be expelled from the gaming table or even the house. There is no danger in online roulette. This also applies without restrictions when playing fun via modern Roulette App.

FAQ to roulette strategies


Conclusion: roulette strategies - no winning guarantees, but still worthwhile

There is no profit -promising miracle cure for the roulette table and will never exist! Despite this damper, every gambler was advised to play with a roulette strategy. Each of the system presented in this roulette strategy test pursues an interesting approach.

Personally, betting systems with positive progression, in which the missions are increased after a profit, generally tell the most. Representing this, slogan, Parlay, Oscar’s Grind or the 1-3-2-6 system can be listed. These risky methods are particularly the best choice as a roulette strategy for beginners.

The Martingale, Fibonacci or Laboucher strategy are also very popular and widespread. The prospects of winning are also completely intact here, although with a successful game of the game you only remove a unit of basic use. However, since these strategies work with a negative use progression (use is increased after lost bet), the risk is quite high.

You can only answer which best roulette strategy for you. Not found a favorite yet? Then try out the various methods in online casino your trust in play money mode. In practice, decision -making is considerably easier. But at the latest when playing for real money, it should not be too euphoric and dogged. Never forget that it is gambling and that chance decides on victory and defense. The fun on gamble online must never be neglected!

TIPP: Here everyone Online casino games Find an overview!

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