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VR Casino-Virtual Reality for the online gambling fun of the future

Do you fancy really authentic casino feeling in the home walls? Then is a VR Casino Just the right thing! Virtual Reality technology is on the rise and is preparing to conquer the online casinos. Players can look forward to unexpected opportunities in which virtuality and reality merge. We put The best virtual reality casinos Before and provide you with all important information for immersive gambling fun.

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Virtual Reality Casinos

Slotsmillion CasinoMost of the games Slotsmillion Casino experience report
  • First VR Casino with real money
  • Over 40 VR slots available
  • Exclusively for Oculus Rift Headset
Vbet casino VBet Casino experience report
  • VR Casino comes from Betconstruct
  • Live Dealer, Slots & Video Poker
  • Compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Online-Casinos If there are hundreds, but if you are looking for a VR Casino, you will quickly find that it is a shadow existence in the Igambling industry and that this trend has changed slowly so far. Not least because the VR technology for online casinos has not yet fully developed and this modern technology in the wide mass market has not yet been able to establish itself sustainably. This is also due to the costly accessories for VR entertainment. Nevertheless, a lot indicates that Virtual Reality Casinos become more popular, demand on the customer side increases, which ultimately leads to a larger offer.

Pioneering work in the VR Casino sector did Slotsmillion. The operators already expanded their offer to use a virtual application in 2015. The Virtual Casino of Slotsmillion is in a reputation to be the first of its kind on the Internet, but the range of games is limited Only on slots, like the following promo video.

With poker stars there is also a prominent online poker room that has a virtual reality experience in the quiver. PokerStars VR has been available since May 2016 and can be used free of charge with a VR headset.

This is the youngest new addition to VR Casinos Vbet casino. Here the Gambler with suitable VR equipment awaits a virtual arcade, which, in addition to table games with live dealers, also has around ten slots and machines for video poker to offer. The software for that VBET VR Casino is provided by BetConstruct.

at Virtual Reality, for short VR, it is a computer technology in which a real or invented environment in real time and 3D optics are shown as a virtual space. In order to experience the virtual environment that surrounds you to 360 degrees, the user must wear special technical aids such as VR glasses, headsets or helmets. Integrated displays in the special glasses project the virtual world directly onto the retina and thus in front of the eyes. This perfectly conveys the feeling of "immersing" into computer -generated reality (Exercise Immersion). This is also the unique selling point of this technology.

Another characteristic characteristic of virtual reality is that Possibility of interaction for the player. The physical presence of the user is simulated and it is literally merged with the virtual environment. If the player moves his head or arm, this direction also moves true to the direction in virtual reality. In this way, the user can move freely in the virtual environment and, thanks to the mediated 3D look, has the feeling of being real and holistic in the virtual world.

You can also look at all directions as desired. Through head or eye movement, as in reality, you can see the corresponding image section. In good VR applications, the user actually overcome the feeling of being in a different place. But that's not all. Because in virtual reality you can also get in touch with other real or artificial persons. The interaction takes place via a controller or VR glove.

You can already guess that in a VR Casino you have never seen before and Extremely authentic casino feeling expected. Almost as if you are in a real, inpatient casino. While virtual reality casinos are still in its infancy, the VR technology has already left a larger footprint, especially in the gaming area. The publication of VR games for PlayStation 4 has taken a lot of pace since 2016. But more and more high -quality VR films, videos and documentary also flock to the market.

Virtual reality has found its way into online casinos some time ago and in the form of live casinos. However, compared to this casino form, VR Casinos represent greater technological progress and climb the next stage of development.

It is thanks to that Disappear physical restrictionswhich is the special and unique feature of a VR casino. Because you have to do without the “immersive” experience in the conventional live casinos. These are limited to video transmission via livestream and usually offer a choice from different camera perspectives. The with the croupier is limited to the chat function. Virtual reality casinos go one step further and implement the VR glasses more intensive gaming experience. Controls are possible at the gaming table using hand movements, and the feeling of reality is also reinforced by a voice chat.

Incidentally, the control (e.g. operations, carrying moves) can be done in the VR Casino via the normal PC keyboard, mouse, joysticks or special controllers, which are often included in the scope of the VR glasses. In any case, controllers are the better and recommended solution.

It should also be mentioned that there are sometimes specially designed casino offers for the various VR glasses on the market. For example, the Riftsino VR must be listed. A VR Casino specially designed for the VR glasses Oculus Rift, which in classic Las Vegas-is kept.

In contrast to the live consoles of the online casinos in a VR Casino, a virtual walk is also possible and a real highlight. You can move freely in the casino, choose gaming tables or just watch the hustle and bustle in the virtual environment and experience exciting real -time moments at gaming tables. Never before was that Typical casino atmosphere captured so authentically Like in a virtual reality casino.

This is further promoted by realistic 3D graphics, which also have additional perspectives. A virtual environment awaits you in the VR casinos moving background elements and lighting effects. But the acoustic senses are also spoiled by improved audio quality. There is not only background music on the ears, but also the Typical soundscapethat you know from a real casino.

In addition, that is social aspect of great interest. In a VR Casino- depending on the software- you can not only interact with the dealers using language and chat functions, but also come into with other casino visitors and play against them. In this context, other unimagined options await you. Because thanks to modern input devices, the player can have his avatar/character Special facial expressions and gestures miss that can be used in a targeted manner. In this way, teammates at the table can be misleaded when poker or the game outcome can be influenced by false reads.

As for the game offer, this is regularly improved and expanded in virtual reality casinos. The variety is already stately and the entire range of casino games is represented. Starting with friends Slots Renowned provider up to casino classics such as Roulette, BlackJack, Baccarat or poker.

There are many reasons why it is worth playing in a VR casino or just trying it out. Which? The following list of VR Casino advantages provides several answers and shows the strengths of these trendy gambling temples on the Internet. Also compared to classic online (live) casinos and real casinos.

These advantages offer virtual reality casinos:
  • Revolutionary casino experience: VR Casinos are like real casinos in terms of optics, sound and atmosphere and hold captivating, convincing game fun.
  • Real money gains: Gambler also has the chance in VR Casinos to win real money in gambling.
  • interaction: In a VR Casino, users can get in touch with dealers and other players using live (language) chat.
  • Immersion: Users can immerse themselves in a new, computer -generated world and explore them without restriction.
  • Multiplayer function: You gamble against real opponents. And not only at certain gaming tables for poker, roulette or blackjack, but also on special slots that have a multiplayer mode.
  • Good choice of game: The portfolio of games can already be presented. From slot machines to video poker to classic table games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat or poker, everything is on board. The variety of game will grow continuously in the future, especially slot machines are added regularly.
  • Free use: Of course, admission to virtual reality casinos is not required. Compared to land -based casinos, there are other savings options for arrival, cloakroom or drinks. You don't have to pay attention to opening times either.
  • The bonus action: Just like in conventional online casinos, it is also possible in virtual reality casinos to claim special bonuses or other actions.
  • Escape everyday life: With the virtual visit of a VR casino, you can turn back to the gray everyday life of your back without much effort and around the clock. And that without leaving your own four walls.

Virtual reality casinos also have to put up with some critical tones. But what are the largest weaknesses of the online casino trend? We clarify.

These are the disadvantages of Virtual Reality Casinos:
  • (Still) small selection: The number of VR casinos has so far been very sobering and can be counted on one hand. A sustainable expansion course cannot yet be seen.
  • Costly VR equipment: In order to be able to experience virtual reality, a lot has to be invested. There are already inexpensive VR glasses, but good models cost a few hundred $.
  • Powerful PC: A very powerful computer is another prerequisite for domestic VR enjoyment. If you do not have this, you have to plan further considerable acquisition costs that will definitely go beyond the 1,000 $ limit.
  • Technical interest: The target group of VR Casinos must have a certain basic interest and knowledge in terms of technology (VR glasses, powerful computers). This may have a deterrent to many casino fans.

The Virtual Reality Casinos, of course, do not come to the game variety of normal online casinos, where well over 1,000 different titles belong to the good tone. But boredom is still a foreign word. So you can put your luck in the VR casinos on slots or popular live casino games such as roulette, blackjack or poker.

The most popular casino games are and remain on the Internet. It is not surprising that even in VR casinos, the one -armed bandits quantitatively form the strongest faction. VR Slots convey a much more intensive game of the game by means of immersive character, What every machine friend will captivate-provided that a VR headset is used. VR slots in 3D can also be played without special glasses, but then the urgent virtual reality experience falls by the wayside. With VR slots, there are features such as jumping around or falling coin. But otherwise the functions and game control at VR slot machines and classic online slots are largely the same.

Fortunately, many well-known game developers have long since discovered the VR trend and started transporting individual titles into the virtual world. Above all, it should be mentioned. This renowned designer smithy has popular slots like Gonzo's Quest, starburst, Jack and the Beanstalk, Twin Spin, Blood Suckers, Twin Spin, Dracula or Creature from the Black Lagoon and a few more developed as VR variant. In the following demo video by Jack's World you get an impression on how to play in one Virtual Reality Slot looks. (You need VR glasses for the correct representation.)

Next to NetEnt A number of other prominent software providers are also very hardworking in terms of virtual reality. The following list gives some examples.

  • VR Slots von NextGen: Foxin Wins, Gorilla Go Wild, Miss Midas, Jackpot Jester 50000, Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge
  • VR Slots von Play′n′ GO: Tower Quest, Gemix, Wild North, Classic slots, Wild Melon, Ace of Spades, Thunderkick, Eskeleto Explosive, 1429 Uncharted Seas
  • VR slots from Quickspin: Big Bad Wolf, Beowulf
  • VR Slots von ELK Studios: Electric Sam, Taco Brothers, Jack Hammer 2, Neon Staxx, Fruit Shop, Elements, Piggy Riches, Invisible Man, Super Nudge 6000, Jackpot 6000, Mega Joker, Dazzle Me
  • VR Slots von BetConstruct: Crazy Monkey, Crazy Duck, Gold Rush, Halloween Night, Santa Surprise, Fruit Cocktail, 12 Chairs

In the near future, an even more rich selection of VR slots can be expected, since the development in this game category is progressing quickly and the providers make their titles fit for this platform. Here there are Information and game descriptions on new ones Slots, including VR variants.

Live casino games such as roulette, blackjack or poker and their followers are certainly the biggest profiteers of VR technology within the casino industry. Because thanks to these, players can in the virtual reality casinos intervene directly and actively into the gameWhat a much more authentic gaming experience conveys than in the live consoles of online casinos.

TIPP: Guide on the topic "Unknown online casinos" read.

At the Virtual Reality Roulette For example, it is possible to touch objects such as jetons or put the use on the gaming table by hand. An intuitive gameplay that also promises a highest level of user -friendliness is therefore certain. The special delicacy is also the possibility of interaction with the dealers and teammates at the table. For example, Microgaming has developed a VR roulette.

Also at VR Blackjack Expects the wearer of a VR headset a completely new and haunting gameplay, which is like it from the principle of the VR Roulette. Record the chips, put operations on the table or interact with teammates. With Blackjack Bailey or Deathjack there are entertaining and realistic versions of the popular card classic in VR robe. So that the fun of the game can develop fully, you should also use suitable accessories for virtual reality blackjack. The established VR glasses Oculus Rift or HTC Vive are a good choice for this.

At the VR Poker Meanwhile, there is a clear gain in action and thrills. Because the gaming experience in virtual reality exceeds that from online casinos many times over. At the gamble online Can you talk to your teammates at the table, bluff, gesticulate or even provoke. It becomes particularly authentic when the "All in" gets up. All of these interaction options ensure an incredible atmosphere in the virtual poker room. The online casino is a good point of for poker fans PokerStars VR.

So far, you have no large selection of virtual reality casinos. Slotsmillion is the only online casino that offers you the opportunity to experience VR casino experience.

Slots Million was the first provider to VR Online casino with real money has launched. This is located in a virtual high -rise building and currently includes a range of games from Over 40 of the most popular slots - Ascending trend. The all-time classic is also on board, but other prominent titles such as Gonzo's Quest, Bloodsuckers, Twin Spin, Jack and the Beanstalk or Jack Hammer 2.

Slotsmillion invites you to VR casino fun.

In order to experience the optimal VR experience in the virtual arcade of the Slotsmillion VR Casinos, you first have to install the free software and set up suitable VR glasses. The Oculus Rift Headset is only compatible. The control within the casino takes place via a gamepad or the keyboard. But even those who do not have a VR equipment can be SlotsMillion VR Casino gamble. Because the games can also be played in 3D directly on the PC, but you have to do without the feeling of immersion.

At the Foray through the VR Casino From Slotsmillion you will not only discover a bar and lounge foia or hear jazz music, but will also see the avatars of other teammates. If you want to get a taste of it, you can do this without registration, but then only the play money mode is available. Only registered users are reserved to play with real money in the Slotsmillion VR Casino. Interest? Then new customers also expect a 200% Casino Bonus 100 Free Spins. On the other hand, if you already have an account with Slotsmillion, you can enter the VR area without additional account opening.

Even if no casino in the classic sense, may PokerStars VR under no circumstances are disregarded. On the one hand, the immersive experience is particularly intense in this digital poker space. On the other hand, no other lives Online gambling As much as the interaction between the players, as is the case with the poker. So you will take a seat at PokerStars VR, where up to eight players from all over the world take a seat at a table that feel incredible freedom and possibilities of virtual reality as soon as you put on the VR headset. You can shake your hand, cut it off with them, spur or congratulate them. Or you play with your chips before you throw them on the table casually. Put on your best poker face and blunt your opponents to clear the thick pot. The live poker experience is at Pokerstars VR impressively transported.

Promo-Video von PokerStars VR

You can also enjoy a fat cigar virtually, treat yourself to a drink or throw them with your players with a ordered meal or enjoy your avatar. The multiplayer experience skillfully beats the bridge between serious gameplay and action-packed interaction. All animations run extremely smoothly and realistically, just like communication with the teammates. This may be done via chat or entertainment.

DIE Digital poker games And regular tournaments can be held in five different, exotic environments, including "The Monte Carlo Yacht", "Macau 2050" or the "Showdown Saloon". For PokerStars VR, whose development the VR software provider Lucky VR had his hands in the game, you naturally need VR glasses or complete headset, whereby Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are recommended by the provider. The required software is available for free download on the PokerStars homepage. An absolute must, not just for all online poker fans.

In the new VBET VR Casino Can the game offered properly, but still rudimentary. We counted on our virtual visit to the arcade Around ten VR slots, with all games from the software manufacturer BetConstruct. Also included are the slot machines Crazy Monkey, Crazy Duck, Fruit Cocktail, the Früchteslot Flamingo Fruits or Santa Surprise. Video poker supporters will also get their money's worth in the Virtual Reality Casino and can try their luck in Jacks or Better or Bonus Poker. You can try all of these games without any risk in play money mode, although not even a VBet account is required.

VR glasses are also not absolutely necessary, but the VR Casino can Casino Software tried out at the desktop PC become (compatible with Windows OS and Mac OS). The immersive effects are of course not to be experienced, but to make a first impression, absolutely sufficient and recommended. From the first person perspective, you can stroll through the casino, gain a wonderful 360-degree round view and explore the different areas.

Screenshot: Different slots await you in VBET VR Casino

The virtual reality of VBet, of course, only unfolds its full strength with a suitable equipment, with which you then also have access to the gaming tables with real dealers and on which roulette or blackjack can be played. In addition, these classic casino games can only be used with real money use. If you want to immerse yourself in the VBBet VR Casino, you may need an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

The Oculus Rift 3D glasses with controller. (Source:

Do you want to plunge into the Virtual Reality Casino adventure? Then nothing works without a suitable technical equipment. We reveal what you need so that you can dive into a VR casino.

As a central element of virtual reality, the Virtual Reality Brille, kurz VR-glasses or also as VR-Headset designated. The data glasses are constructed in such a way that they convey a three -dimensional perception to the carrier and thus have the feeling of being part of the imaginary world and immersing them in them.

A number of different models are now available in stores. The most serious differences between the different VR glasses are the size and resolution of the integrated displays, the created field of vision, the heat tracking function as well as the quality of image and sound and the optional accessories.

The best-known and sought-after representative of the VR glasses is the Oculus Rift, who also precedes the reputation, the Industry leader to be among his peers. This is also evident in the acquisition costs, which is located at the Oculus Rift in the range of 400 $. The HTC Vive is also one of the top products and is at home in the higher price segment.

There is also also Mobile VR glassesthat are particularly suitable for VR activities on the smartphone. Examples can be listed as examples of the cardboard box, which is particularly inexpensive and simplified and simplified Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR.

The purchase of VR glasses is worthwhile
Even if high-quality VR glasses with several hundred $ can be described as quite expensive, the one-time purchase is worthwhile. After all, the data glasses are already technically mature and far developed. So you are well equipped for a long time for the virtual reality in the casino landscape. In addition, VR will also (further) establish itself in many other industries where you can use the glasses.

In virtual reality casinos, the entry can be made via various end devices. The high-end solution are special controllers or even data gloves with intelligent biosensors, which are not absolutely necessary on the one hand, but on the other hand, of course, also facilitate control and operation, and convey a more realistic game feeling. The good thing: Depending on the model, the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive are - depending on the model Touch controller included. You have an ergonomic design and enable precise, throw etc. If you have experienced experience with a VR controller, you are guaranteed not to do without it.

But the developers of VR Casino games thought and made sure that one Control still possible with older input devices such as the conventional PC keyboard or (3D) mouse is. Another control option is to use a GameController that must be equipped with a USB connection.

Apart from the VR equipment, your computer must also meet the basic system requirements. In the case of modern PCs, especially special gaming computers, problems are not to be expected in this regard. But if your desktop calculator has been around for a few years, it could be tight and the performance could not be enough. After all, VR gaming and thus also playing in a VR Casino compared to conventional games needs around seven times computing power.

The following list shows what the Virtual Reality Casino Games or the VR glasses place on computer -specific requirements so that smooth performance and liquid fun are possible:

  • Graphics card: at least one GeForce GTX 970 or AMD 290 or better
  • Powerful CPU: Intel Core i5 - 4590 or higher
  • RAM: at least 8 GB RAM
  • At least two USB 2.0 connections, but due to the higher data transmission rate, USB 3.0 is clearly recommended
  • HDMI 1.3 Video output
  • Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 or newer

Find out whether your desktop PC has these specifications to offer. Otherwise you would have to retrofit or buy a new computer.

Sustainable trend or just hot air? It remains to be seen whether virtual reality casinos really become "The Next Big Thing". However, doubts about the big breakthrough and the establishment on the mass market are quite appropriate.

There is no question that VR Casinos in the face of the Immersive and realistic experience a great charm exercise. And the success of live casinos with real dealers can be underpin that there is a need and interest in authentic gambling. But many gamblers are primarily concerned with success and money gains. If the players absolutely want to experience an authentic casino experience, they could also go to a real casino (here more about the most beautiful casinos in Germany experience). But only very few do that. It is not for nothing that many casing banks complain about falling visitor numbers and sales.

Simple online slots are very popular.

Gambling is increasingly being played online - and preferably with minimal effort, gladly at traditional fruit slots, with attractive chances of winning, Simplem gameplay and without expensive accessories. Gamer just like it - And that bites with VR casinos.

The required Use of data glasses is also cumbersome And currently difficult to imagine in public. There are lenses with VR, where the gaming experience is projected directly onto the eye. But until such electronic lentils with a display have mastered the way to everyday civilian life, there are still a number of hurdles to be overcome.

Of course, there is an audience for the authentic VR casinos who wants to play in virtual reality. But the look towards VR gaming also insulates the euphoria, it has Technology So far in this industry not yet blossomed to the hoped -for box office hit. In addition, even the operators of Slotsmillion predict that the majority of their customers use the in-house VR Casino in the 3D version instead of the complete virtual output with VR glasses.

It is to be expected that the online casino operators are initially pursuing and waiting for the further development of VR casinos before making large investments for their own offers with "real" reality. This also shows the very slow spread of the casinos with virtual reality. And as long as the gambling fans do not jump on the VR train on a large scale, VR Casinos should remain a niche market.

TIPP: So you can im Make money online casino!

In a compact manner, the FAQ section answers all relevant questions about virtual reality casinos.

  • How many VR casinos are there?With Slotsmillion VR and VBet, two online casinos have only offered a VR Casino online. In addition, the poker room PokerStars VR should also be mentioned. In addition, there are casino-based gambling offers (but only with play money mode) especially for certain VR glasses. However, it is only a matter of time before further virtual reality casinos see the light of day. Although the spread progresses slowly.
  • Can be played for real money in the VR Casino?Yes! Both the Slotsmillion VR, Live Beyond Live and VBet are VR Casinos with real money.
  • Is there also a play money mode?Yes! Just like in the classic online casino, a VR casino can only be played for fun and without any risk. You don't even have to register in the casino for this.
  • What games are there in Virtual Reality Casinos?The majority of the casino games categories are already available. Slots fans should drop by at Slotsmillion VR, where there are already over 40 VR slot machines. Roulette, blackjack or poker can also be played in the virtual arcades.
  • Does the software have to be downloaded for VR casinos?Yes! The software must be downloaded and installed. This is made available free of charge by the providers. Then log in with the usual access data or register again. It is conceivable that players can play directly via the browser in the VR Casino in the future, as is possible with almost all online casinos on the market.
  • Can also be played in the virtual reality casino without VR glasses?Basically, this is possible. Both on the desktop PC and smartphone. However, this is strong at the expense of the gaming experience. Because without VR glasses, the display is only carried out in 2D instead of 3D. A VR headset is essential for the authentic and immersive gaming experience.
  • Is a special VR controller required?No! In a VR Casino, control and operation can also be done via gamepad, joystick, keyboard or mouse. Of course, a special remote control can be used. However, this is a prerequisite for VR Games.
  • Can you play on your cell phone in the VR Casino?Yes! Technically, this is possible without any problems, provided the providers have optimized the VR Casino for mobile use.
  • Are other players visible in the VR Casino?Yes! The avatars of the other virtual casino visitors can not only be seen, but at the same time there is the possibility of interaction. Personal information (such as names or financial data) or their game sheets (such as the poker) are not visible. Your privacy remains protected.
  • Are bonuses offered in the VR Casino?Yes! Analogous to the online casinos, you can also perceive various actions and offers in virtual reality casinos. The variety depends on the provider. But new customers can be on one online Casino Bonus happy while regular players with Reload Boni, Free spins and other advantages are spoiled.

Right in the middle there instead of just! This experience can be made impressively in a virtual reality casino. The VR technology transports visual and auditory aspects of real casinos into the domestic four walls using special accessories. That Game pleasure is revolutionized and intensified, whether with roulette, blackjack, poker or the slots. Also the possibility to to move freely in the illusory world using avatars and to interact with other users, make the VR Casino very interesting. Pure thrill!

Unfortunately, there are currently very few virtual reality casinos, but both the Slotsmillion VR Casino and the VBET VR Casino make you want more and show where the trip goes. But despite a noticeable spirit of optimism and persistent hypes about virtual reality, it will take some time before online casinos with VR conquer the masses. Not least because the technology is linked to technical equipment and upgrading the money.

Nonetheless: I can only warmly recommend the trip to a VR Casino to every lucky player. You can sniff in without 3D glasses or 3D monitor. Although it is the immersive experience that makes VR casinos so unique. If you like the gambling trend, you should invest in good VR equipment.


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