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Can you earn money with online poker? 10 professional tips for poker!

In addition to the classic online gambling and sports betting, another branch has opened up with online poker, with which many players can now achieve considerable profits worldwide. Like you with Make money online poker you can read in this article.

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  • Chapter 1: With our Professional tips you get more out.
  • Chapter 2: For every game you need them appropriate Strategy.
  • Chapter 3: But also pay attention to the first signs of Gambling addiction.

Earn money with online poker-that's really how it works

If you want to achieve the point to really make money with the poker game and to move a little closer to a professional poker player, you have to consider some important points.


In the following guide, we would like to give you some specific professional tips in addition to the basic tasks and properties that you should bring as an absolute basic requirements.

Every professional player started small and can constantly develop into a better poker player thanks to a lot of diligence and of course hair ran. This is also possible in your case!

You are particularly looking for deutsche Online Casinos For your next poker session? Then read our guide article here!

The best poker variants to make money with online poker

Texas Holdem:

  • The currently most popular poker variant
  • 2 hand cards and 5 community cards are played


  • Disassization of Texas Holdem
  • 4 hand cards and 5 community cards

Omaha High/Low:

  • Same rules as with Omaha
  • The worst card also wins here

Five Card Draw:

  • For many the classic poker variant
  • Cards are kept on hand and may be changed once

Seven Card Stud:

  • It is played with 7 cards
  • The first two and the last card only know the player
  • The middle 4 cards are open
  • There are no community cards

Five Card Stud:

  • The origin of the Seven Card Stud
  • The rules are the same - there are only 5 cards instead of 7

Triple Drow:

  • The worst sheet wins
  • 5 cards per player on hand
  • The cards can be changed 3 times

Earn money with online poker: 10 professional tips

Every beginning is difficult, which is why we want to help beginners among you and want to give you a few steps for playing your first hands.

We have now put together 10 professional tips for you, with which the dream of regular income can be realized by the online poker game.

1. Select the right poker side!

The poker market in Germany is huge, which is why there are now many strong ones Online poker provider are. Selecting the right one here can be difficult.

However, there are a few points that you should consider when choosing the right poker side.


This in turn reduces the chances of all beginners who play here. Because you can't earn anything as an online poker beginner.

So if you do not end as a fish feed in the shark pool of professional players, but want to gain experience and become a professional yourself, you should definitely gain the first online poker right-wing experience on small poker sites that are rather uninteresting for real professionals.

Also the chance of live tournaments, premium programs and one High VIP bonus You should take a close look at when it comes to selecting the right side for your poker activities.

So that you are not alone when choosing the right provider, we have examined all reputable providers and you can read the summaries of the strict tests with us. So you don't have to rummage through the general terms and conditions.

2. Exercise does the master - plays the best!

Only those who play regularly will continue to improve.

Of course, it can quickly happen that losses are more likely to come about, especially in the first few weeks Big profits. In order to keep the risk as low as possible and to be able to gain initial experience, numerous poker sites offer the possibility of play with play money.

In addition, the various poker schools should be used to familiarize yourself with different pressure situations without financial risks.

So you do not achieve real profits at first, but you can see for you which strategy is most likely and how you can successfully contest your poker rounds.

3. Play online poker with real money with a welcome bonus!

Many online poker sites offer interesting and lucrative Casino welcome bonus-Offers. It is often enough to register and make a first cash deposit in order to be able to claim the bonus.

However, the offers are very different.

Then All online casinos Have other bonus conditions that you have to meet in order to have the bonus paid out. As a rule, it is about how often a bonus has to be played through in what period.

The question is what real money games are valued for fulfilling the bonus conditions.


Because poker is not included in many classic online casinos. Therefore, you should definitely look for a casino or a poker provider who just offers such a bonus.

4. A multiplayer bonus can be very valuable!

Some poker providers also offer very interesting ones Bonus programs for frequent players or so -called Hyroller. With particularly high cash deposits, correspondingly high bonus payments are made to the respective account.


Of course, the following also applies here: pay attention to the bonus conditions to ensure that the bonus for you is really implementable and not too much effort represent.

5. Use cashback - a real alternative for everyone who is not lucky for a while!

In addition to classic bonus offers, you can find numerous providers on the network, with a Casino Cashback Bonus come.

Cashback means that you will receive part of your funds that have been lost by the provider. Especially in phases in which it does not run that way with the income, a good cashback offer can at least compensate for a part of the losses.


Incidentally, the same applies to a roomback - it is calculated completely differently than a cashback. With a cashback, you will receive a percentage of all losses from the provider for a certain period of time. The Rakeback refers to the sum of the profits that a poker provider specifically achieves.

There are different variants of how a rakeback is calculated.

In the end, the Rakeback is financially more financially classified under the classic cashback, but offers a wonderful opportunity to take up additional income for professional players and passionate poker players.

6. Choose the right game!

If you have found the right provider, it is important to choose the right poker type.

Texas Hold'em is by far the most popular variant that is available in the wide poker world. On the one hand, this poker variant is relatively easy to learn, on the other hand, there are numerous opportunities for you to start at tournaments or cash games.

Nevertheless, you should also test the other poker variants. Because maybe there is a hidden talent in Omaha Hold’em that you can get out.

Since many of the most common poker variants are less meaningful, especially for newcomers and rather trigger question marks on the forehead, we now have a small table with the most important variants of the online poker.

7. Proper bankroll management!

Bankroll means nothing more than your game capital. Here it is important to set clear limits.

Because only with a good one Casino Bankroll Management Can you really make profits permanently.

It is so important because you can lose everything quickly with inserts too high. With too low operations, on the other hand, you can only build up your credit very slowly and therefore only make progress very slowly.

If you want to play tournaments, the 1%limit should be considered a limit. For example, a professional poker player will not invest more than 1 % of his bankroll in a tournament.

8. Learn to live with defeats!

Poker is also a game of chance at the end of the day - even if really good players can minimize the factor of luck.


This is the time when you have to stay on the ball. Under no circumstances become reckless - but also do not throw the shotgun into the grain.

Only those who have organized their finances in such a way that they can survive longer phases without serious profits has a real chance of making a living permanently as a professional poker player.

9. Never stop learning!

Poker professional Robert Williamson III. once shaped the sentence: "Poker's A Day to Learn and a Lifetime to Master." Freely translated: You can learn the game in one day - but you need a lifetime to master it like a master.

The basic rules of the poker game can be learned really quickly.

But what takes significantly longer is refining your own skills. It is important to learn and try out new strategies from time to time.

Only those who can adapt their game to the circumstances are able to stay on the winning road really permanently.

10. Try something new more often!

Many poker players have their poker room or theirs Serious online casino, in which you play regularly. Nevertheless, it makes sense to expand your horizon again and again.


Nevertheless, you should have two or a maximum of three providers where you mainly play your games. Even for the reason for not having to split the money that you invest in the game.

Important strategies and ideas for prospective professionals

The nice thing about the poker game is: there is no strategy that always leads to success. Each player has his very own way of approaching the game.

That is a good thing, because this is exactly what makes this game so varied.

In addition, every game situation, every table, every poker variant is unique.

A strategy that leads to success at one table with a certain group of teammates can be successfully Table without limit end with other players in a disaster.

The art of a really good poker player is to estimate in which situation which personal strategy makes sense.

If you want to break down the numerous strategies and approaches to a denominator, you can divide the poker game into two possible strategy variants:

Tight Play is often the best strategy for beginners

Only hands are played in the Tight Play that are really good.


In the online poker area, one of the greatest strengths of many passionate players does not come into play here: the Poker Face. Reading the opponent works very well with the online poker.

Only patterns can be read here - no facial expressions, no body language or physical reactions such as sudden sweat or the like. As a result, Tight Play is a good way to play relatively securely in the online poker.

The Loose Play wants to be practiced

Anyone who decides to play in the Loose Play mode plays as many hands as possible and is ready to risk one or the other defeat.

That makes the player a good deal. Especially when few players are at the table, Loose Play makes sense.


If you treat poker yourself like a gambling, you will not be so easy for other players to calculate. But only those who have the experience that is necessary to constantly engage in new game situations and adapt their own strategy accordingly also has a chance of earning real money with online poker.

What does a professional online poker player earn?

Even if there are thousands of online poker players, only a few can make a living from the poker game.

Of course, you have to differentiate between Cash Games Player and tournament players.

Cash game expert Phil Ivey from the United States, for example, is one of the best poker players of our time and was able to build up over $ 30 million with many happy hands. His highest prize money at a tournament was over three million dollars.

When it comes to online poker, Daniel Cates has also made a name for himself: Almost two million dollars was his highest prize money, which contributed significantly to his total profit of over $ 7 million.

Poker stronghold in the USA! What effects does this have on the online area?

As can be seen from the two names, the United States is the absolute stronghold of the poker. Not only were various events on ESPN and CBS broadcast, the scene in the USA is also dominant, which also affects the daily routine of the German professionals.


Because then the big American tournaments and players are on the road with high budgets.

Ultimately, of course, the job must not suffer from the poker game-but you also have to see how much time in the poker room is necessary to really generate an income from the online poker permanently.

What makes more sense: cash games or poker tournaments?

There are a number of professionals among the cash games players and among the tournament players who earn their living with the respective poker game.


As a cash game player, you usually have a significantly lower risk ore-but the respective profits are often very dependent on how many teammates you have and how high the inserts are or there are rebuys.

Therefore, many players take the opportunity to keep their own income at a constant level via multi-tabl games.

The time is important because you have to invest a lot of time in Poker if you want to live from the poker games.

In comparison, tournament players have the opportunity to play 20 to 25 major tournaments a year and can make good profits. That alone can lead to an income of around 25,000 $ a year.

Zu beachten ist aber: Spin& Go/Jackpot-Turniere bieten einen gewaltigen Vorteil. Die Zahl der wirklich erfahrenen und guten Spieler hält sich stark in Grenzen. Stattdessen werden durch die hohen möglichen Gewinne und die Jackpot-Chance zahlreiche Neulinge und unerfahrene Spieler angezogen. Das heißt, dass die Zahl der „echten“ Gegner bei einem solchen Turnier für einen Profispieler vergleichsweise klein ist. Daher ist die Chance, hier wirklich gute Gewinne einzufahren, recht hoch.

Can you even speak of gambling at Poker?

Poker is often referred to as a gambling - that is not quite true.

Because a Online gambling is a game in which the outcome is largely or even completely dependent on the happiness of those playing or by chance.


For professionals, poker, on the other hand, rarely depends on chance. Because you can use a corresponding strategy to minimize the risk of defeat.

Really good and experienced players, for example, only play hands that have a realistic chance of winning. If you only play a little poker every now and then for fun, you actually play a game of chance. He simply lacks the quality to make a sport out of gambling.

But whoever plays poker regularly and with the objective earn money in online casino approaches the game, he will only risk money if he has a realistic chance of winning. Otherwise, it cannot work with the permanent earning money through online poker.

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The top providers to make money with online poker

There are numerous poker rooms in the vastness of the Internet. The selection of the right poker room is not entirely unimportant - even if it ultimately depends on your quality as a poker player.

The question is always interesting which poker rooms offer a good bonus.

Where you have one Poker bonus without deposit we said in another guide. The same applies to our recommendations for New poker sites.

A clear recommendation is also to be pronounced for the market leader PokerStars. For many, the ultimate among all poker providers. And in case one Poker stars disorder You can find a quick help in the guide.

The big disadvantage of the online poker-the personal note is missing

In the live poker game, one of the most important points is the player's personal experience in relation to the interpretation of his counterpart.

The biggest poker professionals worldwide dominate the game so well because they are able to mislead their opponents through actions. You can also see from the gestures, face and moves of your opponents how the sheet could be on your hand.


In this respect, it is even more necessary here than in the live poker to determine your own strategy of the quality of the sheet that you have on hand.

Only if you have been playing with the same play partners for a while, will you also be able to recognize certain idiosyncrasies and typical reactions of individual players in the online poker. It is all the more important here to pay attention to little things and nuances.

Gambling addiction can also meet you with the online poker

Finally, the dangers of the poker should be clearly emphasized again.

Poker is a game that can make you addicted. In this respect, it is important to be careful that the game really stays a game.

Even those who want to earn their money as a poker professional should pay attention to whether they recognize addiction to themselves. Especially when the goal is a career as a professional poker player, a lot of discipline is part of it.

Many think that those who make their money with poker games could make up the big win from time to time and then put their legs up. Of course that doesn't work.

If you want to play as a professional poker, you have to look at the whole thing like a business-firm "work", i.e. seasons, are important. Just like the necessary self -discipline not to take too much risk.

A risk that exists primarily in the online poker is self-overestimation with regard to the quantity of the games played. Because unlike in the classic live poker rounds, you have the opportunity to play at several tables at the same time.

The concentration on the individual can quickly Online money games suffer yourself. Things such as reading patterns in the variety of the respective opponents are almost complete here.

The multi-tabl game should therefore be limited so far that you can still concentrate sufficiently on every single game so that you do not stand as a loser at the end of all tables.

Some players have succumbed to the fascination of great money and have lost everything. Anyone who initially makes profits is ready to risk more. But caution is advised here and it applies to play responsibly.

If you want to make money permanently with poker games, you should always play and play safety -oriented. It is therefore also important to sit down clear limits - you should determine exactly how much money is ready to gamble and where it should be.

FAQ-earn money with online poker

The chance is available, but not extremely high. Because you always have to play at a very high level and you can hardly make mistakes to be able to live from the poker. However, if you only want to make a little money, it looks better. With our Tipsyoumakethecourseforit.
Of the Disadvantage of the online pokeristhefollowing:youdon'tseethefacesofyouropponents,soyoulackasignificantpartofthepndefinedgame.thisdependsonthegamepatternsthatyouropponentshave.thisistheonlywayyoucanseewhenabluffindicates.

Conclusion: earn money with poker - possible, but associated with a lot of discipline and time required!

If you are serious about the online poker, you have a good chance of making money with it.

However, some characteristics, such as perseverance, patience, experience, adaptability and of course a certain self -discipline, are decisive.

If you bring these properties with you and a good one Basic understanding of mathematics and statistics You have a good chance of being able to achieve a real income from the online poker game after a certain start-up phase that every poker player needs to learn and design your own way.

In our editorial team, nobody lives exclusively from making money only with online poker.

The use and the risk are simply very high here and accordingly most of our editors prefer to play hobby. After all, there is a game.

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