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Play online blackjack with real money - everything about profit opportunities & for Blackjack basic strategy

Blackjack is one of the most famous casino games ever. The card classic can be gambled worldwide in many online casinos. You want Online blackjack with real money Play, get an online blackjack basic strategy and know which are the best online blackjack variants? Then you should read this article very carefully.

the essentials in brief
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  • Overview: We show you that best Casinos, to play blackjack with real money.
  • Chapter 1: Blackjack is a simple game, but you should still die Basics have internalized.
  • Chapter 2: Successfully play blackjack, only works with the right strategy.
  • Chapter 3: There are various Blackjack variantsthat sometimes differ greatly.
  • Chapter 4: Not every casino is suitable as Blackjack Casino, pay attention to our tips.
  • Chapter 5: Also in Austria and USA Can you play blackjack online.

Best casinos for blackjack

Casinia Casinia experience report
  • Large selection of slots (also live casino)
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Curacao license
Slotwolf CasinoExclusive bonus Slotwolf Casino experience report
  • More than 200 live tables including blackjack
  • Trustly-Casino
  • Lizenz
Amunra CasinoNewcomer Amunra Casino experience report
  • Blackjack on offer
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Bonus program for existing customers
Joo Casino Bitcoin Casino Joo Casino experience report
  • Good live casino incl. Blackjack
  • Founded in 2017
  • Modern optics
Push confectioneryBitcoin Casino Oshi casino experience report
  • Live Casino by Netent and Ezugi
  • Bonus offers & free spins
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies available
Casino's talkBitcoin Casino Wazamba Casino experience report
  • Numerous slots and blackjack
  • Bitcoin as a means of payment
  • quick payouts
Unique CasinoBitcoin Casino Unique Casino experience report
  • Attractive VIP Club
  • Different blackjack tables
  • Telephone hotline in Germany
Gunsbet CasinoBitcoin Casino Gunsbet Casino experience report
  • Over 1500 games, including Blackjack
  • Tournaments with attractive prices
  • Instant play for mobile play
Cloudbet CasinoBitcoin Casino Cloudbet Casino experience report
  • High quality games and blackjack
  • Includes and withdrawals via Bitcoin
  • High missions possible
Elcarado Casino Elcarado Casino experience report
  • Large choice of game including Blackjack
  • Own blackjack lobby
  • Good filter function
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Blackjack is one of the most profitable casino games ever. The house advantage is mathematically very low and can be with one "Smart" and clever playing methods are even minimized.

As a player, you always need that Lucky factorbut can actively influence the gaming at the table. Especially if you play with real dealers in the live casino, your decisions also affect the other players.

For beginners it is First important that Blackjack rules To master completely.

As indicated at the beginning, the goal is to achieve 21 points or this Map to come as close as possible without surpassing it. To do this, you should know the value of your own sheet.

At the Online blackjack with real money the cards are counted as follows:

  • Asse Depending on the election, the value of 11 or 1 can have.
  • Dame, Be or König Have the value 10.
  • The values of all other cards correspond to their numbers.
  • 1
    Always sit at a table Dealer of the casino and the customers - a maximum of seven players are allowed.
  • 2
    The inserts are placed in advance. It's Nach Table limit are usually allowed between 1 and 500 $. To the special Hyroller-Tischen sometimes even goes to the high four or five-digit range.
  • 3
    Basically, all customers always play Against the bank, never players against players.
  • 4
    As soon as the betting operations are placed, the dealer will split the cards. All participants at the table receive two leaves, with the croupier open a card for themselves, but the second remains covered. This hidden card is referred to in the technical language as a so -called perforated card or "hole".
  • 5
    Now it is to the player to make a decision. More cards are needed to get closer to the 21 points (Hit)? If the player does without, this is called "Stand“.
  • 6
    Anyone who overshables by crossing the 21 points loses (Bust). In this case, the use goes to the dealer or the bank.
  • 7
    If all players are served, the dealer turns the hidden card. Has the dealer with this Map 17 or more points reached, he is no longer allowed to draw any further cards and must leave the value.
  • 8
    At 16 or less points, he pulls another card. If the dealer exceeds the 21 points, the player automatically won. If the score of players and dealers is the same, this is considered a draw. The draw is rated for the customer.
  • 9
    In the event of success, the Use of the user doubles. In the case of a blackjack - the value 21 - he even receives a 3 to 2 profit.

It is still important that different game options to use properly during the gaming. Customers have the following reaction options:

  • Doubled missions - The player can double his bet after receiving the first two cards, but he can only pull one further card.
  • Split - Two equivalent cards can be split. The original use also doubles and the cards are distributed over two hands. After that, it can also be doubled.
  • insurance - This option is available when the dealer's unexpected hole card is an ASA before picking up the second card. If the player is convinced that the second card of the dealer has a value of 10, he can secure half of his commitment. So the player still wins 2 to 1, provided the dealer has a blackjack on hand.
  • Surrender - Not all casinos offer this option. If the player has very bad cards, after handing out the first two - if the dealer does not show a blackjack - he can get out against half the insert.
Some important terms should also know blackjack players:
  • Soft-Hand - Hand with an ASA that is considered to be 1 or 11.
  • Hard-Hand - Hand without ASA
  • Pair - sheet with two cards with the same number

DIE Security of an online provider is extremely important in the online gambling. Therefore, users should only opt for known, serious virtual arcades.

It's just fun to play if you can say with certainty that you have a Safe casino chose, which also pays out the profits earn.

  • 1
    As The most important feature for a serious casino appliesthat certifies the legality of the portal. the permits are not only awarded once, but is very strictly followed by the responsible regulatory authorities. make sure that the casino Company seat in the EU Has. The approvals of the local supervisory authorities, such as those of the Malta Gaming Authority, ensure a completely safe pleasure in online blackjack.
  • 2
    Another important point is that Encrypted data transmission. The website should be able to show an SSL certificate.
  • 3
    The deposit and withdrawal methods must contain the right payment route for everyone. Can an internet casino Trustly, Neteller or Skrill show as transfer methods, it can be assumed.
  • 4
    Of the Casino new customer bonus is of course also an essential point that speaks for or against the provider. but not only pay attention to the summary and percentage values. the playing conditions are more important. take a look too Bonus rules with regard to online blackjack with real money exactly on. With which crediting rate is the card classic included? Your favorite game Blackjack may stay completely outside, so it is better to do without the welcome bonus.
  • 5
    You should also not forget customer service with your assessment. Ideally, support is available in German, has one Free telephone hotlinecanbereachedon24hoursadayandalsooffersalivechat.
  • 6
    The software manufacturers are responsible for programming the online blackjack games. For example, an online casino works with playtech, Microgaming or NetEnt Together, it can be assumed. So you can play blackjack with real money online without hesitation and look forward to winning.
  • 7
    Although the entire online gambling industry has achieved an ever better reputation in recent years, there are still some critical users that the Casino-Software just do not provide confidence. Should you belong to these customers Then we recommend the live casinos.

There you gamble online blackjack with real money at "real" tables against Croupiers with whom you are connected via web cam. If there are any questions or discrepancies, you can via chat.


You can see with which cards stacks the dealers act and can even counting to increase your success. In principle, it can be said about the live casinos that the game with "lent cards" is impossible.

The market leader in the live casino stream area is the company Evolution Gaming, with which the vast majority of top casinos work on the Internet.

Before it starts to choose a specific provider, you should finally also have our tests of the different Online casinos with real money read. Here we place extremely high demands on the casinos and test them under Realistic conditions with real deposits.

It is no secret that new customers are greeted with a bonus in almost every good online casino. As a blackjack player, you can get on very quickly at this point black ice be guided.

Before the bonuses and profits can be paid out, the sales conditions must be processed. The card classic is here by most online casinos due to its high chances of winning Only inferior in the rollover.

Bonus sales at Platincasino
The provider Platincasino attracts new customers with attractive bonus offers that also for Online casino table games how blackjack apply.

The outnumber of the virtual game stores works with real money with a real money with one Calculation factor of ten $ percentage. Here and there, value of 20 percent are offered. Other casinos do not expect online blackjack to play bonus at all.

An example of the sales percentages:

A fictional online casino offers you one 200 percent Bonus of up to 200 $.

The start -up capital and the deposit amount are To play through 20 timesto achieve the payment maturity.

Online blackjack with real money is wearing with you Ten percent to the rollover at.

This results in the following overload calculation:
  • Example deposit for bonus: 100 $
  • Bonus: 200 $
  • Start -up capital: 300 $
  • Rollover: 20 x bonus and deposit, i.e. 20x start -up capital
  • Sales: 6.000 $
  • Blackjack infection: 10 percent
  • Rollover for blackjack: 60.000 $

  • So you shouldn't underestimate the sales factor. This often decides on joy or suffering, If you are online blackjack Implement casino bonus www.. So only choose bonuses with a high blackjack content. At least 20 percent should be so that the bonus makes sense for you.

In addition to the clear main advantage, really real cash and thus in Make money online casino Online casino games for real money offer various other advantages:

Advantages of online blackjack with real money
  • You can easily enjoy your favorite game from home on the couch.
  • Online casinos usually offer much better chances of winning than real casinos, because they pass on the money saved for space rent and staff to their customers.
  • Online casinos with real money offer new players many bonus offers that can also be converted into real money.

Unlike, for example, roulette, you have a certain control over your game fate with blackjack. Therefore, you should always go into the game with a plan. Only then can you Set real money online in blackjack and not only benefit from happiness.

If you intensively with the appropriate The online casino strategy Control, you can get significant advantages and, for example, assess much better when you should pull or leave it better.

You should also be familiar with possible secondary bets and other special features. Some of them are useful to enjoy others with caution.

When they can be placed or used or when a Split or a double down It is necessary, you should double to maximize your chances of winning, and and and and: All of this is optimally - as you say so beautifully - into meat and blood.

How you create a good foundation as a beginner, To play blackjack online, set real money and long -term In the casino To be able to read below.

The first step on the way to your Blackjack base strategy is the creation of a so-called strategy table.

As simple as blackjack is basically, there is here to consider extremely many card combinations and related strategic steps. At best, you should all memorize or internalize all of this, which is of course anything but easy due to the diversity.

So write yourself for the beginning A strategy table in which you quickly note the statistically best train for every game context. You can easily do it when playing blackjack. So always have your table at hand and complement them in the event of new knowledge.

It is a good idea for different blackjack versions too Different strategy tables To create because the rules and thus the game processes always deviate a little.

  • You can do that With real blackjack on the real table Of course, don't do what another argument for Blackjack Online is clear with real money.

The RTP is generally quite high in blackjack games-here As a rule, between 98 and 99 percent achieved.

Different variants of the card classic with different additional rules usually change the RTP only slightly, but are definitely quite Deviations record that the game can either tend to in favor of the players or the dealer or house.

Differences from Some tenths look like "nothing", but they sometimes actually call a significant shift in opportunities out.


Therefore, always orientate yourself to the RTP values and, if possible, set the games that the highest percentages proclaim.

You can either directly in the casino or in Information area of the respective Blackjack games.

Next bets in blackjack games can be very worthwhile with you Additional gains Bring in, but you should first master the basic game for efficient use of this.

Blackjack indicates generally with the highest RTP values of all casino games, but this is not transferred to secondary bets. In fact, these always have a significantly lower payouts.

If you are experienced Blackjack players, there is nothing against it, every now and then one Small secondary bet to risk. However, there is no falling for these often very attractive, but then significantly less profitable options.

It is best to lie down at the start Game limit Correctly and build your operational strategy on it.

You should Invest a maximum of 3 percent of your total property. With a corresponding profit or loss amount, it is essential to get out of the session.

Otherwise you may be tempted to invest more to your Loss to make up Or simply to make an even bigger profit, since it seems to be going so well.

Set clear limits in advance - this is actually one of the most important “guarantees” for long -term success.

You should also Dealer has a card with a value of 7 or higher, even up to 17 games.

In the case of values of the dealer from 4 to 6, a value of 9 takes place Doubling. A 10 should also be doubled if the dealer has a value of 9 or smaller.

So here you have the first entries for yours Strategy table.

Black Jack Online Free at the start: Practice in demo versions!

You can have many blackjack versions Test completely free online - sometimes even without registration.

The so-called demo version, where you can play blackjack for free, is of course only for pure computer-based Online money games an option. This means that if you want to play Black Jack online free, you can't drop by the live casino, take a place at a table and tell the dealer that you only want to try the game.

  • If you play with real dealers, you should generally be well prepared-among other things, because such tables present a significantly faster bar than the Blackjack Online Free Computer variants.

With the latter you can really be completely risk -free and Try blackjack relaxed for free. In this way you get knowledge about whether your strategy fits or you may have some catching up to do at one point.


So you get any problems under control early and do not lose any real money. In general Lower your risk by using the free play by more than 50 percent!“

As mentioned at the very beginning, there are now a variety of different forms of the Card game classic Blackjack. There are several blackjack online games for every provider.

Which is really the best blackjack variant, of course, everyone has to determine for themselves. At this point, however, we would like to briefly introduce you to some of the most popular versions.

  • At Spanish 21 Blackjack, all 10s are removed from the stack of the cards, creating a higher house advantage. However, this will be through additional rules balancedthat show up as follows. The dealer always has to stay with a soft-17-it must not take any further card. It can after one Split to be doubled and further split is possible. You can also give up after you double.
  • With Blackjack Switch, cheating is not necessary - you can Swap cards between the two hands freely, without running the risk, violate the rules. As a prerequisite for playing this variant Two of the same size.. You can exchange all cards that you get on your hands. However, this game comes with other important differences.The blackjack only pays 1 to 1 and in the case of a donor 22 there is a tie. Blackjack Switch is one of the most popular variants of the software manufacturer playtech.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack could be described as the dream of every blackjack player, because here the participants receive actually the chance of viewing the dealers' cards. This is completely open, which of course Big advantage for the player is. However, this point is put into perspective by specific rules, so the profit is always given to the house if there is a tie - unless the player achieves a blackjack. If the latter applies, this is Payment ratio 1 to 1 instead of 2 to 1, as it is with the classic variant. In addition, the player cannot give his sheet with this variant. This is the case with double exposure blackjack doubles on the 9, 10 and the 11 possible and couples can be shared.
  • Pontoon Blackjack follows many same rules of the classic variant and has the same goal: It is important to beat the dealer with a higher score. Nevertheless, there are some serious differences. Both cards of the donor are coveredwhat makes it difficult to predict the result. With pontoon blackjack it is possible to share and double after a split. Casino Las Vegas the game is ready.
  • Surring blackjack is usually played with 6 decks. After the cards are given, you have In contrast to the classic blackjack, the opportunity to give up the sheet. This option, for example, can come into play if you think the donor has the better sheet. Do you use this exit, If you get half of your assignment.Of course, there is a clear advantage for the player here, because so With a bad sheet, the entire use does not pussy is. With a blackjack you win as in the classic variant and The dealer always has to stay on the 17.
  • Perfect Blackjack is considered the best blackjack variant of many players. Here you can not only win money in the classic game, but also Maxify your chances of winning through extra betting. Use additional cashThe profit conditions are different depending on the online casino. They have Extra missions have no influence on the course of the game the actual blackjack game.
  • At Duel Blackjack, the biggest deviations are Main game before. The donor shares the player here a hidden and an open card out. He himself has two hidden cards. Two joint cards are placed in the middle. Dealers and players have to use a card for the sheet. Hold, fit, pull.Im context of the Passens If your use is lost, you pull, the hidden card is revealed and added to the leaf. If you hold, you play with the open card and the selected card against the dealer.Casino Las Vegas Hold the game ready for you.
  • Progressive Blackjack is Quite close to the main game, whereby this variant is characterized by a special progressive jackpot. Basically identical to the classic version. The aim is to have a better hand than the dealer, but there is also a secondary bet that access to you Sometimes gain very high jackpot can. Depending on the combinations obtained, immense profits can be collected here.
  • Single deck blackjack is one of the best blackjack variants to the kindness of your Strategy to be proven or refuted. How it can easily be recognized by the name, the game follows the classic blackjack rules - It is played with just one deck. This gives the possibility to make the next train dependent on the hands. At the same time, Single Deck Blackjack has a low house advantage. There are no special options. This version of Blackjack pays 3 to 2.
  • At Blackjack Peek, the dealer checks his hand on a blackjack after the output of all cards. Is there such the game is immediately over And you lost. If the donor has no blackjack, the game continues. In this variant, a split is only exactly once and also only allowed with ass. After a split, no further cards may be requested. The game is, for example, in LVBet Casino ready for playing.

In many casino you can despite the Slove of card and table games continue to play with real money online in Germany.

At this point it is actually impossible to give you all reputable online casinos with blackjack for real money. We therefore have you Ten very good blackjack providers put together.

  • Kashima City
  • Slotwolf Casino
  • collect casino
  • CasinoJoo Casino
  • Push confectionery
  • Casino's talk
  • Unique Casino
  • Gunsbet Casino
  • Cloudbet Casino
  • Loki Casino

Casino-Apps have also completed a real boom in recent years. Casino gaming has shifted more and more away from the home PC and to the smartphone and tablet.

Technically, the providers usually no longer build native apps for download, but to optimized Website versions Without download.


For customers this has the advantages that they Can change your device at any time and even older devices can be used without any problems, to put real money online in Blackjack. It no longer matters whether you have installed iOS or Android on your cell phone.

In fact, everyone offers Top casinos also the card classic in your apps. Even live dealer games can now be enjoyed via smartphone and tablet-and here, too, Blackjack is usually not missing from the big casinos.

  • You can read which app promises you most fun in our guide to the best Blackjack Apps.
Platinum casinoGratisbonus Platinum casino experience report
  • Fast payment as soon as verified
  • Enjoy a good reputation online
  • 100% to $ 250 new customer bonus
22Bet CasinoBitcoin Casino 22bet casino experience report
  • Fast payment of profits
  • 100 payment providers in the portfolio
  • Welcome bonus up to $ 300
5Gringos CasinoNewcomer 5gringos casino experience report
  • 12 different payment methods
  • All payments are free of charge
  • Payments can take up to 3 days
Casumo CasinoGratisbonus Casumo casino experience report
  • Immediate payment on Ewallets
  • Small commitments from 0.10 $
  • Top welcome bonus up to $ 500
BitstarzBitcoin Casino Bitstarz experience report
  • quick payouts
  • Payments also with crypto
  • Large portfolio of payment methods
7Bit CasinoBitcoin Casino 7Bit casino experience report
  • quick payouts
  • Crypto payment particularly quickly
  • Credit card within 24 hours
Rabona CasinoBitcoin Casino Rabona Casino experience report
  • Super fast payouts
  • No fees
  • Fast account verification
Playgo Jango CasinoNewcomer Play Jango Casino experience report
  • E-wallet payment in a few hours
  • Trustly payment needs max. 1 day
  • Top selection of fast payment methods
Amunra CasinoNewcomer Amunra Casino experience report
  • Fast payment within 1 day
  • Problem -free verification
  • No fees for payments
Slotsmillion CasinoMost of the games Slotsmillion Casino experience report
  • Maximum processing time of 24 hours
  • No payment fees
  • Simple account verification
Frank Casino Frank Casino experience report
  • Short processing times
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals
  • Free payments
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The online world of Confectionery is your point for casino games in general, but above all blackjack. Under Safe Malta license Here you will find a colorful and impact -filled online casino that promises you as a beginner to quadruple the first deposit from 10 to 40 $.

The Cashi Mashi Casino convinces with the wild world of slot machines, but also with a surprising number of table games. For the moment Cashi Mashi comes to a wide range of About 35 blackjack simulations, including a lot of variety with deal or no deal blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack or Blackjack Suit'em up.

If the meaning is based on the real vegas experience, it goes into the Live-Casinos From Netent, Pragmatic Play or Evolution with hundreds of blackjack tables with real dealers. Here to our Cashimashi experiences.

When the wolf howls, casino gaming is announced. Especially at Wolf Of course, the gamblen on the more than 3000 slot machines of Almost 30 developers. We have the payment modalities in our Slotwolf experiences First of all 10 out of 10 points and optics and we almost completely like the app.

If you take a closer look at Slotwolf, as Blackjack fans you have a medium-sized problem because it is for games Unfortunately, apart from the slots, not discovering its own menu item are. You will not be able to fight through the 3000 games, so we could only search for "Blackjack" and then only saw one animated app.

It looks much better in the evolution gaming live casino, where as usual not only for blackjack, there is sufficient tables for all tastes. Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech and High5Games ensure this varietythat escapes you with many other casinos.

In ancient Egypt, your ways will take you Samunara. As a loyal customer, the “Ra-Level“Starting through and dusting proper goodies. This whole ambience is the full number of points in ours Amunra experiences wert.

Fittingly, you will also find your desire very easily via the "Blackjack" tab, which at the same time reveals the automated and the live tables. It remains a little bit in the standard eight simulated apps, while the full blackjack openness in the Over 100 live blackjack tables lies.

  • Even with the new Gaming State Treaty, Blackjack enjoyment remains online in Germany in a gray area. What is certain is that a casino with a German license (and these are currently above all the big names) is currently exclusively online slot machines Can offer and no blackjack. For this you play completely legal under German flag. Here the EU Freedom of Service and Under european banners So can also be played without consequences for real money. With these representatives, as they are mentioned above, you will find endless players and live tables, but we also have to state that the live casino period will decrease somewhat with increasing German licensing.

After USA has never joined the european Union, this small legal “trick” about Malta does not work as well. Many international casinos categorically exclude customers from USA or are even blocked, others don't worry about it and here you can definitely be sure Play online blackjack USA.

Similar to Germany, there is a reformed gambling contract from 2018 in USA, which expressly approved online blackjack in Americanly licensed casinos. Ordinary representatives with this USA license are about casino777, Starvegas or the Jackpots Casino. More on the topic here Online Casino USA Experienced.

Austria is a member state of the EU and consequently, as an Austrian in the Malta casinos, you can continue to pursue your passion. There is no Austrian law that would explicitly prohibit this kind of gambling. Unlike now in Germany, it sees one Austrian license Not too good and you hardly get a blackjack provider provided.

More information in our guide Online Casino Austria.

Of course, that is exactly what makes the blackjack so appealing. Through sophisticated inserts of real money and a suitable strategy can be found in combination with the general high payout ratesofthecardclassicmadeverygoodprofits.
Basically, the limits depend on the individual blackjack game variants and their providers. Most of the time it starts with a minimum insert of 1 $. The highest limits can usually be found in the live casinos. Some tables offer Highrollernthepossibilitytoplayenormoussumsof10,000$andmore.

Blackjack is and will remain one of the most popular (online) casino games ever in the future. Correct - as we find - because the Card game classic is basically easy to understand, has a low house advantage and excellent payout rates in practically every variant.

There are no guaranteed profits even in this game! Set real money in blackjack online is de facto extremely simple - However, constant and long -term good revenues only succeed if you understand the rules completely and get a well -coordinated plan have.

It is best to use our Blackjack basic strategy for the most risky entry.

Furthermore, if you want to play blackjack online, set real money and really want to clear up, absolutely important, exclusively with safe, reputable providers to set.

  • Be sure to take our tips for determining such casinos and also read our respective Online Casino Test.

In our editorial team, too, Blackjack is one of the games that are particularly popular among colleagues. One or the other Blackjack-Profi is definitely in our ranks.

100% to $ 1,000 + 25fs
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