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Lottoland and Tipp24 illegal? -What you need to know about serious online lotteries!

Lotto is a real classic gambling and still has a lot of fans all over the world. Unfortunately have Online lotteries However, sometimes a bad reputation. They are often stamped as generally illegal lotteries. Many players wonder whether Lottoland and Tipp24 are illegal or not? We will answer these and other questions about legal or illegal lottery providers below.

the essentials in brief
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Whitelist of the online lotteries in Germany-these are guaranteed legal lottery providers

In German legislation, legal and illegal lotteries are primarily defined by their licensing. State -regulated providers are legal and private in Germany - with a very important restriction: According to european gambling law, private lotteries can still be used without hesitation. In fact, the legal course in this country has long been a thorn in the side of the european Union.

So you don't have to worry if you play the lottery with a private service. Those among you who are anyway Do not want to move in this legal gray area, should fall back on the state online lottery brokers. These are:

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Is tip24 serious?

Is Tip24 illegal or is TIP24 serious? These questions generally affect two different facts, but are closely linked under these conditions. Because because tip24 loudly listed whitelist Officially to the state Lottery in the web It is not to be assumed that there are any legal problems, but that the provider also does serious and customer -oriented.

Incidentally, Tipp24 was not always a state service. Therefore, the network is still full of questions about "tip24 illegal?", "Tip24 was?" Etc. Advice and evaluation portals on the web never update your contributions, you will find outdated statements in many places. at You don't have to fear that.


At this point we can tell you clipp and clearly that TIP24 officially licensed by state is. The online offer now runs under the direction of Lotto24 AG, which has a lottery permit from the responsible ministry in Lower Saxony.

You can do Lotto 6aus49, $jackpot, Freedom+, Gamble spiral, Why Multi Keno and play the Lotto system. Payments are among other things via Giropay, Instant bank transfer or Credit cards possible. If any questions/problems arise, you can do the TIP24 employees daily From 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Achieve directly by phone or alternatively write an email.

SSL-key is carried out without exception. This is what the Sectigo certificate stands for. There are also numerous other seals. For example, the service is TÜV off and has the grade "very good" at Trusted Shops. So there is no doubt that it is an absolutely serious, safe lottery provider. We can clearly deny that Tipp24 is fraud!

Is Lottoland serious?

Lottoland Is a private lottery provider - so you bet on the outcome of the draws and do not take part directly through the state lottery companies. So is Lottoland illegally - at least according to a purely German legal situation. At the european level, however, things look different. Lottoland has a license in europe, more precisely in Malta. Gambling services that have one can also be used in Germany or by German players.

Nevertheless, the German state lottery companies accuse private online lottery providers such as Lottoland, illegal Online gambling to operate. These accusations as well as the different legal situation in Germany from the rest of europe seem to stir primarily that the state or the state lottery companies generally do not see a cent from the income of private foreign lottery providers.


On the other hand, Lottoland and Co. accuse the German state of operating an illegal lottery monopoly. In fact that was German procedures in terms of gambling monopoly from the european Court of Justice already declared non-legally compliant. Inquiring judgments naturally strengthen the legally secure position of private providers such as Lottoland enormously.

So far, however, is still in Germany no corresponding revision of the Gambling laws he follows. An agreement and ultimately EU-compliant regulation is expected at the earliest in 2021. Therefore, Lottoland (still) acts (still) in a legal gray area. However, we can clearly deny that Lottoland is illegal.

But is Lottoland serious - or is Lottoland fraud? With regard to these questions, the situation is clear: Lottoland is One of the most serious private online lottery providers. In addition to the official License in Maltawhich, by the way, also guarantees the payments of profits -Lotto fans are particularly secured here by modern SSL encryption of GlobalSign.

You can use Sofortüberweisung, credit cards and also Muchbetter Numbers, although-at least in the latter both cases-PCI standards apply. This in turn underlines the high claim to data and process reliability.

The support is either by Mail or Free hotline accessible. In addition, there is a lot of information on the procedures of Lottoland and the individual lottery and other gambling offers.

Speaking of offers - you can 6aus49 With various additional options, $jackpot, euromillions,PowerBall, KENO and numerous other lotteries like that Brazilian lottery Quina, Mega Sena or Irish lottery tap. A special immediate lottery called Lotto Go! online is also available, just like the American Lottery American Lotto! On top of that there is scratch -up, so -called Instant lottery And a casino. as Special highlight was also switched on a sports betting fans. As a Lottoland customer, you can quickly switch to a sports betting alternative. The lottery is also here World Millions available.

Incidentally, there are in the area of lottery games always various actions Ready with which you save 10 percent, for example, or even collect free tips.

Lottoland has also been awarded multiple awards for his portfolio. So there is, for example Seal for the largest online profit ever paid, the grade "very good" by network winner and another very good rating of Trusted Shops.

What should you pay attention to if you want to set a private online lottery provider?

We have already answered the question "Are Lottoland and Tipp24 illegal?". Private providers of lottery games or. Second lotteries are in the sense of the european legal situation legal. Lottoland in particular has a very good reputation among these services.

Furthermore, you offer you Private Lottover mediators numerous clear advantages. So you can primarily have a lot of different lotteries around the world there Play the lottery online, often get discounts and extra tip features and also have the option of using additional gambling offers such as sports betting.

When choosing your online lottery service, you should always exercise caution. Because, as in all other gambling areas, there are undoubtedly some black sheep. We therefore have one for online casinos Blacklist. So that you do not fall for these providers, you have to If possible, take a closer look at the portfolio of the lotto provider that has been made.


Check first whether the lottery service of your election has an official license in europe. If there is an overseas permit, the provider does not have to be dubious, but the legal situation is less certain here. From portals that you should not show any license at all, you should definitely give away keep. Because these usually do not offer a payout guarantee that, for example, for lottery providers that are in Malta be regulated, must be present. Furthermore, such providers are the risk of falling into fraud, generally larger.


As with sports betting, lottery games always go over the digital counter and the transmission of more or less critical data is also necessary. In order to run here, not an increased risk of becoming the victim of a data clause, you should always make sure that the data routes are sufficiently encrypted with lottery providers. One SSL encryption is mandatory here. Furthermore, there should of course also be maximum security for the cooperating payment services - but more precisely.


Even when playing the lottery, everything is not always clear - and there are questions or problems there and when there. In both cases, you sometimes need the support of a specialist. When appropriate people are easily accessible, competent and friendly, so there is a reasonable support, this is a clear sign of the customer -orientedness of the respective provider. Not all lottery services with good customer service are automatically safe and serious. However, if there is hardly any or no support from the provider, this is a clear indication that caution is required.

It should also be give at least a communication option that you can get into with immediately - either a chat or a hotline. So it is certain that you get information quickly. If there is only one email address, feedback can take 24 hours.

Real watchdogs and seals

Seals can be a clear indication that a lottery provider works seriously. Unfortunately, corresponding ratings, awards etc. are also very easy to fake or invent. For example, there are labels that have no link and/or do not bring any enlightening results with a short search engine search, there is a high probability that it is a fake.

Pay attention to TÜV seals and ratings of relevant consumer test portalsLike Trusted Shops. If there are good reviews here, you can almost be sure that the lottery service works really customer -friendly and safe. Positive comments on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, and the general existence of such accounts are also clear signs of trustworthiness.

Furthermore, it should be an area with information about Responsible games give. Because the lottery is and remains gambling that can become addicted. Lotto provider with european license must transmit appropriate information and points to your customers.

Payments and payment methods

When it comes to love, security is of course always particularly important. Even with lottery services, it is always important to pay attention to a sufficiently secured treatise. If many and well -known payment methods are offered, this is a good sign. Large financial service providers, such as Neteller or also MasterCard And Visa, procedures according to the latest standards, which means that the risk of intercepting your payments is negligible. Is in the Lottoanbieter Paypal offered, you can assume a particularly serious and customer -friendly orientation of the provider. Because this service places very high demands on his (gambling) partners.

Furthermore, guaranteed payment must also be given. If there is no more precise information in this regard, this is a bad sign. However, there is A european license from Malta, you can automatically assume a payout guarantee or corresponding insurance, which ensure that the provider can also transfer millions of millions without bankruptcy. Because without such security, this approval is from the Mga not exhibited.

In addition, the Payment of the jackpot and a possible distribution of profits always just as with the respective state provider take place. Because you want to go to a private service in terms of Chances of winning of course not (unknowingly) worse. If there is no precise information in this regard, this is of course anything but advantageous.

What are online lotteries?

Online lotteries offer the option of lotto tips online via a Online Lotto App or to submit a browser, mobile or on the desktop. Lotto boxes you buy using relevant online payment services such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Instant bank transfer, Trustly etc., or by credit card or a classic bank transfer. You usually put an account before setting and can handle the purchase of tickets very quickly.

Online lotteries usually offer a lot of information about the topic. So there is not uncommon Tips For potentially particularly comprehensive combinations of numbers and other typical processes as well as statistics. In addition, numerous lottery providers provide additional games of chance such as sports betting or online casinos.

The services act based on state regulation or privately under the license of an official gambling authority. Unfortunately, there are also some portals on the market that work without licensing. This has already been anticipated at this point: We strongly recommend that you keep you away from such lottery providers.

Basic differences between providers of online lotteries

There are two major differences in online lottery providers, based on which the German state of legality or illegality fix. On the one hand, there are the state-regulated companies that are under the screen of the German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB). These are officially considered legal in Germany. On the other hand, there are the providers who act privately under the license of a recognized gaming authority, such as the Malta Gaming Authority.

Tipen vs. Law

If you choose a state provider, you type directly at the outcome of the respective draws. If you win, you have a state guaranteeto really get your proceeds. The money in question ends up in your account without detours.

In contrast, private services offer in fact Betting on lottery education, so-called second lotteries, on. That means you do not take part in the lottery game, but bet similar to sports betting, TV bets or Financial betting on the outcome of the draws. Private lottery providers have no official license for conveying the delights of direct draws.

Payout guarantee

A payment guarantee from the German state is of course not included in private lottery providers. However, this is usually done by the services About the possession of a (european) license and specific insurance guaranteed.

Profit distributions

With state-regulated lottery providers, as the sole winner, you always get the full Jackpot. If several players have typed correctly, the sum is divided accordingly.

Private lottery services reflect the lotteries in general one to one, with which the jackpots are also taken over. If you succeed in cracking the jackpot there, as the sole winner you will at best be paid the full amount. If a player wins in the state lottery and you from the private provider, you should receive exactly the distribution of profits, which would have existed if you had also won the state lottery. Ideally, it also looks with three, four or more winners.

You play with one State lottery service, the payment takes place directly by the state. The latter is as a regulator responsible for all deeper processes. The state online lottery service only acts as an intermediary.

If you receive a profit or even the jackpot via a private provider, it is also responsible for the full distribution as a company. Of course, this could be very painful for the operators in the case of millions. However, since such services usually insured they have to Do not risk bankruptcy, if you clear up there, and you don't have to fear to wait in vain for the payment of your proceeds.



DIE fees are sometimes higher and sometimes lower in private lotteries than with the state. With the former you have to pay an average of 50 cents for a ticket, the latter can also demand 60 cents. Some State providers are at 20 cents per bill But also significantly cheaper than the private. Higher prices are often accompanied by additional operating options or other advantages. Here we recommend always weighing up which range of functions you need/want to play the lottery.

additional options

The fact is that in the course of the Use of a private service usually more options received. This does not only refer to general play options, i.e. with regard to various international lotteries or a casino or sports betting area that may be connected. Even with the lotteries, these portals provide various additional features that the state lotteries do not have in the program.

Since the private lotteries convey bets on the outcome of the drawings and do not tip tips on the direct outputs, you can make the games even more attractive with all sorts of extras. Some providers give you the opportunity to add a number protection to the betting certificate so that no other customer can type your numbers. Sometimes there is even a jackpot doubling option that actually gives you the double sum in the event of the main prize.

Conclusion: Lottoland and Tipp24 illegal? No!

Lottoland and Tipp24 are two fundamentally different lottery providers, but they have one thing in common: You can play the lottery there without concern about fraud or legal consequences. at TIP24 are very "dangers" in this regard. Because this service is now part of the state lottery and therefore even according to German law. Lottoland operates under a license in Malta and can therefore be used by German players without any problems at european level. Due to the orientation as a second lottery provider, you can even get various additional options for lottery games as well as bonus offers and even other gambling features: From the sports betting area it is very easy to quickly switch to the lottery, and vice versa. So is Lottoland a very good sports betting alternative. If you would like to type at another private lottery service, we recommend that you work out the above-mentioned grooms in any case. Never play with a service without a license or without a payment guarantee!

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